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Paul Roberts posted on 10/29/20

To Mark and family in Wisconsin, we wish you our deepest condolences. Suzie will be so missed. Suzie was my dear cousin. We weren't close when we were young because she was ten years older, but with her and Mark often traveling to California for family get-togethers over the past twenty years, I got to know her better and better. The best times of all were when we could visit her and Mark for the wedding and for Dady son and Dady Daughter trips I took with my son Skyler and then years later with my Daughter Maya and wife Mylene. On those trips, Suzie and I could really sit down and talk for hours about important things and to relive treasured family memories growing up. She knew so much more about her and my folks from the 1960s. I was able to see what a wonderful spirit Suzie had. The strength of her character. How important her work with the children was and how deep her love for Mark ran. She was taken from us far too soon. We will miss you Cuz.



Chantae Da Via posted on 10/29/20

I’m so sorry for your loss of this beautiful soul. May her memories with her and her smile stay with you always. Please know I’m praying for you and your strength during this time.


Dawn L Simpkins, Greensboro NC posted on 10/29/20

I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I knew your son Scott once upon a time. Thank you for your wonderful family, RIP. May the happy memories wash away the tears.


Dawn Simpkins, Greensboro NC posted on 10/29/20

I knew Scott in Greybull and Paris (Ark).  Wyoming Hotshots Crew History webpage has a 1983 photo.  There's Scott grinning on bottom row, 2nd from right.  Our last contact was ~1985, but I remember and appreciate Scott.  All the wonderful photos capture a life well-lived.  RIP Scott.  Peaceful memories to family and friends.  Stay safe.


Bill Zacher posted on 10/29/20

I worked with Matt at Western Building Products for many years. He had a strong work ethic and was very accurate in his duties. I remember him always going outside on his breaks, he loved to be outdoors, especially on sunny days. He is remembered fondly by his friends at Western.



Mark Borkowicz posted on 10/29/20

Our deepest condolences to you family. We pray for your strength and peace at this time. Live, Jesus, in our hears. Forever!


Ashley Holmes posted on 10/28/20

I miss you dearly BB! I am blessed to have known you for 17 years and thankful that God allowed us to meet and become friends. My prayers go out to Mr. and Mrs. Bowie and I will forever cherish your daughters memory. I love you BB!



Delena Thomas posted on 10/28/20

A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. You are truly missed BB.



Ceal Hohner posted on 10/28/20

Love you Dad❣️ I’m going to miss those walks down the hallways, holding your hand and you asking where did she do if I was not right beside you but behind you. You loved to walk dad and be the greeter at the door. You liked to say “howdy” to all. I miss you with all my heart ❤️



Crystal Dyer posted on 10/28/20

I miss you sweet friend. You were an angel on earth, and I know you’re watching over all your loved ones from above.


Nicole Banning posted on 10/28/20

BB... I miss our talks. Your hugs and words of encouragement got me through some of the hardest days. You were a breath of fresh air and a light to anyone you came in contact with. I love you and I will miss you friend ..



Temeka posted on 10/28/20

Continued prayers for the Bowie family! You were definitely an angel on earth !


Dinah posted on 10/28/20

BB I miss you! I wholeheartedly miss you! I miss your kindness, your hugs, your laugh, your smile, you calling me baby momma, you having an array of teas in your desk, you always being such a ball of love. I miss checking in on you, you checking in on me. Us talking about Grey’s Anatomy, me texting you the most random things about the show! I miss our jokes, I miss our talks! I miss you BB!! I miss every single thing about you!!! I Love you Sis!


Kaye Wilhelm posted on 10/28/20

I am so sad to hear of her passing. As soon as I heard it I said “her voice !” This is how I remember her . I was in the class below her at Waukesha South but always knew her for her beautiful voice . May God be merciful on your hurting souls and so pray that somehow knowing others care will help heal those dark corners of your hearts.



Michelle Higbee posted on 10/28/20

My thoughts and prayers for the family loss, What a great woman, doctor and former colleague. So blessed to have known her! She will be so missed by my family as well.



Tracie Johnson posted on 10/28/20

In memory of Bianca M. Bowie, Tracie Johnson lit a candle


Tracie Johnson posted on 10/28/20

Love and missing you cousin. RIH BB!!! Gone but never forgotten



Chelle and Ira Covington posted on 10/28/20

The world truly lost a beautiful soul when you left. You'll forever be missed.


Mark W Severson posted on 10/28/20

Smart, successful, giving, sweet, honorable, a loving aunt ... Sarah left an imprint of kindness and bravery. We'll appreciate the memories you left for a lifetime.



Roshell Smith Billings posted on 10/28/20

In memory of Bianca M. Bowie, Roshell Smith Billings lit a candle


Kim Walker posted on 10/28/20

To Bianca's parents and family. I was Bianca's Nashville Mom. She will be missed. I am totally and completely devastated. My prayers and hugs are with you. She was such a light, and breath of fresh air, that was loved by all. Find comfort in knowing that she was a child of God, she knew whose she was. So BB is resting in the arms of the almighty!!! For us here , earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.



Shika posted on 10/28/20

BB your beautiful smile will be greatly missed.



Carman posted on 10/28/20

In memory of Bianca M. Bowie, Carman lit a candle



Chante Jenkins posted on 10/28/20

In memory of Bianca M. Bowie, Chante Jenkins lit a candle


Joe Twarogowski posted on 10/28/20

Welcome to the Great Hunting and Fishing grounds. Every cast catches a fish and "HOPEFULLY" every shot hits your spot (no more missing your target). Fairwell



Andrea Frye posted on 10/28/20

In memory of Bianca M. Bowie, Andrea Frye lit a candle


Andrea Frye posted on 10/28/20

Mr. and Mrs. Bowie and Family, You all are in my Prayers. You all have my deepest sympathy and condolences. Our Precious Angel Bianca will truly be missed. "Hey Boo Hey"! Rest Easy Boo! Love You BB??



Kameka Word posted on 10/28/20

My love and prayers are with you Mr. & Mrs. Bowie. I'm grateful for the 15+ years I was blessed to know and love Bianca. My parents and family adored her and her bright smile and love will be missed. What Amazing Parents you are for the exquisite woman you raised!!! God Bless! - Kameka Word


Latonda Morrison posted on 10/28/20

I have know her for a short time a Comcast and she always had a smile on her face, a sweet spirit. My condolences and prayers to family and friends. My God bring comfort to your hearts.



LaTonya Hughes posted on 10/28/20

BB I’m going to miss that wonderful smile and you saying good morning on Facebook.



Ariel McGhee posted on 10/28/20

In memory of Bianca M. Bowie, Ariel McGhee lit a candle



Aretha Nicole Johnson posted on 10/28/20

Mr. and Mrs. Bowie and the entire family, you all have my deepest sympathy and condolences. Bianca will definitely be missed by all who knew her. She was a joy to be around. May God bless and keep you all.



Debbie Hollands posted on 10/28/20

Comforting prayersYou will be sadly missed


Tracie Johnson posted on 10/28/20

My prayers are with Waleen and Paul. We love you all so much. I'm going to miss my little cousin so much, our talks, our laughs and our fun times together. She was so special to me. Gone but never forgotten. Forever BB! I love you dearly cousin, get your rest.



Latresa Jackson posted on 10/28/20

BB you lit up this world and I am grateful to have known you! I’ll miss you friend!



Robert Chambers posted on 10/28/20

Love you cousin


Adele & Norm Vogel posted on 10/27/20

My husband and Dick are both Union Carpenters and have known each other many, many years. We have shared some nice times with Geri and Dick whether it was feeding slots or just sitting around chatting. Our Dachshunds were especially fond of lounging on Geri's lap (or in Dick's chair) when they were dog sitting for them. We heard Geri let them sleep "in the big bed" at night! Although we are saddened that Geri isn't with us anymore we KNOW that our passed on weens must be especially happy to see Geri again! RIP Geri



Keyonna Bryant posted on 10/27/20

An angel on earth, you'll always be to me Although im missing you dearly today, you will forever live in my heart! Love you Bb Get your rest boo


Anne & Don Burmeister posted on 10/27/20

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. It just breaks my heart knowing you could not be with him to comfort and say good bye. My thoughts and prayers are with you . Huggs to all.



Jill Brown posted on 10/27/20

It’s hard to imagine life without our beloved Bianca. I continue to pray for your strength. Bianca will always hold a special place in my heart.


Brianca (Bri) posted on 10/27/20

I love and miss you so much boo. This seems so surreal. You were an angel here on earth and have earned your wings.


Nicole and Douglas Leitheiser posted on 10/27/20

So many wonderful memories I have with grandma throughout the years. She would always make me laugh and she was my personal diary, we would sit for hours on end talking about everything under the sun. I am going to miss her a lot. Even my darling husband Douglas absolutely loved grandma and thought of her as his own flesh and blood grandmother and she unconditionally loved him too and thought of him as a blood grandson. We still aren't fully able to process the passing of this lovely woman, it has been very hard but we shall see her again someday. We love you grandma! Tell mom we love her too.



Alexandria Rogers posted on 10/27/20

Heyyy Boo I love you cousin From Nu



Angela Crawford posted on 10/27/20

My prayers and condolences to the family. Your wings was ready but our hearts wasn’t. Biance you left me without notice, without telling me I’m not the boss of you, but mostly without telling me you love me sis. You’ll forever have a place in my heart. I love you!


Diane Moslavac posted on 10/27/20

R.I.P Uncle Ralph you will be missed. Give Auntie a big hug from me. Love your niece Diane. ❤️


Jane Schutte posted on 10/27/20

I was a dear friend of Linda who was taken from this earth too soon in Jan. I feel blessed that i was able to get to know Sarah and Jason, Mary and Mark. My deepest condolences to the entire family. Sarah was a beautiful soul who had an impact on everyone she met.



Esther Menezes Roberts posted on 10/27/20

Mark & Alex, I am so sorry for your loss. Mark I still remember meeting you and your family at your wedding. You made us feel so welcome with our family. You made Suzie so happy when you married. Again, my heartfelt condolences go out to you. Esther


Ashley Balsewicz posted on 10/27/20

Bianca was a special soul. She was a joy to be around and with. Her positive spirit and outgoing personality drew you near her. She is someone I cherish and will always keep in my heart. My prayers are with the family. I am so saddened by the loss of my best friend but I know she is with me and will always be. Forever BB may your memory last a lifetime.



Lisa H posted on 10/27/20

Sending Prayers for your family, and Best Friend Shnee❤️


Dampeer posted on 10/27/20

We think of you- love you brother!



LaQuitta Dampeer posted on 10/27/20

You are love little brother - you are missed.


Tarajee Shakoor posted on 10/27/20

Such a beautiful person inside and out I pray as her parents you find peace u are in my prayers I am so hurt as I know you are I am so sorry


Charlotte Groleau posted on 10/27/20

I will forever remember Ralphie keeping me company on my long shifts as his nurse. He would pull-up his chair by my cart and check on me. And what a lovely smile and laugh when we’d share a joke. He touched my heart. God bless



Donna Eddy posted on 10/27/20

Bill was a good caring man. He helped me to grow in a time when I was young and unsure. He has been a good friend for over 48 years, through the good times and great adventures and through the bad times. He could always be counted on when needed. Many friends found each other through him. And we became a family of friends. We experienced great joy in the adventures, traveling together, communicating deeply with love, and of course we can’t forget the amazing Christmas feasts, begun To invite those who had no where to go on Christmas and then everyone wanted to be there. Several hundred at its height. He cooked all the food. Like Babette’s feast. Thank God for the experience of Bill. My good friend.



Mo posted on 10/27/20

Prayers. ☘️



PJ Mattson posted on 10/27/20

The memory of Dr. Suzie will always be a light unto the world.


barbara olive posted on 10/27/20

Sending sympathy and love to all Bills friends, especially Joe. you are in our thoughts and prayers. much love, Barbara and Judie



Jan Valde posted on 10/27/20

In memory of Suzanne "Dr. Suzie" Vincent, Jan Valde lit a candle



Camille A Zollicoffer posted on 10/27/20

my prayers go out to you, Tee, your mom, your grandmother and your entire family. Much love and hugs.


Louise Simmons posted on 10/27/20

Sorry for your loss. Tudy and Carol and the rest of you guys have my sincerest condolences. My God is a Good God and he will get you through this. Sorry we couldn't be there but know I'm here in Spirit. Love you Louise



Debi Subat posted on 10/27/20

My thoughts and prayers go out. Bill was a great man with a kind heart.



Tristan Page posted on 10/27/20

Sending my prayers and condolences to the Family of Montel, I love you all and I’m here for you all.


Jillandra M Sargent posted on 10/27/20

To the Childress Family..Praying for your comfort. Stay strong. I love all of you and Im so sorry for this huge loss, God will wrap you all in his arms while you grieve in Jesus name...Love Auntie Landy and family



Meagan Kosteretz posted on 10/27/20

I remember Lizzie sat next to me when she was a freshman and I was a senior, in Woman’s choir. She had a beautiful voice, a heart of an angel and also she gave AMAZING massages, during voice warm ups. She is truly missed and I know she is with Our Savior now❤️


Julie Behm posted on 10/27/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time


Laurie Bujak posted on 10/27/20

How beautifully your angel is described. Our world definitely lost one of its dearest, but Jesus now holds her close. May you find comfort and peace in that truth. God bless you and all that knew her grace.


James R Piquette and Raul S Travis posted on 10/27/20

My beautiful sister we will miss you deeply, you were always there for me. You have left a huge void in our lives. Be at peace ,you are home with the family and God. Love to you, brother Jim, youngest of the thirteen. Always in our prayers, Jim. Lorraine, my wonderful friend, it was great of you to accept me in to your family, we had many great years together, slot of fun and great visits. Love and Prayers , Raul Travis. Doug, partner to my great niece Nikki. Doug I being Lorraine's brother and knowing how good you were to her and caring, I and Raul want to thank you, as I am sure Lorraine would want this. THANK YOU for all your caring. God. Bless !



Minister Angela Seroyer posted on 10/26/20

Sending God's Love



JULIE A KAYE posted on 10/26/20

We are so sad to hear this news, I don't know what to say. Blessings of peace to your family. Julie and Jerry Kaye


The Abitzes posted on 10/26/20

Our sincere and deepest condolences to you; Sean, Tracy, and Sam. We pray for your peace in this unimaginable time of grief.


Denise Trokan posted on 10/26/20

Suzie was such a Gem and I cannot think of her being gone. I know we will be with her again and wish that you all can have that hope as well. May God hold you all together in love for Suzie. My deepest sincere condolences to you all. May the Lord take her into his kingdom where she will be reunited with her past loved ones. Love to you all, Denise Trokan



Michelle Higbee posted on 10/26/20

Such an amazing wonderful lady. I had the privilege of working Dr Suzi for 10.5 years. She was so adored by her patients and always had an open door policy to bend her ear or just to chat . condolences to the family she will be missed!!!!!


Gloria Sydow posted on 10/26/20

We do not know you, but we do want to offer our thoughts and prayers on your behalf. Your grief is intense, but we also rejoice with you, knowing that Lizzie is now with her Savior. May He grant you peace and comfort during this very difficult time!


Lynn and Ken Mahuta posted on 10/26/20

Our deepest sympathy to you Clif and your family. We so wish that we could have been with you all today in person. Carol was a strong women of faith and family. You all did a beautiful celebration of her life mass for her. Love and hugs, The Mahuta's



Carrie Baumann posted on 10/26/20

In memory of Suzanne "Dr. Suzie" Vincent, Carrie Baumann lit a candle


LaMont E. Nicholson posted on 10/26/20

She and Owen were great friends with my mother's first cousin Preston "Beck" Beckley jr. I met them in the 1950's as a young boy. As an adult I reintroduced myself to Owen through his business. And again to Gertrude and Owen after I married into their family. My son's John-Brooks and Christopher stand with the family in your time of grief.



Sherwanna Lones (Babie Girl) posted on 10/26/20

Love you Tudy & Tasha wish me and Mama could be there to hug yall and wipe your tears but unfortunately this Covid19 has really took a toll on the world. Keep your head up. Love Yall forever


Dawn posted on 10/25/20

Oh Patti! How I wish I would have walked into your yard. I saw you outside, I called to you, but you didn’t hear me. I kept walking as I had my two grandsons with me. I will forever cherish our last talk in Target. I am so thankful you retired in time to enjoy your lovely little home.


John Ward posted on 10/25/20

I was in one of Bill’s groups in the early 70’s. He helped me with my self esteem and confidence. He did a reading at my wedding two weeks before the Sunday night masa’s ended. I thank him for that. It’s too bad he passed away during a pandemic. I’m sure hundreds of people would be at his funeral mass, including me. He touched that many people. God bless him.


Megan Luke posted on 10/25/20

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Bill. Bill will be greatly missed at SST. Peter & Paul, not only for his many years of service as a liturgical minister, but also for his always present smile and loving words of welcome to all who entered. A very fond memory I have of Bill occurred at a 7 PM mass quite a few years ago The priest hadn't shown up to preside and we were perplexed as to what to do. Bill stepped up and said he would help. He went up to the podium and shared with everyone that it looks like we have no priest tonight and asked if we wanted to, he would lead us in a prayer service. He then read the Gospel to us and gave a "homily" that made me feel like the Lord was speaking to us through him. We closed with the "Our Father" and the hand shake of Peace and I think everyone that was there it seemed to go up to him to thank him for such a moving prayer service. I will miss him greatly.


Henry Davis Jr posted on 10/25/20

I have numerous memories with Mrs. Cornelius. Like DuWayne Nash, the memories go back to our high school days. We use to go to her house to celebrate our state championships we accomplished in basketball and track and field our senior year. She was always a great host when her son Mike, invited us over numerous times, sometimes unannounced. She always smiled when we walked in. She did enjoy trips to the horse track in Arlington after retirement. I was invited to one of those parties when Mike was in town. RIP Mrs. Cornelius!!


Ron Lockerman posted on 10/25/20

Very, very sorry for your loss!!! My Mom passed a year ago. She was 98. I got to take care of her for a year to allow her to stay in Asisted Living. It was a great experience. We laughed and I heard lots of history of our Family. I hope you too have many great memories to help.


Christy A Presser posted on 10/25/20

Dr Suzie was a wonderful pediatrician for my 2 children, Luke & Dana who are now 23 and 29. She had a way of bringing comfort and reassurance to any illnesses we faced. My son went through a most traumatic time and she was always there to help. I am deeply saddened to read that she passed away at what I consider to be a very young age! My true sympathies to the family with gratitude for a wonderful doctor. May she rest in peace, Christy Presser



michael pirlot posted on 10/25/20

i will say a prayer for the family .she was a very nice lady .i enjoyed the time i spent at their home in brookfield .


DuWayne Nash posted on 10/24/20

It is with complete sadness that I send my Condolences regarding the passing of Sherma. She is and was a fine, beautiful and intelligent woman. Her son Micheal and I met in 3rd grade at St. Elizabeth's grade school. I knew she was an avid and competitive bowler. I will miss her but I will always think of her. Ps I did not know her middle name Emily. How sweet. DuWayne Nash


Mark A Metz posted on 10/24/20

Three years later love you pops!


John Starks posted on 10/24/20

Megan and Bella = Words cannot express my sorrow over your loss I first met Mark 3 years ago when I started working at Electrolux. I spent time with him on my visit to New Berlin, when he came to Kinston, NC, and plant visits in El Paso/Juarez. We talked on the phone or by email several times a week. He was an exceptional and talented engineer. I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. I miss my friend.



Chris and Carla Tell posted on 10/24/20




Christine N Tushoski posted on 10/24/20

In memory of Lorraine Florence Comerford, Christine N Tushoski lit a candle


Angelle M Maua posted on 10/24/20

Nana, I know mom is so excited to see you again. We will miss your physical presence, but your spiritual presence will always be with us. Thank you for blessing us with Victoria, Patricia, Charlotte and Wendy. Mom (Vicky) liked this picture of the two of you, one of the last photos of her with you before she passed on. Give mom a hug, Mama Cora and the rest of the family. Bless us with your guidance from above. Love you to the moon and back.



Chris tushoski posted on 10/24/20

To the sweetest Aunt I ever had. I will always have great memories of spending time with you. When Margie Kathy and I were hanging out together you called your petticoat junction I will never ever forget that. And how we would be in the basement with Harry and we would be sending requests to you at your job all the girls get prettier at closing time or pop top. All the girls get prettier at closing time fit you to a tee because you always were a beautiful person. You were very easy person to love you gave so much love and I hope you got a lot of love back. I tried to make it down there on Monday to see you and I was about half hour so away and called me and said you had passed. I was so hoping that I could see you and give you a hug and a kiss. Well now you're up there with your other family and your sisters and I suppose you are raising hell up there. You are home with Kathy now too. Aunt Lorraine I love you and always will I will hold a spot in my heart for you. One thing I know for sure you got your angel wings right away.Rose is going to miss all her visits with you she just love coming over there and spending time with you. God bless you Aunt Lorraine you're at peace now. No more pain or worries. I love you my sweet auntie



Teri Guerrero Hammond posted on 10/24/20

Thank you for being a part of my life. I will miss your smile and generous hugs. Love, your Goddaughter Teri


Ursula posted on 10/24/20

Frank, it's hard to believe you're not here anymore, but you are not gone. Your legacy lives on in your children and grandchildren. You and Mary did one heck of a job raising these fine human beings that make this world a better place. You will be missed Frank and I will remember if I can't find it at Farm and Fleet I don't need it! With Deepest Sympathy to Mary and the entire family. Ursula


Gordon & Holly Nason posted on 10/24/20

Our deepest sympathy to you Marty, Chad, Alex, Jonathan, Hannah and entire Sue’s family. May you all find some comfort in the memories your hearts will always hold. Sincerely, Gordon and Holly


Diane McNally Tews posted on 10/24/20

I'll always remember Sherma as a friend and mentor at Washington High School. She and Val Olson took me under their wings, getting me involved in graduation ceremonies, school dances, and eventually entering the guidance department. Sherma was also a bowling star- she tutored me and soon we were bowling twice a week! After retirement Sherma enjoyed attending Guidance Directors' luncheons with Grant and myself, also WHS retiree luncheons. Thank you, Sherma....RIP


Enrique Cortez posted on 10/24/20

1/24/2020 Hello, My name is Enrique Cortez, former boyfriend of Elaine Jimenez, and still friend of Francisco and Mary Jimenez. Elaine Jimenez and I dated from 2001 – 2016 and along the way I became very close to her mom, dad, daughter, brother, brother in law, sister, sister in law, and nephews. Her nephews were like my own nephews. I remained friends with and in contact with Francisco and Mary Jimenez after we broke up in 2016. This letter is my way to pay honor and Thank Francisco Jimenez for always treating me so good. I felt like a son when I was with him and I imagined and hoped that my dad would be like him if he were still alive. F is for family which was his # 1 priority. Nothing came before his family and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family. I am sure he would be fine if I said that I am lucky because he treated like me like family. I have many stories I can tell about our first and last conversations. They were centered around family. R is for always ready to help. He would drop everything and help. Whenever anyone needed anything if they asked him, he would be there for them. A is for active. I have known him before and after he retired. I think it would be fair to say that he was more active after he retired. I think that is why he got a cell phone because it was hard to catch him at home. He showed me his last project that he built in his backyard last time I was there. I got tired hearing his story about that project because it was hard to get lumber because of Covid. He was very determined once he set his mind to the project to search out the lumber. He had several projects that he was planning on doing. I asked him if he ever rests and he just laughed. N is for no nonsense. If you asked his opinion, he would gladly tell you. You always knew where he stood. In some small ways we are alike: when someone asked him something, I would worry that they had no idea what they were in for; that he would always tell the truth. Like it or not. C is for caring. Best example is the way he looked at Mary. I remember I was visiting I think Luis, his younger brother, at the hospital and I walked in and saw Francisco and Mary and he was just looking at her and holding her hand. They asked me what was wrong. I just told them that I like the way he just looks at Mary. I asked Mary if she liked it and she smiled and said “yes”. You could not see one without the other. I have many more examples and stories about how caring he was to his children and grandchildren. Again, he loved his family. I is for ingenious. If you see the things that he built with his own hands, you would be amazed. 3 that come to mind is the cover that he built for his swing in the backyard, garden boxes that he built for Elaine Jimenez, and the game room, that I will call it, that he built on his property in Friendship, Wisconsin. If you want to know about more projects that they built then ask his brother Luis. He gladly was there to help him with any project, he adored his little brother, Luis; again family. S is for silent. Yes you heard me right, he was a quiet to himself kind of man. He would talk to anyone anytime but he would not go out of his way to talk to someone. I knew Elaine Jimenez almost 2 years before we had our first talk. It was Thanksgiving 2002. I think we talked for almost 2 hours. The main topic of conversation was family, and second topic was his tool room. He loved his tools. We haven’t stopped talking since. Last time being August 2020. I spoke to him and Mary. I have a funny story about that also. C is for creative. Just like I mentioned above, the ideas he came up with and things he built just surprised me. O is for on time. I can’t think of 1 time that he wasn’t on time. He and Mary usually arrived early which made it difficult if we wanted to surprise them like for Fireside Theater. Another story and again about family. J is for John Wayne and Johnny Cash. I have never known anyone that liked Johnny Cash and John Wayne as much as he did. It made for an easy gift idea. John Wayne and Johnny Cash anything always made him happy. I bought tickets for him and Mary to see Johnny Cash singer at Schauer Arts Center and he was so proud based on the picture that he sent me with the Johnny Cash singer. He was smiling from ear to ear. I is for imaginative. Look at some of the things that he built or solutions to problems that arose, and you will see what I mean by imaginative. A good example was when I made his large family tree banner that he uses at Family reunions. I told him to use duct tape to hold it up. He told me to use grommets. Of course, he went to his basement and game back with grommets which worked better then duct tape. His basement and his brain have solutions for many problems. It is like the magic basement. If you find a problem, he will think of a solution. His many things that he built are proof that he is imaginituve. M is for music lover. He loved music. Mexican music, I believe Rancheras, was his favorite. Johnny Cash might be a close 2nd. And because he loved music that might be part of the reason why he and Mary liked Fireside Theatre. E is for entertaining. He could talk for hours about many things. Again, pattern forming here. He loved to talk about his family which he adored. N is for nice guy to have on your side. I have a lawn mower that is older than me and it worked fine. He surprised me and bought me a lawn mower even though I told him no thank you and that mine was fine. Luckily my 60-year-old lawn mower died the following year. Thank you, Francisco. E is for ever changing. Like I said above, I have only known him for almost 20 years. The first time we spoke in November 2002 he told me that when he found out he was going to be a grandfather again with his grandson Jeffrey he made a commitment to himself to be a better grandfather, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, etc… I never knew the man he was prior to that. I only knew the man that he chose to become after his grandson Jeffrey was born. In the time I have known him he has changed so much for the better and the main beneficiaries of his change was his family. Z is for zest for life. I have never seen him or talked to him when he wasn’t happy for life. I am sure many of you have seen him throughout the years and nothing made him happier than just going and going and enjoying every day. An example of his zest for life is that he would visit his granddaughter Jennifer in Arizona and stay for a month. He and Mary would just take in the sites while he was visiting with his daughter jennifer which he adored. I am sure Jennifer was aware that he adored her. I asked him how long it would take him to get there and get back and his response was that he didn’t know. They would stop and enjoy the drive to and from Arizona. He also loved going to and being a part of the Annual family reunion. Crazy side story. When the family was at my house, for a surprise party for Elaine Jimenez is my guess, they saw a picture of my mom and dad and Luis, his younger brother, asked who that was and I told him that was my mom and dad. Both Francisco and Luis knew my dad when they used to go to his bar, Cortez Place, on National Ave., in the 70’s. What a small world.


Laredo Fernández Family posted on 10/24/20

Dear Reynolds family, We find ourselves very touched by the departure of Jeff, your loving husband, father and friend. Watching closely the covid pandemic that is so deeply hurting both our countries we stayed trustful of his treatment and recovery. Yet, sometimes illness does not mind how strong we, and in this case Jeff, are. Illness is crude, hard and frightening. Such a loss, young and lively, we have nothing but words of thankfulness and great love towards Elías' second father. It is sad Susana and Ángel never had the chance to meet him. Nevertheless, from Spain we feel very connected and full of warmth towards all of your family: Julie, Jeff, Hannah, Ethan, from the other side of the ocean. May Jeff rest in peace, all of our love during these hard moments. Forever Thankful, the Laredo Fernández family: Elías, Susana, Ángel, Mateo.



brooklyn ahmari posted on 10/24/20

me and him was so close it’s just crazy that he’s gone long live pooder !


suzanne miller posted on 10/23/20

what can I say Tammi your mother was mom to me and every time we spent time it was fantastic. some thoughts when she wore that coral sweater wow how beautiful she looked and when I helped here get her hair up when we were going somewhere wow all i know is she was a blessing in my life and so thankful I got to spend time. For the family thank you for my time with mom and all my thoughts are with all of you especially my dear friend Tammi/ with this May Eternal rest O Lord and may your light shine on mom


Linda & Liz Lueck posted on 10/23/20

Ken and Elaine; Sorry for the loss of your mother. She lived a long life. May your memories bring you strength through this difficult time. God bless


Virginia Boezoenik, Jerry Sinsky, (Originally from Wauwatosa) Escondido, CA posted on 10/23/20

We enjoyed watching the memorial service. We felt we were there in person. Our sympathy goes out to his family. Brian certainly lived a full, holy life!


Fr. Michael F. Michalski posted on 10/23/20

My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Bill Lemieux. He had a big heart and he ministered to so many people in their struggles. Bill was a servant of God and brought Holy Communion to many sick and infirm. Well done,good and faithful servant. Now rest in peace.


Catriona (cat) Ellis posted on 10/23/20

I will never ever forget you, Donovan. It’s not fair you left. You were so kind. I regret not telling you what you meant to me. Thank you for being a bright light.


Jeremy & Christina Tell & Family posted on 10/23/20

Megan and Bella - There aren't any words to express the sadness of losing your husband and dad. Mark was a great "uncle Mark" to our kids on our family camping weekends, and he will forever be known as the fire master and snack ninja to us and our kids. We will keep memories of him close and remember him in all our future camping trips. He will be missed.


Enrique cortez posted on 10/23/20

My heart and prayers go out to Mary, Elaine, and the entire Jimenez family. I know this is a tough time for you. Fortunately he touched many lives including and especially mine. I have so many stories to share about him. The main theme of most of the stories i have about him center around family. I am fortunate that the last time I saw him was in August 2020 with his wife Mary. We had a great fun conversation. That is a great positive last memory and that is how I want to remember him. He is how i imagined and hoped my father would be if he were alive. Thank you for treating me like Family. You will be missed but not forgotten. I am here to help in any way if needed. That is the least i can do for making me feel important and special. Thank you Jimenez family for welcoming me with open arms throughout the years.


Chaplain Marian Wasierski posted on 10/23/20

I am sorry for your loss. I met your Mom during the time of your Father's passing. Although I knew Mr Owen over a longer period of time, I enjoyed your Mom's gracious and faith filled spirit. God's peace be yours.


Melita posted on 10/23/20

Deepest sympathies to Karen and family. Brian was such a kind man and a great neighbor. He never hesitated to help me as I navigated the adventures of first time home ownership. I will be forever grateful and cherish the memories.



Jeanne posted on 10/23/20

Mom I dearly miss you. We've done so much together. You are now in heaven with God, your brothers & sisters, son & daughter, son in law, & dad. You are now my angel in heaven. I loved you dearly. Jeanne


Nancy Seay posted on 10/23/20

I taught with Sherma at North Division in the early 60's. She was a great teacher and was well respected by her colleagues. Remember the good times as it brings smiles instead of tears. The family remains in my thoughts and prayers.


Elaine V Jimenez posted on 10/23/20

My ❤ hurts so badly right now. I can't believe COVID has taken you away from us. I know you are watching over your family and I can feel your comfort but it still hurts so much. I love you Dad and I promise to watch over Mom and continue legacy.


KIMBERLY WEST posted on 10/22/20

Freddie was a friend in our lives back in the 90s when we lived on Miller Road and Kandlers was still on the lake. Many a late night was spent with Freddie after the bar closed and he would sometimes just wander down to our house (we had the side by side duplex on Miller Road) to talk and hang out. His favorite story was ALWAYS about when he was on a 4 wheeler, got in front of a snowplow and almost got run over. I don't know if anyone in the family has heard the same story long ago, but I'll never forget it, Freddie or the many, many good times we had at Kandlers with Freddie, Feed and Lois. Those days are greatly missed.


Therese Hromada posted on 10/22/20

Just heard today. Tears of such sadness. I loved this lady and was so glad she was my friend.The thought that I will never share a laugh with her again breaks my heart. She had the best sense of humor. Her laugh was so contagious. She was supportive and kind to so many people.My hope and comfort is that she is with her beloved husband and laughing and bowling with him. I know she loved her family with all she was, so my deepest condolences to you all because I can imagine your pain. Much love to Melissa and Carrie.


Shelley Maglio posted on 10/22/20

Elaine, Jennifer & Family, So very sorry to hear about your loved Dad, Grandpa. Hold your memories close to your heart. Your loved one will forever be with each of you. SIncere Sympathy


Clarke posted on 10/22/20

My heartfelt condolences to the Jimenez family during this solemn time. I grew up with his son, Jeff, and there were many Autumn days I'd knock on their back door only to be told, "Jeff's hunting with his dad." They spent a lot of time together. Often I'd see them fixing the truck, doing lawn work or creating some project together when I came to call. We'd meet up later cause Jeff wanted to help his dad. Mr. Jimenez always had a gentle smile and patient demeanor whenever I was around him. He genuinely loved listening to people and conversing with them. May his family, friends and loved ones find peace and contentment during this time of transition.


Jerry Gau posted on 10/22/20

Sherma was an amazing woman. She will be missed by many.



Tricia posted on 10/22/20

Thoughts and prayers sent up for my family during this difficult time Love you guys!


Linda Dornoff posted on 10/22/20

Please accept my sincere sympathy regarding your father. Special thoughts and prayers. Linda



Kevin Jahnke posted on 10/22/20

In memory of John A. Grozik, Kevin Jahnke lit a candle



Maggie Rodriguez posted on 10/22/20

My prayers go out to everyone. May he Rest In Peace.



Griffin Family posted on 10/22/20

We will miss you very much Tio. Our prayers and love to the rest of the family. Wish we could be there for all of you. Love Joe & Elizabeth


Julie Pochueva posted on 10/22/20

May Frank’s legacy of family provide comfort during these trying times. I was lucky enough to have spent time with “Frankemary” as a child and young adult. Too many happy memories to include here. I was foolish to let opportunities to meet pass when middle age came. Too busy with life and trying to be. Upon recent reflection, Frank was right that trusted family and friends are true wealth. And he was such a rich man. ❤️❤️❤️


Deborah Marchand posted on 10/22/20

Mary, Elaine, Jeff and Jacki So sorry to hear of this loss to your family. He was a great man to his family. It showed that his family was everything to him. He surely treasured you all. It could be seen in his eyes. Carry him in your heart always, and know he is watching over you. I respected him as a father figure when we were growing up. Right, Elaine? Lots of good memories. Anyway, love and hugs to all of you.


Jim Lenahan posted on 10/22/20

To Tom's Family, I'm am so sorry for hearing to your Dad's passing. Quite honestly, I was shocked to here this. I have tried to get to the funeral but was out of town. Thinking of you all. Jim and Julie Lenahan



Mary Meins posted on 10/22/20

Gerry VanDeKreeke just called to let me know that Brian passed away. I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you. I will let Sandra know. Please take comfort in your many happy memories. He will live on your heart.


Sandy posted on 10/22/20

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Aunt Lorraine, was a very special person, always had her door open, very loving and kind. I have many good memories of her. She took me in, with open arms. I will love her always and will say a prayer for all of you. Sandy



Erik Young posted on 10/22/20

In memory of Sarah A. Litzenberger, Erik Young lit a candle



Annette M Petrowsky posted on 10/22/20

I remember Great Aunt Lorraine as a kind and loving person. Whenever children were up to something she would always they were up to monkey shines or saying the must be up to some humbug remember going by her walking in the house and seeing on the kitchen table where I always sat a can of pepsi and a hostess cupcake. Our special Christmas visits where she would put a lot of food out cause she always had to feed you. I miss those visits so much and who could forget her grab bags that she would work hours on just so you had a little something to take home. I will cherish those memories always. I love you Aunt Lorraine with all my heart. From Annette



Annette M Petrowsky posted on 10/22/20

I remember Aunt Lorraine as a kind and loving person. As a child I would go to visit her and Everytime I came in the house there on the kitchen table in the spot where i always sat was a can of Pepsi and a hostess cupcake. I always remember the spread of food she would put out for her and my Christmas visit. And you can't forget all the time she put into making grab bags for Christmas. She always said it's not much but just little something for you to take home. Oh how I miss her and those special visits we had.I will cherish those memories always. Love you Great Aunt Lorraine From Annette



Judy Neubauer posted on 10/22/20

In memory of Lorraine Florence Comerford, Judy Neubauer lit a candle



Judy Neubauer posted on 10/22/20

I am missing you Mom. But Heaven called you Home to a glorious reunion. We will all join you some day. Amazing Grace



Rosemarie Albrecht posted on 10/22/20

Will (already do) miss you dearly my sweet beautiful Aunt Lorraine.



