James J. Lorbiecki
May 11, 1940 - January 23, 2021
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Tuesday 5/11, 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Krause Funeral Home New Berlin
12401 West National Avenue
New Berlin, WI 53151
Tuesday 5/11, 3:00 pm

As an animal lover, Jim believed in the work of the ASPCA if you wish to donate in lieu of flowers.

James J. Lorbiecki 1940 – 2021   Jim was an amazing person and devoted family man with an exceptional creative mind.   If you spoke with Jim for even 10 minutes, you quickly learned how proud he was of his entire family and how much he loved them. His golden retriever, Rocky and calico cat,…

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Sister Carol Brunner, SSND left a message on May 13, 2021:
The Memorial Service for Jim was moving and inspiring....a great tribute to a wonderful man. I know Jim is with God interceding for his family and friends. I keep Dottie and the family in my prayers. Jane Mary, you have a special place in my heart. God give you peace and comfort.
Sr. Jane Mary Lorbiecki left a message on March 22, 2021:
In memory of James J. Lorbiecki, Sr. Jane Mary Lorbiecki lit a candle
Bonnie M. Domrois left a message on February 16, 2021:
My deepest sympathies to Dottie & their children. I knew Jim for 20 years - first through the hobby shop, then when we exhibited near each other at multiple model railroad shows. Jim was always liberal with his smiles and laughter. His creative vision was outmatched by virtually no one. Jim was a kind soul and will forever be missed.
JIM GREMMINGER left a message on February 6, 2021:
Deepest condolences ,thoughts & prayers for all of family.
S. Joan Penzenstadler left a message on January 30, 2021:
I am a friend of S. Jane Mary, and through the years, I have heard many stories about Jim. Gratefully, I share with you a Resurrection faith that knows Jim is now free and in God's loving embrace.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Sr. Jane Mary Lorbiecki (Mary Jane) left a message on January 29, 2021:
Dear Jim, my only and big brother by six years. You were always so good to me growing up--sharing toys, teasing me, teaching me to ride your bike, sharing your candy you received from serving Mass during Lent (and we ate it on Holy Saturday at noon when Lent ended in those days), When you were sick with normal childhood illness, I would visit you and say: "Jimmy, you sick? Bwess yor widdle hart" which always made you feel better. We enjoyed our first family vacation in and around Wisconsin and our Friday night homemade pizza you made on mom's cookie sheet, our favorite "chop meat and beans" meal, your helping dad build our home on Custer Ave. and our praying the family rosary together in May and October and Rosary and Benediction at St. Nicholas on Sunday evenings (and had to miss the last 15 minutes of the Disneyland program. In your young adult life, you shared the 10 organ lessons from your purchase of the Kinsman home organ and played "Five Foot Two" using the chart for left hand chords. Our canary "Dicky" used to sing and sing when either of us played. You were in the army when I graduated from high school, but you came home three months before I entered the Convent. You took me to see a movie and have Mama Mia's pizza two nights before that Sunday Entrance Day. On one Visiting day, you brought a cough medicine bottle filled with a "Grasshopper" ice cream drink, my favorite at that time. You gifted me over the years and we always exchanged the special box and wrapping at Christmas. This year was your turn to give it to me! Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Blessed Mother and Baby picture you painted, The "Noel" silk-screened towel you made and framed, and so many more memories of growing up as kids and as adults. I am so sorry you had to suffer so much these last years and months. Now you are free of all that. Remember us from your new Home in Heaven with Mom and Dad and all our deceased relatives. Faith helps letting go of your physical presence. I love you, I thank you, and I will miss you. I know one day we will see one another again with Jesus and Mary. Love you!
Nancy Van Domelen left a message on January 29, 2021:
Dave, thank you for sharing those beautiful memories of your Dad. I knew of his train hobby through my years of friendship with your Grandpa, but you brought your Dad’s life into real focus. You and Chris have a rich legacy to pass on to Quinn so that he will really know his Grandpa. You are in my thoughts, heart and prayers. God bless you all. Nancy Van Domelen
Dave Lorbiecki left a message on January 29, 2021:
I wanted to share some of my fondest memories and stories of my father. He was so very giving of his time and shared his talents with everyone he encountered. My sister and I had opportunities that not many other children had. We went camping every year when we were kids. Governor Dodge State Park and Terry Andre were two of our favorite spots. When it would rain, my Dad would build a trench around our tents and create “Lake Cucamonga”. We would watch the water flow away from all its tributaries. On one trip, my Mom and Dad took us on a bike ride. My sister and I rode on the back of their bikes. They pedaled up a huge hill at Governor Dodge. The descent was so steep and treacherous that the brand-new bike brakes that my Dad installed on the bikes that morning were worn down to the posts after our descent was complete! During our Fall trips, we would go “leaf crunching” as my Dad liked to call it. My Mom and Dad took the whole family on a three week road trip from coast to coast. I have amazing memories of sightseeing and visiting many National Parks. In Yellowstone Park, we witnessed Charlie the buffalo, gore a man not 15 yards away from me. The man who got gored was okay, but that incident is forever seared into my memory. My Dad served as one of my Boy Scout troop leaders for over 10 years. He went on every single campout and attended every meeting to help mold our skills. Most importantly, he taught the troop about navigating life. My pine wood derby cars always looked top notch and were lightning fast