Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog in Milwaukee

An Animal’s Unconditional Love

Animals are conduits of selfless love. Krause Funeral Homes’ on-staff therapy dog, Oliver, provided his own special attention that helped family members relax and eased their pain.

Oliver died on December 26, 2011, at the age of 10, surrounded by his loving family. He was the cherished and beloved pet of Mark and Joan Krause and Nicole Krause. Other family and friends, as well as his extended family at Krause Funeral Homes, also miss him.

A dedicated Therapy Dog, Oliver enjoyed visiting local schools and nursing homes, spreading happiness and warmth to those he met. Oliver found a special niche at the funeral home where he soothed grieving families with his calming presence.

Outside of his duties, Oliver was a cheerful family dog, and loved cuddling with his family at home, going for walks, and receiving well-deserved treats.

We are looking forward to having a therapy dog to offer our families again. Bennie is currently being trained as Krause Funeral Home’s new therapy dog.