Rosemarie Albrecht posted on 10/22/20

In memory of Lorraine Florence Comerford, Rosemarie Albrecht lit a candle



Carolyn Coates (nee Piquette) posted on 10/21/20

In memory of Lorraine Florence Comerford, Carolyn Coates (nee Piquette) lit a candle


Lorrie Guillen posted on 10/21/20

My Sincere condolences to Megan, Isabella and family. I worked with Mark for several years. We shared the common thread of growing up in Michigan. We always talked about the “lovely” ride around Chicago to get back home and how we wished it was an easier drive. I so remember when Isabella came into his life and how proud and happy he was. Many times Mark would bring back little token gifts for coworkers when he traveled to China. He had a big heart and will be greatly missed.


Dyan Yoder posted on 10/21/20

I’ve known Sarah since we were 12. We went through middle school, high school, and college together. I’ve been wearing the mala she made for me for weeks. I can’t wrap my head and heart around the fact that she’s gone... and yet, I feel her so near. Praying for the peace that passes all understanding to overwhelm all of us that miss her so much. Fare thee well, bright star. See you again.


marilu stepien posted on 10/21/20

Hugs and wishes to all of you in finding peace in all the wonderful memories of your husband, father and grandfather. Take great care. Marilu and Marion Stepien


Cousin Jane posted on 10/21/20

My deepest condolences to all in Steve’s Family. So many wonderful memories of Steve growing up on the farm and later at the family reunions getting caught up with everyone. Steve and I had such a great time and shared many of his & my life stories at the last family reunion at Cathy & Mike’s. Laughed and giggled like 2 little kids again. Wonderful memories Steve’s Sons shared were so special. Thanks for sharing as we all know what a great man your Dad was and my prayers are with all of you. Linda & Karen my sympathy to you & your families as Steve was a special brother to you both as well. God Bless to all.



Heather Ziolecki posted on 10/21/20

I am so sorry for your loss. It is especially difficult during this time to be kept away from the support of friends and family. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.



Jason Witt posted on 10/21/20

My sincerest condolences to everyone. ❤️


Barbara Underwood posted on 10/21/20

I’m so very sorry for your loss. A beautiful life that touched many and will live on forever .


Gary and Laurie Grimm posted on 10/21/20

Our hearts goes out to the whole Baumgartner families. Steve was such a kind, caring, fun loving person. Today and always, may the fond memories bring you peace, support, and strength. Gary & Laurie Grimm


James Mollet posted on 10/21/20

I only knew Jeff for a short time at work (RHOW). Whenever we would talk our conversations would always gravitate toward our families. Jeff spoke very highly of his wife (Julie), daughter ( Hannah) and son (Ethan). I was always left with the impression that you all meant the world to him. I thought you should know this. I am so sorry for your loss and will keep the Reynolds family in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Sincerely, Jim Mollet


Sharon Kirsch posted on 10/21/20

I worked with Nanette & her companion, Rick Rusch, for years. I found them both to be very professional, knowledgeable & enjoyable to work with. I am so sorry to learn of her passing after the fact. Those We Love Don’t Go Away. They Walk Beside Us Every Day, Unseen, Unheard, But Always Near. They Are Still Loved, Still Missed And Very Near.



Kelly Collins Dupont posted on 10/21/20

In memory of Jeffery Allen Reynolds, Kelly Collins Dupont lit a candle


Pam Kawalske posted on 10/21/20

It was a joy to have know Mark with his sassy sense of humor and kind heart.


Carla Hartman posted on 10/20/20

Dr. Marino delivered my son, now 51 yrs old. She was a caring doctor who showed compassion to me during rough times.


Randy Krahn posted on 10/20/20

Life can be so cruel at times especially with the loss of young ones. Dylan's wife and family will be in my thoughts and prayers basically on a daily basis. You don't know who I am, but I will be using your memorial bench for Dylan at McCarty park every day. Why? Because I lost my son Joey at the age of 38. His memorial tree is 10 yards away from Dylan's bench. God does work in mysterious ways. Prayers will be brought together. God bless.



Jeremy Rohn posted on 10/20/20

I was lucky to see you last year; it had been way too long. I remember our days growing up together in the neighborhood and will remember what a good person you were...carry on Jeff.


Pam posted on 10/20/20

Julie your family is in our prayers as you remember Jeff during this difficult time. We send our sympathies and love to all.


Vicky Spencer posted on 10/20/20

Don and Nancy, Words are so hard at these times, all I can say is sorry for your loss and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love Vicky


Colleen Vander Linden posted on 10/20/20

As young girls, my sisters and I, along with our parents, enjoyed many memorable times with Aunt Ellen, Uncle Mike, Linda, Steve, Karen, and little Mark. Steve was often working with Uncle Mike, but we were always happy to see him come in from the fields or doing chores because he was so good to us. Our family all looked up to him because of his willingness to work hard, his kind manner, and warm smile. Once when we were visiting the farm, one of my sisters hurt her foot. Steve heard her crying, stopped what he was doing, and calmly carried her into Aunt Ellen's and Uncle Mike's beautiful kitchen. He helped to clean up my sister's foot, dry her tears, and made her laugh so hard that she forgot all about her injury. We will forever remember Steve's gentle smile, kindness, and strong faith. He truly made the world a better place for all who had the opportunity to meet him. Rest peacefully, Steve.


Daniel Raisbeck posted on 10/20/20

Our prays go out to Steve's family and close friends. When Steve was around he always had a friendly hello for you and an amazingly bright smile on his face. He will be dearly missed !


JEFF FREITAG posted on 10/20/20

You always left people with a smile on their face. God's speed my friend and let me know how the Tough Mudders are up there!


Mick Marinoff posted on 10/20/20

Hi Wendy, Lori & Family..I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom & Sister, even though my memories of you Mom & sister are from so very long ago, I do remember how fond I was of them.May God's Peace be with you & yours Mick Marinoff



Debbie & Bill Sniadajewski posted on 10/20/20

In memory of Ned LaPresti, Debbie & Bill Sniadajewski lit a candle


Debbie Sprague (Cleaning Lady) posted on 10/20/20

Words can not express how sadden I was to hear the news of the loss of such a kind and caring friend. You were always there for anyone who needed your help or lend a ear in time of need. I will not forget your words of concern for me after my diagnosis. You will be a huge loss to ITW your job meant so much to you and you were great at what you did. You will leave a void in your co-workers hearts I know you left one in mine. Find peace my friend.


Jerry Patzwald posted on 10/19/20

Our condolences extended to the the Kozar Family. Ruhe in Frieden Sarah. We are grateful & have fond memories of the Squeezettes performing at our restaurant, Cafe Bruecke in MKE. Keep smiling Sarah. Peace, Love & Prosit, Christine Lorch & Jerry Patzwald



Nicolai, Richard and Luna Cieslak posted on 10/19/20

With Love and Light!


Peter Wein posted on 10/19/20

I worked with Steve at NuArt for years and got used to his easy smile and manner, regardless of weather, traffic or his own physical struggles. He was an inspiration to all of his coworkers and we were all blessed to have known him.


Bob & Terri Clubb posted on 10/19/20

Sending prayers to you all. So glad we got to watch some of the service. I have so so many fond memories of Ben and Marie growing up. So glad he is now at peace. Hugs!!! XOXOXO


Mary Jo and Merlin Studer posted on 10/19/20

Karen you have our Deepest Sympathy. Our prayers are with you and wish the best for you and your family. Mary Jo & Merlin Studer


Dick Techtmann posted on 10/19/20

Hi Jerry, I was so sorry to hear about your daughter. I met her once at Sonny's and she played her accordion for Todd. In reading her obit, she possessed many of her father's qualities - intelligent, creative, and very generous. My prayers are with your whole family. Dick Techtmann



Linda Grutza posted on 10/19/20

We will miss you, Mark! From seeing you run around the neighborhood, to sitting at the end of your driveway in front of a bonfire with a beer. You were always willing to go the extra mile for anyone who needed it, whether they asked or not. We are so blessed to have been part of your life. You were truly a great person, loved by so many.


Stevan Feltes posted on 10/19/20

Dear Danny and Brian; my heartfelt condolences in the loss of your Dad.. I just talked with him a week and a half ago. We had a great conversation about our health concerns and life in general, for over an hour. From the early 70's; Steve with my brother Mark and I went on many hunting anfd fishing trips.. We even got him to join us in a Wyoming Mule Deer hunt. Mostly; he came up-north to our cottage at Pickerel Lake for fishing, duck hunting and deer hunting. Lots of great memories!! He was always unselfish and willing to help in any way. Remember how he helped me pour concrete for two kennels at my previous Milwaukee homes. Then there was the time Mark and I had him along for a turkey/duck hunting trip to Iowa County, Wi. Steve got wind of a river boat casino in Dubuque, Iowa ( 30 miles away) and that turned into a long night as he got his "poker face" on. It was fun !! He was a hard working, no nonsense man that was always a pleasure to hang with. As I notice an Eagle soaring high in the Northwoods sky; I'm reminded of a local Chippewa saying....that it is a sign of a loved one's soul being carried to Heaven. ....He will be missed...... Stevan Feltes


Nancy C Braatz posted on 10/19/20

Chuck was my younger brother who I adored with all my heart. He was 81/2 years younger than me. I was very protective of him as we were growing up. My children and Chuck were very close and shared common interest together. We drifted apart as our lives got busy but he was always on my mind and loved the times we were able to get together. We also shared the same affliction of diabetes. So I understood some struggles he went going through. I miss him and all the crazy things he would entertain us with. I hope when my time comes, he will be there to greet me at Heavens Gate with open arms. Love you Chuck always.



Kandis Black posted on 10/19/20

We will certainly miss that smiley face and hearing you walk into work each time saying "Steve's here". You were loved by so many clients that would call to see if Steve can come by to see them next time you were in area for a hug and smile. You were a very hard worker and great person all around. Fly high with the angels and until we meet again, Rest in Heaven.



Kayla Miscikowski posted on 10/19/20

Steve was always so happy, and such a fighter. He will be missed by all


TERIN HOPKINS posted on 10/19/20

Marty, You and your family have been in our thoughts. Our sincerest condolences to you and the entire family. Terin


Kristie Thwaits posted on 10/19/20

Nancy brought a special light into our facility, and our lives separately to those of us blessed enough to have been able to care for her at Angels Grace! Sarah and family, I’m so sorry I missed her celebration of life and to be there for all of you! Thank you for sharing her spirit with us, and she will never be forgotten. I pray you find peace in her living, as well as her journey from this life to the next! We love all of you and will hold Nancy and your family in our hearts!❤️ Love to you all, kristie Thwaits CNA Angels Grace Hospice


Pamela Zacharias posted on 10/19/20

Deepest sympathies to Karen and family. Brian was one of our favorite people ever...genuine, thoughtful and caring and lets not forget funny! The best neighbor a girl could ask for...Brian will be remembered fondly and sorely missed. -Pamela Zacharias & Michael Clifford


Anne-Marie Allar posted on 10/19/20

I remember Jeff from high school and just saw that he passed. Sincere condolences to his wife and children. May the memories from better days stay strong and the pain you are feeling now lessen over time...and may Jeff rest in peace. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you...


Donte L Farr posted on 10/19/20

Wonderful friend, glad I had the chance to know Ashley, and she will truly be missed. Prayers to her family and her children.


Cathy Leonard posted on 10/18/20

My, Our hearts go out to all of Steve's family. Life isn't always fair, is it? Steve was a person we all loved with his loving and fun personality. May God Watch Over All Of You.


Mary Johnson posted on 10/18/20

My deepest sympathies to the family. Steve was a very special guy. JE was kind, giving, and just fun to be around. He will be missed by many. Hopefully the fond memories of his wonderful demeanor and kind heart will sustain you.


Troney Hutchins posted on 10/18/20

Hearing about poochie's death , left me both sorrowful and yet filled with joy. Sorrowful that he'll be missed; joyful in that he is now with his true friend,.Jesus He is now experiencing the joy of his salvation and is alive in eternity. Love you Poochie


Dwayne Mosley posted on 10/18/20

A wonderful cousin who is etched in our hearts. Thank you Steve. God Bless!


Jeff Wiedel posted on 10/18/20

Marty please accept Kathy and my condolences on Sue’s passing! She was a very sweet woman always a smile! Our prayers are with you and the family during this sad time.


Mary Peter posted on 10/18/20

So sad to think of her as gone. She was the most beautiful cousin I had. I will always remember and admire her for her quick smile, laugh and sense of humor. She was much loved and admired. Sending condolences to your family from mine. She made the world a much better place.


Ralph R Podolske posted on 10/18/20

Sad news. Tommy always had smile to share. My sympathy to Muriel.


Faith Nesbitt O'Connell posted on 10/18/20

I worked with Sue for many years at the Flynn Law Office. We became good friends and enjoyed sharing our families stories, grandchildren and lunches together. I learned so much, Sue was meticulous and detail oriented, she kept us all in line. I was in awe of her abilities to manage payroll, Alex and learn new electronic programs. I pray Marty and the family find peace and know that Sue is in a better place. God Bless


Kathleen Laub posted on 10/18/20

Sue was one of the most cheerful people I will ever know. Though I didn't see her a lot, I don't ever remember her without a smile on her face. That smile was her heart shining through. So sorry for your loss. Kathy Laub (Chris Schultz's sister).


Bob & Sue Pinney posted on 10/18/20

I failed to mentioned not only does Steve join his Mom & Dad but many other Aunts & Uncles, plenty to have a lot of ball games :)


Bob & Sue Pinney posted on 10/18/20

I'll forever recall growing up as kids when we'd meet at Grandpa's & A. Laura's. Uncles, Aunts & many of us cousins would head to the Dodgeville Park to play and always we'd all have a ball game. Then years later we'd meet at Steve's Mom & Dad's (A.Ellen & U.Mike) & have a great time. Again, never did we NOT have a ball game in that big front yard. We even expanded to the field across the road a few times. Now in HEAVEN Steve has joined 5 of the 35 awesome cousins. God Bless !!! Pic from Family Reunion October 2010..



Donte L Farr posted on 10/18/20

In memory of Ashley M. Phillips, Donte L Farr lit a candle


Jim McGarvey posted on 10/18/20

Steve was a good guy and a good friend. Condolences all who knew him. Quick to smile with good sense of humor. Handled his problems with a lot of grace.


Theresa & Ed Tapper posted on 10/18/20

Dear Lori, Wendy & Family, Our prayers continue for you & your family. May this throw give you warmth and comfort as you carry the memories of your Mother and Sister. When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. May you treasure all your memories of your Mom & Sister. Prayers for peace and comfort in the days ahead. Love, Theresa & Ed



VALERIE TAYLOR-HARVEY posted on 10/18/20

My prayers go out to the entire Davis family. Poochie and I graduated from North Division together. He was always full of life and a great friend.


Susan Elle posted on 10/17/20

She will be missed . Here’s to Nancy who danced on the table at her wedding just because she could. With love.


Carl miller posted on 10/17/20

Loved him



Denise Hansen posted on 10/17/20

Sending Steve's family my heartfelt sympathy. May he R.I.P. (Charlene Irwin's daughter)


Mark Christiansen posted on 10/17/20

My condolences to Ashley’s family. I was a co-worker with G4S at the time of her sad passing. My interactions with her were not extensive, but everyone was enjoyable. May she forever remain in the hearts and minds of those who were blessed to know her.



Sheila J. posted on 10/17/20

It was such a pleasure calling the office and hearing your pleasant voice Ashley. My heart breaks for your family! Thanks for all that you did for me.... rest peacefully xoxo


Dottie Stepien posted on 10/17/20

We were all watching the video, but it stopped when the priest was giving the homily. So sad. it was beautiful up to that point. We are hoping that the rest of the service was still videotaped and will appear later. Sooo sad to lose Ben. As you know, we all loved him so much.


Chuck Goldman posted on 10/17/20

I learned a great deal from your shared memories. I sadly didn't know about her artwork which I would love to see. I knew her primarily as a good friend and as a singer. We met at a place called Mayfields, where Bill Jordan introduced us and got Sarah to sing so that I would know he was telling me the truth that she had an astonishingly beautiful voice. I believe she sang Summertime. He was correct. I truly enjoyed her. I have always felt a connection to her and still do. A wonderfully gifted soul and a loving presence for many of us, especially in the world of musicians here and elsewhere. She is loved and cherished.


Gail Kesselhon posted on 10/17/20

Kim and Sarah, The service was beautiful, Sarah, your words were perfect. My family got to know your mom when we would get together with Doug and Jean and I remember she was so easy to talk to. I wish we would have gotten together more but life got in the way as it so often does. I do remember she was over the moon when you were born ❤️ Have faith that you will see her again, this life is just a short visit but Nancy was one of the lucky ones that lived every minute. God bless you and your family and take care of your dad


Stann and Lisa Stepien posted on 10/17/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. May our lord bless and comfort your family during this time of grief and sadness. May you find peace knowing Ben is with our lord and savior and in the end we will all share in his beautiful life again We feel for your loss and will continue to pray for healing and remembering all of the good happy times that will always remain close to your hearts.. God Bless you all, Stann and Lisa Stepien PS sorry we could attend, as we are both in quarantine.


Barb Bloch posted on 10/17/20

My deepest sympathy to you and the entire family. Barb


Barb K posted on 10/17/20

I'm very late but condolences to the family on Don Neau's passing. He was my high school band teacher and needed a basson player, so... But more importantly, when there were some rough things going on at the time, he always lent an ear and support and good advice. I just logged onto the West Milwaukee alumni Facebook page from here in Australia where I live, and the first thing I saw was such a familiar face. I don't remember many teachers, but I'll never forget him.



Michele posted on 10/17/20

This is so sad she was so sweet. When I came in for my interview at G4S I was nervous and we talked she like its gone be okay you this. Lol we laughed, she just gave me confidence and uplifting words. May her beautiful soul fly high to the most pieceful place.


Jenny Yuhas posted on 10/16/20

Dearest Sara and family, There are no words, except to say that our hearts ache for you! Your Mom is unforgettable for bringing the fun to every event she went to. She was a joy to be around and had an infectious spirit! She loved her family deeply and would do anything she could to make their lives brighter! What a warrior she was fighting cancer and a blessing to everyone she encountered. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs, Jenny and Dan Yuhas


Chuck Goldman posted on 10/16/20

Wow! I had no idea. She was a wonderful person. I will always be her friend. I can vividly recall the first time we met which was at Mayfields and Bill asked her to sing so I could believe what he said was true about her voice. It was true. Summertime. With the great Bill Jordan and Sarah. So sad, So young. Was her passing Covid related?


Christina Donald posted on 10/16/20

I had the honor of being Nancy’s friend through work. Nancy was a wonderful friend and coworker. She always made a point of celebrating everyone’s milestone moments and baked something special. After she retired, we had a monthly girls dinner that we all looked forward to. She will be dearly missed. My condolences to her family.



Susan & Howard Gerard posted on 10/16/20

Our heart breaks for your family as you work thriugh this very sad time. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. God's Blessings Love Susan & Howard Gerard


Michael Howard posted on 10/16/20

I Would also like to reach out to whom ever has the power to investigate this untimely passing of Sister Ashley knowing that she had heart complications, with this face mask mandate I always observed Ashley wearing her mask. Knowing that wearing a mask with heart complications causing the lungs to overwork which causes the heart to pump faster than normal. Sister Ashley should have been "Exempt" from wearing a mask due to her heart complications. There are several studies that back up the facts of this mask mandate causing further complications to many of our loved ones lives than helping. Could the family please look into this and do everything in your power to make sure that Sister Ashley receives the proper investigation for this untimely death. She should have been "Exempt" from this mask mandate which further complicated her heart. "Shalom"


Becky, Brian, and Bariana Perkins posted on 10/16/20

We can’t begin to tell you how very sorry we are!!!! Every memory I have of Nancy was her laughing!!! I know how deeply she loved you Sara and her beautiful grandchildren, how special Kim and Betsy were to her, how Betty was so important to her, and she was so important to my mommy and Nancy was so good to her!!!! She was so loved by so and added so much to our lives by having her a part of us!!! You’ll be missed so much Nancy and our hearts go out to all of you!!! We are here anytime you need us!!!!


Michael Howard posted on 10/16/20

First and far most Ms. Phillips family has my condolences., it was just like yesterday when I seen her and her son at the work at the G4S main office. Ashley had a very warm spirit and kept a smile on her face. Ashely was always a help and her son shared the same love of his mother. Even though I was a new hire with the G4S company, I didn't have much money for breakfast but I love to share. I remember asking Ashley did her or her son wanted something from the breakfast restaurant she politely smiled and said,"NO". I said thank God because I didn't have enough for all of us and we all laughed. The little moments like that counted. It just hurt my heart to have just seen her and she's gone but rest assured I know that she is with The Most High because her heart was too big for this world, REST IN POWER.


Laura Guy posted on 10/16/20

Marty- I’m so very sorry for your loss. Your beautiful remembrance made me wish I had known her. Sue sounds absolutely perfect. Sending you warm and healing thoughts. Laura



Marshall and Carol Gradinjan posted on 10/16/20

Please accept our sincere sympathies for your family.


Dr. Laura Pauly posted on 10/16/20

My condolences to Marty and family.


Ellen posted on 10/16/20

Ed--your in my thoughts and prayers at this time of sorrow. May she find peace. Ellen


Cindy Giedraitis posted on 10/16/20

Marty - You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Cindy


Yvette Gonzalez posted on 10/16/20

My deepest sympathy to Ashley's Family. Ashley was a wonderful person, and will never be forgotten.


Adam Stephens posted on 10/16/20

Marty & family, I am so sorry for your loss. Sue was a great mentor and good friend early in my career with Alex, Grace, Amy and Sue. I have many wonderful memories and am glad I knew her. God Bless, Adam Stephens


Marty Young posted on 10/16/20

Just thinking about you Ian. You were a ball of energy - full of love and life. I hope you’re soaring over the mountains right now, feeling the breeze. Love you man!


Shelby Kass posted on 10/16/20

Thinking of you during this difficult time!! May her memory be a blessing.


Jess Vroman posted on 10/16/20

May her memory be a blessing. Thinking of you Chad, Sarah and your entire family in this difficult time.


The NFSA MN Team posted on 10/16/20

On behalf of Tom, Tim and Joel we extend our most sincere sympathies to you and your family Marty. In honor of Susan's life we have made a generous donation to the Jewish Community Food Pantry.



Alexis Reid posted on 10/16/20

Deepest sympathies for the King family. Amy and Jonathon, you are in our thoughts.


Doug & Deb Kazinski posted on 10/16/20

Our deepest condolences Rox. You and your family are in our thoughts at this difficult time.


Bridget Livesay posted on 10/16/20

My deepest sympathies to you and your family. I never met your dad, but I can tell how wonderful he must have been just by knowing you. Take comfort in your memories as you grieve.


Alex Flynn posted on 10/16/20

Sue and I worked together for almost 30 years. She was one of the most diligent, hard working, meticulous people I have ever met. She ran the office. She was an equal contributor to any successes we enjoyed. Her legacy is seen in the systems she created and training of others who follow her. More importantly, Sue was a kind, giving, loyal and trusted friend. A joy to work with. As we journey this life we are lucky to find a few truly decent, caring people. Sue was one. Alex Flynn


Kim Fuentes posted on 10/16/20

My deepest sympathies to Chad and Sarah and the entire family for your deep loss. My heart and prayers are with you and your family.



Kelly Cantwell posted on 10/16/20

Chad and Sarah and everyone who loved Sue: I'm so very sorry for your loss. You are all in my prayers for peace, comfort and strength during these awful times. Sending so much love and light to you.



Chris Klubertanz posted on 10/16/20

In memory of Susan Mary King, Chris Klubertanz lit a candle


Katherine Limehouse posted on 10/16/20

I worked with Nancy for many years. She along with her friend Shannon Miller made it possible for many of us in the work group to succeed in a very stressful environment. She was a mentor, a very kind heart and a friend. I always loved to hear her laugh and she always had a smile to reassure you when times were tough. What a wonderful person she was. Rest in peace from your long painful battle. Love and prayers to her husband, daughter, grandchildren and all family whom she held dear.


Linda Burrack posted on 10/16/20

Our sympathy in the loss of cousin Jerry. We will be thinking of you Saturday and hope you find peace in memories. Linda and Bernie Burrack


Mary Morris posted on 10/16/20

My deepest sympathies, Marty and family. May God comfort all of you in the days ahead.


Dave and Barb Hammer posted on 10/16/20

Jerry and Judy - We were saddened to hear about the passing of your daughter, Sarah Jean. What a talented young lady. We had no idea about her musical skills and passions. She certainly touched many lives and will be greatly missed by family, friends and others whose lives she touched. What makes this particularly poignant is that Sarah was the same age as our son, Mark. Reflecting back, they were probably in the same Sunday School class at Good Shepherd. May your faith in God give you comfort, courage and peace now and forever.


Kathy Flancher posted on 10/15/20

I was a friend and coworker of Nancy’s. She was always so much fun to be around. Our common love for the Brewers always kept the conversation fun. My deepest condolences to her family.


Thelma bolden posted on 10/15/20

My condolences to her family I’m so sorry for y’all loss this is so Hard for me That. Ashley passed away at a young She is the mother of my granddaughter I just want to say she was a good person she loved her kids she was a hard-working young lady that I’m truly going to miss her I just had talk to her I didn’t no that was going to be my last time talking to her Ashley you will always be in my heart I’m going to make sure I’m in your daughter life and Lorenzo to I no that’s what you want from him to be in her life like you told me you want him to be when we last talked Rip Ashley


Lauren Feldmann posted on 10/15/20

Nancy Smith is a wonderful person. She always made me smile. She always thought of other people before herself. I loved talking to her about baking. That is one thing we had in common. I would love to see her at the salon. I made her feet look and feel great. Nancy Smith, I know you are looking down at each and every one of us. Thank you for being a part of my life. I will always have you in my heart and memories.



Simona Sawall posted on 10/15/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. ❤️ -The Sawall Family


Carol Johnson posted on 10/15/20

To the whole Kozar family, I am so sorry to hear about Sarah. What a precious treasure she was to your family and all her friends. It sounds like she lived life to the fullest using all her many extraordinary talents. I know there are no words I can say that will provide comfort for such a loss but just know that all those who have been touched by your family offer our thoughts and prayers at this time. Carol Johnson and family


Derek Machan posted on 10/15/20

Dear Kozars: From the very first days in choir at Waukesha South in the fall of 1989, Sarah has been a bright spot in my life. I am saddened we haven't kept in touch as we should have. Immensely talented, incredibly grounded. I will miss her deeply. My deepest condolences to you all as you grieve your sister, your daughter, your friend. What a tremendous loss for us all.


Lawrence Williams posted on 10/15/20

Mark, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I'm thinking about you and your family during this time, and sending you all good vibes. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything.


Sue Hartz posted on 10/15/20

Tim and I send our prayers . We loved seeing Sarah , her smile, laughter, and great music brought smiles to us. We will miss her at gatherings. Hang in there . Tim and Sue



Pam Siebenlist posted on 10/15/20

All of us at at Joe's are so sorry for your loss..Our deepest sympathy Ed and family...pam


Samuel Way posted on 10/15/20

I worked with Nancy for quite a few years and she was always very helpful and each interaction was always a plesure. Sending proayers to her husband, her family, and all that were graced to know her. Rest well Nancy!


Judy Pross posted on 10/15/20

We grieve with you all at the loss of your precious Sarah. We remember her as a young girl who was the same age as our son Brian. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dave & Judy Pross



Paula Colee posted on 10/15/20

Nancy, you touched the lives and hearts of so many with your kindness and generosity. I'll always remember our adventures as co-workers. God bless you.


Roberto Kaplar posted on 10/15/20

Nancy always a great person to work and a good friend. God bless you. Hugs from Brazil.


Nicole Sprader posted on 10/14/20

I just found out this evening about Jess's passing. I am still in shock. I have known Jess for over 20 years. I only saw her sporadically, but every time I did, she beamed with her glowing smile and a warm hug. I will miss her tremendously. Over the years she always, always had an infectious smile and friendly words. The last few times I saw her, she was concerned about her health, as I was. Why no one could figure out something other than vertigo. It didn't make sense and I worried for her, as she wasn't quite the same. I am so terribly sorry to hear of her passing. I am at a complete loss. She was such an amazing person. She was such a true, heartfelt person. A person that sincerely cared about others. She was so positive and happy and upbeat. Always fun to be around. She will be so sincerely missed. And I'm so very sorry I didn't know sooner and didn't know in time to pay my respects and say a proper good bye. My sincere sympathies to her family and close friends. She will leave a big void. I'm so sincerely sorry for your loss. Jess was just amazing. And I'm so glad I had the chance to know her for so long. Rest in peace Jess! I will miss you friend!


Brandy Howard posted on 10/14/20

CW was such a blessing to me and others. May he rest in power. And may God give peace and comfort to all of his family and friends who mourn his passing.


CousinJenny Thompson posted on 10/14/20

Dear Heidi & Peter and family—Chris and I are deeply sorry for your loss— what an inspiring life your beautiful inside and out sister led. Sending love and heartfelt sympathy. Big Hugs, Jenny & Chris and family


Share Maack posted on 10/14/20

Kim, Sara, and Betsy, The entire Maack family is sharing your loss of dear Nancy, long time family friend. Thinking of you all, Share and Eric


Ingrid &Doald Pocernich posted on 10/14/20

With Heavy hearts we read of the Passing of you lovely Daughter.Our Prayers are with you atthis Painful and Sad Time.When the LORD calls somones Child,no Matter what the age ,Grief comes Straight from the Hearts of Parents and Siblings.We did not know Your beloved Daughter,but near and dear us were Carol, Kathy and Jean,and Jerry,as my Husband Don was a Classmaite of Carols.And of Course your dear Mother Elfrieda and her Sisters were members of our Place of Worship(Zion Lutheran Church)Our deepest Sympathy and Prayers for Comfort from the great "I AM".HE will impart Peace to your Wounded Hearts.Love in CHRIST JESUS,Don and Ingrid Pocernich


Sarah Jacobs posted on 10/14/20

Mark - condolences on the loss of your father during this already difficult time. May his memory live on in your hearts and minds. Peace and light your way.


Carrie Bailey posted on 10/14/20

Mark and family, so sorry to hear about such a loss. Please remember that you have a "work family" for support as you during this time.


Constance Tucker posted on 10/14/20

In my short time speaking with your father, all I could see in his eyes as he "toured" his son's workplace was pride and love. Sending thoughts of love and support to you and your family.


Martine Krauss posted on 10/14/20

Julie, Condolences to you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your memories bring you solace.


Norene Thiel posted on 10/14/20

Ed - John and I send our deepest sympathy for the loss of your wife, Perl. You are in our thoughts and prayers in this difficult time. Godspeed, Perl. Norene Taibl Thiel


Jennifer Jones posted on 10/13/20

Rest In Peace and enjoy the show from above! Thanks for being a second mom all those years.


Victoria Johnson posted on 10/13/20

My heart breaks at the news of your loss, Judy & Jerry; Sarah’s beautiful sisters; Sue & Randy and family members. God will meet you in this heartache. Grandmother Adeline is no doubt holding Sarah with great love.


Julie and Tracy Verhaalen posted on 10/13/20

I’m so sorry for all of you that knew and loved this bright star. my condolences to the Kozar family.


Mike O’Bryan posted on 10/13/20

My dear Kozars and Keefers! This news reaches me with great sadness. I remember so well our times together in Arizona with Bill and Kathryn, and my picture from all those years ago, out on the Gold Canyon Ranch is still on my fridge and brings me a smile every time I’m there. I remember so many vibrant and thoughtful conversations with her, and of course her music! When visiting in Minnesota, we all drove to see her in recital, and she was amazing! My condolences to you all, and may she Rest In Peace! Big Hugs, Mike.


Jimmy Clark posted on 10/13/20

My condolences to Sarah's family and friends. She was a talented charming women whom I met in the mid 1990s. Many fun nights watching the band and hanging out.



Kristen Sandberg posted on 10/13/20

To the Kozar family--my deepest condolences on the loss of Sarah. I cannot imagine what you are going through--losing this multi-talented shining star. My heart and prayers go out to you. To Sarah--I have so many fond and fun memories of our time on Fratney St. So many piano bars, holes in the wall, and evenings of food and song. Walking down to the Fuel when we didn't want to cook. Digging our cars out of head-high snow after the plow went through. Staying up all night in shock after Princess Diana's tragedy. Our obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Me--learning about art through your exploration in the sunroom. Those were days! Remember the cats chewing up my chairs?! Walking on the treadmill to the sound of...? You taught me much about life, music and writing...hearing my experience turned into song; this is something I can never forget--for which I am reverent and deeply thankful. Thank you also for the honor of your voice in my wedding. To this day your smile and style burn bright in my memory though it's been so many years... I wish you peace--knowing you're filling the space up around those pearly gates with throngs of us drawn to your soulful voice and the oompa of polka.


Mike Augustyn posted on 10/13/20

It was a beautiful service.. I still can't believe he's gone. I have only good memories of Uncle Tommy, and I wish I had spent more time with him, especially after hearing the speakers tonight. My sincerest condolences to you all. He will be missed.



Michelle Buttles posted on 10/13/20

In memory of Sarah Jean Kozar, Michelle Buttles lit a candle


Alli Sielaff posted on 10/13/20

Thank You Grandma Nancy for all amazing baked goods you brought to Kindercare; they were all great therapy! Sara, I can't say anything that you haven't heard yet. Please know we all thought your mom was a great lady! I know these times are tough but just know you are not alone. I'll have you in my thoughts.


Graciela Vidal posted on 10/13/20

Heartfelt thoughts go out to you Mark and your family in this time of sorrow.


Joan Small posted on 10/13/20

I was so sorry to hear about your sister. It is such a difficult time but I am sure you have so many wonderful memories from the years you were together


Emily Hillhouse posted on 10/13/20

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Back when we still went to work in person at OHSU, Mark and I shared an office. One of the loveliest things about sharing an office with Mark is that he's a really great story teller and, as you can imagine, he often speaks about his family. (Only nice things!) And it was always clear to me that you all have so much love and humor. I can't imagine how hard this time must be for you all. Sending you healing thoughts and sympathy from Oregon.



Kathie Forney posted on 10/13/20

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I often think about what my granddad said just before he died. He said, "I'll always be looking over your shoulder." I think your dad will be looking over your shoulder too. A proud dad and granddad.


Zoe Speidel posted on 10/13/20

Sending condolences and love to your family in this difficult time.



Barbara Wengel posted on 10/13/20

Words cannot describe what I am feeling. I give my condolences to you and your family. I will miss her dearly.


Kirstin Moreno posted on 10/13/20

Sincere condolences to the familia Rivera in this hard time in a super crazy and difficult year. I did not know Julio but we at OHSU have been following his story over the last year or so and rooting for him. We appreciate Mark as a colleague and are so sorry for his loss, and yours.



Joseph Ruback posted on 10/13/20

Blessings on you Sarah, you're in the heavenly choir now! Thanks for sharing your talent with me.



Kari Balboa posted on 10/13/20

My deepest condolences to you Sara and your whole family



allison fenske posted on 10/13/20

Sad to say good bye to my uncle Tommy. Glad he's with grandpa xoxo


Dave And Pam Lovett posted on 10/13/20

Dear Jerry and Judy and family, We just want you to know how sorry we are at this tragic loss and passing of your daughter Sarah who you loved so deeply. We cannot imagine how you feel except it would be so terribly painful and difficult to experience. Our hearts and prayers go out to you for the Lord to give His peace, comfort, and grace and strength in this time. We are here for you and ready to do anything we can to support and help you. Your friends in Christ, Dave and Pam Lovett


Maria Vezzetti Matson posted on 10/13/20

Dear Kozar Family, Heaven must have been in need of a great accordion player, and it is our loss here on Earth. So sad to learn about Sarah's untimely death. My heartfelt condolences.


Steve Pratt posted on 10/13/20

Our sincerest condolences to the family and close friends. Steve Pratt & Heather Hintz


Jason Schroeder posted on 10/13/20

Sarah, you incredible human being - I know I speak for many of us that ran together in high school, we are all completely devastated. Your family and your home are the source of some of my most treasured memories from that time. I can't even comprehend how this is affecting people close to you. We miss you already.



Diana posted on 10/13/20

In memory of Sarah Jean Kozar, Diana lit a candle


Scott Noebel posted on 10/13/20

To the family and close friends of Sarah, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. We met as coworkers some 25 years ago at Deluxe Data. She always had a smile and a contagious laugh. My most memorable song was her rendition of Mustang Sally:) and then there was the accordion club...this news brings such sadness in a time when we need her laugh the most. Miss you girl. Memories forever. Love you always, Scott


Jean posted on 10/13/20

Keep on sharing your wonderful talent and beautiful voice for all who have gone before us can enjoy!



Jean posted on 10/13/20

Sarah - May your light shine brightly as a twinkling star in the evening sky!


Jean posted on 10/13/20

Sending out my heartfelt Sympathy on passing on so special and much talented Sarah. Was a great fan of the early Squezettes as followed them around to local gigs when able. They were the reason I did take up the accordion as part -time hobby! Keep on sharing your striking smile and virtual music heavenward as there's a party going on and we're not yet invited. Healing Loving thoughts on way to special family and friends.


Emily and Chris Jennings posted on 10/13/20

We saw her and the Squeezettes play at ArtBar when we were still dating. We loved her singing so much that she and the band played our wedding. All our guests fell in love with her, too. Sing on and squeeze that great accordion in the sky, Sarah Jean. We will love and miss you always.



Melanie & Rick posted on 10/13/20

Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs hoping you feel surrounded by much love



Barbara and Andy Bost posted on 10/13/20

I'm so sorry for the loss of Sarah Jean. I wish I'd known her better.


