Why Have a Funeral?

Why Have A Funeral

Think Things Through…

Every life has meaning. A funeral is a chance to celebrate an individual’s achievements and passions and honor unforgettable qualities and characteristics.

Funerals are for the living. Funerals help loved ones come to grips with the reality of the death. They give the bereaved a time and a place to express grief. Friends and family have a chance to support and comfort those in mourning.


The Value of a Funeral

Many times we hear parents tell their children:

-“Ignore my death.”

-“I don’t want a visitation, service or anything after my death.”

-“Let’s say our goodbyes now so that you won’t need to later.”

-“Don’t spend any money on my funeral; use it for yourself or the grandkids.”

-“I don’t want you to be sad when I die; cremate my body and move on.”

The truth is, this is not helpful for anyone.

Studies have shown people who properly heal from grief have a chance to say goodbye, reminisce about the person who has died, surround themselves with family and friends and accept the finality of seeing a loved one at peace.


Comfort in Ceremony

Our culture celebrates milestones with rituals. When a death is not acknowledged, friends and family do not know how to support grieving survivors. People assume the family wants privacy and keep their distance. Lack of support often makes it more difficult to recover from grief.

Funerals can be even more meaningful when a loved one has suffered a debilitating illness. The service gives a chance to remember him or her in health. Pay tribute to their earlier life filled with interesting, dynamic experiences.

Many people want a “party, not a funeral”. Let us arrange a short secular service, new contemporary rituals or a life celebration with catered food and drink. The options available at Krause Funeral Homes are as unique as the needs of the families we serve.


Decide Together

Logically, you may understand the “ignore my death” directive, but when a loved one dies, logic shuts down and emotions take over. People need to deal with emotions, grieve and move on before once again becoming logical. Giving family members your blessing to make decisions that are healing for them can be helpful.