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Why Have a Funeral?

Many people wonder if funerals are worth the hassle and expense. When determining if having a funeral is right for you, it is important to consider those you are leaving behind.


When to Have a Funeral?

Natural instinct pushes us to have funerals soon after a death occurs, but it is important to take the time you need to prepare.


Choosing a Final Resting Place

Let our professionals share additional thoughts to help you select the best final resting place for your specific needs and budget.

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Children & Funerals

When a child loses a loved one, often our instinct is to shield them from the harsh reality of death, but research has shown honesty and involvement in the funeral rituals allow for healthy development.

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Funeral & Legal Estate Terms

At Krause Funeral Homes, we want you and your family to understand each aspect of the funeral arrangement process. We have compiled a glossary of funeral and legal estate terms for your convenience.

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Death Away From Home

With our global society, it is no surprise death occasionally occurs away from home. Krause promises to safely and efficiently transport your loved one home.

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What to Bring?

At Krause Funeral Homes, we want funeral arranging to be as seamless as possible, so we’ve put together a short list of items to bring to the arrangement.

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Funeral Etiquette

Many people are unaware how to support bereaved family and friends. Let us share some tips on how you can speak with and support loved ones who have experienced a loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked questions page contains our funeral information and advice.