Sean O'Connell posted on 10/13/20

My deepest condolences to the Kozar family. Sarah was talented and inspiring friend. Always upbeat and fun to be around. When Sarah walked into a room, it instantly became a fun and exciting place to be, making you feel like you were part of something special. "Sarah-K" will be missed and remembered.


Jan Aschmann Bingham posted on 10/13/20

Debbie-Your Mom was always so welcoming to me when I would hang out with you. I remember she would take us out to the Oconomowoc Lake Club and play tennis. You were lucky to have her for so many years. She always had such a great smile as is show in the picture of her. My sincere condolences to you and your brothers and sister. Jan Aschmann Bingham


Jennifer McCarthy posted on 10/13/20

Kozar Family - I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Sarah was a very talented and loving individual. With deepest sympathy as you remember Sarah and her beautiful spirit.


Tom and Patti Kijewski posted on 10/13/20

Our deepest condolences. Muriel--you were the love of his life and the most important person in the world to Tommy and it always showed to the rest of the world. He was so proud of you and his children. Tommy's laid-back smile will be missed.


Karen Tuley posted on 10/12/20

I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of Sarah. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you. Jeff and Karen Tuley


Dan Cortez posted on 10/12/20

Sorry to hear of Tom passing. Knew him from high school. He always was a good guy. Nice man. God Bless Him.


Anne Griep and Paul Lambert posted on 10/12/20

Our deepest condolences for your family's loss of Sarah. She was a beautiful, very talented woman.



Bill and Andrea Greuel posted on 10/12/20

In memory of Bonnie Louise Dougherty, Bill and Andrea Greuel lit a candle


Justine Abdelrahmen posted on 10/12/20

My deepest condolences to the family. My heart goes out to you all. You’re all in my thoughts and my prayers.



Andi Loppnow posted on 10/12/20

My heart goes out to the Kozar family. I am so sorry for your loss. Sarah was extremely talented and she will be missed. I pray for peace in your hearts.❤️


Christine L Hedstrom posted on 10/12/20

Our hearts go out to you all. To lose a daughter and a sister must be so difficult. We are praying for you, Jerry & Judy, Katrina, Kelly and Heidi. May God's grace fill you during this very sad time. Chris & John Hedstrom


Nour Ajami posted on 10/12/20

Sorry for your loss Judy and jerry we love you so much I saw Sarah two times she was so nice she played with my kids. And we went out for sushi Lunch it was really nice memory . God be with you in this time and gives you Patience and peace amen


Roger Solt posted on 10/12/20

I remember well our first few days of meeting you both on your arrival in Pennbrooke. I also recall the last few days before you departed and headed home to be with your family. John was a special person in my life and I cherish the many memories.


Rosario Aquino Dial posted on 10/11/20

My dear Muriel and bereaved family members, Our deepest condolences and profound sympathy on the passing of your beloved husband. We are praying for the eternal repose of his soul. He is now with our Creator and free from suffering and pain. Our faith believes that God has a room for everyone in heaven. Of course he might be gone physically but his love and memories is embedded within your hearts. May you be comforted by God’s promise of eternal life. Love you Mare Chato and family.


John and Bev Rice posted on 10/11/20

We are so sad about Tommy‘s passing. But so happy we were able to share some fun times at his nieces Katy and Trevor’s wedding in Mexico April 2019. Jesus only smiles at those who smile back. An he always was smiling. He was a great person. God Bless him and he’s family. ❤️John and Bev Rice


Tammy McShepard posted on 10/11/20

I am so sorry to hear about your loss Takeisha. I met your husband a few times, and I am not just saying this, but I always thought he was one of the nicest young men I have ever met. He was always so polite and all smiles. You and children were truly blessed to have him in your life. I will be praying for you and your kids, I am truly so sorry.


Margie (Szpera) Bath posted on 10/11/20

Dennis and family, Our deepest sympathy to you and your family in this time of sorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. From our hearts to your hearts. Jerry & Marge (Szpera) Bath In our younger day, Judy and I had worked at NML and became friends. Don't know if you remember, I stood up for your wedding. Over time we must have both gotten involved with our growing families and had lost touch with one another. I have thought about you through the years and wondered how you were doing. What caused Judy's passing? May memories help you through your grieving. Marge


Nancy Baas posted on 10/11/20

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family . I have fond memories of our bowling days and get togethers. Sending love hugs and strength to get through this very difficult time. Sending love from Georgia. Nancy Baas


Judith Edwards ( Konieczny) posted on 10/11/20

With my deepest sympathy to Julios's Family & friends. He certainly was one of the "good guys" in the 1965 Pulaski High School graduating class: intelligent, kind & athletic. We shared hallway monitoring posts. May the Family find comfort in the cherished memories you hold deep in your hearts.


Bill & Sherry Schmidt posted on 10/11/20

Our condolences and prayers for Tommy's family. The one thing Tommy was known for was his smile - that smile was part of his warm character. RIP Tommy.


Brymer Meneses posted on 10/11/20

May you rest in peace uncle Tom. Thank you for all the blessings and memories you have given to us. We will miss you!



Mike And Gemma Hughes posted on 10/11/20

I lost a Best Friend Rest in Peace Kuya Tom



Latha Naresh Pai posted on 10/11/20

Om shanti



Dipika Vadhar posted on 10/11/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Dipika Vadhar lit a candle


Lakesha Thomas posted on 10/10/20

Grandpa you will forever be a great man! I will keep your name alive! Thank you for being YOU! I love and miss you so much! Thanks for everything! Your headquarters... Lakesha Brianne Thomas Dave a spot for me ❤️❤️



Sonya Prescott posted on 10/10/20

I always called Ms, Avery "Momma Avery" because she was like a bonus mom to me. I am going to miss her smile, her laughter, and her funny sayings. To Sean, Sherita, Devon, and Jerod I offer my deepest condolences and prayers.


Lillie Wells posted on 10/10/20

Sending my deepest condolences to You Dr. Rush and the entire family. She was my supervisor for years. Fond memories I have will always be in my ❤. Rest on my girl. Heaven has received another .


Minnie Berry Kilgore posted on 10/10/20

May God comfort, strengthen and give you peace during this trying time. - Minnie Berry Kilgore



Vincent Deese posted on 10/10/20

My sincere condolences to you and you family Sean ...May she Rest In Peace



Shalandra Towns posted on 10/10/20

Wishing I was there to comfort you all during this time


Frank Yager posted on 10/10/20

I will always remember Tommy as a very kind and gentle soul. I was really glad I was able to see Tommy and Muriel at Patty Weber's retirement party not that long ago.



Amanda posted on 10/10/20

Tommy, I knew you as Tina's & sisters dad and Muriels loving husband. You had an easy feeling, smart, strong but caring and thoughtful energy about you. Your legacy lives on through the beautiful family you created ❤



Chuck & Edie Anderson posted on 10/10/20

John had a good life. We remember our times at Woodhaven.


Kathy Hibler posted on 10/10/20

John took a special place in my heart with my admiration of his piano playing I loved listening but especially watching how he accompanied himself. I wanted to learn that so badly. He told me he wanted it too one day so just started to try it with roots and chords. He said he was blessed that he got better and better and loved it all so much himself but ended up blessing so many others. His style was always so much fun! I miss him and will never forget the joy I received. May God bless each one of you family members, and yes we all know he’s having a ball entertaining everyone on a most perfect heavenly piano!! Such a sweetie!!


Denise garcia posted on 10/9/20

Family you have my deepest sympathy. I pray God’s comfort for you all. Nanette was a caring person who helped me so much when my illness took a turn for worst. Someone to talk, laugh, cry with. I will miss you.


Jenni Hamilton (Enright) posted on 10/9/20

My sincerest condolences to Brett and Kristin's family.


LINDA HEIDERER posted on 10/9/20

I just heard from Charlotte of Larry's passing. My condolences. May he rest in peace.


Barbara West posted on 10/9/20

We feel so sad for our dear cousin, Tommy. and his wife, Muriel and family. Although we didn’t get to visit much in our adult life, I have lots of good memories from our childhood. May he rest in eternal peace. With love Barbara & my sister, Marilynn



Michele Bellehumeur Potrikus posted on 10/9/20

I know that Brett and his wife will be missed by so many people. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers



Don & Diana Starr posted on 10/9/20

Our heartfelt sympathy for the entire family in your loss of such a loved man.


Roman & Lydia Pyskir posted on 10/9/20

Roxanne, Our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family…Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you.


Scott Sandberg posted on 10/9/20

Love you dad; Godspeed on your next journey and We all will miss you very-very much.



K2 Karen Cardenas posted on 10/9/20

Best boss I ever had! Soft yet STRONG! Comfort in knowing she’s at peace


vanessa "phee" stuckey posted on 10/9/20

Prayers for the Carter family. There are so many good memories that you have to hang on to. Be encouraged until you see him again.... Love y'all


Michael & Julie Wood posted on 10/9/20

Our hearts go out to the entire Seese family, and friends. We have very fond memories of Brett at our Wood family Christmas party's, camping and other occasions. He will be forever missed.We could not attend services due to covid 19.Please know we think of him often. Peace to your family.


JANIS posted on 10/9/20

Rest in peace cousin, we love you!


Linnie Gordon and family posted on 10/9/20

Our prayers and thoughts are with the family today and the days to come. ❤️U


Brother Edar-Kingston posted on 10/9/20

May you all find comfort in the love and memory of your dear loved one, God bless!


Chris posted on 10/9/20

I still don't have or know the words to express the shock I still feel after I found out you passed. But I will say some of my fondest memories I had at Nickel's were when you and I had some hilarious conversations and the one night that stands out the most is when it was just you and I towards the end of close and we were trying to get just ONE stinking shot glass to break by throwing it across the bar at the doors, floors, concrete, etc and could not get it to break and we laughed and tried so hard! I know we lost touch several years ago, even though I saw you once at P n S and we had a nice conversation and that was the last time I saw you. RIP Brett, watch over your children and we'll all see you, and our other beloved ones that have passed, on the other side! Godspeed! Roxanne, my deepest condolences to you and your family. Sincerely, "Mix It Up"



Jacki Sandberg posted on 10/9/20

Love you Dodsy!!! Will miss watching Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Bones & Grimm with you. Thank you for making me into the person I am today! You were my favorite hello & my hardest goodbye!!



Hilman and Laurie Coppernall posted on 10/9/20

Our thoughts and prayers continue for your family as you mourn the loss of your loved one. Larry was a kind hearted Human being and I am blessed with having known him for many years. He will be missed by all


Suzanne Frank posted on 10/9/20

Nancy was a member of the Practical Club of Waukesha where I first met her when I became a member years ago. She was a lovely lady and we enjoyed getting to know her. When she was no longer able to attend meetings she was definitely missed. My heartfelt sympathy to all her family. Suzanne Frank


Christine Grassmann posted on 10/9/20

Remembering Nanette’s warm smile when entering her office at St. Luke’s to talk about where to start in looking for my first dog ...that is my fondest memory of her. Hope you can look back to good memories too.



Vicki Zoll posted on 10/9/20

Love you daddy!!


Sue Wimmer posted on 10/9/20

The Practical Club of Waukesha sends our sympathy to the family of Nancy on the death of your mother. She was a valued member of this organization and a wonderful resident of our community. Rest in peace Nancy.


Allyson Rous posted on 10/9/20

May you rest in peace to heaven with God uncle Tammy thank you for the memories you shared with us whener you and untie took vacation here in the Philippines. I will never forget that and I will cherish that moment. I love you rest well.


Melissa Weber posted on 10/9/20

When Fred and I think of Tommy we smile! He and Fred had a great history of friendship for 47 years. I didn't come into the picture until 30 years ago, but every interaction through the years with Tommy and Muriel held laughter, fun, and created memories we still cherish. Tommy was generous, thoughtful, kind, and welcoming of everyone. Thought of fondly, Tommy will surely be missed. Our sincerest condolences, Melissa & Fred Weber


Justine Simone Oliver posted on 10/9/20

Rest and peace, cousin.


Michael Landsgaard posted on 10/9/20

I was privileged to get to know Brian at the gun shows in Waukesha. He was a very impressive humble young man with a bright future which was cut way too short. Joe, Tina, Matt & Analisa, I am so sorry for your loss - hard to imagine. Brian; I'm very proud of your accomplishments as you are what makes our country so great. Thank you for your dedicated service to our country.


Sonja M Carroll posted on 10/8/20

So sorry family for the loss. She will always be with us. Love you all❤❤❤


Vicky Betzig posted on 10/8/20

Mrs. Klug was one of the great ones - dedicated, caring and loved to teach. Just seeing her face in the photo brought back fond memories and a smile to my face. What an exemplary life she had. Rest in peace dear lady - you deserve it. Sincerest condolences to her family and great many friends. CMH ‘80


David Bonin posted on 10/8/20

I just heard the news last night. You know, I can’t remember ever seeing Gail when she wasn’t smiling and bubbly. Always a cheerful person. We need more like her.


Cora F Lietz posted on 10/8/20

“May God’s light bless you when the darkness of grief is overwhelming. May God’s presence comfort you when you’re missing the one you love and may God’s love remind you that Tommy is not alone. Amen.” My thoughts and prayers are with you asking God to help guide you through this difficult time.



Alicea Leah posted on 10/8/20

Brett will be sincerely missed by all those who were blessed enough to call him a friend. My heart goes out to his family and many friends. He was such an amazing light in the lives of so many. Words cannot accurately express how much he will be missed . He had the biggest heart. He is loved by so many. No matter what...Always in my heart and soul. Until we meet again. My deepest condolences.



Keeley Dineen posted on 10/8/20

Your smile, your laugh, your heart will be forever missed. For those who will miss you the most, may your memories of good and crazy times to get you through your toughest days. He was such an infectious man. <3 Sending my love to you all.


Joseph Pawlak and Teallie Pawlak posted on 10/8/20

We had gotten to know Joan at Layton Terrace. We would like to send our sympathy to all Joan's family at this time. Joan was a dear lady and we are so sorry you have lost her - she was quite a fighter with this ailment and we hope she has found peace now. She will be missed by all who knew her - she was such a fun person and she was loved very much.



Lindsey Bale Howard posted on 10/8/20

All my love, Nana. All my love, Lindsey


Melanie and Jim Benedict posted on 10/8/20

Roxanne, our hearts go out to you and your family. Although I don’t know exactly what to say, I want you to know that you are in our thoughts and we wish you comfort and peace.


Jeff Gavin posted on 10/8/20

A true mentor.



Joseph Reichart posted on 10/8/20

23 years ago I met you and you've been a great friend ever since. You will be missed brother!!


Amber posted on 10/8/20

Dear Granddad, I'm so lucky I got to talk to you after your surgery. You sounded so happy when we were talking. I was really glad hear your voice. I'm going miss your smile, when you smile everybody else wants to smile too. I remember when me and Mya wanted to play with slime you went out and bought us 2 big gallons of glue and everything we asked for to make it! I remember riding in the little silver truck and the big white truck. I used to sit next to you in the front seat and you let me hold the steering wheel. Thank you for fixing our Green car for Mama when Mya broke it on the ice bank. I loved when you played with us especially when we played "school" me, you Meemah and Mya we had so much fun. I was so happy and surprised that our Birthdays are 9 days apart. Go Leo's! I miss you Granddad.We are so lucky that you're our Granddad "I love you too,Yup Yup''. Rest easy Granddad. I love you. Amber the Quiz



Dee posted on 10/7/20

"Take it easy, Walter. See ya' later."



Mike and Monique Mikorski posted on 10/7/20

Until we meet again


Patrick & Kristine Schuster posted on 10/7/20

Please accept our sincere condolences for the loss of your Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, she will be missed. May she Rest In Peace in the Lord’s arm’s till we see her again. Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” KSJ Patrick & Kristine Schuster


Chris bonin posted on 10/7/20

I warmly remember Gail as a warm, joyous and loving person. Though it’s been years, I will always remember all those special Labor Day neighborhood celebrations. Blessed to have known both Gail and Denis.


Milton D. Smith posted on 10/7/20

Praying for strength and comfort for your entire family!


Letti posted on 10/7/20

Gail and Denny, were a very dear patients at Dr. Maricela Arizmendi´s dental office in San Carlos, Mex. With time they became our friends. We used to see them every winter, for their annual checkup. Gail a lovely kind lady, very helpful person with a big smile and a big heart. No words can describe how sorry we are for your big lost, our most sincere condolences to Denny and his daughters and to all the family. Our thoughts and prayers with you. Gail, we will never forget you, always in our hearts. Dr. Maricela * Letti * Lorena



Daval. Josette. Jean Paul posted on 10/7/20

Nous avons eu la chance de rencontrer Nancy à plusieurs reprises à Hawaï nous en gardons un très heureux souvenir que nous n’oublierons pas Nous vous présentons toutes nos condoléances


Nicole Rémillard posted on 10/7/20

Ben, it's terrible to hear about your loss and I express my sympathy to you and your family. I offer my thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this difficult time. May you find peace and strength with the love and support from family and friends. My most sincere condolences, Nicole.


Ranga and Jayashree Sriram posted on 10/7/20

Our condolences and prayers.We are deeply saddened.We will miss Kiran .Big loss for you and your family.You are in our prayers.Kiran has left a big void in our Indian community. Regards Ranga and Jayashree Sriram 3664 Fenceline Franksville WI 53126 262 9023660


Julie Leupi posted on 10/7/20

Dear Pam and family, Eric and I were so shocked and sorry to have heard about Kenny's passing. Way too young to go. Kenny was such a sweet person, and he seemed to always be smiling and laughing. I remember the countless laps around the lake that he'd take the kids tubing up in Wild nice of him to spend so much of his time making the kids happy! I also remember thinking how nice it was that you two had so much fun out on the dance floors, over the years. We will be praying and thinking about all of you.


Ann Marie Hahn posted on 10/7/20

Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. Prayers for comfort by the promise of heaven.


Anne Pierce posted on 10/7/20

John Ziino was a tireless volunteer for the City of New Berlin and Holy Apostles Church. Through his help New Berlin has developed into a wonderful community which supports many wonderful family events. Thank you, John for your tireless work. Our deepest condolences to Pat and family. Pat, you were always there behind the scenes helping with John’s many projects. Bless your family as you go through this loss of a wonderful man. John’s life was certainly well-lived. Anne and Ron Pierce



terri shawn posted on 10/7/20

In memory of Donald Ray Logan, terri shawn lit a candle


Ann & Larry Alexander posted on 10/6/20

So sorry for all the family Praying God will comfort for each of the family



OliviaKolintzas posted on 10/6/20

My his Memory be Eternal



Michael Hablewitz little michael posted on 10/6/20

Praying for Your wife and the kids I’m glad I got to call you one last time thank you for everything you and your family have done for me and the support you gave. Every time I saw you, you were always fun and joking around I don’t have one memory in my life where you weren’t I know the whole hablewitz family is going to miss you dearly Paul love you guys.


Cousin Tom Six posted on 10/6/20

Miss you Paul. Thinking of you taking laps on grandpa Six's riding mower in Heaven. Godspeed!



Heidi Panos posted on 10/6/20

In memory of Apollon Panagis Limberatos, Heidi Panos lit a candle



Joyce Ray posted on 10/6/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Joyce Ray lit a candle


Ann Bender posted on 10/6/20

My thoughts & prayers go out to Deonna, Red, Cheryl & the rest of the family grieving the lost of Walter. May the Lord strengthen & comfort you all during this difficult time. God bless, Much love, Ann Bender


Dianne and Paul Bretl posted on 10/5/20

Dear Sandy, Paul and I want to extend our sincere sympathy to you in your loss of Jerry. You both were such a wonderful asset to St. Bruno’s and have been missed since moved away. We want you to know that both of you will be in our prayers. God bless you and help you at this very difficult time. Dianne and Paul Bretl


Bob Buth posted on 10/5/20

Sending my love and prayers to all the Dorff family and friends. The mass was such a beautiful celebration of Dr. Dorff's life. Anna's eulogy was amazing. Fr. Nick's homily mentioning Jerry's conversations with Carol about a stronger faith by going to Jesus and our Mother Mary's crown lighting up should inspire us all to try to live a life like Jerry and try to be more like Jesus. I'm reminded of a Christmas card my family got a long time ago signed Jerry, Sandy, and the 7 Dorffs. They were like my second family in high school. Even when we crashed the mighty Maverick, Dr. Dorff seemed calm and fair. I spent a day at work with him seeing patients when I was young and he showed me how to treat them with respect and kindness. There are many fond memories. I am sure he is in heaven. I hope to see him there someday, but not yet. Bob Buth


Feliciano and Judy Sierra posted on 10/5/20

My sincere condolences to the Seese Family My Brett was like my son in many ways as was the boys he hung out with we will miss you so much now you are with the angels my Angel as Miguel. Love you peace be with you


Sandy & Bob Lamberton posted on 10/5/20

Pam & Family, Such a sad time for the loss of your husband and father. Kenny was such a wonderful man - so kind and friendly. He will be sorely missed by so many. Our prayers are for your family. Love to all of you, Sandy & Bob



Peggy and Jerry Knepprath posted on 10/5/20

In memory of Gerald J. Dorff, MD, Peggy and Jerry Knepprath lit a candle


Grace Marshall posted on 10/5/20

I extend my deepest condolences and prayers to you and your family during this difficult time. Roxanne my heart goes out to you and your family.


LuAnn Schutz posted on 10/5/20

My heart was filled with joy when Paul became my baby cousin and I so looked forward to helping take care of him and playing with him, helping keep him out of mischief as a toddler at family gatherings and taking him out for fun when older. He was so very loved. His wife and kids and parents have our deepest condolences and continued prayers.


Brian posted on 10/5/20

Condolences from the Atkinson family.



Kathleen Gilbert posted on 10/5/20

My deepest condolences. Sending prayers for peace to all.


Pete and Renee Fisher posted on 10/5/20

Very sorry to hear this sad news. Our sympathy to Roxanne and the entire family.


Christine green posted on 10/5/20

Condolences to family


Akshada Khaunte posted on 10/5/20

Remembering Dharmista’s charming and ever smiling face from school days when she used to come and spend time with us being Usha’s little sister during mid break or after school. Still can’t get over it. The unfortunate news has shocked us all. My deepest sympathies and condolences to Gohil and Chouhan family. May her beautiful soul rest in peace



Jesal Manani posted on 10/5/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Jesal Manani lit a candle


Vivek and Garima posted on 10/4/20

Heartfelt condolences to Mitul and family. It’s an unfathomable loss. Dharmista was a noble soul, a great friend and an inspiration for many. She will be missed forever and shall remain in our prayers. May God give strength and solace in this time of grief. Om Shanti.



Rachel and Joe Newson posted on 10/4/20

May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. My most sincere condolences.


Rachel Newson posted on 10/4/20

May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. My most sincere condolences. -Rachel Newson


Gunachandran and Family Chennai posted on 10/4/20

Our heartfelt sorrow and condolences to Mr Mitul and lovely kitty Meera Our sincere prayers to almighty to rest her in peace and guide Mitul and Meera to withstand the loss and miss.


Chad, Courtney, Reese, Macy, Lucy, and Heath Orr posted on 10/4/20

Dear sweet Mira and Mitul, our hearts break with yours with Dharmista’s passing. She was such a light and lovely soul. We enjoyed your company, laughter, friendship, and are here for you if you need anything. We Love you all and send our prayers and condolences. Dharmista, you will be so missed! Rest In Peace Dear friend.


Ralph & Gloria Heun posted on 10/4/20

Dear Pat and family. Please accept our deepest sympathy. John was a very nice person and always had a smile on his face. He will be deeply missed by the community. He surely earned his way to heaven. Rest well John.


Neal Ellenberg posted on 10/4/20

Dharmista, in the short time I worked on the highway project with you, I not only noticed that you were very knowledgeable, but also willing to listen and learn. This is a rare quality that I will never forget. Om shanti.


Ruth Bertsch Breipohl posted on 10/4/20

Please accept the condolences on behalf of the Bertsch family. We remember the Langenbachs with fondness.


Michael Bizak posted on 10/4/20

I'm sorry for your loss. I have heard many good things about Uncle Joe and I remember him very vividly and happily from the time I met him near Dallas for Ross Anthony's christening. I don't remember how long ago that was but it was at least 20 years ago. I am keeping him in my prayers for the next year.


Vidya Praveen posted on 10/4/20

You will be missed Dharmista! My god give courage to her family and may her soul rest in peace.


Susan Hess posted on 10/4/20

My late sister Judy Hess was a good friend and admirer of Bob. I am sure she would have wanted to leave a memorial to him, so in her name I am submitting the same to the Wisconsin Humane Society. Just as Bob had a special place in his heart for his beagles, Judy was buried with the ashes of her beloved terrier Kristi.


Mariana Neeb posted on 10/4/20

Dear Marcie & family, so saddened to hear of the passing of Daniel. We know this is a difficult time for you all. We can never know what time we will face these separations, but knowing that we will be reunited is a solace. Please understand that family is always with you and feeling your pains.


Fred Scaife posted on 10/4/20

Thought about you today grandad!


Jigisha Nayak posted on 10/4/20

I was deeply saddened by the news of Rajuben’s passing. Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart. My deepest sympathies.


Ganesh and Lavanya posted on 10/4/20

Please accept our deepest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Natasha Artis posted on 10/4/20

I sending my love and prayers to the family!!! I am Essie B Artis granddaughter may she and Uncle Robert RIL along with my mom and the rest of the family in heaven


Kedar Naik posted on 10/4/20

A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. We part with our beloved friend in pain


Bittu, Piyush, Neil and Neeraj posted on 10/4/20

Raju, You are a beautiful person, inside and out and your smile will live in our memories forever. Jai shree Krishna



saish solanki posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, saish solanki lit a candle



Rupa Shah posted on 10/4/20

RIP dear Raju..we will always miss you..our condolences to the all are in our prayers


Douglas Owsiany posted on 10/4/20

So saddened to hear about Gery. We started working at B&S within a few months of each other, and soon became friends at work. In our first few years working together, we shared alot of the same issues in our personal lives. It was always good to know Gery was there to talk about anything. I am so glad to hear he and Judy had a very prosperous and rewarding life together. What was it that took his life? I remember him as always being so strong. Thanks Gery and rest easy. Doug


Kapil Angle posted on 10/4/20

My Heartfelt condolences to Gohil Family.Om Shanti


Amit & Deepti posted on 10/4/20

Dharmista - A loving mother, caring wife and noble human being, You will be always remembered. May God bless family with fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Prayers and deepest condolences from Thukral family



Gokul Nair posted on 10/4/20

The loss of a loved one in such a way is perhaps the hardest test that God is putting you through. Having lost two siblings in an accident years ago, I feel the grief and sorrow that your family is going through. Please stay strong and carry on because that is what she would have wanted. May God give all of you the strength to cope with this unbearable loss. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.


Brijesh, Priti, Divyang & Dishank posted on 10/4/20

Very Sad and Sorry to hear about Dharmista. RIP !!! And May God give the strength to family to come out this difficult time. You are in our prayers.



Yan Nenaydykh posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Yan Nenaydykh lit a candle


mahalakshmi srinivasan posted on 10/4/20

May the god give Dharmista’s family the needed strength and peace at this time. Her smiling face is what come to mind. No words to even imagine what the family must be going through. Om Shanthi



Kapil Borkar posted on 10/4/20




Das posted on 10/4/20

RIP Dharmista. You will be missed now and always.


Hiren Rawal posted on 10/4/20

Raju was like my daughter will never forget her. Whenever I’ve seen her she is always smiling... may her soul rest in peace. From the whole Rawal family.


Hiren Rawal posted on 10/4/20

Raju was like my daughter. Whenever I’ve seen her she is always smiling... may her soul rest in peace. From the whole Rawal family.


Natvar Rathod posted on 10/4/20

May her soul rest in peace



Shashikant Rathod posted on 10/4/20

Sorry for the loss. May the soul Rest in Peace.



Hitesh Tank posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Hitesh Tank lit a candle


Yan Nenaydykh posted on 10/4/20

My deepest condolences and sympathies to Mitul, Mira and family of this wonderful person Dharmista has been. I think it’s important that she is remembered as such, so most beautiful thoughts, memories, prays and vibes would always follow her soul. For me she was such wonderful associate, professional engineer and friend, but most importantly the constant source of kindness and happiness, who's beautiful smile would lighten the room and people around her. I sure can understand why God wanted this angel around!



Meena Uppal posted on 10/4/20

It’s terrible to hear about your loss and we from uppal’s family express our sincere sympathy to you and your family. RIP



aasrh pandya posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, aasrh pandya lit a candle



Manasi & Siddharth posted on 10/4/20

We will miss you Dharmishta! Praying for all your family and friends.



Madhu Shah posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Madhu Shah lit a candle


Manvendra & Radhika posted on 10/4/20

May her soul rest in peace!



Mira Kamat posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Mira Kamat lit a candle



Bharat posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Bharat lit a candle


Deep Pandya posted on 10/4/20

We will miss you Raju tai.



Abhijeet Dutta posted on 10/4/20

You will be dearly missed Dharmista..


Alina Kaempfer posted on 10/4/20

Dear Dharmista, you changed so many lives during your short time. Beautiful soul, amazing mother and wife, trusted friend... you were there for all of us. We spend a year being close friends and neighbors at the same location, our girls (mine 7 and yours 6) had a great time running between apartments, having sleepovers, play dates, cooking, celebrate together their birthdays. They were great times and I will remember and cherish forever our friendship. You were so young and vibrant, the best mama I have ever met. Mira, be strong sweetheart, your mama would want you to be strong so you can move forward! She will be forever with you, guiding and watching over you. Mitul, my words are failing me to convey the deepest hurt we feel. May God give you strength to be able to overcome such a loss. Rest In Peace, dear Dharmista! Lots of love, Alina, Lars & Isabel



Amit Thukral posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Amit Thukral lit a candle



Neha Dewan posted on 10/4/20

May her soul rest in peace. Please accept our heartfelt condolences



Bharati Prabhudesai posted on 10/4/20

Raju You will be missed by all..RIP



Keion posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Kevin "YPN Kev" Reality Love, Keion lit a candle


Nisha Pinho posted on 10/4/20

Raju, my dear friend Usha’s little sister. I will never forget your smile, such a beautiful person. I’ll remember always how you would chat with us while Usha and I studied. And when we watched cricket and movies together. You left us way too soon. I pray that the Lord gives your lovely family the strength and grace to cope with such an immense loss. Love you always my dear girl.



Devangbhai pandya posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Devangbhai pandya lit a candle



Arun & Sangeetha posted on 10/4/20

RIP Dharmista. All our prayers for Mitul & Family



Deep Pandya posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Deep Pandya lit a candle



Lakshmi Kurre posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Lakshmi Kurre lit a candle



Dilip parmar posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Dilip parmar lit a candle



Bhavesh Mistry posted on 10/4/20

Was shocked and saddened by hearing the news. Raju tai I'll will always miss you. You will always be remembered



Jerry and Laura Skoff posted on 10/4/20

So very sorry to hear of Gerhart’s passing. He is on a new adventure now soaring with the angels! Rest In Peace old friend. Laura and Jerry



Shomil posted on 10/4/20

We will miss you.



Bharathi posted on 10/4/20

Dharmista we will miss you and your charming smile. We always keep you and your family in our prayers. In your memory a small candle. May your sole Rest In Peace.



Sreelekha posted on 10/4/20

We we’re shocked to hear this tragic news. We will keep you and your family in our prayers. May Dharmista’s soul Rest In Peace.



Dipesh makadia posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Dipesh makadia lit a candle



Bunmi Olapo posted on 10/4/20

May Dharmista Soul Rest In Peace.


Bunmi Olapo posted on 10/4/20

Our Sincere Condolences from the South East Region Project Development Sections. May Dharmista Soul Rest In Peace.



Sunil ( Ravi’s friend) posted on 10/4/20

I have fond memories of you, as a person you were always cheerful, very competitive in whatever you did and were a great motivation to me and Ravi. I always hoped that I’ll get a chance to meet you again sometime but now that has been taken away from me and all of us. Rest In Peace, you’ll always be the cheerful person I knew and will be missed.



Vinay and Dhruvi posted on 10/4/20

we will miss you beloved mami



Abbey, Tyler and Myles Comp posted on 10/4/20

With our condolences


Abbey Comp and boys posted on 10/4/20

Please accept our sympathies at this difficult time. Brett was an amazing soul and his personality and laugh could light up an entire room. I have many fond memories of Brett and Kristin. Our prayers are with the entire Seese family.



Kiran Jadeja posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Kiran Jadeja lit a candle



Archana prabhudesai posted on 10/4/20

Our heartfelt condolences



Ramesh Jadeja posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Ramesh Jadeja lit a candle


Archana prabhudesai posted on 10/4/20

Our heartfelt condolences to the fly



Archana Prabhudesai posted on 10/4/20

My heartfelt condolences


GEETA.J. BARIA posted on 10/4/20

Rest in Peace Dear Raju....



GEETA.J. BARIA posted on 10/4/20

Rest in Peace


Alyson posted on 10/4/20

Very down to earth and forever smiling


Jatin Ahuja posted on 10/4/20

Dear Raju tai, You will be missed.



Rahul Lotlikar posted on 10/4/20

Om Shanti ..



Harishchandra Chodankar posted on 10/4/20

May her Soul rest in Peace. My Condolences to the family.



Suman Kaul Sopory posted on 10/4/20

Our heartfelt condolences to dear Mitul, Mira and to both families. Suman and Akhil Sopory.



Kamlesh Amlani posted on 10/4/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Kamlesh Amlani lit a candle



Dimple Rathod posted on 10/3/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Dimple Rathod lit a candle


Santosh Bhanji posted on 10/3/20

Some pages missing.



Bharti Chandwani posted on 10/3/20

May the departed soul rest in peace please acceptance out deepest condolences



Santosh Bhanji posted on 10/3/20

Some pages missing yet



Himanshu Chotalia posted on 10/3/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Himanshu Chotalia lit a candle


Jagruti Pandya posted on 10/3/20

Raju- a beautiful soul with a kind and a loving heart. A dedicated daughter,sister,wife and a mother. Raju you have gone closer to God, leaving a beautiful memory in our heart to cherish. My little sis you left us very early..we will always miss you a lot.Om Shanti.


Dmitriy Guzikov posted on 10/3/20

Dharmista was a great person who added so much to every life she touched.


Jenny Cwik posted on 10/3/20

I’m so sad to hear this. My condolences to your entire family. My heart is sad. Brett was a very important part of my life years ago. He will always hold a special place in my heart.



Anu posted on 10/3/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Anu lit a candle


Maureen Golden posted on 10/3/20

My deepest condolences to the carter family praying for you all



Rakesh Dutta posted on 10/3/20

So socked to know and unbelievably that it could happen to dear Dimista. It is too soon saying good by to us. God bless your soul in peace. God give us courage to bear the loss. Your presence always in our heart.


Rita I Hafferly posted on 10/3/20

Hopefully this picture of Paul comes through - what a handsome guy! He will be missed. Our hearts go out to Cherie, Dale, Camille and Katie. Ed and Rita Hafferly


alice and bob janczak posted on 10/3/20

What a beautiful service for Bob ...we watched and were with you in prayers and spirit . I'm sure Bob was smiling down on all of you . love to you !


Pat Lawlor posted on 10/3/20

The Kucza and Six families are in my thoughts in their grief of losing Paul at such a young age. I remember when he was a toddler, keeping his parents on their toes every second. He never stopped moving! Now he has a family of this own who will miss him terribly. Virtual hugs to each of you. I wish I could join you in your remembrances of Paul.



Kim jeffery posted on 10/3/20

Sorry for your loss to the Stephan family


Karen Shumway posted on 10/3/20

Aunt Carol was such a lovely and patient person. I spent so many hours in her home hanging out because Marie and I were thick-as-thieves. Aunt Carol always welcomed me to her home as, I am sure, the angels will welcome her home.


Colleen Becker Schroepfer posted on 10/3/20

Oh, Pam, I am so very sorry for your loss, and the loss to all of your family. May your faith comfort you during this very sad time.


Dan Maclise posted on 10/3/20

As Anna said, Uncle Jerry could make a road trip w/ an overcrowded van fun. I'll never forget my trip from Wisconsin to Utah to meet up w/ Uncle Fred and crew for my very first ski lessons... What a memorable trip. We all had a blast - crazy fun! I can still hear uncle Jerry now, piloting the extended econo-line Ford van and see his smile in the rear view mirror... So glad I got to share those moments w/ him, my aunt, and my cousins... Cousin Dan


Dr. John Thomas posted on 10/3/20

My thoughts and prayers are with the extended Dorff family. I had the privilege of working with your husband, dad and grandfather during my internship at MCGH in'68-'69, as he was finishing his IM Residency. That spring I spent a month with Dr. Mike Rytel who that summer became Gerry's mentor during his ID Fellowship, therefore making Gerry the first ID Fellow in the Marquette Medical School ID program. Gerry had made such an impression on me during that year, that upon returning from my military service and starting my Pediatric Residency, I reach out to Gerry to be my PCP. [he was still doing IM as he worked to build his ID Consultative practice] He was definitely the Physician's physician! When you have a 'BUCKET LIST DOCTOR,' it was disappointing when Gerry stepped away from private practice, yet I understood what an impact he would have Consulting on adult patients with serious infectious diseases --- my loss but adult medical community gain. Only wish that I could of kept up with Gerry to learn more about his robust life outside of Medicine. Truly a priceless Physician, husband, father, grandfather, Catholic gentleman and a community citizen, Peace, health, love and happiness to the Dorff family. --- Dr. John Thomas


Janice and Dan forward posted on 10/3/20

A beautiful service for a beautiful man. May Jerry’s memory remain a blessing to your family and To all of us who loved him. We will hold sacred every moment we spent with him always. He will be so very much missed Much love Dan and janice


Cathy Nolan posted on 10/3/20

Sang right along with you. God is Good! Love to all of you. Will have masses said at the Cathedral for Jerry. Wish we could have been together!



