Why Plan Ahead?

Make Your Wishes Known

When planning a funeral, there are 100 detailed decisions to make. Preplan and eliminate the need for your family to debate, discuss, and guess what you would have wanted. Protect them from the stress of searching for essential information and documents once you are gone.

Some people leave directions in their will or a safe deposit box, but often these are not opened or read until after a funeral. Preplanning ensures your wishes are known at the time when they are most needed.

Select an Authorizing Agent (a person appointed by an individual to carry out their wishes at the time of their death) by filling out an official state form. A copy of those wishes are kept at the funeral home to make sure they are available when needed and updated continuously if necessary.

Planning Ahead Saves Money

Preplanning allows you to think through which financial options are best in order to achieve a meaningful, healing tribute for your loved ones. Have your funeral home services and merchandise guaranteed with a prefunded funeral contract. This written contract guarantees there will be no hidden or additional costs for the funeral arrangements you choose and removes the possibility that grieving or guilt-stricken family members will feel obligated to overspend.

And your contract is transferrable—if you move, the plan and funds are yours to use at whichever funeral home you desire. A prefunded funeral can also provide real benefits if applying for Medicaid.

Regardless of whether you decide to prefund your funeral, we will keep a detailed list of all your wishes on file at no cost.