due to my Dad’s awesome engineering skills. During one campout we reported to camp to find that a black bear had left a deposit on the riser of my Dad’s tent. I do not think that my Dad slept much that week. My sister had a horse named Harry. My dad’s Suburban addiction began when a tow vehicle was needed for the horse trailer. We spent so many weekends at horse show arenas. Believe it or not my dad had a western saddle and rode from time to time. Regardless, he was always willing to be there even if he was relegated to being the “manure shoveler”. Then there were the trains…My Dad was the ultimate model Railroader hobbyist. He pioneered the use of many unusual materials and employed many unique techniques to create other worldly displays. For a kid, the fascination of seeing this world slowly yet surely build up around you was amazing. My son and I, as well as my father and his father before him, have always loved trains. I run my dad’s childhood Lionel trains each year around the Christmas tree. My Dad loved working with the Wisconsin Bits n Pieces modular layout. He loved bringing to life Northern Wisconsin forest scenes on the layout. These scenes became a hit amongst Train Fest attendees. The military was a very important part of my Dad’s life. I recall the story of his coffee freezing on his walk from the mess hall out to his guard duty post one frigid Missouri winter. He advanced in rank and became an expert competition marksman. He gained certain freedoms as a result and was able to drive around the tank trails at night in his arms truck; he loved it! When his service to his country was over my dad bought his beloved 1965 Grand Prix. It was his most treasured car of all that he owned and his pride and joy. Working at Delco was a point of pride for my Dad. During his many years of service, he was afforded the opportunity to work in many different roles. He loved working on circuit boards for military LAVs gun turret controls and avionics guidance systems. I remember the stories of the boys toasting their sandwiches in the circuit board curing oven and yes, the daily nap (break) that occurred. He would call my mom everyday from work like a swiss watch. My dad loved using his creative mind to make suggestions as part of his work incentive program. If the suggestion was implemented, they paid the employee part of the savings/benefit. Once every quarter or so he would get one that hit, but I also remember very clearly the story of the one that got away….Very early in his career, he thought it would be good to have a passenger side mirror on vehicles to improve visibility as up until that point only the driver side had one. The company turned down this idea at the time. Two years later it became industry standard and the rest is history. I have so many more fond memories of spending time with my Dad up north at our cabin, in the back yard, remodeling my house, playing with my son, working on countless building projects… The list goes on and on. I am lucky and blessed! Jim will be remembered as a lighthearted, comical, creative and in many ways a genius, yet a simple man. I will treasure all of my memories with him forever. Jim’s legacy is love. His love lives on in his beloved up north compound, his model railroading, and of course in his grandson. Dad- know we all love you! Be without pain! You can walk again and crunch those leaves with Aspen, Grandma and Grandpa, and The Blessed Mother at your side. May you rest in peace. I will think of you always and a part of you lives on in Quinn as it does in us all. Love, Your son, Dave
Michael Johnson left a message on January 28, 2021:
Dottie, Chris, and Dave, I’m really glad we got to know Jim better during a few Halloween seasons. We had so much fun being volunteers on the Haunted Hay Rides and following Jim’s instructions. Our deepest sympathies to you and your family.
Denise Johnson left a message on January 28, 2021:
We are so very sorry for your loss. Take solace in the many memories you shared. Please accept our condolances.
Nancy Van Domelen left a message on January 27, 2021:
Dear Dottie and family, I am a classmate of Jane Mary and also knew Roman very well. I am so sorry for your pain and loss. Chris, you wrote a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I’m sure he’s very proud of you. You have some wonderful family memories. Let them give you comfort and peace, as ours did for our family when my Mom died. That’s what keeps us close to our loved ones. I had been praying daily for Jim and will continue praying for all of you. God Bless! Nancy Van Domelen
Alice Sanem left a message on January 27, 2021:
I am so sorry to hear that Uncle Jim passed away. We are sending heart hugs and love to all of you.... Thinking about Uncle Jim always brings a smile to my face. I have wonderful memories of the summer parties with the pool in the backyard (with Sportie running around), to watching the trains in the basement....and hearing him laugh as he drove in my little sports car so many years ago. That beautiful smile will be missed. Rest in Peace Uncle Jim Love - Alice, Dale, Jacob, Benny & Nicky Sanem
Dottie left a message on January 27, 2021:
I Love you and Miss you! Love, Dottie
Carol Mayer left a message on January 26, 2021:
After many year, we crossed paths at the Milwaukee Train Show and Jim mesmerized me and my family with the glorious details of his club's Wisconsin based layout. His exuberance about his model trains was infectious and I will always think about him when I run my trains. May happy memories of him fill the empty spot in your hearts and bring you peace.
Sister Carol Brunner, SSND left a message on January 26, 2021:
Dear Dottie and Family, I am a classmate of Jane Mary and thus have "known" you and Jim for many years. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to Jim in his obituary. He and you, Dottie, and your children and grandchild and you, Jane Mary, are remembered in my prayers. God give you comfort and strength. Love, Sister Carol Brunner, SSND
Krause Funeral Home & Cremation Services left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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