Naomi Kabel posted on 10/3/20

In memory of Paul "Kujo" R. Kucza, Naomi Kabel lit a candle


Kathleen Stroebel posted on 10/3/20

Marilyn was a special neighbor to me One day she said to me "you better get going to the hospital to have that baby" and I did. She was a great role model for me to follow with my children. She dearly loved her husbands, children and sister. I will never forget her. Marilyn, rest in peace.



Meredith Ford posted on 10/3/20

Thoughts and prayers for all the family.



Sue Six posted on 10/3/20

May you find peace in the love and sympathy of the people who greatly love and cherish Paul.


Darlene Highsmith Anderson posted on 10/3/20

Sincere sympathy to Miss Pavlik's friends and family. She was one of my great teachers at Dover. I last had a chance to sit with them at an anniversary at Dover. I always remembered her bringing Tapa Cloth from a Hawaii trip to our fifth grade class so we could color the patterns.


Carol Durian posted on 10/3/20

My thoughts and prayers are with you. May the memories and the love you share as a family sustain you all. Dr. Dorff was well loved, well respected at St Joseph's an equally missed.


Gregory Whitten posted on 10/3/20

Ms. Pinchar was my 2nd grade teacher at 38th Street School. I hope and pray that her loved ones might come to peace after the sadness of her passing.


Patricia Nenaydykh posted on 10/3/20

Dharmista, Your smile and love for everything and everybody will be so missed; I feel so fortunate that I was able to be a part of your world. I will never forget you - your bright light left such warm memories for me and I feel so blessed to have known you. I will never forget when Yan brought home that entire meal that you cooked for us; we loved every bit of that delicious dinner and felt all of the love you sent for us to enjoy. I will always remember your beautiful smile and genuine heart forever and I will forever miss you. To your family - your husband and daughter - I am so, so sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart that Dharmista was taken from you too soon. Mira, your mama was a strong, happy woman and I hope you will always carry that with you. Mitul, Mira and loving family - you are in my prayers.


Sweta Harihar posted on 10/3/20

I remember Raju as a close friend’s little sister...They had a special bond that only sisters can have. One thing that always stood out was her absolutely stunning beauty and her amazing academic and professional success- and through all that her humility, her simplicity. An excellent mom...I remember her sharing baby food recipes with me and assuring me about international travels...she had a confidence that wasn’t flaunted, but always shone through her personality. Words fail me while I try to pen down something in her memory...she’s gone too soon...and it’s not fair, she deserved to be here with her family. May her soul Rest In Peace and I pray for strength for everyone that loves her and will miss her indefinitely.


Uma Ashok posted on 10/3/20

Dear Dharmishta, Your demise is shocking to me. When I landed with my little girl to flat with you and others in Christchurch, your smile was always so comforting that helped me to feel safe in the new country. Thank you for showing love and kindness to my daughter. We would terribly miss you. May your soul rest in peace. I pray God to bless your loved ones with strength to go through this tough time. Deepest condolences Uma Ashok


Richard Diedrich posted on 10/3/20

So sorry for you loss. God Bless.



Nilesh Redekar posted on 10/3/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Nilesh Redekar lit a candle



Richa Singh posted on 10/3/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Richa Singh lit a candle


Tara webber posted on 10/3/20

Beautiful memorial!! Brett had a wonderful soul that will carry on in our memories for a lifetime. My fondest memories wud be " the bridge" hours upon hours of goofing around



Vinayak Sambherao posted on 10/3/20

Dharmista and I were batch mates at DY Patil college of Engg. She was always very calm and composed. A great soul indeed! It was extremely shocking and saddening to hear about this loss. May her soul rest in peace and may God give her family all the strength!



'Mya posted on 10/2/20

Rest In Peace Granddad.



Neelam chotaliya posted on 10/2/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Neelam chotaliya lit a candle



Aarti posted on 10/2/20

Dharmista was a lovely person. Words cannot heal the pain of losing someone so dear. May God give your family the strength to overcome the pain. Prayers for her whole family.


Neelesh Kinnerkar posted on 10/2/20

From Goa to our Pune college days, our New Zealand Uni days to US....those moments of star gazings, mountain treks, road trips, laughter sessions will be cherished always. We will miss you Dharmista, now and forever


Milind posted on 10/2/20

It is very emotional and difficult to write a condolence for such a beloved friend. We spent a few years together as university students at Christchurch, NZ. In fact we flatted together with 4 other friends, those were great times. I remember her as a an ever smiling and a gentle soul. I will always cherish the trips that we made around NZ with our friends. I feel little bad for not keeping in touch since she moved to the US. A big learning for me. You keep smiling wherever you are Dharmista, we will miss you. May God give strength to her family.



Nyssa Coutinho posted on 10/2/20

Dearest Raju, I will miss you dearly and your smiling face. Will always cherish our beautiful moments together. The best schools days we had. RIP and may you have a beautiful life in heaven as the most beautiful angel in heaven


Micky & Rahul posted on 10/2/20

We couldn’t trust our ears when we heard this heartbreaking news. Her ever smiling face shall never leave our memories. Dharmista, you were kindest soul we had ever met in our lifetime. Your memories our etched in our lives forever. Your selfless service and help shall never be forgotten. Mitul - We are unable to garner enough courage to call you and share your grief. May God give you courage to bear with this loss. Dharmista - We miss you and shall try to live by your principles of selfless service to keep you alive in our hearts and memories forever. ~Micky & Rahul ~Arshia & Mahit


Babu Thenganakunnel posted on 10/2/20

I had the pleasure of working with Dharmista for a couple of years and know her as a smart and talented engineer. Always with a smile,full of energy, and liked by all.Knew pretty much everything about Mithul and Meera from her even before I met them. A loving mother, wife, daughter, and sibling is suddenly gone and no words can express the sorrow her dear ones are going through.She is going to be missed for a long long time.



Vincent G Carter posted on 10/2/20

Rest in Heaven!


David Shumway posted on 10/2/20

My Aunt Carol was a very special, kind and patient person and I will always remember her with a smile on her face and a laugh in the air. Between myself, my brother Dan, Cousin Jimmie and Cousin Eddie, the four of us could raise quite a ruckus and I know try the patience of all adults within earshot. Yet, I never heard Aunt Carol raise her voice or lose her patience: save once when she cracked Edwin on his bare-necked hind end with a wooden spoon right in the middle of the great underwear fight; which took place very late at night. (I'm sure that was not the first, nor the last, time that Ed took one on the hind end). I must admit that looking back on it, Ed had it coming, so I don't count that one as Aunt Carol's. Rest in peace Aunt Carol, and thank you for your kindness and quick laugh; I can still hear it as if it were yesterday.


Joyce A Vorpahl posted on 10/2/20

Our condolences on your loss of Pat. Thinking of you, wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain. From Jon and Pat's old neighbors. Joyce and Bill Vorpahl in Sandalwood Village


Paul Thesing posted on 10/2/20

Sending my sympathy to the entire Seese family. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.



Oleg Yusufov posted on 10/2/20

Our deep condolences to the family . Sincerely. Oleg .


Alok Saxena posted on 10/2/20

Mitul, our deepest condolences to you and family. May god give you and others strength. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. - Alok & Kavita 



Janayla posted on 10/2/20

In memory of Kevin "YPN Kev" Reality Love, Janayla lit a candle


Sirisha Pulapaka posted on 10/2/20

She is a very loving and cheerful friend, always there when in need,smiles with her lovely eyes.She will always be cherished and the whole family will be in our prayers


Rahul Bhardwaj posted on 10/2/20

We all here pray to Nirankar to bless the entire family with courage and hope through this difficult times. Dharmista Ji we will surely miss your physical form but you will always be alive in our hearts and minds.


Donna and Dennis Vincent posted on 10/2/20

Dear Sandy, We are thinking of you all during this very difficult time and we extend our most profound sympathy to everyone in your beautiful family. Your grief is shared by many and you have our love and prayers always, Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Vincent


Cheryl Stoeser posted on 10/2/20

Randy and I are sorry for your loss.



Gary Metzer posted on 10/2/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Gary lit a candle.


Amol butley posted on 10/2/20

We really shocked to hear about this news Mitul. May god bless her soul rest in peace. I am keeping her in our thoughts and prayers. May god give you and your family with strength to overcome this big loss. Amol



Aseesh posted on 10/2/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Aseesh lit a candle



Brandon Kelly posted on 10/2/20

In memory of Brett James Seese, Brandon Kelly lit a candle


Henryka Gasik posted on 10/2/20

I work from the Green Bay office but I had an opportunity and a great pleasure of working with Dharmista on one of her projects in the Milwaukee office. She was very professional, organized and excellent engineer, and coworker. Dharmsta’s stunning beauty will always be with me. Please accept my condolences and sympathy for the entire Family of Dharmista. She is gone too soon.



Sameer Dhar posted on 10/2/20

A very sad news. We are all grief stricken. My thoughts are with all family members trying to cope with our very unbearable loss. Words cant express our sadness. We will always cherish the great memories of your time spent in New Zealand.


Deb Becht Soliday posted on 10/2/20

Pam and family, so sorry for your loss. Kenny will be deeply missed. He was one of the kindest, genuinely sincere people that I am proud to have known and called friend. God bless.


Ravi Chawla posted on 10/2/20

Hi Mitul, I saw her super active/ responsible/ caring when you were hospitalised and we were at US. I can’t believe how does good heart ppl depart soon :( , Plz take care of Mira and give strength to yourself and family . Plz accept my deepest condolences.



Ravi Chawla posted on 10/2/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Ravi Chawla lit a candle


Jerod Avery posted on 10/2/20

Mama it’s so much I can say ... I just wish I can wake up and see that this is a dream, but it’s not. You may not be here in person but I know you are here with me in prayer and spirit. I can feel your presence.... i love you mama


Wayne Heintz posted on 10/2/20

I can't find the words, you will be missed my friend REST IN PEACE..



Bob Gutierrez posted on 10/2/20

Our sincere condolences from Wis DOT SE Region .


Tibor Johnson posted on 10/2/20

My condolences goes out to the Chauhan family. Dharmista was truly a kind and loving young lady; simply a beautiful person. She has truly touched my heart and will be deeply missed.



Richard J Kurz posted on 10/2/20

Rest in Heaven wonderful lady. I've had the pleasure of knowing you for nearly 49 years and being your son in law being married to Gail. You are missed but never forgotten. Richard Kurz


Thomas A LeGear posted on 10/2/20

Dharmista, as your friend and colleague, I will honor your memory the best I can. I will fight to make sure that your cause of passing will never be allowed to happen again. This tragedy is unacceptable, and has happened to one of the kindest, and smartest people I had the privilege to meet, and call a friend. My prayers, and wishes go with your Family, and friends. And I hope they find strength in each other, during the hard days ahead. With all my respect, and love, RIP.


David Six and family posted on 10/2/20

Paul was a wonderful older cousin to me and was much loved by his Uncle Ron and Aunt Mary Alice. We will keep your family in our prayers knowing that Paul is now in a better place.



Pushpa posted on 10/2/20

No words to express grief in our heart. Dharmista had very pleasant personality, kind heart and a beautiful smile. She will be missed very deeply. (Kids dance class gatherings won’t be same without you Darmista). May lord Shiva give strength to family during this difficult time. Om Shanti!



Lalitha posted on 10/2/20

In memory of Dharmista Chauhan, Lalitha lit a candle



Mary Ellen Six and Snoopy Shuster posted on 10/2/20

Our sincerest condolences on your loss. We are sending you virtual hugs and love. May you find strength in your memories of Paul. XOXO.


Ramesh Chauhan posted on 10/2/20

Beloved Dharmista even though we are apart, your sole will live forever in our heart and we hold you close in our memory. May the winds of heaven whisper in your ear how much we love and miss you and wish that you were here with us. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure and your presence and sweet fragrance in every corner of our sweet home of your dream. Humble tribute to dear sweet Dharmista from: your sweet doll Mira, Mitul, Ramesh & Pushpa, Shailesh, Usha Advik, Manish, Krishna, Harsh & Kush, Bhawna, Rajnikant, Vinay and Dhruvi


Rita posted on 10/2/20

My heartfelt condolences , may you get place in heaven.



Johnesha posted on 10/2/20

.. I Love You & Rest In Heaven.


Audrey posted on 10/2/20

I met Dharmista after moving from France all the way to New Zealand to start my first job in Dunedin. She had just started a new job too.She helped me to discover New Zealand , we went a long road trip around New Zealand and ate only in Indian restaurants.She was kind and generous. Memories of her will last forever.


Cindy Simon posted on 10/1/20

Dear Sawatski family, Please accept my sincere sympathy for your loss. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Cindy Simon


Judy & Tyler Tannis posted on 10/1/20

Cherie, I found out today from Lana at Ta Da that your husband passed away. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts & prayers. We are hoping you have a good support system around you, and that you can celebrate your husband's life and find comfort in all the good memories. Take Care, Judy & Tyler Tannis


Betty Jo Azpell posted on 10/1/20

Dear Sandy, Beth, Carol, Greg, Anna, Gary, Joe, Don and all family members. I am so sorry for your loss. The world is now one short of great men that inhabited this planet. I am very honored to have had Jerry as my friend for 64 years. He always made me feel special with a big hug and his genuine concern for my well being. His friendship over the years was indeed special. We laughed, sang great Polish drinking songs and listened to our 45s together as a group of young people. As our families developed Jerry always had time to give special care to my kids when they were sick. His expertise as an infectious disease specialist was so very helpful. Ski trips to the Lazy 7 Ranch will never be forgotten. It was such a pleasure to celebrate each others children's weddings. As we matured to "old Fogies'", we still had fun going to dinner and basketball games during which Jerry allowed me to pick his brain about all new medical disease theories We had so many nice times together. I will miss Jerry very much. I pray your loss will be somewhat salved by the wonderful memories as you look back on Jerry's life. Betty Jo Azpell


Brian and Michelle Lorenz posted on 10/1/20

We are so sorry for the loss of Uncle Joe. Back in the day it wasn’t Christmas without him recording every Christmas tree at grandpa’s house on his movie camera. He was always so kind and generous to us. Now he’s together again with Aunt Nancy, my mom, their brothers, and parents. Rest In peace.



Florencio Gomez posted on 10/1/20

To the Chauhan family. My deepest condolences for your loss. You will be in our prayers.


Trevor kubvaruno posted on 10/1/20

Mitul, Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Kubvaruno family, Trevor, Suzanne, Elise and Alex


Deepali posted on 10/1/20

Raju your wonderful smile and ur highly contagious laughter still rings in my ears. We pray to almighty to shower you with lots of love and peace. You were a true blessing to all of us and taught us how to spread love with a large heart.



Karla Hedman posted on 10/1/20

You will be missed beyond word and will be in my heart forever.


Freddy & Katherine Robinson posted on 10/1/20

To Christine and family: So Sorry for not being there to share in the celebration of Robert's life. But know that you and the rest of the family are in our thoughts and prayers. Will always remember Robert's jovial personality, his quick smile and laughter. May you find your peace in THE PRINCE OF PEACE. Love Freddy & Katherine Robinson


John & Judy Rosa posted on 10/1/20

Please accept our Condolences for your loss. Sending love and prayers.



Jason Brandon Crowder posted on 10/1/20

To a kind and beautiful woman, with a great smile. In the Lord's hand you will reach out to all of us. Thank you for being you.


Yogesh Khatri posted on 10/1/20

Heard about the loss through the temple priest. Our condolences. Please do reach out if any help is needed. Jai shree Krishna. Om shanti.



Eqwasha posted on 10/1/20

I'm just sending my condolences ❤



Jackie Baggesen posted on 10/1/20

Good bye our sweet Joe...Wish we had you with us much longer...but God pulled you home with him...what a family reunion that must of been...meeting our now have ALL THE ANSWERS....your ladies at KPI will miss your sweet were a gentleman...and really accepted all you went through like a champ...RIP and GOD SPEED’s never’s ALWAYS UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN...I will think of you fondly and picture you now fishing at the most spectacular breath taking lake never seen before in heaven with your beautiful were loved...


Tonya Avery posted on 10/1/20

On behalf of Auntie Mary Jo kids we Love and miss you Auntie Ester. To Sean, Sherita, Devon and Jerod we Love you all and we got you. Rest easy Auntie Ester (sunshine) Lovehearts ❤



Malik posted on 10/1/20

In memory of Kevin "YPN Kev" Reality Love, Malik lit a candle



Samuel McClain posted on 10/1/20

LONGLIVE KEV Ypn Kev I KNOW we had our ups nd downs but look u was always my brother u let me stay at yo crib when I ran away ever since that day man....‍♂️ This shit ain't tru brody, ik it ain't tru . U was sb I could always come to stg u gone but not forgotten . Bro I remember when me, you, and Ryan bro we was on ass at story. Wait remember when my sister was getting bullied and my momma came up to the school and she told us that once she get here we was gone beat dude ass who was bullying my sister . Or when I first went in yo house and u showed me all yo blunt wrappers. Or no remember when we fought cory and nem we was on ass brody . Some ppl say we wasn't close but they wasn't around enough to see that . I got one more memory wit u remember when we all use to sit in the back of the classroom nd just flame each other or when we use to run the hallways ‼️or no remember flag football man we was on fire even tho we always lost majority of our games . Niggas would try to be serious at practice but here u come joking nd shii . It's so many memories wit u man.....‼️ They just don't know but uk it's gone forever be ypn I'll see u up there brody


Fannie Avery posted on 10/1/20

I want to tell Sean,Sherita, Devon and Jerod and the entire family trust and lean on God for comfort and strength during this difficult time. That was my baby Sister and I'm going to truly miss her.She ask me to be strong for her and take care of her babies.Rest easy Baby Sis Love your Sis Fannie



Mary Beth Pride posted on 10/1/20

In memory of John Ziino, Mary Beth Pride lit a candle



Stacy Brackins posted on 10/1/20

I Love You Jody my baby sister. I pray for you all day every day since this happened. Your are a good mom. God has my nephew now. We just got to get through the hard pain now. Love you.



David posted on 10/1/20

In memory of Kevin "YPN Kev" Reality Love, David lit a candle



Andrew and Stephanie Shumway posted on 10/1/20

In loving memory of Aunt Carol.



April posted on 10/1/20

I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying for your peace..



Tracy Richardson posted on 10/1/20

Deepest condolences in the loss of your mother. Our thoughts are with you.


Pat Donahue posted on 10/1/20

Debby and I were sad to learn of Gerry's passing and wish Sandy and the Dorff "family" our condolences. Gerry and I go back to our high school days and I won't forget his enthusiasm for all things Polish. Nor will we forget his love for all his family. We'll miss you Gery!



M Easton posted on 10/1/20

Thinking of you all at this difficult time. Lots of Love.


Laura Helm posted on 10/1/20

Pam and family, Thinking of you and your whole family during this sad time. May God hold you close and comfort you with his precious memories and stories. God Bless you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Keith and Laura Helm


Trenton Conner posted on 10/1/20

Praying for you, Jodie. God Bless you and your family.


Greg and Betty Thurston posted on 10/1/20

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Ziino family. Several years ago I worked with John as a member of the New Berlin Fourth of July Commission. There are fond memories of organizing and conducting the parade. John was an amazing man!


Marvin Lauwasser posted on 10/1/20

It was an honor and a privilege to have worked with Jerry and to have met his wonderful family. He was a great guy but, more importantly, a good man.


Lasae Simpson posted on 10/1/20

To the family, I will continue to be praying for each of you during this time please reach out if need be you are loved!! Psalm 23:1-2 Mr.Simpson


Manjula Dammanna posted on 9/30/20

Our deepest condolences to the family. Kiran auntie we will miss you. I used to see you at mom’s house and it was always fun. So grateful that I got to know a great soul like you. Sincerely, Manjula Dammanna


Shakunthala and Prabhaker Dammanna posted on 9/30/20

Our deepest condolences to the family. This is such a great loss of a dear friend. Prayers and love sent to the family. We will miss you friend. Shakunthala and Prabhaker Rao Dammanna


Carol Golembiewski posted on 9/30/20

So sorry for your loss. Know that I understand your loss and only wish that we'd all be able to celebrate your mother's life sometime soon. Take care, Carol Golembiewski


Kathy Sullivan posted on 9/30/20

First time I heard of John was from Debbie Schwanz. Hear enthusiasm about Youth Exchange. John was so into it that you couldn't help pick up the excitement. His belief in what Lionism is and Community he has shown to the world along side with Pat his wife. I'm sorry for your lost Pat and family. Wish I could be there. Kathy Sully Sullivan


Angeline Avery posted on 9/30/20

I want send my prayers and condolence to my entire family during this difficult time. Auntie Ester was a amazing,strong woman.I will cherish all the things she taught us. I will miss that beautiful smile but mostly miss my Auntie. Rest Easy Auntie until we meet again.


RICK ZINGSHEIM posted on 9/30/20

When I joined our group way back around 2010, Carol was a welcoming part of the group that made me feel good about being together and sharing our journey. She was a happy person to be around. She will be missed. Sincerely, Rick


The Erlacher Family posted on 9/30/20

A special smile, a special face, in our hearts a special place. Memories are a gift to treasure, ours of you Uncle Ronnie...will last Forever! It is impossible to equate your overwhelming emotions of sorrow and loss. We can only offer our unrelenting comfort to you. A shoulder to lean on, time to listen, and our abundant love for you now and always. You all remain in our hearts, thoughts and prayers


Carlos and Irene Perez posted on 9/30/20

We just heard about the passing of your mother. I know this is late, but we send our prayers and love. I remember meeting her and she was very sweet.


Ronald Alan KOEPKE posted on 9/30/20

I was a retiree from MPD and met with Ron on Tuesdays along with other retired MPD. Ron was a very pleasant man to be around. I enjoyed his company. I was also in the VFW Post 9202 with Ron . Prayers for his family and for Ron. May he R.I.P.


Bobby Bach posted on 9/30/20

It’s a terrible loss and Kenny will be sorely missed! Why is it only the good die young? As it states in Acts, to be absent of this world is to be in the presence of the Lord. Our prayers and thoughts are with you in this difficult time. Love Bobby & Kelly


Joe Mulack posted on 9/30/20

Sorry for your loss. I am going to miss her too. She always had an open door when I came up to Wisco.


Cleovis and Arwilda Whiteside posted on 9/30/20

My deepest sympathy to Christine and the family. So sorry for the loss. RIP cousin Robert.


Jerry Strand/St. Bruno Dynamic Men's Group posted on 9/30/20

With great sadness all the men at St.Bruno's Dynamic Men's Group offer our prayers and symapathies. Jerry was a co founder of this dynamic group of men over 10 years ago and it is still going strong in large part to Jerry's energy and wisdom. We all miss him very much. Eternal Rest.....


Kenneth Bartels posted on 9/30/20

We were so sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. Although we haven't been in touch for awhile we have fond memories of Jerry, Sandy and the Dorf family. One of our memories is of the parties you all had for apple fest, cider etc. Always so much fun. You were all blessed to have Jerry as a husband and father and have all of his love. May all the memories bring you a sliver of peace at this difficult time. Fondly, Ken and Barb



Joe & Karen Udelhofen posted on 9/30/20

We have so many fond memories of visiting with Marilyn when she was at Bernie's house. She was such a funny, warm, caring person. She will be missed. Please accept our condolences. Prayers to her entire family.



November kirby posted on 9/30/20

He was an old friend of mines , Marshall high school days with him were the fun days .. out of all people I'll never in a million that it would be Tim but I love u so much friend and I'm praying for the family and everyone else that was so close to Tim but you may rest in peace now .. A REAL ONE GAINED THEIR WINGS FOREVERMORE❤


Mary Ann Hammond posted on 9/30/20

Carol was a special person, especially volunteering to help with the sacristy linens for many years. I enjoyed visiting with her at the annual RiverWest luncheons along with Ellen, Ron, Eileen and her late husband, Don. My deepest sympathy to Carol’s family. Mary Ann


Kevin Pasqua posted on 9/30/20

I did not know Sr. but I am a friend Jr's and Roxanne. Jill and I are thinking and praying for your family. If Sr. was anything like Jr. I am sure he was a great man. God Bless!


Eileen Winger posted on 9/30/20

Always enjoyed visiting with Carol at church and at the River West luncheons. I was pleased to know that we were distant relatives because I thought she was a special lady. My condolences to Ellen, Ginny, Jim and the rest of the family and may Carol rest in peace. Eileen Winger


Janell M Harbury posted on 9/30/20

I would like to share the memories I have of Carol. I met Carol about 15 years ago because we shared an unusual blood disorder. Soon we were carpooling together, along with Jadwiga to our quarterly support group meetings in Racine. I am hopeless with directions and so we would always get lost trying to get there. Fortunately we all always laughed about it and eventually found our way. The fun or our trips was that we got caught-up with each others' lives and families. Carol was always pleasant and showed the love and concern and appreciation for her husband, children and grandchildren. I will miss my friend, but I know she is now pain free, mobile and happy with those who have gone before her. My sympathy goes out to all her family. Sincerely, Janell


Jan and Will Memmel posted on 9/30/20

You will be missed, our friend and brother. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Our love and prayers to the family. Our hearts are breaking for you all.



Annette Rapee posted on 9/30/20

Heaven has another angel.. RIP Love you Renee



Since Gail is already enjoying heavenly bliss, I thought I would reiterate my time with Gail and Denis. Denis is like a brother though a little bit older. I worked for Denis as the lot boy in 1968 at PETERS Dodge. Gail was like a sister. I also had the pleasure of babysitting for Susan, Sandy and “Babba”, Cheryl their daughters. They sponsored my graduation party from Medical schools which was a good time! I will miss Gail as a mentor, successful businesswoman, talented and patient not to mention a great cook and hostess. (by the way she is beautiful). My wife, Carrie and I loved our trips to San Carlos as we live in Arizona and we enjoyed a number of wonderful visits with Denis and Gail …these will be sorely missed. We love her and hope to join her in heaven someday. Love Stephen Peters & Carrie Monroy


Namrata and Ahuja posted on 9/30/20

Dear Anil, Ashim and Amit, We are extremely saddened by Kiran's passing. May God bless her atman and give you all peace. Namrata, Arvind and Anya Ahuja


SHANAN REISINGER posted on 9/30/20



Mary Schwebach & Family posted on 9/30/20

Sending love, comforting thoughts and prayers your way.


Dawn M. Bardele posted on 9/30/20

... MANY, MANY stories to be told! Thinking of you in your time of sorrow. He will be missed.


Shaili Jain & Ratesh Dhir posted on 9/29/20

We were shocked and saddened to hear of Kiran’s passing. We will always remember her beautiful smile, huge heart, compassionate nature and boundless energy. For Anil, Ashim and Amit - please accept our heartfelt condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. Best wishes Shaili and Ratesh


Ram and Deborah posted on 9/29/20

Dear Anil, Ashim, and Amit, Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved wife and mother. May God give you strength during these difficult times, and peace to the departed soul.


Suneeti and Shrinivas Joshi posted on 9/29/20

We are deeply saddened to hear about the demise of Dr. Kiran Singh. Very unassuming, soft spoken, and kind person. We are grateful for your generosity and valuable support of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation for children's education in India. May her soul rest in peace. Om Shanti !


Heather Kuper posted on 9/29/20

What a beautiful service. Joanne will be greatly missed.


Harriett Menos Alioto posted on 9/29/20

Please accept my deepest sympathies on your loss. May her memory be eternal!


Donald Schlicht posted on 9/29/20

My condolences to the Steinacker family at the passing of your mother Carol. May her soul rest in peace.


Adoley posted on 9/29/20

May the support of friends and family bring you comfort and peace during this period. Heartfelt condolences.


Jane Mathen posted on 9/29/20

I am deeply saddened to hear about Kiran's demise. Kiran gave me valuable advice when I had applied for the Advanced Standing Dental Program for Foreign Dentists at Marquette university Dental School.She was very kind and soft spoken. She will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to her family. Her death is a great loss. My prayers for you kiran and your family. Jane Mathen Appleton



Jean and Rich Kontny posted on 9/29/20

We are so sorry for your loss. We hope you can find peace and solace in the comfort of all the precious memories. ❤️


Navin and Veena Lalla (SA) posted on 9/29/20

Our hearts are saddened by your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you. All our love.


Dennis Starke posted on 9/29/20

Sorry for your loss,I know the pain of losing both parents! We should do a bowl to celebrate his life!



Richard Herbst posted on 9/29/20

In memory of Sebastian Caravella, Sr., Richard Herbst lit a candle


Debra bluitt posted on 9/29/20

My heart goes out to you and your family Ashim. May God comfort you through this time of bereavement. God bless you and keep you.


Marcy Neal-mom posted on 9/29/20

Missing you my little Bug... Know you are taking care of everyone up there.. just like you did here on earth. <3 <3 <3 keep those signs coming....I still go to pick up the phone to tell you things... then realize I have a direct line now to heaven <3 <3



Tammy Bibbs posted on 9/29/20

May Kiran Singh rest in peace and may her family be comforted during this difficult time.



The Bahals posted on 9/29/20

Our beloved friend, aunt, mother taken from us too soon. Kiran, where ever you are, know that you are loved and will be missed dearly. To those she left behind, our love and support is enduring. We are here for you.



Antonia Rowe posted on 9/28/20

It was a honor to have known you, and your presence will be missed. My Condolences to the family.


Rudy Jr Family posted on 9/28/20

Sending our love from Texas - very humbled and saddened by this news, yet grateful that our Uncle Gery filled his life with angels and loved ones! Bless all in his family and may his spirit journey on. We will always keep his kindness in our hearts. Rudy/Julia/Sofia/Annie


Mike Winicki posted on 9/28/20

Ron was one of the good guys, he will be missed by all lof you who had the chance to know and work with him. Prayers for him and his family.


Helene & Peter Davey posted on 9/28/20

Where do we begin to share the Special Love and relationship that we had with Gail and Denny. We initially met at Bahia Defin. We also shared our Faith and weekly Mass in San Carlos. We live on Vancouver Island BC in Canada. Our visits did continue as we have a winter home in Yuma. We would meet in Green Valley, at Gail's now deceased Sister Colleen's (Stein) home. Gerri and Tone were in our group of Friends as well. Gail was truly an Angel of Faith. She shared so generously of Her Beautiful Gifts of Life. Her many Talents, were so evident in Her Church Community, Friends, Neighbours, and the joy of cooking and baking. Most of all Her Love for Her Precious Denny, Her Daughters, their Husbands, and Her Grandchildren and Their mates was first and foremost. We loved hearing and seeing the Photos of everyone. Gail's Legacy will live on in Her Love Ones. Our Prayers and Thought are with You. God Bless


Kelli Grasley posted on 9/28/20

My condolences Denny and family. So sad to hear this. Gail and Denny were my parents neighbors in San Carlos. Gail was always so uplifting and kind to my daughter's and I. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



Audri Bonk posted on 9/28/20

In memory of Patricia A. Golembiewski, Audri Bonk lit a candle


Tom & Sue Arvoy posted on 9/28/20

Knew Marilyn since I was 12 years old and our love for her went on for the next 65 years. She was a kind loving woman and Sue & I kept in touch throughout the good & not-so-good times. She’d always crack us up with her vivid and eccentric comments. Most of all she was a fantastic Mother evidenced by the wonderful children she raised and counseled. We are honored to have known her. Our prayers for the family and May her precious memories be a comfort to you.


Karen Nelson posted on 9/28/20

Since we moved in on Ohio in '91, I've watched them walking and chatted with Gail and Deni, well mostly Gail. Such a warm, positive, fun and family loving person! Gail has touched so many in the neighborhood with her tips for gardening and entertaining and caring attitude. We participated in her Happy Hour get togethers which was a game changer for getting to know neighbors and learn recipes. She was an inspirational person who cared a lot about family and friends. RIP Gail


John Blackwood posted on 9/28/20

John and Molly Blackwood were incredidbly saddened to read the news and want your family to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this troubling time. John was a medical school classmate of Jerry's and has always regarded Jerry as an incredibly caring man, friend, and astute physician. Such a great loss to all of us. May he rest in everlasting peace.


Nathan and Carol Bard posted on 9/28/20

A talented loving woman who will be missed especially by her children and grandchildren.



Cynthia Janka posted on 9/28/20

Sorry for the families loss of Audrey. My parents talked of the wonderful lady she was quite often. They met Audrey thru their Star travels. Audrey will be missed. Cynthia Janka ( daughter of Elmer and Sylvia Janka) who are also deceased


Jean Miller posted on 9/28/20

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary shares in your sad loss of Barbara. She was a long-time member of our Auxiliary and we honor her contributions to helping veterans. Please contact me at 262-691-1463 if we can assist in any way or participate in the services on Saturday. Sincerely, Jean Miller, President Pewaukee VFW Auxiliary



Angie Holinaty posted on 9/28/20

Such a beautiful, kind, person. I was so disappointed when they sold the condo. Gail always took time to come visit me or my dad when we came to Mexico. Always a smile and a greeting. I always knew when I visited them in there condo, I was guaranteed some laughs. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time.


Byron and Ruth Pinske posted on 9/28/20

Our deepest sympathy to the entire family for your loss. Loved talking to Gail, her uplifting positivity and pure kind heartedness was always so moving. God’s love truly radiated within her. A beautiful friend and neighbor that will be forever missed.


Judy (Sage) Eft posted on 9/28/20

Enjoyed volunteering with Gail at Christian Women Activities, annual St. John’s Festival, and St. Vincent De Paul Society. Will miss her. My sympathy to her family. Judy


Tony posted on 9/28/20

Words can't describe how sorry I am for your loss. I worked with Orlando at Schneider. I met Orlando about 6 months ago and from the 1st day I talked to him I knew he was a great guy. He always had a smile on his face and always happy. Seeing the video shows how much of a great guy, a great father and all around person he really was. As a matter a fact I use to say to myself, what's his secret? How does he stay so positive and never complained? Seeing all these nice photos of his family and friends showed me his secret. Anyway, I just wanted to Express my condolences to the family and may god bless you all!


Darla Close posted on 9/28/20

Sorry for your loss. I was a member of this church about 14 yrs ago.



Linda Lawrence posted on 9/27/20

may God grant you comfort and peace during this difficult time. Linda


Susan Steinhart posted on 9/27/20

Dear Pat and Family, My heart goes out to you at the passing of your John. He was a husband and father who truly left a sincere and loving legacy for all of you to cherish. There are so few comforting words when we need them the most— please, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. May you treasure the many years of good memories and special times which I pray will help you to carry on in the days ahead.


Louise Thoennes posted on 9/27/20

Joanne was a sweet, loveable person. We will miss her. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. Louise and David and family


Lisa & Tom Pechacek posted on 9/27/20

Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies. May he rest in peace.


Bill and Lynn Mosser posted on 9/27/20

Gail was the heart of the neighborhood and welcomed all of us. We will miss her deeply. Prayers and strength to the whole family!


Sara Beard posted on 9/27/20

My deepest condolences to your family, Deny. Whenever I saw Gail (and you) walking and spoke with her, I would walk away with a smile or laugh, such a beautiful energy and I will miss her light. Sad for our loss...



Wendy and Doug posted on 9/27/20

Praying for you all. Sending are love and hugs. We love you.


Ed and Kathy Wilkinson posted on 9/27/20

Dear Sandy and Family, we go way back with you and Jerry. Jerry and I were in High School, Marquette University, and Medical school together. We have many happy memories of our times with you and your beautiful family. We are so sorry to get this unwelcome news, we are so sorry for your loss. Sending Love and Best Wishes, Kathy and Ed Wilkinson


Susan Clinton posted on 9/27/20

Pat and family, my sympathy and prayers are with you at this sad time. Hopefully all the great memories of your time with John will comfort you and your family,


Your neighbors Skip and Nancy Meracle posted on 9/27/20

Dear Denny and family, Know that you have our sincere sympathy. We really appreciated those opportunities to know Gail. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


Bill Listwan posted on 9/27/20

Jerry had a profound influence on my life. I intensely disliked Internal Medicine until a senior rotation at County General when Jerry was my resident. He was patient, a good teacher, and made IM fun. He treated every patient and team member with respect. To him every patient, even those with a mundane problem, had something interesting to talk about. When I was a resident, practicing internist, and teacher I tried my best to follow his example.


Sue Ann Bethia posted on 9/27/20

Dear Sandy, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Peace, Sue Ann Bethia


Randi Figueroa posted on 9/27/20

Orlando will be greatly missed! I am the driver manager of the Target Schneider team.. Orlando was more to me than just a driver he was a very close friend. The entire team is missing him and that infectious smile that he had every day. I can not tell you how many ways he lifted all of our drivers up on a daily basis. He was just the best! I thank God for sharing him with us every day!


Greg and Debbie Bublitz posted on 9/27/20

Our deepest sympathy, Pat, to you and your family on John's passing. We hope that the happy memories of your many years together will help to ease the pain and sorrow you are suffering.



Marlene Glogowski posted on 9/27/20

In memory of Shirley Loraine Cumiskey, Marlene Glogowski lit a candle


Marlene Glogowski posted on 9/27/20

Dear Shirley I will miss you greatly. I will never forget all the fun and laughs we had together at family get togethers. Love, Marlene


Debra Stern posted on 9/27/20

Sandy, I know you are surrounded by your amazing family and that you are all finding comfort in the memories you’ve made with that extraordinary man. I feel honored to have known him.


Judy Vergata posted on 9/26/20

Sandy and family(Beth) so sorry to hear about His passing. I have such fond memories of him walking down the St Joseph halls. He was an amazing, giving person. Hugs to all.


Chuck Reuben posted on 9/26/20

It was my privilege to know and work with Jerry since I was a resident and then for 40 years in practice. He was a great physician and friend. We took care of many difficult cases together with some really good results thanks to his expertise. He was an all around person and we discussed snow skiing quite a bit. He will be missed but had a full life. My best to Sandy.


Joyce Fair-Lewis posted on 9/26/20

Pearl, We’re thinking of you and wishing you moments of peace and comfort.


Frances Cumiskey and Hal DeQuardo posted on 9/26/20

Had been friends with Shirley for 35 years as both her friend and sister-in-law. Had many laughs together. She was so loving to her husband Ken especially when he was ill/ She took such good care of him until his death. She will be in my prayers always. As Frans husband I only knew Shirley the past 13 years and she was a delight to be with. Always very friendly and smiling.


Kathy Poth & James Krawczyk posted on 9/26/20

I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Inez was my 2nd cousin 2x removed. We did genealogy together. She told me of the old Gross farm house, which is still standing. She shared such wonderful family photos that she had. I will miss her. Take care. Kathy Poth


Jeff Morris posted on 9/26/20

I just learned of Manny's passing. I learned of it from one of his many friends in Shorewood-- Shannon, the manager of our North Shore Bank branch. I was sad to hear of his passing but know he lived a good and long life and showed many others , by his life and example, that life is special. Until Covid I was a regular at the Shorewood Community Fitness Center. I often rode the recumbent bikes and Manny was often riding the neighboring bike and we had long conversations. I only wish that I continue for many years to have the same energy and love for life that Manny had right in to his 90's.


Phyllis Mils posted on 9/26/20

Sending prayers and lots of love to Sis Cannon and family. Bro. Cannon will truly be missed by myself and my family. God bless you!


Bruce Healy posted on 9/26/20

My deepest condolences to you, Denny. Gail always lit up whomever was around her. We were already missing you both around Bahia Delfin after you sold, but will cherish her memory even more now.


Kelly Groddy posted on 9/26/20

So sorry for the loss of your father. He was an easy guy to get to know and like, as well as generous with his time. I will always remember the many wonderful summer afternoons spent with your parents, playing or watching softball, sharing a beer at the ballpark or in the backyard at the pool. So many great memories of a life well lived! May you find comfort in the fact that his memory will live on in the hearts and minds of the many people that loved him!


Sharonda Guthrie posted on 9/26/20

Pearl I’m praying for you my neighbor as your husband would say. What a beautiful service it was.


Gail Morgan posted on 9/26/20

Ms Pearl & family, I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you my deepest sympathy and praying for you.


Thomas & Eartha Brown posted on 9/26/20

We are sorry we could not be there in your time of sorrow but knowing that God has control and is the great healer. You can look forward to a better place and time. Our prayers are with you.


Diane Turner posted on 9/26/20

My condolence to my sister in christ Pearl (beautiful inside and out) and the Cannon family. Brother Cannon was very dear to me and my kids. He always had a word of encouragement, followed up by a scripture. We all looked up to bro. Cannon as an Elder, Sunday school, and Wednesday night bible school teacher. His smile was contagious even when we visited him at the VA, he had that beautiful smile. What a remarkable legacy Bro. Cannon leaves behind as a fisher of men!!! Much Love, Diane


Kathy Wilson posted on 9/26/20

Gail and I had so much fun attending exercise classes together. She always brought me cookies in exchange for driving three mornings a week,, I will miss Gail...Kathy Wilson


Carrie A Nelson posted on 9/26/20

Ann and Mike, I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and your family today, and have been since we found out about your Mom. I won't be attending the service in person, due to Covid 19, although I will be there virtually. As requested I will make a donation to your Mom's charity. Love and hugs coming your way!!


Jennifer Henning posted on 9/26/20

My condolences to The Family My God has You in His hands I Pray for your Comfort and Strength my Family, God Speed Uncle C.W. Cannon we will Love n Miss You


Kathy and Terry Peetz posted on 9/26/20

Pearl, we are so sorry for your loss. Please know our thoughts are with you and your family.



Dave and Sue Ritchey posted on 9/26/20

Thoughts and prayers to everyone for comfort and strength. We thank God for Uncle Ronnie, his dedication to his family, country and community and a life well loved and lived. His faith filled legacy will continue on in his wonderful family.


Amanda Johnson posted on 9/26/20

Cousin...unheard words can't express how im going to miss you, your smile, you in your shorts despite the weather, and that gifted sound form your vocals.. I'm SOOO glad we ran into each other at the bank and we exchanged hugs. Keke, I am continually praying for you and your family. I LOVE YOU ALL.



Chad & Kathy K. posted on 9/25/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Tom Taft posted on 9/25/20

Jerry was a good man. A phenomenal family man who I have always held as what we all should be when it comes to family. His love for Sandy and his family was apparent to anyone who shared a conversation with him. He was smart and kept learning which is what made him a great doctor. He loved his patients and the practice of medicine. He was a pioneer in private practice Infectious Diseases. He paved the way for all of us to follow. There will never be another like him. Nostrovia my friend. My heartfelt condolences to the Dorff family.



Carolyn Harris posted on 9/25/20

Aunt Pearl my prayers are with you and the family. I send my deepest condolences and Uncle CW will truly be missed.


Elizabeth DeMeyer posted on 9/25/20

I have fond memories of Dr.Dorff from my time working at St. Joseph ICU. He always had a smile and was a dedicated physician. Sending prayers to his family.


Matt Rieck and fam posted on 9/25/20

Love moms, matriarch of the Golembiewski clan. Our family prays for the repose of her soul. May God Bless you and keep you all.


Dick Davie posted on 9/25/20

Our family’s heart felt condolences to Maxine, Debbie and family. Our memories of Erv congruent up all of the Christmas gatherings when Erv played Santa Claus. Our kids loved it. So did the adults that got to sit on his lap. As to Erv’s fishing skills, I went fishing with Erv once, up at their cottage. Just two of us in the boat, fishing for walleye. I was using the same bait and technique as Erv. Erv landed about 6 keepers. I got nothing. Erv was a great guy. Always enjoyed his company.



Ed and Katie Wilson posted on 9/25/20

We love you Orlando, you will remain close in our hearts forever. RIH


Kari Slaski posted on 9/25/20

Uncle Erv, thank you for making our lives (especially Christmas Eve) so special....filled with so much laughter and love!


Melva Tatum posted on 9/25/20

Condolences in the loss of Mr. Davis. It is our prayer that God will surround the family with peace. In Jesus Name. On behalf of Pastor Watkins, Mission and the King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church Family.



Anna and Shane posted on 9/25/20

Thinking of you guys. Sending prayers of comfort and healing for your hearts.


Jeanne Endres posted on 9/25/20

Dr Dorff was a great doctor! He had a special way with the patients and was wonderful to the staff too! Thank you for all you did at St. Joseph Hospital!


Tim Harrington posted on 9/25/20

Pearl and family, Sending my deepest condolences and healing thoughts to you all. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to meet Charles a few times and found him to be a kind and gentle man. I will be holding you all in my positive thoughts and prayers. Please take the time to celebrate his life, a life very well lived and find peace in that.


Linda Council posted on 9/25/20

I will miss C.W.....Miss the laugher we shared...Miss talking about Family....C.W was Kind and very soft spoken....I will keep his memory in my Heart.Love Sue


Chris &Loretta Maksymic posted on 9/24/20

Our deepest condolences to Deny and the family. Whenever Gail came over to our condo and we were not there, she would put a shoe by the patio door, and we would know Gail was there. Gail has a spot in our hearts forever.


Diane Cocos posted on 9/24/20

Loved Dr Dorff, such a great doctor and a wonderful man. My condolences to the family, such a huge loss.



Jackie Baggesen posted on 9/24/20

I will miss your smile...somehow I know you got your now on the most beautiful lake you have ever seen in heaven...we loved you was a pleasure having you as our gentleman to care for...we will miss you...Wish we could have had more time...but the time we did have with you was treasured...God Speed Joe...You now have all the answers...keep an eye on all of us down here...Love you buddy..Jackie


Tim and Lauren Blommel posted on 9/24/20

We were so heartbroken to hear this. Although we didn’t get to meet him, he’ll have a special place in our hearts. He is one of God’s little angels. All our Love, Tim and Lauren


MaryJean Jacobson posted on 9/24/20

Michael, Danielle and family, we are so sorry to hear this news. Our hearts go out to you. Please know that we love and care about you.



Yvette Harris posted on 9/24/20

I thank Joe and his wonderful family for my opportunity to meet all of you. Joe shared his faith, many family stories and a multitude of great movies with me. He said “I’m NOT afraid, I just don’t know when I’m going”. Well Joe you made it !!! I know Heaven is singing and rejoicing. Your bride I’m sure was waiting at the gate. Until we meet again. Thank you so much for your knowledge and kindness. Yvette


Lynn Seider posted on 9/24/20

Our deepest sympathy Karen and family. I always enjoyed talking with Opa and I know that you were so supportive of your parents. Praying for your family – they will be a comfort to you. Lynn Seider and family


Judi Cimuchowski posted on 9/24/20

I am deeply saddened upon hearing the news of Gail's passing. She was a lovely, generous woman. Gail was my boss at Effective Management Systems. She was always kind and caring. I'm so sorry for your loss, Denny, and you and your family will be in my prayers. Gail is with our Heavenly Father. Rest in Peace.


Tony & AnnaMaria D’Amato posted on 9/24/20

Our heath felt condolences to the parents, grandparents, bisnonna and the whole family, may he Rest In Peace little angel.


Jessica posted on 9/24/20

Words can express how sorry I am. You have your Own guardian angel watching. Prayers for the both of you


Mary Ann Gnas-Fritz posted on 9/24/20

My Sympathies go out to My Nieces and Nephews. Joe was a wonderful "Brother-in-Law" through out these years after My Sister Nancy passed in 1997. His smile and jokes will be greatly missed! I was very lucky to see him before our Family Reunion in August.



Jeremiah Lewis posted on 9/24/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, Jeremiah Lewis lit a candle


Jeremiah Lewis posted on 9/24/20

He was one of my closest friend he will be missed.


Sarah Pertle posted on 9/24/20

Sending all of you my deepest sympathy. Dr Dorff was a great man, it was evident how much he loved his family and how much that love was returned! I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with him and to have the honor to have met such a wonderful, caring family. All the best Sarah


Kacey Jones posted on 9/24/20

Tina & Jessica, My heart and sincerest condolences go out to you and your family on the loss of Tim. I know he and your parents will be watching over you and I hope that in silent moments you will feel their presence. Take care. Rest well, Tim.


Dean starnes posted on 9/24/20

So Sorry to hear of the passing of Bob. I have many fond memories of us playing basketball,,,fishing,,hunting and just enjoying life with other friends,,in a small community,but a great community as well.. For sure your family will miss you,,but know your are at peace. "Thanks for the memories Bob". Dean Starnes.Lakewood colo


John Enright posted on 9/24/20

Especially at this time there could be nothing more noble to the profession that Geri Dorff followed. We all thank him for that effort through his the time of his career and offer appreciation and prayers.


Ken and Shelby posted on 9/24/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours


Jennifer McAlister posted on 9/24/20

Dear Pearl, I am saddened by the news of your husband's passing and wish to send you my heartfelt sympathies and condolences. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Charles but I feel like I knew him through the stories and fond memories you've shared with me of your life together. Thank you for loving him so well. I pray that the Lord's steadfast love holds you through your difficult days as you mourn his loss and I also pray that He comforts you and brings you peace through the memories of the life you and Charles shared together. ((hugs, hugs and more hugs)) Sincerely, Jennifer


Mayor Steve Ponto posted on 9/24/20

My deepest condolences to Karen and Carl Rinaldi and the rest of John's family.


Ursula and Corrine Plieth posted on 9/24/20

Opa was a lovely man. We loved hearing his stories of "the old country." We will miss him very much. Such a kind and generous person. Much love to the entire family.


Anne and Ernie skinner posted on 9/24/20

So sorry to hear of your loss. Gail was a wonderful, uplifting g lady. So happy to have known het. Love to you all.



Towanda Young posted on 9/24/20

May you find peace in God's embrace, Rest Easy Tim


Mary Enea posted on 9/24/20

It is with great sadness that to learn that Gail has passed away. My favorite memories are from sitting next to Gail at those fabulous Auger Christmas Day dinner events. Anne & I so enjoyed visiting with Gail and catching up about the girls, grandkids, adventures with Denny! We will miss her beautiful smile and generous and kind nature. Regards, Mary Enea & Anne Sorenson


Astrid Fenner posted on 9/24/20

Was man tief in seinem Herzen besitzt, kann man nicht durch den Tod verlieren. Erbitten für Euch viel Kraft und Mut für die kommende Zeit. In Love Schwester/Tante Margarete und Nichten Iris und Astrid


Bart & Donna Lawlor posted on 9/24/20

Gail befriended us in Bahia Delfin and introduced us to so much. Hanging out with her and Deni was the highlight of each visit. I will always remember her enthusiasm for life and devotion to her faith. Even though she was 10 years older than us, it was tough keeping up with her. She was awesome!! Our love and sympathy to your families and Deni.


Ann and Dee Laird posted on 9/24/20

Dearest Deni and family, sending my heartfelt condolences. Gail was a light and gift to all she touched especially to me. May the blessings of strength be with you all❤️Fondly, Annee and Dee Laird


Roz, Vernal, and Faith Britton posted on 9/24/20

Our thoughts, prayers, and love go out to the Cannon family. Bro. Cannon was a faithful member of the 35th and Cherry/Brentwood Church of Christ. He lent a hand wherever he was needed and Sister Cannon worked faithfully alongside him. Wherever you saw Brother Cannon you could best believe that Sister Cannon was close by. Brother Cannon will be truly missed. May God continue to bless Sister Cannon and loved ones.


Joe Wittig posted on 9/24/20

Our deepest condolences to you and your family. A life well lived seems to sum up your Dad's passing.


Mechele (Shelly )Raml posted on 9/24/20

Cheryl and Terry we are sorry for your loss. It’s been a great memory of him and your mom doing Christmas for many years. Maybe we all can get together before we all get too old ourselves. Love to you and all your family! Rest In Peace Billy!


Gloria J Henline posted on 9/23/20

Hi from Medford, WI, You don't know me but I am an extension of your family. Gary Boe is my first cousin. My dad, Deril and his mom, Thelma, were siblings. Gary is Lisa's uncle and that is how I know of you all. I am sorry that I never got to meet you or Tim in person. I just watched the service online and want you to know how very sorry I am for your loss! It was very nice and so nice to hear a number of people willing to go up front and share about Tim. How devastating, such a young man and gone way before his time! I wish there was something I could say that could help you all in some way but unfortunately, there is nothing. Please know that I am praying for your family. May God be with you all and give you the strength needed to make it through this most difficult time!! May He give you peace with time. Most sincerely, Gloria (Thomas) Henline


Pat Snyder Schleicher posted on 9/23/20

Marilyn, was a wonderful care giver for my mother (Agnes Snyder) for several years. She always had such a positive attitude and brought joy to my Mother. She became friends with our family and we kept in touch until the last few years when she dropped off the radar. May she RIP. Deepest sympathy to her very large family


June Heisler posted on 9/23/20

My heart goes out tothe family at this very sad timeYou are in my prayers&thoughtsYourMom will be missed so very much.



Yadira Zapata-Castellano posted on 9/23/20

Sending warm hugs and prayers in this difficult time. May God give you understanding and mend your heart. Sorry for your loss. May Tim R.I.P



Mildred & Queen Cox posted on 9/23/20

In memory of Charles W. Cannon, Mildred & Queen Cox lit a candle


Mrs. Hake posted on 9/23/20

Thinking of you all tonight. Please let me know if there is anything your friends at Eisenhower can do for you. Hope to see you soon, Julian! Hugs, Mrs. Hake



Robert GoelzerI was thinking about you today posted on 9/23/20

I was thinking about you today and I still miss you, all those last years of your life was great to be with you. I learned a lot which you taught me about cooking, canning and even dressing out a deer. But I miss being up north and taking care of you and the farm. I was happy we sold the place and since Karen and Ken bought a place really close to where you lived , so its nice to go back and remember all the good times I had there. Ralph passed away not to far after you had passed, and yes I was supprised to hear the news, he was a good person and would do anything to help a neighbor. Today I'm making chicken soup the way you did. I hope I was a good son to you, but I am sorry if I gave you grief some days. But I was happy that you were my Mother. I love you Mom and Miss you ... Love Bobby .



Julie Thao posted on 9/23/20

I will never forget the once little boy who use to come over and play with my little sister all the time. You would always get mad at Aunty Dawn every time if you don't get to have my sister to come over and play. You may be gone but you are also now in a beautiful place in heaven with God. May you watch over your sisters and wipe their tears everytime when they do cry for you Tim. Julie Thao


Tracy Starke posted on 9/23/20

Sebastian, Anthony, Benjamin and Matthew, Please accept our sincere and deepest condolences on the passing of your Dad. He was a good man, good brother in law, husband and dad. He was a brother Veteran and a Hero , in my eyes for his service to our country. He will be missed and I have many memories I will continue to cherish. With our sincere , deepest regards and respect Deanna and Tracy



Inia Jones posted on 9/23/20

Bro. Cannon would always come down to my classroom when he came into my school to vote and say hello. I was honored by that. My family has known him since I was a little girl going to the COC on 6th and Locust. He and my dad had the same first name. He was a hardworking soldier now absent from the body but in the presence of the Lord. May his humble and kind spirit rest eternally in peace. Our Condolences to you, The Dr. Charles Evans Family (Inia)



Tristan posted on 9/23/20

Rest In Peace cousin Tim.


Barb Stingl, Joann, Linda, and Karen posted on 9/23/20

Please accept our condolences for your Opa. So good he passed doing something he loves. May he rest in peace.



Brianna Oliver posted on 9/23/20

I truly enjoyed getting to take care of and getting to know Maggie for the last 3 years and she will greatly be missed! I will most miss celebrating our shared birthday together and seeing her smile!


Lori Cronce Auterman posted on 9/23/20

Our family was blessed to have Marilyn in our lives. She was a golfing buddy with our mom Patricia Cronce, mentor with a research company that took them throughout S.E. WI to mystery shop businesses; provide products to consumers with interviews, documenting and then report their findings. Marilyn was a great friend. Marilyn and Patricia had children who also golfed, worked and hung out together. Marilyn was a strong woman who endured so much pain, loss and suffering that only a woman of faith with love and support from family, friends (and fur-babies) emerged with grace and dignity. She was loved and will be missed by people whose life she touched. We know you are no longer suffering. Prayers for her family.


Carol Pounds posted on 9/23/20

When someone experiences the loss of a loved one. It changes them in a way, that they could never go back to the person they once were. This too shall pass, hope you and your family find PEACE …..


Lori Mocco posted on 9/23/20

Dear Jean, I have such fond memories of your mom. When I first met her and your brothers and sisters, she welcomed me and made me feel a part of your family. This was long before her meeting Uncle Dick. Then there was the introduction to my dad. She would always tell me in private, never holding back, "I'm so glad I didn't end up with your father-" then we would both smile, knowing what each other was thinking. She would say, I love My Dick, isn't he a keeper? I am so grateful to her and all of you guys for welcoming him and giving him a family that I knew made him the happiest I had ever seen him! Now they are back in each others arms, and her words make me smile...


Rob McLaughlin posted on 9/23/20

So sorry for you loss



Tina Coonse posted on 9/23/20

Tim you will never be high beautiful angel



Millicent Phillips posted on 9/23/20

May the comfort of God surround your hearts in peace .My condolences to the family.Rest in Paradise CW .



Altheria Seals posted on 9/23/20

Loving memories of my brother n law . RIP


Altheria Seals posted on 9/23/20

Brother n law RiP. You will be missed forever. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Forever sister n law. Altheria



Donald Payton posted on 9/23/20

In memory of Timothy Michael Willborn, Donald Payton lit a candle



Sandy Hutchison posted on 9/22/20

In loving memory of Tim


Basil Varkey posted on 9/22/20

Jerry was senior to me at MCW (then Marquette). As one of the (if not first) Fellow in Infectious Disease at Marquette and Milwaukee County General Hospital he was very well respected for his knowledge, "no- nonsense" direct communicating style, his clinical acumen and spirit of inquiry. The last of this resulted in a well known early publication with Mike Rytel on pneumonia. With respectful remembrances I offer my condolences to his family.


Jim Heisler posted on 9/22/20

I knew her as fun to be with! She finally got her wish. The good Lord wanted her now!!!



Karen Riggio posted on 9/22/20

I am so sorry for your loss. From what your granddaughter Kimmy told me about you, you are going to be truly missed. She loves you Prayers to you and your family.


Sandy Glapa posted on 9/22/20

Opa touched our lives . Opa is a survivor. Look forward to our reunion in heaven . May sweet memories fill your hearts. Deepest sympathy. Sandy n Paul


Jessica Abendroth posted on 9/22/20

I'm so sorry to read of the passing of your Dad! Sebastian, Roxanne and Tarren your in my prayers during this time!



Teena Chambers-Gunn posted on 9/22/20

My prayers are with your family at this time. May they be blessed and may you Rest In Peace Deb. You will be missed.



Ann and Hans Brebeck posted on 9/22/20

We extend our sympathy for your dearly loved Opa. God Bless your entire family. Ann and Hans Brebeck



Lynn Braatz posted on 9/22/20

So sorry for your loss prayers for your whole family,he is with god now an forever safe


Sriram Darisetty posted on 9/22/20

My heartfelt condolences. Also, my deepest gratitude for all the decades he dedicated to St Joseph Hospital and Graduate Medical Education here. He will be fondly remembered forever.



Jennifer Downard posted on 9/22/20

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!


Henry Miller posted on 9/22/20

My sincere condolences to the family. John has been a special friend of mine for many years beginning in post WWII Germany, then several years in Iowa and by letter and occasional visits since Milwaukee. John was a kind, considerate and generous man. My family had the privilege of assisting John and his brother immigrate to America and John was forever grateful for this. I will never forget his gratefulness and his faith in God. You can be proud of Opa.


Mao Lee posted on 9/22/20

Dear Heidi and Chris, I am sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences to you and your family.


John Knowles posted on 9/22/20

Heidi, Chris, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My sincere condolences to you and your family.


Carol Farmer Thomas posted on 9/22/20

Sorry to hear we lost another class mate he was one of the best


Bill Jansen posted on 9/22/20

Heidi, Our condolences to you and Chris on the passing of your father. You and your family are in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time. -Bill and Jill Jansen


Kesavan and Claire (Kutty) posted on 9/22/20

Sandy, heartiest condolences. Really sorry to see him leave this world. Jerry, we will miss you a lot. Thanks for many years of devoted service to St. Joseph and the medical staff, residents and students. Jerry was always there to help with the education of his colleagues and housestaff even as his health began to fail significantly. i last heard from him on the 20th of August this year. A few months before that, I sent him a song, “don’t let the old man in”. he was inspired by that, and wrote on 8/20 to tell me that he sings that song everyday. There is now a top infecious disease consultant in heaven, to serve all those celestials. Rest in peace, Jerry.


Kevin Carroll posted on 9/22/20

Dear Heidi, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. My heartfelt condolences to you, Chris, and your family.


Kimberly McBride posted on 9/22/20

I miss you, grandpa.


Angela Johnson posted on 9/22/20

This is a great picture of grandma and grandma Johnson along with my grandma Seegers, they traveled together to the UK.



Ralph Alvarez posted on 9/22/20

In memory of Marilyn Jean Draeving, Ralph Alvarez lit a candle


Mary Ellen Rinaldi posted on 9/22/20

Opa was a sweet, dear and lovely man! He had a gentle spirit and was generous toward all he knew, whether he shared his time, talent or tender kindness. We will all miss his presence at our family gatherings!



John/Bonnie Heisler posted on 9/22/20

Thoughts and Prayers


Susan Zellmer posted on 9/22/20

So sorry to hear about Marilyn. I knew Marilyn when she lived at Evergreen Apts. in Cedarburg.


Joe Heisler posted on 9/22/20

I am so sorry for your loss. I will always remember Marilyn's kind ways, great smile and twinkle in her eyes. She was a lovely person who will be greatly missed. Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fade because a loved one’s gone. Those we love can never be more that a thought apart. For as long there is a memory, they’ll live on in our hearts. - author unknown


Gil and Barbara Poepping posted on 9/22/20

Our deepest sympathies to the Dorff family. So many treasured memories. Jerry is safely home resting peacefully in Gods arms. He will be missed by many.


Todd Schroeder posted on 9/22/20

You have my deepest condolences during this difficult time. I know John was loved and admired by so many in the community. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Tim & Jody Weiss posted on 9/22/20

Erv, you always made me laugh! So caring and best Santa ever! I’d like to think that you and Scott have met up, and are fishing and catching up. Miss you and deepest sympathy to all who knew you. Love, Jod


Pastor W.Ray Gill, Sr., First Lady Gill and the Kingdom Missionary Baptist Church posted on 9/21/20

Sending our deepest condolences in the loss of this young man. Our prayers are with you and the family



Nicole A Mitchell posted on 9/21/20

My sincerest condolences to the Dorff family. Uncle Jerry will truly be missed.


Terry Kantola posted on 9/21/20

Family of Irma, My sympathy to you for your loss. Irma was my neighbor and friend for many years. She told me many times she was going to a much better place. I know she was correct. May God bless your family.



Maria kirst posted on 9/21/20

In memory of Marilyn Jean Draeving, Maria kirst lit a candle



Pattie Schey posted on 9/21/20

My heartfelt sympathy for your profound loss. May your memories be many and help you through the days ahead. Hugs to you and your family


M Pamela Still posted on 9/21/20

Dear Pat and Ziino Family. For so long John suffered and you with him to make him feel more comfortable, loved and safe. Now his suffering has ended and you all can feel the peace of knowing he is at rest. We send our deepest sympathies and hope your happy memories of times together will sustain you through these difficult times. God bless John and all of you who hold him in your hearts. Love, Pam & Rob Still



Kathy Long posted on 9/21/20

In memory of Marnette F. Ashley, Kathy Long lit a candle


Kathy Long posted on 9/21/20

We are so sorry to hear of Marnette's death. Her daughter was friends with our daughter in grade school and they had many happy times together. Condolences to the family. She was always very nice and so beautiful! Kathy Long and family



Lawerance peters posted on 9/21/20



Brian Pajak posted on 9/20/20

I remember getting a hug from her when my mom passed away. She hugged me and said everyone needs a hug from a mom. It felt as if my own mom were hugging me in that moment. She was a very sweet woman!



Brian Pajak posted on 9/20/20

My deepest sympathy and condolences for the family and friends of Mrs. Sutschek. Rest in peace!


Douglas Richter posted on 9/20/20

My sincerest and deepest condolences to the Ziino family. John was a great man, and I am forever grateful for a life full of joy after my 1997 Lions YEP season. He will live forever in our hearts.


Benjamin Bueno posted on 9/20/20

Dear Ziino Family, We, Lion Ben Bueno and family, also in behalf of dozen of Brazilian students were in Wisnconsin Lions Clubs Youth Exchange International were very sad, We send our deepest condolences.


Mary posted on 9/20/20

Tia ,Tyrone & family so sorry for your loss. Sister Blunt


Kathy Turkal posted on 9/20/20

Donovan was in my sixth grade social studies class. He had a sweet, gentle soul and a winning smile. I am so incredibly sorry for the loss of this good person lost to this earth. Sending love to your family.


Dana Queen posted on 9/20/20

Dear Pat and family, I am so sad to hear of John's passing. He was a great man. So many of my fondest memories are from Camp Vista and I honestly owe that all to him. Wishing you all peace during this time. With love, Dana Queen


thomas edward keith posted on 9/20/20

Were sorry to here about Bobs passing.What a great guy.WE had some great times in the old days.Sorry Judy and JJ and your family.WE will be in Florida with family and cant make the service.Our prayers are with you Tom and Eileen Keith



Toni posted on 9/20/20

I don't know if you're watching over my kids or not, but I felt you there.


Pauline Feuling posted on 9/20/20

10522 Tempo Lake Drive SE Cousin Marilyn telephoned husband Gale and myself many times over the years. Heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the family. Will miss her voice, her humor and lovely personality. She and Gale had good conversations with each other while they were kids. City Marilyn & family visiting Gale's country family in Sun Prairie. She is in God's caring hands and having a good time visiting with all our deceased family and especially Gale who died March 25, 2020. From Washington State, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve over the earthly loss of Marilyn. Pauline Feuling



Glauri Forbes posted on 9/19/20

Dear Jean and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I've never met her, but I've heard about her through Jean. I'm sure you all have many wonderful memories of her. Keep those memories close until you see her again.


Adam Smith posted on 9/19/20

I grew up with Jerry in Glendale. The Arvoy Family will always resonate as one of class & compassion. May her memory be a blessing. The Smith Family



Linda Coroleuski posted on 9/19/20

In my heart forever



Danielle Guadarrama posted on 9/19/20

Sending my love to everyone who has lost such a beautiful soul. Jaime, you will always be remembered, loved, and never forgotten.


Patty (Nickols) Bassler posted on 9/19/20

Jean, John, Ann and Rob, I was so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. One of the nicest Moms in the neighborhood! I hope all your memories of happier times bring you comfort.


Ruby Nickols posted on 9/19/20

I was very sorry to hear about Sandy's passing. She was a very good friend and neighbor for over 50 years. I have many fond memories of her and I sitting on her front porch or in my backyard visiting. I send my deepest condolences to Jean, John, Ann and Rob and their families. She will be deeply missed.


Uncle Tom posted on 9/19/20

Tim's death is absolutely heartbreaking. My heart goes out especially to Dawn and Bill for all the love you've shown Tim, Tina, and Jessica. I'm so sorry for your pain.


Stephanie Karge posted on 9/19/20

I am really sorry for the loss of Tim. He was an amazing coworker who made everyone laugh. RIP Tim.



Tati posted on 9/19/20

Rest up Tim



Juciey posted on 9/19/20

That’s Crazy Remember When We Met At Lancaster



Santana Grady posted on 9/18/20

My deepest condolences and prayers to all family friends and love one! You will truly be missed



Mimi posted on 9/18/20

In memory of Timothy Michael Willborn, Mimi lit a candle



Angel posted on 9/18/20




Beeb Xiong posted on 9/18/20

My condolences. May Tim rest in peace.


Shamyracle posted on 9/18/20

Tim Tim Your Death Was So Unexpected, For Us Not To Be As Close Your death definitely hit me , you was definitely baby driver when it came driving a whip for sure ❤️ I owe you and I still got you , you know what I’m talking about . It’s all love Tim Tim . Rest Easy


Ms. Antoinette posted on 9/18/20

Although I did not know this young man, any loss at such a young age is tragic. My condolences to the family, and you all are in my prayers. Peace & Blessings


Paula Flees posted on 9/18/20

This was a beautiful testimony of your mom. I will always remember her sweet smile and loving spirit that I see represented in her kids. My love to you all. Paula



DWight posted on 9/18/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, DWight lit a candle


Mr Liston posted on 9/18/20

Jamal was a nice student always had a smile on his face RIP my brother



Pam Grierson Sinko posted on 9/18/20

Uncle Pepper - I love you xoxo, Pam


Jordan Aranda posted on 9/17/20

My heart goes out to the Hagedorn family. Peace be with you.


Dr Lori Albright posted on 9/17/20

I was Jamal's pediatrician. I am so saddened about his death and send out my heart to his family at this difficult time. He will be missed.


Rose Dahle posted on 9/17/20

Joe was an amazing neighbor and we will all miss him dearly. He enjoyed the homemade bread and sweet bread that I would bring him.


kathleen walter posted on 9/17/20

So Sorry, very sorry to hear that John left us to join Jesus in Heaven. So happy for him but sorry for Pat and his family. He was a wonderful man and all who knew him feels his loss. See you at Mass. I know what the next few weeks will be like for you, Pat. If you would like to talk some time, just call me (262-408-2252) Maybe we can get together soon, Love, Hugs, and God bless you and your family!


Professor James T. Gray, Marian University posted on 9/17/20

My thoughts and prayers are with Warren's family and friends during this challenging time. Vaya Con Dios.



Ari posted on 9/16/20

In memory of Sammie R. Whitlow, Ari lit a candle



Wanda Wyatt posted on 9/16/20

Rest In Peace Marine ! Praying for the family !


Stella Mahaga posted on 9/16/20

My sincere condolences Jamal was a great young man with big dreams. It was an honor to know you. I am Very very sad to learn about your passing away. My heart and prayers go out to his mother, sibling and extended family. May perpetual light shine upon your soul Jamal. Rest in eternal peace You will be missed Here for you as needed Mrs. Sanders.


Linda Santiago posted on 9/16/20

Pat, my deepest sympathies to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Aura posted on 9/16/20

Dominique, You were and are still an inspiration to all, with a heart that radiated love and warmth through all our lives. You will truly be missed and forever remembered.



DEBORAH WHIFFIN posted on 9/16/20

In memory of Gladys E. Hodel, DEBORAH WHIFFIN lit a candle


Tanya posted on 9/16/20

Dominique was the glue that held us all together at work. Her presence is truly missed. I pray that she knew how much she meant to all of us.



Annie Hall posted on 9/16/20

I am so sorry for your loss. Dominique was an amazing person and I was honored to know her and work with her. She will forever be missed.


John Glowacki posted on 9/16/20

She was an awesome lady. My Respects to both of you.



Fatina Lacy posted on 9/16/20

In memory of Ms. Mildred J. Williams, Fatina Lacy lit a candle



Shirley Haig (Marquette) posted on 9/16/20

I'm so sorry for your Loss


Michele Tiesling posted on 9/16/20

My deepest condolences. I am so very sorry for your loss. I am originally from Milwaukee and got to know Tom during my college years (while at Mount Mary college/university) through the Rick Nelson family. I remember having fun times with Tom and how he was so funny, sweet and compassionate. I remember him also being protective, very sincere and such a caring person. I hope and pray for positive change for all of us to learn how to treat each other better as Tom treated everyone with selfless actions. Praying for peace and God Bless, Michele



Karen Ivory posted on 9/16/20

RIP fly high


Sarah posted on 9/15/20

Officer Kline was my favorite police officer I ever met. He was our community liaison officer for a few years when our area on the east side was having a lot of random crimes, made us feel and know that if we had an issue we could call him and he would help. He really showed, with his smile, and the genuine way he spoke that he cared. Just last year I had the chance to tour him and some of his colleagues around a building they were looking at for the DNC. I was so happy to see him, a familiar, friendly face & he seemed really happy to be on the DNC Task Force. The world was truly brighter with him in it and the City of Milwaukee has really lost someone that presented how good the police can be. My deepest sympathy and prayers for his family. He truly will be missed by so many.



Terry Fitzpatrick Eyrise posted on 9/15/20

In memory of John Ziino, Terry Fitzpatrick Eyrise lit a candle



Peter Glowacki posted on 9/15/20

My condolences to Siegfried and Tom. Rest In Peace, Paula.


Karen Krawczyk posted on 9/15/20

So sorry for the loss of your beautiful Mom/ Grandma. She holds a special place in my heart. She was always so good to me and I still have the blanket she made me. Sending you all my love and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers sweet Sutschek family.


Karen Jurek posted on 9/15/20

Dear Pat and family, John lived an incredible life and made a positive impact on so many lives. He loved God, he loved others and he transformed the world. He will be very missed. May God grant you peace and help you as you walk the long journey of grief. Prayers are sent for the family. Treasure the many fond memories of John as he lives now in your hearts. God bless.


Sue Leslie posted on 9/15/20

Dear Rob (Tim) and the entire Sutschek Family, Your Mother sounded like an amazingly special person. I send you all my love and prayers in hopes the many happy times you shared together will bring you comfort as you celebrate her life. Warmly, Sue Leslie


Elder Jettie & Sis Jacquelyn Cooper posted on 9/15/20

May God comfort you all, family... in Jesus Name! 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 Elder & Sister Cooper of Chicago, Illinois


Mallisa renfro posted on 9/15/20

Love y'all family


Joan posted on 9/15/20

My deepest sympathy to you Pat and your family. May you find comfort in the years of memories.



Kecia posted on 9/15/20

In memory of Ms. Mildred J. Williams, Kecia lit a candle


Kecia posted on 9/15/20

I Love You Ms. Williams and family! Your Joy is coming back



Anita Williams posted on 9/15/20

I'm sending my Condolences & Prayers to the Williams family @ this difficult time, may God Bless you all, & I know Ms.Mildred was Loved & will be truly missed remember all the wonderful memories you all shared/had with her keep ur head up only down to Pray


Angela Skurulsky posted on 9/15/20

I started working for the Pewaukee School system in 1984. (Retired in 2013) My second year was as the Middle School secretary. Tommy would be with me in the office on a regular basis....he was just a goof ball ...a really sweet kid. ...(same age as my son at the time). We had some really interesting conversations. Teachers would tease him that he intentionally tried to get sent down to the office in order to spend the days with me. (Think there was some element of truth to that...Mr Feuerstein (principal) said as much!) During that time I got to experience Tommy’s sense of humor and caring nature. It didn’t surprise me when I learned he became a police officer and of his outreach work with the homeless......a job that I knew he would approach with compassion. It saddens me greatly that he suffered such despair. REST IN PEACE TOMMY. Heartfelt sympathy to the family for your loss. Angie Skurulsky ......aka “Mrs S”


Amy Allen posted on 9/15/20

Mildred means 'Gentle-Strength'. My Aunt ran her life similar to Wilma Rudolph's race. Although, the track and fields were different; the message of hard work, persistence and passion for life were similar. My aunt made it her life's mission not just to survive, but to thrive; she did it with passion, some compassion, humor and style to quote Maya Angelou. Moreover, Mildred was a craddle, to her children, great-grandchildren, family and friends. Regardless of the hurdles or the stumbling blocks that befell her, she was the true Wonder Woman with support and love. So, take your rest after a well run race and worry no more of man 's aches and pains. You are free, now run into the ARMS OF OUR FATHER OF PEACE.


Beth Haag posted on 9/15/20

Our hearts go out to you. Auntie Sandy was such a sweetie, we shared many laughs and fun times together. On Tuesdays, I knew where to find her and we'd sit side by side at her "favorite machines" waiting for my parents to meet us for the senior buffet at the Casino. She was a card shark at Cribbage, and played a mean game of Trianimos too! She loved a good schaum torte and Sayklly's Chocolates! We will truly miss her, but know she is happy to be reunited with Uncle Rudy and her family. Beth and Gary


virginia wagner posted on 9/15/20

Julie - I just read in the newspaper about the death of your brother. I remember you talking about him fondly. I am so sorry for you, your family and friends. It sounds like he was a wonderful person. I send you my prayers and love. I hope your friends, family and memories lift you up and surround you with great love. Virginia Wagner, colleague from Alverno College


Jane and Bill Wagner posted on 9/15/20

Erica and Family, thoughts, prayers and big hugs to all of you. Lots of Love, Jane and Bill Wagner.



Kristine Muglia posted on 9/14/20

what a wonderful woman. She'll be missed. Love to you all.


Henry Garza posted on 9/14/20

I served with Tommy in the Marines. We were in the same MP school class and then we were reunited in Quantico after his duty in Japan. He was always liked and he is definitely remembered. Many of the Marines we served with have joined a Facebook group. Tommy ‘s passing has brought over 30 Marines together so that we stay in touch and we can watch over each other. We wish we could be there to bid him farewell. Tommy you will always be remembered. Semper Fi.


rasheedah abdullah (Marguerite) posted on 9/14/20

A note of reflection with a beloved cousin: My Dear Cousin, you will be missed by so many! Even though we were separated early in life, the memories of the time spent as children in Mississippi and again, when we became adults and lived in Milwaukee are everlasting. I remember your gardens, always so well attended and such good vegetables. You were the hardest working woman, who loved her family. I remember saying to you, "Girl you always just work too hard, sit down!" I Pray for your soul as you journey to be with the angels in heaven; and pray God comfort your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with peace during this time. Loving memories, Cousin Rasheedah (Marguerite).


Jenni and Marc Holloway posted on 9/14/20

Our deepest condolences to you and the girls. May God be with you and hold you in His arms of comfort and Love. If there is anything you need, please let us know. Love you guys.



Esqueda Family posted on 9/14/20

You may be gone from our sight but never from our hearts. Love you, brother


Pastor Alexis Twito posted on 9/14/20

I had the privilege of getting to know Tom while I served as Coordinator for The Salvation Army Crisis Chaplaincy Program, which worked in partnership with the Milwaukee Police Department. He was the first officer I met at District 1, and was so immediately positive about ways that we could partner together. He was a genuine and fun guy, with a great sense of humor and an even greater sense of commitment to the community. Most recently I had been working with him on the DNC Task Force, as he had originally asked us to help him coordinate respite centers for the law enforcement that were going to be pulling double duty during the event. Because he cared about his fellow officers and wanted to make sure they were well equipped and cared for in serving the city. But, with the ravages of COVID, plans for the DNC changed and unfortunately our plans fell through. I wish they hadn't. I wish I'd been more in touch with Tom over the last couple months. To tell him how grateful I was for him. How faithfully I saw him serving the city. I wish he knew how valued he was. I cannot make it to the funeral service today, as ministry has pulled me away last minute. But, I know Tom would understand. He always put the people he served first. So, to those of you who loved Tom-- thank you for giving him to us to know and love. I am so deeply sorry for your loss, and for the loss for the entire city of Milwaukee. May God bless you in your grief and in your remembering.


Mary Schanning posted on 9/14/20

As an attorney in the Milwaukee City Attorney's Office, I worked with Tom quite a bit over the past year. Although I had only known him for a short time, he treated me as though we were life-long friends. His friendly personality could light up a room and put everyone instantly at ease round him. It was only after his death that I learned the amazing impact he made to the various neighborhoods and communities that he worked with as part of the MPD family. His presence will be sorely missed. On behalf of myself and the Milwaukee City Attorney's Office, our sincere condolences to Tom's family, friends and co-workers. Rest in Peace Officer Kline.


John & Chris posted on 9/14/20

We appreciate the dedication & effort Tom made over the years as our friendly local community liaison officer to help make our neighborhood a better place to live for everyone. If there were more people like Tom around, we think there would be better relations in all of our neighborhoods.


Karolyn Ann Krueger posted on 9/14/20

Kris - it is with the deepest sadness when we learned of your dear son's passing. We will keep you and the rest of your family in our prayers. May you all find peace and healing. Karolyn and Regge Krueger


Keri Duce posted on 9/14/20

On behalf of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee we send our sincere condolences in the terrible loss of Officer Kline. Tom played an instrumental role in changing the face of neighborhood relations on the Eastside. His positive and pragmatic approach made him a favorite among students, staff, and neighbors alike. Tom and I spent hours honing his public relations skills and his charismatic nature took right to the highly political environment in District 1. His only failure, an attempt at some video clips for our orientation presentation, were comical at best as he never got comfortable in front of the camera. Over the years Tom and I became friends and confidants, and I'll miss him dearly. We will honor him in our continued work and never forget the impact he had on others.


Major Kevin Blom - Florida Highway Patrol posted on 9/14/20

My thoughts and prayers are with Tom's family and his extended family, the great men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department. I recently worked with Officer Kline and several MPD members and was treated with great respect. The short time I knew him, I came to respect the man and officer that had a love of family and community. I am truly honored to have called him my friend. He touched many lives in a positive way. A great man, son, father, and police officer left us way too soon. Thank you for your friendship!


Eunice McPhee posted on 9/14/20

I’m just finding out. I was a friend of Cassandra’s from Chicago, and through the years we tried to keep in touch. I tried checking on her a couple of times during this pandemic, and when I didn’t hear back from her this was my last recourse. Sadly I’m too late... for now, but I’m so, so looking forward to welcoming her back under the perfect conditions that Jehovah has in store for us. We can catch up then. Love, Eunice


Jan Von Hoff (PHS) posted on 9/13/20

I saw your picture online today, dressed in your uniform blues, and I wished with all my heart that I hadn’t heard the news. I haven’t seen you in oh so long, thirty years would be my bet, but I recognized you anyway since teachers don’t forget. I looked at your face that’s older now and the changes seemed so few, because what I saw inside the man was the young boy that I once knew. To describe you as a student, I’ll do my very best. You were, no doubt, rebellious and put teachers to the test! You challenged the rules right and left, as students sometimes do. The difference is that you made it hard to be too mad at you. That smile was your signature, always on your face, and I swear that no matter what you did, it was your saving grace. And when you left high school behind it was so good to see, the Marines became your choice at first and then the Academy. I heard that you were so well-liked by the communities that you served. The awards you received along the way were surely well-deserved. This summer was a stressful one, especially hard on you, I’m sorry that such disrespect was heaped on officers in Blue. The past few years I’ve stopped police to give them my regards, I know they serve us from their hearts and the job is awfully hard, From now on when I see an officer and thank them as I do, I’ll stop a moment to reflect on the young man who I once knew. Rest in peace, Tom.


Bon Qui Qui posted on 9/13/20

Kelly is my name, but Tom nicknamed me Bon Qui Qui during our marathon training. Tom lit up a room with his presence. One of the silliest men I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with. We bonded over humor. He loved dogs. Always willing to watch friends “best friends” whenever needed. My dog spent a decade basking in the paradise of Tom’s house. Tom embraced community. His service to MPD and ability to cultivate relationships with individuals & businesses was stellar. A great man gone too soon. Thoughts and prayers to all of his friends and family.


Clint Albert posted on 9/13/20

Sad to hear this. Never really knew my blood grandpa.


Ivory Britton Jr posted on 9/13/20

I had the privilege of being one of Tom’s field training sergeants his enthusiasm was exceptional to say that to say the least. He was a quick study and cared about his job he cared about citizens and he cared about his coworkers!


Gricelda y Juan Diaz posted on 9/13/20

Lo sentimos mucho por la terrible perdida de nuestro gran amigo Angel,Dios lo tenga en su Santa Gloria k Dios nos de la resignacion y la aceptacion, k Dios Los bendiga a todos ustedes familia y sobre todo k Los ilumine con la aceptacion de la Partida de este gran amigo,padre,esposo,hijo,compañero,nuestras oraciones estan con ustedes,descansa en paz nuestro querido amigo,Angel,te vamos a extrañar


Ayden posted on 9/13/20

I love you big cuz I miss you LLD rip donovan This Ayden big cuz


Ayden posted on 9/13/20

I love you big cuz I miss you LLD rip donovan



juergen richard lietke germany [email protected] posted on 9/13/20

searching for my relatives in america ..i found this message of richard lietke. could it be that he belonged to the lietke family who has left prussia in former times ? with some interest..I wait for your reply. juergen richard lietke, germany, cologne, [email protected]


Brian Marchman posted on 9/13/20

RIP “Tommy”


JOHN BOTZMAN posted on 9/13/20

My condolences go out to the Swan family


Philip Poulos posted on 9/12/20

I had the honor of working with TK for a few years. He was a great guy who never failed to brighten your day. Rest In Peace Brother, we’ve got this from here.


Melinda Walker posted on 9/12/20

when I heard "Donnie" was no longer with us, my thoughts went back to a news clip of Donnie I seen nearly two years ago. Donnie said to the news anchor "I couldn't believe it was them". The exact quote I said when I heard the sadden news. My heart goes out to the Peavy Family. I will continue to pray for comfort and strength. Keda in the days to come if your burdens feel too much to bear, there is hope. Pour out your heart in prayer to our Heavenly Father hold nothing back. And when you feel your burden lightening even the slightest bit, thank Him for His faithfulness. He’ll be there all the time, just waiting to help. I love you and may you continue to be the strong women that you are.


JOHN KNEISZEL posted on 9/12/20

Very sorry to hear this. We have many fond memories of attending events with Earl and Tottie. Our deepest sympathy to Scott and Judy


Cathy and Phil Kucharski posted on 9/12/20

Our most sincere sympathy to Marian's entire family. She was a sweet woman. Her family is a testament to the person she was, her legacy. For decades it has been our privilege and pleasure to know and care about a large number of you. Let us be here for you and support you now. May wonderful memories sustain you and lift you up.


Roger and Sharon Kuckkan posted on 9/12/20

Dear Dave and Barb, Our deepest condolences on the passing of your son, Brad. Dave, I still remember conversations we had when both of our sons were in sports during high school. Although memories may bring sadness and tears right now, we hope eventually they bring a smile of warm remembrance. Your faith has always been important to you so we hope it will help you through this very difficult time. You and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers. Roger and Sharon



Jayyc posted on 9/12/20

I miss you my boy


Gary Halvorsen posted on 9/12/20

Office Kline's presentation was always the highlight of all of our Murray Hill Neighborhood Association meetings. His energy would light up the room and his compassion and empathy were always appreciated no matter how uncomfortable some of members questions could be. He will be missed, he was one of the best.


tonya purnell posted on 9/12/20

My deepest sympathy to the Banks Family may GOD ease your pain on the passing of Sonny he will be truly missed. Love you all & take care


Scott Ihlenfeld posted on 9/12/20

We have so many fond memories of brats and barbecue with the Strehlow family. The bonds of friendship between our parents set a good example for the next generation. Marian will be missed.


Ed Zamarron posted on 9/12/20

My sincere condolences to Lori, the girls and the entire family.


Liliana “Bedoy” Ramos posted on 9/11/20

My sweet and funny-ass cousin Angel, I love you and I have fond memories of us as kids and a great time you helped me about 10 years ago with an HR issue I had at Chase Bank. You snapped and threatened to drive down to Chicago and fuck up my manager and you advised me to handle it professionally and ghettoily. You instructed me to demote myself and scratch up her ride on the opposite side of her side so she wouldn’t find out. Believe me, I accomplished your orders and handled professionally and with ghettolism. You were a great help and we talked for a while during that time. I love you Cuz and can not believe we didn’t meet sooner. I love you and even though we spoke through messenger throughout times after and recently, I am in denial. My heart goes out to Lori, Sofi and Sonia. Rest inPeace and we shall meet again. With love and memories, Lily “your cuz”


Blue Family posted on 9/11/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.


Nora Fitzpatrick posted on 9/11/20

While I was not Donovan’s teacher, I knew him when he was a student at Richards Elementary School. I remember him as a creative, funny, sensitive boy. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.



Susan Frank posted on 9/11/20

A photo I took of him as a small boy at Christmas one year at an uncles house, is engraved in my mind. Watching him grow up over the years by Being at holiday events I had the joy and privilege to be part of with the Kline and Firestone families. Then seeing the sweet and handsome teen ager he grew into when he stopped by a cousins house made an impression. My surprise at a wedding, one year when he tapped my shoulder, I turned and here was this poised young man- all grown up. A hug. So good to see him again. And then the all too rare times, I was able to spend time with him, talking at Bernie and Betty’s house, I enjoyed every moment in conversation with him and saw the still, sweet, sensitive adult talking with joy and enthusiasm and unmistakable pride about being on the Force. Same smile as when he was that small boy. Prayers sent out to him ...and all who knew and loved him as we grieve.


Laurel J. Darby posted on 9/11/20

I am so sorry, Lori and Girls, as many, many people are. It's unbelievable that Angel is not here any longer. I pray you may each find peace at your own time and that as soon as it is possible for each, you remember only the good memories of the life-filled, wonderful person Angel was. Be blessed.


Spencer Santiago posted on 9/11/20

My deepest condolences to all family and friends affected. I didn't know him deeply well, but I've interacted with him enough over the years to know he was a person with his heart in the right place. Had a great aura about him.


Marnita Hall posted on 9/11/20

My sincere condolences are being sent to Donald, Brenda, Valerie & family. I have lots of fond memories with you all from grade school to adulthood. We grew up together as family. May God continue to strengthen and bless you all during this most difficult time. Love y'all. ~Neighbors forever~ ~Marnita Hall~



Clara Wright posted on 9/11/20

My condolences and prayers are with the family during their time of bereavement. Love you all.



Michelle vincent posted on 9/11/20

Rip Brian. What a brave man you were through all of this. Your family and friends will Miss you greatly. Paul, Michelle,Kristyn, and Michael Vincent



Geneva Carlisle posted on 9/11/20

To the family, you have our deepest condolences on your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you during your time of bereavement. May God's grace be with you in the days ahead. Blessing, Geneva Carlisle & Family...(Neighbor) * Our journey through life can bring us tears, laughter and memories. Remember that while the tears dry and the laughter Fades away, the memories live on forever......



Bill Hanisch / Kathy Powers posted on 9/11/20

Thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Kathy and I were very sad to hear Brian had passed. He’s resting in peace and pain free now. You have our condolences. Love, Bill & Kathy


Gregory James posted on 9/11/20

Tom worked for many years as the Neighborhood Liaison Officer on Milwaukee's Upper East Side. He was one of the best. Always willing to listen to neighborhood concerns and genuinely interested in helping neighborhood associations like ours. Losing him is breaking many hearts in our neighborhood.



Chaquila Peavy posted on 9/11/20

I love you Donnie!



Chaquila Peavy posted on 9/11/20

My deepest condolences.


Norma Rueda posted on 9/11/20

Descansa en Paz primo, de la misma forma en q oramos por ti y tu salud en su momento seguiremos orando por la resignación de tu familia. Fuiste un guerrero en la lucha contra esta enfermedad, sin duda estas con Dios, cerca de mi padre y en nuestras oraciones.


Katie MacVarish posted on 9/11/20

Brian, it was almost exactly 3 years ago when we first met to start the great adventure of TBS. Though it wasn’t always fun, it’s the good memories that have stayed strongest- post-field feasts, the group trip to Shenandoah, even just sitting in the hallways cleaning weapons and talking. You had to fight through so much over the past few years, but you always maintained tremendous courage and lived true to your values. You will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace, and Semper Fidelis.



Karen T Morice (Ondrejka) posted on 9/11/20

In memory of Marilyn J. Ondrejka, Karen T Morice (Ondrejka) lit a candle


Karen karl posted on 9/11/20

Sending you deepest condolences and prayers for your entire family. I'm the eldest daughter of Anita Knuth Swan, Karen Karl, who lives in Oshkosh. I have so many fond remembrances of being on the farm and privilege of knowing many of the family. When Bill married Anita it was the beginning of meeting the wonderful family of Swans - I reach out with love to Cheryl and family, Dave and Barb, & General Bill H. Swan. May God comfort you and give you strength in the coming days.


Jon Holubowicz posted on 9/11/20

Dale was a great guy and a great co-worker. We worked through some tough times at Wisconsin Hospitality Group. However, Dale helped me get through it with his humor and calm demeanor. Julie and I would like to extend our deepest condolences to your entire family.



Richard posted on 9/11/20

Rip friend



Jeanette Thompson posted on 9/11/20

You gained your angel wings, and now You are with the Lord Jesus in his sweet loving arms! Thank you for your services while you were here, and I’m sure many others are going to miss you, I wish I would’ve had the honors of Meeting you, but your grandmother is a beautiful person and have been there for me, and I’m sure you had a heart just like her! Prayers and comfort to all the family!


Kris Bertram posted on 9/10/20

My sincere condolences to the entire family. Brian was an exceptional young man; wise beyond his years. Every time I had an opportunity to talk with him, I'd walk away impressed by his knowledge, compassion, understanding and positive attitude. I am sure his influence will be felt by many for countless years to come. Rest in peace, Brian.



Derrick and Lowre Young posted on 9/10/20

We will miss your physical presence in our everyday lives but We will always Hold you close to our hearts and you will always be in our thoughts. Love you


Sharon Lesak posted on 9/10/20

Don and daughters, my condolences and prayers. MARY was an icon at Target, to our family she was Target. Always fun to see her smile after long hours of work. Take care.



Momma Gwen posted on 9/10/20

You will be missed Harry RIP


Amy Matthews-Rosenau posted on 9/10/20

To all his family and friends, my heart aches for your loss but you now have the most qualified guardian angel to look after you. I have known Tom since middle school. We shared allot of fun and crazy moments together. From walking the railroad tracks and getting the bright idea to hop on railcar but then it started to take off. OMG, we were terrified, luckily it stopped at the Sussex Quad plant and his sisters friend happened to be at the Hardee's right there to give us a ride back. Sorry Mom's that was really dumb!! Our late night breakfasts at Perkins or Denny's, figuring out our life dramas which would always end with the great debate over pancakes verses waffles. Which, he would always involve the whole restaurant. From polar bearing in Lake Michigan together, to when we dressed up as PHS cheerleaders and did the SNL cheerleading skit with Will Ferrell at O'Dannys bar for Halloween. Can't forget our karaoke debut, singing Cindy Lauper's, All through the night, which now has a much deeper meaning. When I moved away we would run into each other at the most random places. All of a sudden I would hear his voice call out, "Amykins" and we would pick up right where we left off. He always lite up a room with his great energy like no one I have ever known. My dear sweet friend, I hope you find your peace and I will always remember you, cherishing these moments and be forever thankful to have had you in my life. Love forever your, Amykins!


Barbara Jones posted on 9/10/20

My system I so sad gonna miss you so much especially telling me to take my big eye but to be However in my heart


Carole Walsh posted on 9/10/20

So sorry for the passing of your Mom, Hugs, Love and Prayer for Dawn, Deborah, Danny and Richard


Captain Craig Petersen, MUNROTC '84 posted on 9/10/20

Semper Fi, Marine. Welcome Home. Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am in a thousand winds that blow, I am the softly falling snow. I am the gentle showers of rain, I am the fields of ripening grain. I am in the morning hush, I am in the graceful rush Of beautiful birds in circling flight, I am the starshine of the night. I am in the flowers that bloom, I am in a quiet room. I am in the birds that sing, I am in each lovely thing. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there. I do not die.



Debra Tripp-Davenport posted on 9/10/20

Miss you my childhood friend, but God missed you more. I know you are in a better place.


Valerie McLeod posted on 9/10/20

Dawn so sorry you are going through this difficult time and your family are in our prayers and thoughts at this most difficult time ...



Colonel Cheryl Blackstone, USMC(R) MU NROTC '90 posted on 9/10/20

St Michael the Archangel, Defend us in Battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou O Prince of the heavenly hosts by the power of God cast into hell Satan and the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May you rest in peace, Marine! Rest in Peace young man! Semper Fidelis, Colonel Cheryl Blackstone and family



The Herrmann Family posted on 9/10/20

God bless your family, and our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen. The Herrmann Family



Bob Oettinger posted on 9/10/20

Sorry for your loss,Angel was a great man.will be missed alot.



Jane Joplin posted on 9/10/20

Thank you for your service and May you Rest In Peace. Condolences to your family and all that love you, my heart breaks for you. Jane Dallas, Texas


Laurie & Oscar Miranda posted on 9/9/20

We met Tom when he married Josephine through the Plaster family. Tom was one of the most compassionate and kind man I have ever met in my life. The first time we me, I went to shake his hand, but Tom gave me a hug and said we’re family now. I saw him last summer at my sister in-laws birthday dinner. Tom remembered my name, gave me a “Tom” hug and a kiss on the cheek. I remember he loved his ice cream! He always had a kind word for others and was a light of positive hope for people around him. We will miss him. He was like a second father to my brother Jim. Jim loved anytime he got to spend with Tom. May you Rest In Peace in Our Lord and Saviors loving arms. God’s peace be with his family. With prayers, Laurie & Oscar Miranda



Terry Roggenbuck posted on 9/9/20

My deepest sympathy, as a dear friend of Joe I was blessed to know Brian and to know that he was a wonderful young man and soldier. God will welcome him into his arms and we shall meet again someday. Amen


Lynne Brandt posted on 9/9/20

My thoughts and prayers are with Brian’s entire family and friends. God has other amazing plans for Brian at this time. Rest In Peace Brian.


Amanda Hoff posted on 9/9/20

Officer Kline was such a compassionate man. This is devastating news but the impact he left on so many will be remembered. Prayers for healing for his family.



Felicia Rodriguez posted on 9/9/20

She was genuinely, to this day, one of the nicest souls I ever did meet.



Patricia Geoffroy posted on 9/9/20

Looks like God needed another soldier for his army. I am so sorry for your loss. I don't know the right words to say at a sad heart breaking time as this is. Brian was a fighting soldier right until the end. It was his time to go to the Lord and be at peace. No more ugly cancer and pain. God Bless you young Brian and be at peace. Patty Geoffroy



Lauren posted on 9/9/20

All of my childhood memories are with Brian and his family. Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduations, etc. I was one month older than Brian but I always looked up to him. He was so smart and kind with such a good soul. He was one of the most positive people I knew and never failed to make me laugh! I will miss and love you forever Brian.



Yvonne Wilbrandt posted on 9/9/20

God bless and strengthen your family , your fight is over.


Paul posted on 9/9/20

Matt and Family, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you all can take the time to grieve, remember the wonderful memories, and then find peace within yourselves. I'm always here as a processing partner, Matt. Warmest Condolences, Paul


Paula Waldoch posted on 9/9/20

Angel was a beautiful soul. We always think of him as Coach. He was so patient, positive, and excited as he helped each child grow. His smile and confidence charmed us all. Our world is not as bright without him.


The Lueschow Family posted on 9/9/20

Our hearts and prayers are with you, He is at peace with God. Tina we are sending our hugs.


Bob Zolandz posted on 9/9/20

Our prayers are with you at this time, you are a devoted member of post 416 firing squad, The Squad sends their condulences Bob Zolandz Cpt.



Imelda Monteagudo posted on 9/9/20

Very SORRY for your lost


Rosario Mendoza posted on 9/9/20

We met in high school kelvyn Park! He was a DJ at the time. I never forgotten him sweet person I will never forget him.


Coach Rye posted on 9/9/20

Swan family, you have my deepest condolences, and my thoughts and prayers.



Daddy posted on 9/9/20

I miss you so much son - I will always love you the rest of my days, and know you will welcome me with open arms into heaven along with Jesus.


Coach Rye posted on 9/9/20

My deepest condolences to the Kline family. It was my pleasure to have coached Tommy in both in football and wrestling at P.H.S., He will be missed.


Kwyn posted on 9/9/20

I am so sorry for your loss and I am praying for you and your family during this tough time, Matt!


Meg McKenna posted on 9/9/20

My heartfelt condolences to all Tom's family, police brethren, and friends. Tom was a sweet and dedicated man to our city. I am so very sorry about the loss of him. Meg McKenna


Milwaukee Police Post #415 of the American Legion posted on 9/9/20

With Sympathy to your whole family. May it comfort you to know that others care, and may you find new hope and peace in the days ahead.


Robin Atwater posted on 9/9/20

Kris, Keith, Julie and family, there are no words. I’m so so very sorry for Tommy’s passing. There’s just nothing to write, other than you already know my feelings. Love and blessings in the coming days....and always. Love Robin



Robin (Knuth) Atwater posted on 9/9/20

In memory of Bradley "Swannie" W. Swan, Robin (Knuth) Atwater lit a candle


Robin (Knuth) Atwater posted on 9/9/20

Swan Family, our deepest most sincere condolences. My mother (Anita (Knuth) Swan adored Brad and his family. She loved having the little ones come over and play. I remember Brad always smiling, always welcoming me and my family. We are all so sad to hear Brad’s passing. I know Grandpa Bill and my mom welcome him with open arms and Share the joy to be rejoined in heaven. Cheryl, Barb, Dave, and all Swans , please know how much I loved your family and will never forgot our family days we shared. Thank you all for showing and extending your love to me and my family. Brad will be missed and it was an honor and privilege to be part of his short life. God Bless you all. Robin


Nancy Pfaffle posted on 9/9/20

Cheryl and girls- My sympathies and prayers are with you and all the family on your loss. He will be missed at the Waukesha fair also. With prayers, Nancy


Rosita posted on 9/9/20

where to begin with so many memories i have with my cousin. well there is one that he always made sure i will never forget. this was when were teens we used to all get together and have fun and drink and just chill like if we were grown ups. one summer night we were out having fun and drinking I got so drunk and Angel was watching over me like a big cousin/brothers does for family. Angel said that we were stop at a light and i got up and rolled the window down and the car next to us was a guy he assume that i was going to holler at him instead i ended throwing up because i was so drunk that the guy just drove away and Angel was laughing so much. Angel was one of a kind always making all of us with his things he humor was weird but the best. My cousin knows he was loved by all so much I am going to miss him so much but now he is with his Dad (tio) our grandparents our niece ( Camilla) he nephew (Angel) my son and with Tia Maty , so he will be with family and make them laugh. until we meet again Primo i love you to the moon and back watch over all of us and Go Packers


Latricia Ballard posted on 9/9/20

My granny my granny, I’m miss you so much you just don’t know. I will love you forever... Your my angel now. ❤️❤️❤️



Margo & Perry Francisco posted on 9/9/20

Reaching out with a virtual hug for you all - Joe, Tina, Matt and Annalisa. We have loved Brian for so many years now and have many cherished memories. Remembering when Margo took Brian and Tony to Montana to visit family who had 20 acres and a homemade shooting range (soda cans on a fence). The boys were looking forward to some good target practice time! When we got to O'Hare and trying to figure out where to go to check in, we all learned that you move to the front of the check-in line when you travel with guns. :-) Over four days, the boys had a great time shooting their guns, seeing Big Sky Montana wildlife and we even hiked around Yellowstone park one day. On the way home, I surprised them with upgraded seats in First Class. They both enjoyed the extra leg room, adult beverages and hot meal. I remember Brian saying, "Oh, Mrs. Francisco, now you've ruined flying for me forever. Nothing will compare to this flight." And I said, "So you liked it then?" Such a great time and wonderful memories.


Teresa Dueñas posted on 9/9/20

Lo ciento en el alma está perdida tan Grande de mi sobrino Angelito así le decíamos todos reciban mi más sentido pésame


Rick & Cindy Russart posted on 9/9/20

Kris, Keith and Family: Words are hard to come by at this time. We and our family express the deepest sympathy to you and yours. Blessings and love always, The Russart Family (Rick & Cindy)



Robbie/James Boyd posted on 9/9/20

In memory of Harrison "Harry" B. Burris, Robbie/James Boyd lit a candle



Gary Bach posted on 9/8/20

I didn't know Brian, but he sounds like he was a wonderful young man who served his country and was taken way to young. He is in a better place now guarding the gates to heaven. Rest in peace Marine.



Mona Garcia posted on 9/8/20

In memory of Brian J. Lander, Mona Garcia lit a candle


Mona Garcia posted on 9/8/20

My sincere condolences to Brian's entire Family. Officer Lander, may you rest peacefully in the arms of our Lord.



Amber Miller posted on 9/8/20

My condolences to you all


Clarence Smith posted on 9/8/20

Janice passed away too soon. I love her with all my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with the whole family during this very sad time.


Mary Moore posted on 9/8/20

My favorite memory of Angel was while we worked together @ Kral Real Estate. Went to lunch with him at Bar Louie. We both ordered cheese burgers but I added jalapeños & upon receiving it, I proceeded to pick out the seeds. He warned me to wash my hands immediately. I did not but licked them clean. Later, about 3 hours later at the office, I touched my eye & OH MY GOSH.... it was burning bad. I immediately called him & proceeded to tell him what happened & that he was right! We laughed many, many times about that one. I will miss you Angel. You were the most positive, encouraging, funny, natural teacher with endless energy, compassion, wit & drive all rolled into one person. God broke the mold with you my friend. Fly to the highest land Angel.


Christie Graham posted on 9/8/20

I was blessed enough to meet Angel several years ago, as we both worked for the same company, Homestead Realty. We quickly became friends and would constantly throw jokes back and forth via Facebook. He was ALWAYS there for me when I had a work question/concern, and we went out to lunch a handful of times to share work ideas. He ALWAYS had that wonderful, warm smile on his of the most POSITIVE, UPBEAT people I know! He would constantly refer to me as Amiga or Hermosa, even though I don't speak a lick of Spanish, and I always called him Amigo. One time I played a joke on him and answered him on a FB post in FULL Spanish, but I cheated with an online English to Spanish service, and he thought maybe I knew Spanish the whole time. I laughed so hard! We had lunch just a few months ago, and he and his new business partner showed me their new office building, and talked of all of the plans they had for the decor, etc. He was SO EXCITED, he was GLOWING! He was a truly special, one-of-a-kind human being, and the world truly HAS lost an Angel. Love you, Amigo, my dear friend. I am so luck to have known you. Rest in Peace.



Wade W. Grubich posted on 9/8/20

The sudden and tragic passing of Tom will leave a hole in the hearts of all of us who had worked with him over the years on the Milwaukee Police Department. He was a person who could always be counted on to step forward do his best to help, not just the community, but his brother and sister officers as well. I hope that the leadership of the Department understands how painful his passing is to all of us who knew and worked with. Deepest condolences to his family and to all who knew and loved Tom.



Angie Oviedo posted on 9/8/20

My condolences to the Salmeron family


Jean Lehouillier posted on 9/8/20

My deepest sympathy to the family.


Katie posted on 9/8/20

I know its been 3 years since you have passed and I haven't grieved in the way I should have. I am sorry I wasn't there during this time and I am so sorry I didn't know about any of this till it was to late. I love and miss you so much and I cant wait to see you in Heaven again. Thank you for making a lasting impact on my life 7 years of friendship. My heart breaks all the time I am planning a trip to come down and sit at your grave site and just talk to you. I know you know whats been going on in my life however, I just want peace and to know I was able to say my last goodbyes I will never forget the times we sat in your apartment and blasted the song Somebody that I used to know. Or the time when I met you for the first time in person at Rock the Lakes, I know I will forever cherish these memories I still have the key chain that you gave me years ago and I make sure to hold onto it ever so tightly and close to my heart, where you will always share a special place. Thank you for allowing me to vent to you without judgement, or being critical, thank you for putting my needs before yours, thank you for being a shoulder I could cry on. I love you so much Elizabeth and I will forever miss you, but in the meantime I hope you and our heavenly father above are having a great time partying. :)


Uncle Mel and Aunt Susie posted on 9/8/20

Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs Forever in Our Hearts Until we meet again



Lori (Gehrke) Kleszczynski posted on 9/8/20

Heartfelt thoughts, deepest sympathies & sincerest condolences to the entire family on Tom's passing. On behalf of myself and Pewaukee HS class of 1988.


Carl Jaeschke posted on 9/8/20

To the entire Swan family my deepest condolences on Brad's passing.


Don Dillard posted on 9/8/20

I worked with Cryovac for 32 years. Knew Brad well. One of the nicest guys ever. Dedicated to his customers. They, as are his Cryovac friends, are a part of an even larger family. RIP Brad.


Brenda Benton posted on 9/8/20

Shirley was a beautiful person inside and out. I'm going to miss her. She was always there to lend a hand to her family in need. Love you forever and always. Continued prayers of comfort and strength to our family, Rest peacefully my dear sister-in-law. ❤


Raymond Hanan posted on 9/8/20

Rest In Peace TK. I’ll always remember you as a devoted childhood friend who was always there for anyone in need. Tom was an amazing athlete. I enjoyed watching him excel in PHS football and wrestling, and have the ultimate respect for your journey in the US Marines and as a MPD family member. I have fond memories of our times hanging with the guys. Whether it was at spring break, our trips to HS basketball state tourneys, or weekends in Lacrosse partying, Tom would always make everyone laugh with his great sense of humor and was always the life of the party whenever he entered the room. I remember jumping in Lake Michigan on the morning after a NYE party on Milwaukee’s east side (Polar Bear Club), and afterwords, he and dozens of other Marines got together and chanted out several traditional US Marine sayings in the freezing cold. I was envious of his US Marine brotherhood. He was an amazing person and childhood friend whom I will miss dearly. See ya Tommy.


Jade Callum posted on 9/8/20

Aunt Shirley, I will forever miss you! You were a light in my life. I can’t believe you are no longer with us but I will think of you always. Jade Callum



Terronda Young posted on 9/8/20

Aunt Shirley, You meant the world to me and you will truly be missed. You have your wings now. You good hands with the Lord.


Mary Schwaller posted on 9/8/20

Sandy, You are in my thoughts. I am so sorry for your loss. Over the years I could hear Dale's voice coming through Eric or Steven telling a joke while "hanging out in the basement". Dale is going to live on through your boys. Dale's love for you is evident in your son's love and caring for you. You two created a beautiful family. I am grateful that I was able to share so many experiences with the two of you over the last 25 years.


LEE KRAUSE posted on 9/8/20

sorry we couldnt make it to see you,joe was a great friend & a great guy to work with,sorry we lost him,but he`s in a better place.



Tywanda Henderson posted on 9/8/20

In memory of Shirley A. Ballard, Tywanda Henderson lit a candle


Mattie Gray posted on 9/8/20

Shirley Ann my dear sister I love you with all my heart. I am missing you so much and can’t believe I will not be able to pick up the phone and call you. I know you were tired. God called you home. Rest in Heaven.



[email protected] posted on 9/8/20

You are loved and will be missed.



Ann Goodlow posted on 9/8/20

I like to send my sincere condolence to the Burris family, I was sadden to hear of the passing of Mr. Harris Burris. Family I pray that your peace be still & your faith in God & the wonderful memories you have of Mr. Burris will comfort you doing this time of sadness. May God Bless y'all. Love, Ms. Ann Goodlow


Rosie Rouser..Joyce..Brian..Ulanda..Ray..Patricia..Byron posted on 9/7/20

Hello.. Just wanted to say we're so sorry about your lost....We'll definitely keep you in our prayers... Love Your Family Rosie Patricia Ulanda Brian Joyce Ray Byron



Angela M Bell posted on 9/7/20

Family we have been through deaths, births, marriage. I want you to know I love you and we are forb you and with you!


Arnita L. Fields posted on 9/7/20

Sending prayers of love, peace and comfort to our family, loved ones and friends who knew Janice. Janice, rest well in Christ. Blessings


Kaye Jackson posted on 9/7/20

Sending Prayer and Condolences to the Family.


Cindy and Mike Scoggins posted on 9/7/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.



Karen Sheriff posted on 9/7/20

Nancy, while I didn’t have the great honor of knowing your father...I know you. And I am certain I see him in your strengths and in your love for everyone. I know your emotional world is at a quiet standstill for now. As you have always told me...he is worth your tears! Your beloved father went from his treasured earthly family to his amazing eternal rest with all those he loved...particularly your baby the blink of an eye. That is a beautiful picture. His absence, for you and everyone else left behind, brings painful longing...even so. I love you and your family and pray for you all as you walk this very private journey.


Terry Ignatowski posted on 9/7/20

No matter how old we are, it’s never easy to lose a parent. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve.


Angie Smith posted on 9/7/20

Fam, I'm so sorry for your loss...I will continue Praying for you. Angie


Denise Salverino posted on 9/7/20

Nancy I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. Our prayers are with you and the family. May God bless❣️❤️



Tube Socks posted on 9/6/20

You will be forever missed my dear friend. Love you Tubes RIP


Ruth LePoidevin posted on 9/6/20

Tom, Julie, and Jack, My deepest condolences for your loss. Ruth



Bradley Brown posted on 9/6/20

Never let the brightness of your fight ever burn out.


Roy & Cathy Schroeder posted on 9/6/20

our deepest sympathy to Kenn on the loss of his dear wife Donna & to the Zylke Family on the loss of their mother & grandmother. Donna put family first & it was a joy to know her.



JoAnne Lund posted on 9/6/20

I remember your Mom as a fun-loving and kind woman. Cherish your memories. Sending loving thoughts to all of you. From the Lund Family


Jeff Claassen posted on 9/6/20

My dearest Aunt Donna. I am deeply saddened and shocked to hear of this and we will all miss you dearly. RIP


Greg and Mary Marchetti posted on 9/6/20

To Janet, Steve, Joe, Scott, Keely and family, Wishing you all peace and comfort as you cope with Joseph's loss. We regret not being able to offer condolences in person. Steve, you know that our friendship is one of the best parts of life. Our deepest sympathy.


Cheri Lukomski posted on 9/6/20

I’m so sorry for your loss. Donna’s smile could light up a room. Always a kind word. She will be missed. God bless.


Christine Cavallaro posted on 9/5/20

Donna's Delco Electronics family of friends and coworkers all mourn her passing. We are all saddened and will miss her. Sincere condolences to Ken and the Zylke family.


First Name Last Name posted on 9/5/20

Niki and Pat has known about this for days and has done nothing really must have hated him


Fred posted on 9/5/20

We are so sorry you ( Julie Tom Chris Jack Alyssa ) have to go through this tragedy. May God bless you, and the world through this and bring you out stronger and wiser. Our strongest memories of Tom were of him helping us roof Mark’s house. As fearful of heights as he was, he would climb that ladder up 2 stories high and get on the roof up to 3 stories high just to help his friend. He was such a sympathetic and caring person toward others. Fred & Sheryl Bohlmann



Gary Bach posted on 9/5/20

We are so sad to hear about Tom. He grew up with my daughter's on Pear Tree La in Pewaukee. I have nothing but fond memories, teaching him how to ride a bike to watching in play at our house on a daily basis When I heard Tom became a Marine and then went on to become a police officer, I was extremely proud of him!! Heaven his now well protected, rest in piece my friend.



Julie Husted posted on 9/5/20

We love you and will miss you Donna!! Rest without pain!! Fly with the Angels. You are in Gods Grace!!


Kim Anderson posted on 9/5/20

To my dear freind Janice, I will miss you, I will miss the fun conversations we use to have. I will miss your honesty, you were more then a friend you were a sister. You will truly be missed! Love Kim



Mary Austin posted on 9/5/20

In memory of Janice Annette Owens, Mary Austin lit a candle


Mary Ellen Christensen posted on 9/5/20

I have such fun and loving memories of Aunt Dorothy. She was a godsend to my mom, Margaret Christensen. Remembering times she would break out in song with her angelic voice. I loved seeing her dance with Uncle Fred so elegantly and joyfully. She always had a light hearted spirit and a joke to make me laugh. Such a beautiful and loving woman. Enjoy heaven with the Lord! May God bless your family and friends. May He give you all peace. Celebrating Aunt Dorothy’s life forever!


Verna Lundblad posted on 9/5/20

To my cousin, words can not express how sad I am and how fast time goes by. You think you always have time to get together with family and friends, but time has a way of creeping up on you. Marnette is such a wonderful cousin and I wish I had more time to let her know. Rest In Peace my beautiful cousin.


Gwendolyn Cole posted on 9/5/20

Sending prayers and all my Love to the Ashley family. Terry and Lauren I love you dearly. Thanks so much for taking such excellent care of my best friend. I know that she is resting in peace. No more pain. She was a true warrior. Until we meet again Love you Marnette Your best friend Gwendolyn Cole



Pearl Bettinger posted on 9/5/20

Thinking of u always. Lots of love



Carrieanna Johnson posted on 9/5/20

In memory of Janice Annette Owens, Carrieanna Johnson lit a candle



Jennifer Hernke posted on 9/5/20

I am so sorry for your loss.


Angie Schmidt posted on 9/5/20

Our deepest sympathies for your loss. May her memory be eternal.


Hariet von Moltke posted on 9/5/20

Sending condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mother. Will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


Shannon Moore posted on 9/5/20

Diane introduced me to her Mom years ago when she and her sister would come “up north” to visit. She was always so upbeat and friendly. A very nice lady and so easy to talk to. She will be missed by her family and friends.



Kemeelah Fair posted on 9/5/20

Dear family I love you all and Ms.Janice I will always remember the love and the positive conversation we had! My you RIP! Love Markus ,Mariah and Kim!! Love you!!


Bonnie Wolfe posted on 9/5/20

I am so sorry for your loss. My memory of my cousin Dorothy will always be her smile, her joy at seeing you again, her hugs, her stories of the past, including those of her and my mother Marge (Jankowski) Christensen, her love of Fred and the memories of two of them at the Florentine Opera company. I will never forget that great lady and I am so happy that she is in heaven spreading her joy there.



Jennifer Lind posted on 9/5/20



Michelle Taylor posted on 9/4/20

George, Kiki, and family, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts, prayers, and love are with you at this difficult time. ❤ Michelle Taylor



Marcie & Jeffrey Clarke posted on 9/4/20

So sorry for your loss, our hearts and prayers are with you, Marcie & Jeff


Jake Brennan posted on 9/4/20

Sending a big virtual hug to you and your family, Sandy. May the warm memories of Dale bring you comfort during this season. Jake Brennan


Laurie and Dave posted on 9/4/20

You were blessed to have her with and nearby for so many years. Prayers of comfort for your family.


Craig Valenti posted on 9/4/20

My condolences to her family. She was a great woman, friendly and always had a smile on her face. Love the trucking industry and just a great person!



Maida & Ken posted on 9/4/20

Our hearts are saddened by your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Frauke posted on 9/4/20

I am so sorry about your loss. I feel for all of you. My thoughts, prayers and well-wishes are with you during this difficult and hard time in your life.


John Weyers posted on 9/3/20

So sorry to hear the news. Sorry I can’t be there to extend my condolences in person



Perone Family posted on 9/3/20

We never got to meet this beautiful girl but we know how much she was loved by everyone. We truly wish your family the best and will continue praying for you all..


Gail Andrade posted on 9/3/20

Mom you are greatly missed. But now you can be with daddy and all your family and friends. All peace and happiness. Love you and you were a wonderful mom. Your daughter Gail



Linda Phipps (College Park, Ga.) posted on 9/3/20

My sincere condolences to the Miller family.


Gloria Mosley posted on 9/3/20

Dear Heaton family, Please accept my condolence and deep regrets for your loss and I'd like to share where I found comfort and hope at such a time as this when I lost my entire family to this enemy death. I found this in what I read in Jehovah Gods word the Bible at John528,29 here it tells us that we'll see our love ones again at the resurrection when Jesus brings them back here on earth and we're also told at Isaiah25:8 this enemy death will be gone forever. These scriptures along with help me cope with my loss and get through each day because now I know I'll see my love ones again and so can you. I wanted to share this with you now when hope and comfort is needed hoping that this will help you also for this is my purpose in sharing this with you at this time and please know I do share your grief and would like to hear from you as to if this helped in some way. Please feel free to let me know. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, GM



Flora posted on 9/3/20

I will never forget your kindness! May God give you eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great pain Please tell my mom I miss her terribly


Carolyn Barnes posted on 9/3/20

Marnette was a good friend!! I was so sadden to hear the news of her passing. We lost touch with each other when we moved away from Milwaukee. I regret we didn’t stay in touch. Marnette, your friendship will never be forgotten. Your friendship will remain in my heart forever. “She passed through glory’s morning gate and walked in paradise.” Rest In Peace My Friend.


Annebelle Snyder posted on 9/3/20

Would have loved to have had you as a grandfather. Too bad my first lesser father signed his parental rights away (abandoned me) because my mom found a man who had a Pringle’s can for a peckha and my dad was intimidated by it. We call him Pat the cuckold


MC Serch posted on 9/3/20

Why didn't you wear a rubber, B?


Nadean Hooks posted on 9/3/20

My deepest and sincere condolences to the family of our beloved Shirley Ballard. Her kindness and loving spirit will be missed by many who’s lives she touched. May you all find peace and strength during this difficult time, and cherish all the precious memories you all shared.


MM Schill posted on 9/3/20

I’m so sad I’m going to eat a cake with booze in it then drink a ridiculously full glass of cheap sweet white wine


Dawn Stricklen posted on 9/3/20

My condolences too your.


John Gulbonney posted on 9/3/20

So sorry to hear, Roy really helped me get in shape years back. He said diet was key. First, no bacon, egg, cheese on a roll this morning… Day 1 of an old school no-sugars, no-carbs, only healthy fats diet. 6 small healthy meals/snacks day and a lean and green (6oz meat and salad) at night. Not drinking much alcohol at all, so to quit altogether is no big deal. Back to Sashimi, and NO FOOD AT ALL AFTER 8pm. I’ve been feeling like ass since putting on 40lbs over the last 2 years…Lower back fucked up, can’t bend straight over to tie my sneakers without breathing hard, feels like I’m laying face first on a basketball if I try to get a tan on my fat ass… A high weight of 250 today folks. It will only go down from here. ANYONE CAN DO IT. Takes will power and the desire to feel healthy overriding the desire to eat food that tastes GREAT. I quit smoking and (backmin the day) blow…cold turkey. Just stopped at will. If you follow this plan and get your body into “fat burning mode” (takes about 2 weeks of hardcore diet adjustment) WITH NO CHEATING…and the weight will fall off of you like a terminal AIDS patient. ? ? (No offense AIDS patients….) ? Goal- 210lbs… PS- I cover my fatness up well. Being 6’ 1” helps big time.


Alyssa Trudell posted on 9/3/20

Sandy, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending light, love, and strength to you and your family during this time. May you all find comfort and happiness looking back at the life and memories you made together. Alyssa Trudell


Nigel Igger posted on 9/3/20

Patrick Tomlinson is a fat-titted alcoholic.


Tony Danza posted on 9/3/20

Thoughts and prayers. I have a giant mule


Jim Norton posted on 9/3/20

It's a tough one, man. I miss Roy, genuinely. I would honestly tell you if I didn't.


Zac Amico posted on 9/3/20

I was double teaming this chick with her husband. Now he's selling coke in heaven.


Luis J Gomez posted on 9/3/20

What up muthafuckaz? Blop blop. It's ya boy Luis J Gomez. Puerto Rican Rattlesnake, ultimate minority, real ass dude, Joan Jett of comedy. I got a lot of names. Rest in peace, doggy.


Sam Roberts posted on 9/3/20

Coshtuuuuuume. *goat cackle*


John Wesley posted on 9/3/20

When my ex wife and I got divorced I was having a rough time of it. I was going to sign the rights to my sons away. Big Roy told me not to but instead be completely submissive to her and tweet about our relationship daily


Jason Free posted on 9/3/20

I had the great joy of serving Janine with God's Word during her life. Her faith in her Lord and Savior, Jesus, was always great. I am sorry for your loss, but I rejoice that Janine is now home in heaven. God bless


Jeff P    posted on 9/3/20

Thank you, Joyce, for having made me a part of your family. You were a 2nd mother to me for all of these years. Your presence will forever be with us all. Rest peacefully and know you are still loved.



Presley Carlyle posted on 9/3/20

In memory of Marnette F. Ashley, Presley Carlyle lit a candle


Angela vazquez-rosa posted on 9/2/20

dear grandma , I miss you dearly already and it hasn't been that long. Im gonna miss your amazing banana cream pie that we requested at every gathering . I miss your bright red lips. Im glad you now get to be with grandpa again i know you missed each other so much. I had a dream the day you passed , I seen you walk through heavens gate and grandpa came running to you. You two embraced and cried . I know thats how it would be when you two reunited. Give all our family kisses in heaven and let them all know how much we miss you all and think about you all always. Rest easy grandma enjoy heaven and one day we will all be together in paradise. Love your granddaughter angela


Tanya posted on 9/2/20

Fred Simerl was also her son


Saiyaian Z Entertainment posted on 9/2/20

Ssssso ssssorry for your losssss. Pleassssse ssssubssscrobebto my YouTube channel



SANDY TOY posted on 9/2/20

So sorry for your loss. I worked with carol for 30 years at Utility Products . She was a sweet person and so much fun to be around. When we worked there it was like one big family every friday we would all party together She will be deeply missed.


Judy Brown posted on 9/2/20

So sorry for your loss. I am the daughter of Betty at VMP. Bob's friend/dining partner. We just found out about Bob. We are unable to attend the services but just wanted to let you know that my family really saw him as a very nice person. Peace to all of you.


Anthony Cumia posted on 9/2/20

Miss you Roy. Youd be so proud of the forums making Pats like a living h*ll. I know you hated him but she married em anyways. I know. Shes a dumb girl. Dont worry buddy. We got your 6 and were rly cranky. Were not going to give up until you and Jesus get to laugh and slam the pearly gates on his face. Rest in piss bro.


LORI A COLLENBURG posted on 9/2/20

Curt and I are sorry we could not attend the funeral. We will always cherish the fond memories we have of Bob! What a guy! Was always there for us! Rest In Peace.


SANDRA L POZNIAK posted on 9/2/20



Dan Mark posted on 9/2/20

Great sadness. We lost touch for many years and reunited through Facebook over a year ago. Rest peacefully my friend and please save me a seat, I'll be there soon.



Richard Wagner posted on 9/2/20

Miss you much !


Russell Steinhart posted on 9/2/20

What can I say about uncle Bob? Mostly his love of family,his generosity,all of his kind words,his ability to inspire others,his unselfish service to his country,even his ability to fix things and make them better. His work ethic-work hard and play even harder. We ALL have missed the holidays spent together as time moves on. He was my favorite uncle of all. We pray that your hearts find peace in his passing. With all of our thoughts and players.Russ and family.


Patrick Emmer posted on 9/2/20

I can't remember seeing Jim angry. He was a fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor that was a joy to be around. He would do anything for this family and friends. Jim was a great story teller with a booming voice that would fill the room. I will miss him dearly.


randy chenoweth posted on 9/2/20

sorry to hear of stan's passing worked with him years ago at miller along with his wife rose wil be deeply missed


louise wisinski posted on 9/2/20

I knew you years ago Marnette and was sad to hear of your passing. You were always so sweet; sympathies to your family.


John Wesley posted on 9/2/20

Pat Tomlinson is fat


Debra Burris posted on 9/1/20

To our "Pops" Mr. Harry, You've always said "we all have to go that way, Hon" and I still hear your words but it is really hard to deal with now that you're gone. Life sometimes isn't easy! Your chair sits mostly empty in our living room, the bench outside was just for you as you like to watch the traffic go by. I am hanging the wind sock we just bought for you near it so it will remind us of you as it blows. You always watched that sock outside your window to monitor that wind! I could not have asked for a better father-in-law. I love you and will miss your wise remarks. You were a man of few words, but when you spoke people listened. Your smile, your love of cowboy boots and western hats, your being particular about your appearance will be the things I will keep fond memories of. You were so proud when you came in from the Day Center and told us a woman had said "your pants were creased so sharp you could use it as a knife"! You have always been appreciative and such a southern gentleman, especially around the ladies lol! We already miss your presence at the table for Sunday dinner as you always enjoyed your meal. You would say "this is some good eating!" as you ate everything on your plate, one thing at a time. Once done, you would let us know you were ready for dessert, "sweetening" as you call it. So I knew I had to make a cobbler or something or Robert had to bake a cake for dinner. We enjoyed every minute with you. You have always had love for family. We all loved you just as much. You had become my "pops" just as Robert's. We have done whatever we thought was needed to make you happy. I think we did well! We will be okay as we continue to take care of each other but will miss you greatly. And Pops, one more thing...I want to thank you and Clara for creating for me, my Robert.


Robert Burris Sr. posted on 9/1/20

My dad I feel was a very humble man who would help his family in a heartbeat! I will miss the small talks we used to have. He would say "son, if I never have another beer, I'm good". We used to take walks together, we often ate together and enjoyed watching cars going by as we sat together on the bench in front of our house. One of his favorite things to do was to go riding, to wherever - eating a few peppermints along the way. A favorite stop was the car wash. He would often get out, walk around and observe me cleaning my truck. If you know him, you know I got it honestly... He often told me "I'm proud of you guys" for the way Debra and I have worked together to have and take care of home. That's another thing I think I inherited from him as he always took care of his. We often talked about family and the things we used to do at his house in Broken Bow like hiding out one night with guns to shoot the wild dog that had been attacking and killing his chickens. He loved coming to our house, we would watch westerns or the Three Stooges if I could find them until they watched us! Growing up Pops was not as much a part of my life as he had become in his later years. I felt we became so much closer later in his life and I am grateful for that. The last five years or so I have got to know him as kind, loving and caring. I have grown to love him more than I ever thought I would. Dad, even though we told you often, I love you and will really really miss you. Love ya Dad, Robert Burris Sr.



Susan Schimelfenyg posted on 9/1/20

As a former member of DS, I was very fond of Sister Rosalima(Rita)!


Susan Schimelfenyg posted on 9/1/20

I had great admiration for Sr. Rosalima. As a


Sharon Lewandowski (Wendzinski) posted on 9/1/20

To Stans family and friends, I would like to extend my sympathies for the loss of your father, grandfather and friend. I was very young when I knew Stan. I would see him at my dads sisters home often. My Aunt Lucille often entertained Stan and his family at her home where she shared a home with my grandmother. What I remember of Stan was he loved to laugh and I loved to hear him laugh, it was quite unusual. He was kind and very sweet to me and I always appreciated the good man he was. All my love and Rest In Peace Stan❤️


Jim Haag posted on 9/1/20

About 15 (or more?) years ago, along with Buddy Hauswirth and Glenn Dethloff, we were playing golf with Bob in Milwaukee. We had a BIG!!! bet, and Bob ended up winning $2. He was so excited, that he treated the three of us to dinner that night to the tune of several hundred dollars, so he could brag about his great day on the golf course. Bob was generous to a fault. I have a hard time remembering if he ever let me pay for a dinner. And there were many. He treated his friends very well, including jobs, and advice. I'm glad I got to see him last fall for a short visit, and our last phone call a couple of weeks ago.



Bettye Locklear posted on 9/1/20

Sending prayers and love your way during your time of need.


Harriet posted on 9/1/20

May her memory be eternal


Mary Keysor posted on 9/1/20

Bob was a special person with a big heart always ready to help. John and I were fortunate to spend time with Bob at our 50th and again when he and his guy friends visited Maine. He will be missed. Mary Ann our thoughts and prayers go to you and your family.


Dewey & Pegg posted on 9/1/20

We will never forget our first meeting with Stan at a karaoke party in his neighborhood. Ever since then we became lifelong friends and remained friends for over 25 years. When we moved to Florida of course he came to visit and ended up purchasing a home right across the canal from us. We continued to host karaoke here in Florida and of course Stan (Stash) was always there to sing and support us. We will also remember Stan as our most avid packer party participant He always called our home the Packers Shrine and I will always try to hold up to that nickname. We will always remember him and he will be dearly missed not just by us but also all the members of the Moose Lodge here in Punta Gorda Florida. God Bless you Stash and say “hi” to Rosie for us!


Pamela J Klett posted on 9/1/20

Naomi/ Cliff, Neal/Bernice & Families So many wonderful memories of Aunt Ruth. Her smile and kindness will live on in my heart forever. I remember playing in the "closet" in the front breezeway and her passing on some of her Avon samples to Mom & I to take home and try out :-). Our Tamms family Thanksgivings were also something Ross, Scott & I looked forward to. Aunt Ruth would make her famous pies and homemade whipped cream. It was the one day of the year we enjoyed sharing stories, playing games and getting to know each other better. I feel comfort in knowing Uncle Connie & Debbie were there to greet Aunt Ruth and they are now together again. I attached a photo Dad gave me a while back. Is dated July 1941. Appears to be taken at the house on Bradley Rd. Uncle Connie & Aunt Ruth are standing in front of Dad. Love Pam, Rick & family



Naomi Brown Williams posted on 9/1/20

I wish you all comfort during this difficult time. He was a remarkable man.



Sharon McBroom posted on 9/1/20

My sincere condolences to the Dude family. his brother Jeff is a dear friend of mine and my heart goes out to him and the family.


Doc Holiday posted on 9/1/20

Roy always loved his beautiful ginger daughter very much. I also love her. We used to stay up late watching cowboy movies. Roy always hated one character in the movie "Meatloaf at the Tabernacle" named Patrick Tomlinspurs. Roy always used to rave that his gun didn't make any sense, because the ammo is super expensive and the ammo it's designed to shoot is illegal without permits. Roy always loved the end of the movie when Tomlinspurs died of jaundice. Really love and miss you big man.


Jeanne Erke posted on 9/1/20

Nancy was such a lovely lady. She was always happy to see you. She always had a smile for you. She always had a funny story to tell that would make you laugh until you had tears rolling down your face. Most of all she loved her family!! She will be missed.


Mark Hingiss posted on 9/1/20

Lynn, Gary, and family. So sorry to hear of your fathers passing. What a nice man. Great memories, like Colleen, of camping. Also, pulling up to my parents house, and finding him chatting away on our back porch, with a beer or drink in hand.


Connie A Michael posted on 9/1/20

Thanks for the great memories and my trip to Wisconsin I will miss you dearly


It's me, Joe Matarese posted on 8/31/20

I was wondering if it would be okay to plug my podkheest?


Daniel Ben Dovid posted on 8/31/20

I'll always remember the time I beat him at Guitar Hero at Pancakes House. Also, my dad says hi. He says that to toasters, too, but I'm telling myself he remembers who you are.


Lil Connor Peterson posted on 8/31/20

Roy was a great tongue kisser


Ken a d Marllene Kaja posted on 8/31/20

We are do sorry to hear about Stan's death. That was a surprise to read a out it. So sorry for your lose. I know he will always be in your heart I also had a lose on mother's day as my Sister passed away. I will always miss her Marlene


John BLAKNEY posted on 8/31/20

Went to TECH with Stan. Had a lot of fun times together. Im sure he will be missed by everyone who knew him. RIP. John Blakney, Melbourne Fl.


Patrick Tomlinson posted on 8/31/20

I'm crushing your daughter Nikkis self esteem every day like a bug, child. She even tries to have yellower teeth than me, but I gargle the urine of homeless men, so I win that too, dead child.


The Ghost of Roy Robinson posted on 8/31/20

Wooooo I’m a ghooost. Why did yoooou marry such a hack writer? Why can’t you be more like your smoooking hot ginger sister who I lusted after? Niiice sunglasses on your head stupid. I gotta gooooo hang out with Fonner, Ruiz and Henley. Annnd rememmmberr


Pat Beard Birrenkott posted on 8/31/20

Brenda so very sorry for the passing of your dad. No matter how old we are, it is so hard losing the very first man we loved. We remain daddy’s girl in our heart. Send my love to your mom. Hold on tight to each other and live your life’s to the fullest to honey your dad. All My Thoughts and Prayers, Pat Birrenkott


Pat Beard Birrenkott posted on 8/31/20

So very sorry for the loss of your dad. No matter how old daughters are it is always hard when the man we first loved and cared for passes to heaven. It is sad to lose him.i send my love and thoughts and prayers to you. Please hug your mom tighter and the two of you will need each other. Love, Pat Beard Birrenkott❤️❤️


JANICE EWALD posted on 8/31/20

Condolences to Family, Had known Paul for several years and did much business with him when he resided in Berlin. He was a fun person and always kept one on their toes. Made a mark in the Berlin Community as a property owner and had accumulated several friends along the way. He will be missed. My sympathies to the Family Janice Ewald


Terri Pilawa posted on 8/31/20

My sincere deepest condolences to Brenda and family. I wish you many blessings of peace. Love, Terri


Jon Snyeder posted on 8/31/20

Roy was a fair weather packers fan at best. Bad at grilling. Worst is that he was okay with men breaking wind in his daughters most intimate of places


Jeanette Kois Brown posted on 8/31/20

So very sorry, he was a good man, I have many good memories with him and in High School, he was my 2nd dad!!! Rest in Peace!


Thomas Apostle posted on 8/31/20

I always loved this man. He once told me a very touching story about a young alcoholic girl and an obese hack writer, in the story the girl realizes she has been throwing her life away and talks to her husband about it. After she lays her heart out to her husband, he simply blinks then asks her for money to go to hooligans. The moral is, not everyone has the same priority in life. Some of us are ok with living in a half hovel, others strive to be something better for their children that they didn't sign the rights away too.


Rae Wichinski posted on 8/31/20

Sandy - I am so sorry for you loss. I wish comfort for you and your family during this time and send love your way.


Gary Brown posted on 8/31/20

To my Aunt Helen and my cousins. All my uncles were unique and played an important role in my life, but my Uncle Thomas was always full of laughter. So many memorable moments I can recall with him taking us to Brewers games as kids, bowling, and other events but the genuine love he shared with us will never be forgotten. We were so blessed to have you as a part of our lives and your spirit will live on through all of us. I love you uncle.


Bob , June , Crystal ,Callie and Danny White posted on 8/30/20

Drew we are sincerely sorry for your loss. Wish we could be there in your time of sorrow. We praying for you and your family. With all our love. The White Family


colleen stoddard posted on 8/30/20

So many wonderful memories - our neighborhood, camping with the Log Burners, and best of all, dancing with Mr. Steinhart at my wedding. He and Gary attended just after losing Norma. Blessed! God Bless you and I am sure he is having a beer with my Dad (George).


Leif Salvesen posted on 8/30/20

I first met Bob in 1967 when we were stationed at the Naval Facility at Big Sur, CA. We remained dear friends ever since. I feel fortunate to have had such a loyal and true friend. Bob was as quick as he was clever, a man of firm beliefs over a wide variety of subjects. We found common ground in our hopes for Wisconsin’s sports teams and our forlorn prospect for sound governance, locally and in Washington. Bob was proud of his alma mater, Lawrence University. Annie and Carolynn made him prouder still when they both also graduated from Lawrence. Bob and Mary Ann loved to travel---broadening and brightening already expansive and exceptional minds. At their Door County “cottage” they found peace and a quiet place to recharge their batteries. He was as generous with his time and resources as he was with his opinions. Bob was one of a kind, I’m afraid we shall not know his like again, and we all shall the poorer for it. Time now for Bob to reunite with his dear departed and long-time Greendale running-mate, Buddy. A reunion only Heaven can arrange.



Corrine (O'Bara) Wichman posted on 8/30/20

Sorry to hear the sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.


Harry and Maureen Genett posted on 8/30/20

Goodbye to a longtime friend. We have lots of fond memories of times gone by. MaryAnn, you and the family, will be in our thoughts and our prayers. Bob was a good guy who will be missed by many!! Hugs!! Maureen and Harry


Bill Gutknecht posted on 8/30/20

Bob was a good friend. Though we were together only a few times since high school, I will miss him He worked hard and had what I consider a successful life. He inspired me to do my best. My condolences to his family, Bob - be well with God.


Gerald G Millard posted on 8/30/20

God speed Bob, your presence will be missed by all. Gerry


Judy Lex posted on 8/30/20

To Maryann and family, Sorry to hear of Bob's passing. Saw Bob at our classmates lunches. Sincerely, Judy Grant Lex


Marv and Sue Carlson posted on 8/30/20

Marv and I fondly remember all the good times with your mom, dad and families in Canada. It is hard for us to believe that they have both passed away. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Marv and Sue Carlson


Paul Eilbes posted on 8/30/20

So sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I have many fond memories of times together at the Milwaukee Civil War Round Table. Thoughts and prayers to Mary Ann and the family.


Gloria Teifke posted on 8/29/20

Hi Dawn, Wendy and Chad. I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your mom. I hope you and your families are doing well. I used to bowl with your mom (and Dad) seems like a hundred years ago. Take care and stay healthy.



Betty Gaines posted on 8/29/20

To Helen, Tammy and family. It has been since 2019 since I said goodbye to Thomas and he was still full of laughter. Time has filled this gap and God has taken him home but the years will always be with you , the memories. Be strong and keep wisdom up front and close.Love from Spring,TX.


Mike Dailey posted on 8/29/20

Sandy - So so sorry to hear this news. Dale was surely one of the good ones. A long time ago he helped to shape who I am today. He is the answer to my favorite on-line security challenge question, “Who was your best friend in grade school?” I will always miss the ‘Carefree' and invincible motorcycling days with him. Please give my best to Francis - I miss the days hanging out with the family on 97th St. Wishing all of you strength and comfort in this vey tough time. Mike Dailey


Denise Johnson-Sherard posted on 8/28/20

My sincerest and most heartfelt condolences to the entire family and friends. You're in our prayers. Robert and Denise Sherard


Willenborg Family posted on 8/28/20

We are so sorry for the loss of your son. We are honored to have been able to see Warren on the ice - He will always hold a special place in our hears and be considered part of our Hockey Family. Love The Willenborgs


Susan Steinhart posted on 8/28/20

Dear Gary, Lynn, Mark and family, Sending love and prayers to help heal your grieving hearts. I can still see Uncle Bob’s awesome smile and generous spirit. He certainly left a legacy for loving everyday life; and, most importantly his family. May God fill your hearts with peace. Love, Cousin Susie.


Maxine Owens posted on 8/28/20

To The CARTER FAMILY, please accept my heartfelt condolences in the loss of your loved one. As your mind floods with good memories of him, please draw on that strength and know that you can see him again, by accepting Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior, In JESUS NAME, AMEN! ♥️


Jane Hellendrung posted on 8/28/20

One of my memories of Wayne was just after my husband died. Eileen and Wayne stopped over just after Christmas. My daughter Sara (who was just 3 at the time) got a toy kitchenette from Santa. Wayne offered and put it together for her so I didn’t have to. He was a good man who will be dearly missed



Dee Carter posted on 8/28/20

With Love, Dee, Redd,Avonte´, Damareon, Remya, Amber, Kyrie.



Paige Riordan posted on 8/28/20

I am beyond sorry for loss of your son, friend, father, significant other, and family member. An amazing soul, lost way to soon but always near and dear in our hearts. Stay strong and know he’s ways with you no matter what smiling! Rest In heaven Warren!!


cheryl morgan posted on 8/28/20

Carol was a wonderful woman who will be truly missed! She was a great mother in law. I'll never forget Christmas a few years ago at Wendy's house. She made sure to make me feel comfortable and still part of the family! She had me sit next to her for most of the day and have me "sneak" her mimosas. Carol was also adored by her grandchildren and great grandchildren! They will always have fond memories of her. Rest in peace Carol. No more pain or suffering the Lord has you in his arms now. Love, Cheryl


Shanta Wilma Roszel Zyeir posted on 8/28/20

We are sad to lose such a wonderful person that is loved by so many people..i love cousin you will always be in ours hearts...



Peggy A Owens posted on 8/28/20

In memory of Warren "Lil Warren" Carter, Peggy A Owens lit a candle


Travis Meyer posted on 8/28/20

My man, I’m speechless. You were one of the truest I had ever met. You always had a smile on your face no matter what. You had a incredible ability to connect with people, you Always became so close to the people around you. You we’re contagious. From the good times in college to living the Cali dream for a summer. You were always there to keep me straight. We always talked about our future and what it held. I just can’t believe you are gone. You will be forever missed and never forgotten my brotha. From your Cali brother. Travis Meyer


David Higgs posted on 8/28/20

When I was 15 I moved from Utah to Michigan to play hockey for Tri-City and Warren was my roommate. He helped me get through the first couple weeks when I wanted to just quit and go home. I had my bags packed and he talked me out of it. Told me to “stick it out, everyone feels like I was but it will pass” So I stayed another week and I ended up loving that year. If it wasn’t for him my hockey career could of ended. So he will always be a brother to me.



Vincent G Carter posted on 8/28/20

Sharing the loss of Cousin Warren Yoshi Carter. Your smile, quiet demeanor, and athleticism will be missed. Praying for Bohdi, Warren, Debra, Brenda, Nicole, Danon, JJ, and our entire family during this transition period. You will be missed and always thought of.



Joy Heintz posted on 8/28/20

I love you sister. Sorry I can’t make it to the memorial, but the rest of my family will be there. I’m sending along some beautiful flowers I put together especially for you.



Jim Barman posted on 8/27/20

Sister Rita, You will be greatly missed here, but it is comforting knowing your last months on earth as God was calling you home, were was a quick and painless journey. I picture you enjoying a great visit with with God and visiting Grandpa and Grandma (your Father and Mother), and also getting to see your siblings that had gone before you. Again, you will be greatly missed down here.


Carly Sinjakovic posted on 8/27/20

Sandy, I am so sorry to hear about Dale’s passing and for your loss. He was truly an awesome person! I so enjoyed working with him. It amazed me how he could remember so many jokes and he really did make me smile and laugh every day at work! I will miss him very much. I am thinking about you and your boys during this difficult time. Carly Sinjakovic


Frank Windt posted on 8/27/20

Mary Ann and Family, So sorry to hear the news about Bob, keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts. I have so many great memories working with Bob at Family Health Systems. I will see you next week Tuesday. All the best under these times and please take care and stay safe. Frank Windt



Rose And jantwan posted on 8/27/20

Uncle I love you and i will always keep ur name alive. Jantwan Goodman ur nephew


Kent A Tess-Mattner posted on 8/27/20

Dear Charlie, Mike and family, The cycling community mourns the loss of Rich, former Wisconsin State Road champion in the veteran's/master's class and all-around class act. I always enjoyed my rides with Rich, usually along with Bill Meyer, and the nice chats we had during them. I will deeply miss Rich's passion, tenacity and friendship. Kent Tess-Mattner


Rebecca and Bryan Gill posted on 8/27/20

We are so sorry about Rich's passing. He was a great man, a good neighbor, and an adoptive grandpa to our two boys. He became "Mr. Rich" very soon after meeting us. The last 23 years of being friends was way too short. Rich always had a funny story to tell, a great joke, and would make everyone laugh. He was an easy man to get to know. We miss seeing him sit on the front porch watching all the kids play and waiting for someone to come on over to have a drink and enjoy the sunset. The void left behind by his passing will not be filled. We miss you and love you, Mr. Rich. Charlie, please know that we will be here for anything you need. Let us all have a drink on the porch soon to celebrate the wonderful man you married and shared with the world, Mr. Rich.


Teresa Anderson posted on 8/27/20

Hello, I just heard about Neil's death. I am so sorry. He was very nice to us and supportive as his northern neighbor on 106th street.



Cheffon Carter and Family posted on 8/27/20

Your entrance into eternal life has left avoid. One day when the hurt has eased we all will say with love and passion thank you Lord for the memories we shared.


Ruby HunterI will posted on 8/27/20

Auntie will always love you


Michael Wayne De Nomie posted on 8/27/20

Prayers for you,your family,your friends and your comrades in arms. Good man,good cop,good friend to all. What better epitaph?


Ken & Cheryl Fredlund posted on 8/27/20

Sorry to read about Rich's passing. We had alot of fun during our Wisconsin Sky Divers years. Sincere sympathy to the entire family.



tisha hunter posted on 8/27/20



Connie and Jamees Demulling posted on 8/27/20

We offer Sr. Rita's family our sincere sympathy. We both spent many wonderful times with with her at her residence in Wauwatosa. We will miss her smiling face and her good food she would prepare for us. We loved playing board and card games with her too. We know that she is out of pain and enjoying her heavenly reward.


Craig V. Hasting posted on 8/27/20

My wife Sandy and I are deeply saddened upon hearing the news of Ron’s passing. Over the years we enjoyed attending various parties with Ron and Jane or just Ron and I playing golf together He was truly one of the good guys. I can’t express in words how much of an impact Ron had on my police department career. Suffice to say when he moved up the promotional ladder, it seemed I was always one step behind. Some people acquire “rank” and become ‘bosses’. Not Ron. He was a leader, a mentor, a teacher and a friend. He set the example for what police work was all about. He never “asked” anyone to do anything he himself had not already done. The adventures we shared while working in the Detective Bureau on the late shift I am sure could fill a book. I will always cherish them. And as I reflect back over the years, some things stand out: I am a better person for knowing Ron Mehl and a better police commander for having listened to Inspector Ronald Mehl. And now he is re-united with his Jane. Rest in Peace, my friend. Craig V. Hasting Deputy Inspector of Police (ret)



Chauncey Berry posted on 8/27/20

Sending prayers


Jon Kuck posted on 8/27/20

Our deepest sympathy and condolences to Kevin and family. May God grant you peace. Be Safe.


Milwaukee Police Post #415 posted on 8/27/20

With Sympathy to Your Whole Family. May it comfort you to know that others care, and may you find new hope and peace in the days ahead.



Patty muth posted on 8/27/20

RIP carol fly with the angels



Sharon McMurray posted on 8/27/20

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Thankful Lil Warren...❤️


Angel Johnson posted on 8/27/20

When I first saw the first Facebook post of your passing I immediately didn't take it seriously until I started to see more similar posts just seconds later. It really saddened my heart to hear/see such tragic news for someone so amazing and kindhearted as you are. Time really flies to think back and realize we've went to school together since 4th grade. Its been a journey watching you grow into such a wonderful man. I'm upset that I won't be able to make the service due to being out of town. I send all of my love and condolences to you and your family. You will be truly missed and never forgotten. RIP WARREN


Ruby Hunter posted on 8/27/20

Auntie loves you, remember we will see each other again.



Amanda Lawson posted on 8/26/20

We love you granny forever. You are and always will be missed! Rest in heaven my sweet angel.


Jeff LaBrec posted on 8/26/20

Warren I know you were a great Dad. It’s so clear that your Being lives in Bodhi and always will. I will remind Bodhi of your Love for him and how wonderful a Man you are. Love always


Valerie Smith posted on 8/26/20

I’m in disbelief and my heart is broken. I love you and will never stop. Life seems unfair sometimes and you leaving us and your beautiful son is extremely unfair



Sherry Wilson-King & Family posted on 8/26/20

Praying for strength, comfort and peace.



Taffi Sofey posted on 8/26/20

My sincere condolences to Noodles family. He was an icon in my life since 94. We celebrated our birthdays every year together. Mine is 12th and his day after.... He was my dear friend. He will be sadly missed but the comfort is knowing we'll meet again.



Linda Shaffer Journigan posted on 8/26/20

In memory of Warren "Lil Warren" Carter, Linda Shaffer Journigan lit a candle


Linda Shaffer Journigan posted on 8/26/20

1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 The LORD Himself shall descend from heaven w/a shout w/the voice of the archangel and w/the trump of GOD and the dead in Christ shall rise first then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the LORD in the air and so shall we ever be w/the LORD. wherefore comfort one another with these words. BE BLESSED


Bob and Patti Echevarria posted on 8/26/20

Mehl family, we are very sorry for your loss. Ron was a good man and so sweet. Always so nice to us. We were Blessed to know Ron and Jane both. They will be dearly missed. Praying for the Lords peace and comfort over the family.



Simmons Family posted on 8/26/20

In memory of Warren "Lil Warren" Carter, Simmons Family lit a candle


Simmons Family posted on 8/26/20

May God bring your family the much needed peace and strength during this difficult time. We are deeply saddened by your loss and we offer our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. From the Simmons Family



Erica A Ware posted on 8/26/20

My prayers at this time of great loss.


Tom Kamoske posted on 8/26/20

As a Police Aide and Rookie played ball with Ronnie..A loved and respected leader on MPD. RIP Inspector @ your beloved St.Matthias.



Tina Long posted on 8/26/20

My heart is saddled by the loss of this young man and my prayers are with you.


Bill METZEN posted on 8/26/20

I worked with Ron for many years as an ID tech. We did crime scenes, bomb scenes and array of other things. He was always fun to be with and was always very professional. He always respected the people that he worked with. Judy was Great to work with too. May Ron rest in peace with God. “Be safe my brother “ ‍♂️


Sandy Johannes posted on 8/26/20

Sandy, I am thinking of you and your family and sending caring thoughts your way. May you find peace, comfort and wonderful memories to look back on in the days to come. I am praying for you and your family. Sincerely, Sandy Johannes


Melissa Anderson Hovey posted on 8/26/20

My sincere condolences to Kevin's family, friends and relatives. Although I had not been in touch with Kevin for many years I have good memories of the time we spent together my senior year of high school. I am sorry to hear of his passing and am glad he moved back home and reconnected with some old friends in Brookfield. As the notice said, no one could throw a better party than Kevin Kelly and the world will be a little dimmer and with a few less jokes and laughter in it now that he isn't here. Rest in peace Kevin. Melissa Hovey (Anderson) Sister of Kurt Anderson Fellow nurses aide with Kathleen Kelly in 1975/76


Raymond R Sucik posted on 8/26/20

As a police supervisor and Bomb Squad Commander you treated us all with kindness and respect. I will be forever grateful for what I was able to learn from you and apply to my own journey. May all of your heavenly roll calls be short and have good news. Rest In Peace “Boss”, a title of respect you earned from those you lead. God Bless you.



Michele Thornberry (Hummel) posted on 8/26/20

In memory of Warren "Lil Warren" Carter, Michele Thornberry (Hummel) lit a candle


Consuella Hunter posted on 8/26/20

To my extended family it’s with the deepest condolences I pray that God gives y’all the strength to get thru this just keep the faith. I love each and everyone of y’all.



Paul Kinder posted on 8/26/20

In memory of Warren "Lil Warren" Carter, Paul Kinder lit a candle



Henry & Tammy Harrington posted on 8/26/20

My heart goes out to all the family during this tragic loss of Lil Warren. I know he will be truly missed. I pray that God will give each of us comfort during this difficult time. We love you, Family


Carrie Wadman posted on 8/25/20

Sandy, thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. Sending hope for peace and moments of joy that come from looking through photographs of past times and loved faces.


Moreah posted on 8/25/20

From the first time I met you Warren- it was so clear how much you loved your Beautiful Sarah and your amazingly loving Son! You are an amazing daddy! I know that you will now guide Sarah and Bodhi through their hearts and minds thoughts and feelings going forward. And knowing you You may well flicker a light or candle now and then just to ensure them that you will always be with them - and be their biggest Guardian Angel - You are forever loved for the great spirit you are.



Ruby Hunter posted on 8/25/20

I will never forget you or stop loving you❤ Your Aunt Lois (Ruby Hunter)


Monique Trease posted on 8/25/20

Sincere condolences to you and your family Ron and MJ on the loss of your brother. Not sure I can make the services and wanted you to know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please give your mom a big hug from me too!


Erin Hopkins posted on 8/25/20

Sandy, Wishing you feelings of comfort, moments of peace, and memories of joy during this difficult time. Erin & Chris


Heather Sieverding posted on 8/25/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hugs to all.


Marienda Gates posted on 8/25/20

To my cousin, the most athletic person I know. I miss you so much. Whenever I find myself feeling sad I’ll just do your signature dance! I’ll continue to be strong for the family. I’m sending up a special prayer for your Father and mom Debra and your precious baby boy!! To the Carter family stay encouraged. Do whatever you need to do to heal. #cartergang for life! Love, Ren


Nicol Britten posted on 8/25/20

Sandy - My deepest sympathy to you and your family. May the beautiful memories you share comfort you during this difficult time. Sending you all my prayers.


Alexis J. posted on 8/25/20

You were 11 when we first met. I would come over to hang out with you after school or on weekends when my sister dated your brother and I would watch you play The Sims for endless hours. It was HIGHLY addictive. Up to this day I still play the sims at 29 (lolbvs) I even have your nieces addicted. You always kept a smile and had a spirit was very pure and kind. You will be missed. Rest peacefully.


Mary OBrien posted on 8/25/20

Dear Jim and family, Sending my sympathy on the loss of your father. No matter how old are parents are when we lose them it's difficult. My respect to you for the way you have taken care of them.My thoughts are with you. Mary



Amber Robinson posted on 8/25/20

You will be missed Warren❤️ Rest In Peace.


Meghan Parks posted on 8/25/20

My prayers are with you and your family, Sandy.


Chris Seward posted on 8/25/20

Steven, So sorry to hear about your father's passing. I know how difficult it is to lose a parent at such a young age. Your Ohio KTP family is thinking of you during this time.



Terita Buchanan-Moore posted on 8/25/20

I was so happy to see you some months ago and like always you greeted me with a huge loving smile. We joked and we laugh. It warmed my heart to see you play with your precious son Heaven has gained a beautiful soul. My heart and prayers are with you and your family.


Karen Gray posted on 8/25/20

Sandy, I am so deeply sorry to hear about Dale(the Love of your life). My sincere sympathy to you and your family. I'll see you at the memorial for Dale on 9/11. You take care of yourself!


Sandy posted on 8/25/20

My Mother, Ramona Roberts, (Caroline's cousin) and I, were heartbroken to hear of her passing. Your family is in our hearts and prayers and we wish you peace during this difficult time. She was a sweet soul



Jean Root posted on 8/25/20

I so remember his smile, great picture of Dale ! He fought hard, may he now be at peace and at rest.. Many virtual hugs to all of his family !! ❤️


Melissa Varela posted on 8/25/20

Sandy - I am sending love and light to you and your family through your loss. My heart is with you all. -Melissa Varela


Susie Gpetz posted on 8/25/20

My sincere sympathy to her family and especially her husband. We went to the same church back in the day, KOG. I always, always appreciated her smile and laughter. Even though she had so many things going on in her life, I have never, ever seen her without a smile, which brightened the whole room. I remember she taught me Sunday School at KOG for a while and I think she even babysat for our family at one time. Our parents worked together at Harnischfeger. I will miss her smile and her kind heart. Of note, I used to work for the Seminary Office at Sacred Heart. I had no idea she did too. Again, my love and sympathy to her whole family. Love Susie



Payton posted on 8/25/20

He was like a grandfather to me. I will always cherish the memories of going over to see you both for things like a caramel apple on Halloween or to just chat about life. I am saddened to hear of his passing.



Brian Page posted on 8/25/20

In memory of Dale R. Grosskreutz, Brian Page lit a candle



Brian Page posted on 8/25/20

We will all miss the laugh the smile and the jokes


Ellie Burmesch posted on 8/25/20

I was so sorry to hear of his passing. Steven & I have had discussions about the heartaches & challenges involved in dealing with this cruel disease. I send my heartfelt condolences and many prayers for comfort for your family!


Nicole Kenehan posted on 8/25/20

Steven and family, I am so very sorry for your loss. My most sincere condolences. Sending prayers of Strength, Comfort and Healing during this difficult time.


Ronald Roach posted on 8/25/20

So sorry for your loss, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Paula K. Walker posted on 8/25/20

Steven and family, I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers for comfort and peace during this difficult time.


Mary and Dan Ackerman posted on 8/24/20

Dear Roger and Toni, our sincere sympathy on the untimely death of your son. Doug. There is nothing more difficult than a parent having to bury their child. The obituary sounds like Doug had a fulfilling life and a wonderful family,,so we're sure you were very proud of him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and his family during this difficult time..



Jack & Georgette Wright posted on 8/24/20

With our deepest sympathy, Jack & Georgette Wright


Jason Praefke posted on 8/24/20

The fish are biting Cliffy!


Dick and Janice Neumann posted on 8/24/20

Johnny and family, Our deepest condolences to you and your family. We heard of your fathers passing through our cousin Maria. We are sorry will will not be able to attend Uncle Buddy's service. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your cousin, Dick Neumann


KEITH R CORY posted on 8/23/20

I am deeply saddened by the lose of my dear sweet Aunt Bette. Though it grieves me to know she has gone from us I can not help but rejoice in the knowledge that she has now returned to our Heavenly Father to live the rest of her days being happy in his loving care, undying love and wisdom. She will forever more be happy and at peace with no pain or suffering and the best part is she knew this and was happy knowing she was returning to the Lords grace forever more. My fondest memories of Aunt Bette will always be of her continuous kindness, her love of nature and her willingness to always greet everyone with that pretty smile she had. I especially loved the meticulous way she always took care of her hair. Since I was a young man I always remembered Aunt Bette and her fabulous hairdos. Her hair always managed to catch the light and give off a lovely shade of bluish grey. Aunt Bette, you will always be deeply missed but I know you are sitting up there with that lovely smile and watching over us. Love you always.


Craig R. Radmer posted on 8/23/20

I am thinking of all the times I came over to your home to visit with Jim as the two of us grew up together from grade school to high school. I remember the time you took the two of us to picket with you at Kohl's when the butcher's union went on strike. My first real job was being a stock boy at A&P and Jim was a bagger. We will miss you.


Nancy S Dickinson posted on 8/23/20

Charlie: My sincere condolences on your great loss. I recall fondly college times together with Rich and the "Vets Club" and most recently the time we gathered in Lake Delton for a short lunch time reunion. Never saw him without a smile on his face. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Nancy


Steve Williams posted on 8/23/20

I knew Kathy for many years though didn't see her often. When we would renew our friendship it was as if we picked up where we left off. I saw her not long before she died and we made a certain peace with each other. I have not had a better friend in the world. I will miss her kindness and her smile. She was a loving soul. My deep sympathy for her family.



Kendra Zien posted on 8/23/20

I am so sorry for your loss.



Angela posted on 8/22/20

In memory of Estella M. Stewart, Angela lit a candle


Craig Purse posted on 8/22/20

I met Kevin when I was 4 years old: we were neighbors and used to play (and fight) on Tarcher's hill, the house between us. Kevin became Noodles to me much later, but remained the same optimistic, passionate player (and fighter) that he was when we first met. We'll miss you Noodles... now only Keith Richards is left.


Lisa Macko posted on 8/22/20

Remembering.... The magical, wonderful years at Highland Boulevard. Reunions at Colorado Springs and Palm Springs. Her warmth, compassion, and kindness. Rest well, dear Kathy ❤️


Tom Keller posted on 8/22/20

Kathy was one of the finest people it has been my privilege to know. Anyone who knew her is feeling an intense loss. I am glad she spent much of her last years checking of boxes on her bucket list. She deserved that happiness.


arianna robinson posted on 8/22/20

we miss you so much and we know how much you are loved i pray for your family everyday



arianna robinson posted on 8/22/20

we love you and miss you so much tay you left us way to soon but you will forever live in our hearts


Pat & Dan Marohl posted on 8/21/20

Dear Roger & Toni, We were so sorry & sad to hear of the loss of your son. Nothing can prepare parents for such a devastating loss. We are praying for you & your family for peace & comfort. Please take care. With Love, from your RLC friends, Pat & Dan


Melody Hadley posted on 8/21/20

I didn’t know Patty very long and I met her threw her neighbor Jacki Dunn. She was always pleasant, she would stop over and talk when we were outside. I new that she loved her home very much. She had sold it once and moved to California and then moved back. She repurchase her home for Quite a bit more than what she sold it for. That shows the love of her home. Unfortunately the neighborhood wasn’t the same when she came back. Neighbors and friends she had moved on. She had a very strong love of greyhound dogs. She had adopted several over the years. She was very dedicated to the cause of saving greyhounds. During conversations with her she enjoyed traveling. She was very close with her parents and had a hard time with the loss of her parents. From Melody and Richard Dunn we wish her peace. Our condolences.



Debbie posted on 8/21/20

So very sorry we didn’t get one more visit in. I’ll miss our Thursday afternoons together, but I’m glad that Vince, Dorothy, and Jim are all together now. ❤️


Dan McLaughlin posted on 8/21/20

RIP Noodles. We became friends many years ago at Kennys in Addison and spent many great times in fact we met up his last couple of trips back to Dallas and I could always count on a wild text message every once and awhile. A great guy that wil be missed, one of a kind. Noodles hope you are out of pain, may you be in a prepetial party. You are missed.


kenneth Willis posted on 8/21/20

Kathy was a wonderful person, an excellent contributor to Time Insurance company and a long time friend. She now has peace and is in a better place. Ken & Elaine Willis


John McCormick posted on 8/21/20

I am so sorry to hear of Tami's passing. She was a beautiful, kind and caring person. She made a big impact on mine and my families lives. Dudley I am sorry for your loss. Know that Sandy & I are here for you if you need anything.


Crystal A Covington(Vasey) posted on 8/21/20

He was my father im his only surviving blood daughter.. He will be forever missed.. I still don't know if he was buried or cremated..really wish someone could tell me.... Attached is a pic of him and my daughter....


penny j eichers posted on 8/20/20

We, Penny & Kevin Curtin were your neighbors on S. 75th in West Allis. My son, Brian was born one year after your son, Kristopher. Our terrier, Maggie, would run over to play with your lab. Our home had yellow siding. Kevin passed away in 2005. I have a daughter, Patti, 30 years old and two grandchildren. I was so shocked and saddened to read of your loss, My sympathy, Penny Curtin Eichers



monte posted on 8/20/20

i miss yuh cousin


Jim and Amy Bender posted on 8/20/20

Linda, Steve, Bryan, Joe and Mark, You have our deepest sympathy. Doug was the perfect example of what a great man should be. He loved his family so much. The world was a better place with him in it. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


Michael H DeLonge posted on 8/20/20

Jeff, Jeri Lynn, and Jan....I heard about the passing of your Mom this week from Steve and Cindy Wachs. Sue and I want to extend our condolences to you and your families. We had a long history together as families, and I have nothing but the fondest memories of your Mom. A death of a loved one is always difficult, but we know it must have been expecially difficult in these extraordinary times. God bless, and know that our thoughts are with you. Mike and Sue DeLonge


Laura Philips posted on 8/20/20

I met Noodles 24 years ago this summer at Geckos, we both had turned 40! We immediately became good friends and always had a great time! Music was his life. He turned me on to so many good albums, still my favorites! Tears for Fears! Of course Peter Gabriel! We would sit at his place for hours listening to music. He’ll be missed here in Dallas & Addison big time! He would even cook for at times! Quite the entertainer!! Cheers, Chao to you baby!!


Becky Hice posted on 8/20/20

My condolences to Linda and your family. I pray you find comfort in the many memories you have and knowing how much Doug loved all of you. He is in Gods arms now and will be watching over you until you meet again. Prayers for peace and comfort for all of you. Becky Hice



Melanie Hardy posted on 8/20/20

I'm so grateful that I was able to spend that last afternoon with you, Grandpa. I'm going to miss you and all your stories, but I know that you were ready to join Dad and Grandma in heaven.Please keep watching out for all of us down here. We love you so much!


Tim Navarro posted on 8/20/20

I worked with Doug in the VAMC IR for 2 years. He was fun to work with, very good at his job and fit in well as a team member. We both served in the 128th ANG, although at a different time. My thoughts and prayers to his wife and family and to those he worked with in the IR. May God grant him eternal rest.


Ronnie & Karen Phillips posted on 8/20/20

Christine, We are so sorry for your loss. Your Mom was such a beautiful person inside and out. We loved her instantly when we met her!! Cherish all the good memories that you have. Know that she is reunited with your dad now, free from pain. We are here if you need us, always! Love you! Ronnie & Karen



Kayla posted on 8/19/20

In memory of Luis "Louie" Roberto Zamora Jr., Kayla lit a candle


Sue Bivens posted on 8/19/20

I rejoice with you for Jean's final victory but also grieve with you on your loss. I met Jean at Curves and always enjoyed her dry sense of humor, her stories of grandchildren and great grandchildren and got to know her better when I was allowed to join a sheepshead group with other Curve members. I was also impressed with the connection she had with all of her children and grandchildren and greats. What a blessing when family not only love each other but also like being together! I wish you the comfort that God will give as you remember the blessings you enjoyed over Jeans long life.


Toth Family posted on 8/19/20

Coach Mike, You and your family are in our prayers and thoughts. We are so sad to hear of your brother's passing. God's Blessings, Abby Toth and family


Kari Young posted on 8/19/20

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I always enjoyed my Tuesday night chats with Doug at OTF. I enjoyed having him, Linda and Joe in class. Thinking of all of you. Hugs.


Kenny Long posted on 8/19/20

To the entire family. My sincere condolences. Doug was truly a great guy, always positive, and easy going. I know he will be missed. The world is a better place for him being here. Kenny


Edward Souders posted on 8/19/20

Going to miss you and will always love you, Your son, Ed.


Mrs. Warren posted on 8/18/20

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Niqwan. I had the pleasure of teaching Niqwan in K5 at Sherman...and although it has been many years since I have seen him last, he was always remembered! He brought such joy to the classroom, and to all around him! He will be greatly missed!



Kara L Kemnitz posted on 8/18/20

Dear Mark Thank you for your legal genius and the impact you had early in my life....your kindness. I shall forever be grateful. I know God has you now. R.I.P. Mark.


Damian Wyman posted on 8/18/20

My deepest condolences to Linda, their boys, and the rest of the family. I got to know Doug when he was on a trip to Shanghai, China, back in 2018, accompanying Linda when she came out to teach an intensive course. Having a Chinese banquet with many unknown dishes, Doug was willing to try it all with gusto - his adventurous spirit was on display! His support of, and love for, Linda in being with her on her first trip to China was so evident, as well. Though we will all miss him, we will remember him so fondly.



Greg Phillips posted on 8/18/20

Rest safe in the Lords hands.


Tracy Davis posted on 8/18/20

I am sorry that you and your family are experiencing the pain of loosing your father. My prayers go out to each of you.


John Hauer posted on 8/18/20

We lost a true friend. Man what a life! He did it his way. He will always be remembered.


Marc Wojciechowski posted on 8/18/20

Linda, I only met Doug once, helping us move stuff to start Sonography program. My thought at the time was; Wow, this guy gives his time for his wife's programs (not to mention Lisa and mine). There must have been a strong bond. I know your loss is unimaginable and I feel for you. I will offer thoughts and prayers but I will also offer the knowledge that you are a strong, caring and wonderful human being. That, you and Doug must have shared. - Marc


Dona and Richard Martin LCC posted on 8/18/20

Richard and I are lifting you all up in our prayers. We were blessed to have Doug in the LCC Kare-9 Ministry. Take comfort in God's promise that we will all be with him in heaven.


Ed & Connie Myshak posted on 8/18/20

Our deepest sympathies to the family. Auntie will be greatly missed. Wish we could be there with you. Take care and God bless!


Derrick Eubanks posted on 8/18/20

I would like to send love and prayers to the family. Doug will truly be missed. From the sports talks to the Ncaa tournament and football pools , talking about softball... Him coming by my brothers BBQ Trailer . Just a very warm soulful human being Miss and Love you Diggy Doug


Jim Frost posted on 8/18/20

We met and became friends in junior high school. Stayed close since. Lived together for a few years back in the late 70’s. Party central in those days. Whew! All the comments about Noodles are so true. But one more. He was loyal. To the core. Love you my friend. The world is a lesser place without you. Now get going on organizing the party up there!



Pollyanna Kabara posted on 8/18/20

May the God of peace and strength hold you in His loving arms.


Tammy Wilson posted on 8/18/20

My condolences to the McLemore family. May God comfort you and keep you during this time. God Bless.


Ross Jerome Tamms posted on 8/18/20

Without fail, Aunt Ruth would send me a birthday card every year despite how old I was getting. Obviously it meant a lot to me. As often as I would say that she didn't need to, there was that card yearly. Being that my birthday was only a month before Christmas, I decided to send her a Christmas card every year. There was is one beautiful Christmas card made by an artist that I thought was most fitting for Aunt Ruth. Sure enough, which did not surprise me, Aunt Ruth wrote me to explain who is artist was and gave me a quick history lesson on his accomplishments. Another memory I have of Aunt Ruth was where I was at Aunt Ruth's home on 38th St. and I had gone downstairs and down there was model cars as such. As a young guy I wanted to touch them, play with them. Aunt Ruth found me at that moment and became agitated with me, saying that I shouldn't touch anything and that Neal was coming home some day! Obviously Neal was in Vietnam and Aunt Ruth was simply worried about Neal and was leaving everything just as he left it. Our family would come over to their house at least once a year and we would have a meal as a Tamms family get together. Naomi, Neal and Debbie would sit at the table very properly while Pam, Scott and I would younger, would be squirming around like a bunch of human worms. I remember eating some of the most delicious pizza at some of those get together's. When I think of it, Aunt Ruth's family are the only other Tamms family kids that we really ever interacted with. I suppose that is what you get when your own dad doesn't marry until he was 40 and I beat that one by a mile! How to see you sooner than later Naomi and Neal. Love, Ross



Melanie (M.R.I. Dept, V.A.) posted on 8/18/20

I am so sorry for your loss. Doug was always ready to lend a hand in anything that needed to be done. Our department has truly lost a great team member and friend.


Lisa Rae posted on 8/17/20

I met you in Phoenix, we moved to Milwaukee together and then Dallas. We had some great memories together for almost ten years. I will always have a place in my heart for you. See you on the other side my friend. Love ya Lisa Rae


Mark Stigler posted on 8/17/20

My heart goes out to Jill & Glenn. Kris had such a big heart. I will cherish the memories of the family trips to Florida and gatherings we had throughout the years. Rest in peace Kris! Love, Mark, Heidi, Finley & Della


Heidi Baader posted on 8/17/20

Our deepest sympathy to Lisa, her children and to Kris' entire family. While we were unable to attend the service, we are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.


Mary and Jeff Dorth posted on 8/17/20

No words of ours can express the profound pain we are feeling for you, Linda, your sons, and loved ones. You are loved by many and loved best by the One who has conquered death and carried Doug through the valley of the shadow of death. Our family continues to keep you in our prayers. Shelby, Sam, Mary, and Jeff



Stacy VA MRI posted on 8/17/20

Thoughts and prayers to the family. Doug will be missed here at the VA.


Sheri Sergeant posted on 8/17/20

My thought and prayers go out to the Samuel family. Doug was an amazing person. He made our little group complete when we were in xray school. My favorite memories were at Symposium. Always so much fun to be around. The love he had for his family was truly unconditional. You will be missed. God has another angel to watch over us all.



Mary Beth Geiser posted on 8/17/20

God is by your side, now and always.


Don Stoll posted on 8/17/20

Scott was such a kind and generous man. A genius in his profession and a very successful businessman. Scott had such a soft and kind demeanor. How lucky I was to have known him. We will miss his gentle smile and sense of humor. A true gentleman. May he enjoy his eternal life in heaven with God and Jesus. Don Stoll


Vikie D. Adeshina-Stadom posted on 8/17/20

Aunty I will truly miss you, your smile and laughter. I do awake the glorious promise that Jehovah God has given, when all those sleeping in death will be called to life, my hope is too see you soon. With All My Love Your Niece, Vikie



Charles Taylor jr posted on 8/17/20

Rest in Peace



Charles Taylor jr posted on 8/17/20

In memory of Sammie R. Whitlow, Charles Taylor jr lit a candle



CHARLES TAYLOR posted on 8/17/20

In memory of Sammie R. Whitlow, CHARLES TAYLOR lit a candle


Barbara A. Mays posted on 8/17/20

Praying that our Lord, who loves you so dearly, will speak blessings and comfort to your heart in the coming days. With Deepest Sympathy. Barbara Mays and Family.


John Ware posted on 8/17/20

My prayers to the Family


Nancy Polega Bezak posted on 8/17/20

Hi Kevin, Even though we never hung out your awesome personality will always stand out in my mind. I remember you in high school as someone that nice and friendly to everyone. But most of all your great smile. God Bless you Kevin Nancy


Steven posted on 8/16/20

My deepest condolences Jill and Glenn. I remember spending a lot of time with Kris during high school playing baseball and basketball as well as just hanging out. Kris was a big part of my life during my high school years and I regret not staying in touch with him during my adult years. I hope and pray for the peace of GOD to be with you during this time.


Rebekah posted on 8/16/20

You will be missed. Wish we could have been there, brother. With love, Eric and Rebekah in Virginia Beach


Frank Hushek posted on 8/16/20

All of my love to all of the Samuels. Doug’s love for you was so great. I’m glad I was witness to that through the years. I’m praying for you.


Richard Salgado posted on 8/16/20

I was so sorry to hear about Caroline's passing. She was always thoughtful of others. Cheerful and full of life. Her laugh was contagious. Will be missed by all her friends and relatives. Sincerely, Dick Salgado


Shelley Bragg posted on 8/16/20

I am so deeply saddened to hear of Doug’s passing. I worked with him in Interventional at the VA. He was always so nice, funny and a pleasure to work with. All my prayers to the family. He was a wonderful person.


bob smith posted on 8/16/20

Dear Jill and Glenn, So sad to hear about Kristopher. It seems like just yesterday he was in my PE class at Jefferson. Due to the virus and my battle with Parkinsons I will not be there for the viewing. Jan and I send our deepest sympathies.



Jesusa Ramirez Ortega posted on 8/16/20

Our most heartfelt condolences to the family and all who loved him.



Tina Grayson posted on 8/15/20

Cynthia, my prayers are with you and your family. Tina


Ana Cocroft posted on 8/15/20

Uncle Frank, may you rest in peace in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will miss your loving presence and kind soul. I love you always. Your niece, Ana


Chris BATTS posted on 8/15/20

You are my friend and loved liked family. There are many things that one can say about Noodles but being boring is not of them - from the exotic phone messages to guess where I've been stories he is one of a kind. Always a smile and a hug until next time we meet, I will truly miss this. I love you handsome - I will see you again. With "Texas" Love and Respect, Chris Ann


Mike Feldbruegge posted on 8/15/20

Lona sorry for your loss, I just heard of John's passing today. Cherish the memories....


JJ. posted on 8/15/20

If you met him you never forgot him. I walked into a bar in Dallas after work one day and all I hear I this very loud Hehehe..a unique but unforgettable laugh, that was over 26 years ago, since that day I can’t count the times spent together, Birthdays, Thanksgivings,, Christmas, Madi Gras and of course St Patrick's Day. As we know most memories are foggy if you tried to keep up with him but I’ll never forget every single minute I spent with him. Here’s to adventure and intrigue my Brother...Til We Die...


Eileen Kilsdonk posted on 8/15/20

Beautiful memorial service lovingly officiated by Sandy's mom in law, my aunt, the Reverend Ruth Ann Krymkowski, with loving tributes shared by Mark and other family and friends. Thank you to those who contributed their time and expertise to make virtual attendance a reality.



Katie Robl posted on 8/15/20

Barbara was a special lady with a hearty laugh. Many good stories and memories of her from our Option Care days. May peace and comfort surround her family and friends during this time of grief.



Juliann posted on 8/15/20

I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending prayers for healing hearts ♥️


Mike Temke posted on 8/15/20

My deepest sympathy to Glenn and Jill and Nancy as i know he will be missed in your lives...


Ashley Michaels posted on 8/15/20

Sending caring thoughts to all family and friends in the loss of your dear loved one. Hold on to those precious memories and savor them with a smile.



Anthony posted on 8/15/20

I will always remember the time shared with Dennis. A great father, husband, and overall human. There are few people who touch our lives in a way we're forever changed. I am happy to have gotten to know him.


Laura Bensman posted on 8/15/20

Sending love and prayers during this difficult time. May your memories bring you some comfort. God Bless you all.


Christal Caven (Ck) posted on 8/15/20

Sorry sorry for the loss of you mother n law Mrs. Hooker. Prayers and comfort to your family. Mrs. Caven (CK) from Pierce elm.



JoAnn Pope posted on 8/15/20

In memory of Kathryn D. Seelig, JoAnn Pope lit a candle


Julie Uribe West posted on 8/15/20

My deepest condolences for the Loss of Barb (Boop). She was a long time friend to my sister, Terry Uribe Gall. I looked up to the two of them, and saw that their friendship was genuine, never ending. Prayers in Jesus Christ for Strength, Courage and Comfort during this difficult time, with the Love of Jesus Christ.


Maria Schneider posted on 8/15/20

TR, Mary and George, my love goes out to each of you. I have the greatest memories of your mom. When we'd come to Milwaukee and stay with Grandma, and you'd all come through the door, it was like the room would light up, led by Aunt Audrey's smile, laughter, and stories. I loved seeing Mom with her sister she loved so much. I'm so thankful we got to all be together in Milwaukee as shown in Kate's lovely photo just a few years ago. That same light was on your mom's face that day when she arrived. Sending you all love, Maria



Kami Ward, 128 ARW Health and Wellness Resource Team posted on 8/15/20

Dennis was an exceptional man of service and a blessing to our Wing. Wishing family, friends and fellow Airmen peace and comfort at this difficult time.


Samantha Johnson posted on 8/14/20

May you soar with the Angels RIH Sandy ❤️



Laurie Leiser posted on 8/14/20

My heart is with you. Unspeakable sorrow.


Heather Bailey posted on 8/14/20

My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family and extended family. May he rest in power.



Sylvia Vasquez (Aunt) posted on 8/14/20

R.I.P. Nephew Louie our Lord has called you home to soon. Only he knows why. May he have you in his Glory. My deepest sympathy to Monica and Luis and the family there are no words that can easy your pain. May God give you the strength to cope with your loss. And my sincere prayers go out to you


Heather Bailey posted on 8/14/20

My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family and extended family.


Kate Schneider posted on 8/14/20

I have so many wonderful memories of my dear Aunt Audrey; Of her wit, warmth and laughter. My thoughts are with you TR, Mary and George. Photo: Audrey with her sister/my mother Dori on Dori's 90th birthday held in Milwaukee Sept. 1, 2014.



Esmy Valdez posted on 8/14/20

In memory of Luis "Louie" Roberto Zamora Jr., Esmy Valdez lit a candle



Chad Haldemann posted on 8/14/20

So Sorry for you Loss Condolences to the entire Family.



MARION D PAGELS posted on 8/14/20

In memory of Kristopher A. Ragner, MARION D PAGELS lit a candle



Dennis Moslavac "Bay View Butch" posted on 8/14/20

In memory of Luis "Louie" Roberto Zamora Jr., Dennis Moslavac "Bay View Butch" lit a candle



MARION PAGELS posted on 8/14/20

My beautiful grandson. Kris I will love you forever.


Tammy Bates posted on 8/14/20

To the Hooker Family: My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time. I have been knowing you all practically my whole life, so you all are just like family to me. I remember when I got my first jerri-curl, Ms.Sammie put it in my hair, I will never forget that day. Your mother was such a sweet lady and I would always tell her she looked the same as she did when I was in elementary school. She is at peace now, no more pain, she is resting with our Lord and Savior. Love you all



Eileen Shannon Kilsdonk posted on 8/14/20

In memory of Sandra "Sandy" Lynn Krymkowski, Eileen Shannon Kilsdonk lit a candle



Eileen Shannon Krymkowski posted on 8/14/20

Condolences to Mark, Mary, Tony, and to all of Sandy and Mark's family. Sandy was kind and generous with her time, always putting others first. My dad appreciated Sandy's many kindnesses during his illness and decline, as did I. I really missed Sandy's visits to our home this past December and will miss them in the future. Rest in peace, Sandy.


Eric Walesh posted on 8/14/20

I knew Daryl in high school and always misspelled his name! Daryl (spelled correctly) always had a smile on his face and I never heard him say a bad thing about any one -- I know you hear that a lot, but it is true. Class act and I remember him being a killer baseball player and maybe even a better bowler! I worked with his sister Laurie. Both are class acts. Makes you appreciate every day. Sincerely, Eric Walesh


The Ladies posted on 8/14/20

Condolences to the Hooker Family. Our Heavenly Father knows the number of hairs upon our crown, and surely, He knows the sorrow you are feeling. He will wipe the tears away, and heal your wounded spirit, for He is Faithful. Miss Sammie is fishing with the FisherMan of Humanity and The Creator and Savior of us All.


Weber Family posted on 8/13/20

We are sorry for your loss. May his soul Rest In Peace


Elizabeth A Spalsbury posted on 8/13/20

Sandy, You always were my second mom. I am going to miss you dearly. I have known you since I was a little girl and we have made many memories. My favorite is when you would make pizza. And you would make sure it was only pepperoni no onions on my side. Your pizza will always be the best. I love you and miss you already so much. Till we meet again. Liz


Cheryl Kirchner posted on 8/13/20

Graciela, I saw the tribute to Raul in today’s paper (Aug. 13). I want to express my sincere sympathy at his passing this past April. Wishing you and your family peace. Cheryl K.



Pat & Todd Luebke posted on 8/13/20

Sweet & Sassy Sanrda You'll surely be missed. But we'll see you again in Heaven


Lynn Revay posted on 8/13/20

One of my favorite memories is of Jill and Kris visiting me when I lived in San Diego when he was just a little guy. We did all the fun things, like Seaworld. Rest In Peace, Kris.



Felicia posted on 8/13/20

May the Lord comfort each heart with peace and tranquility.



Mr. Mrs Charles & Philomena Cocroft posted on 8/13/20

We will miss you dearly uncle Frank but will never be forgotten.


Linda Magdaleno posted on 8/13/20

Hello family oh my beloved Audrey Laidlaw are precious lady has left but I will always remember her smile our wonderful talks we had together. It was a pleasure knowing TJ, Mary, And of course like Audrey would say my Georgie Porgie thank you all it was wonderful my pleasure to care for Audrey



Linda Magdaleno posted on 8/13/20

Hello family of my lovely Audrey laidlaw just sending y’all’s much hugs and we lost a wonder lady I’ll miss her so god bless you all


Mother Andrea Ward posted on 8/13/20

My condolences to the McLemore family. May God comfort you and keep you during this time. Love you all and God Bless.


cheri Kinnebrew posted on 8/13/20

I to send my deepest condolences and prayers to the family as well as to Minister Shuntell. I am here for you my friend and Sister in Christ. Love you God Bless Cheri


Denise Dupies Rosa posted on 8/13/20

Sending condolences to Robert & John & their families. Your mom was a very dear friend to my mom Dorothy Dupies so many years ago. My brother Daniel & I called her Aunt Teddy. I enjoyed visits with her & Uncle Bob Up North at their lake home. May she Rest In Peace now. Our prayers are with you now during this time. Sending hugs to you all from our home in California. Much Love Denise & Randy Rosa



Doug E Fresh posted on 8/13/20

Poohder, you somehow managed to allow yourself into my heart, my soul, and my life. You touched so many people you crossed paths with. Your humor, your confidence, and your love. You are, a reflection of those who raised you, you are a light for those who were in darkness. You will always be a part of everyone you met. For that reason, your soul will live on in all of us. You will be missed but never forgotten. It was a pleasure being a part of your life and allowing me to be in it. Thank you for who you are, and thank you for all the fun times. I love you buddy.



Maria Martinez posted on 8/13/20

Our deepest condolences to you and your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers . God bless you all. Maria&Eli.


Scott Jung, 128th CES posted on 8/13/20

May the sure and certain hope of the resurrection comfort all during this difficult time. HE IS NOT DEAD, JUST ASLEEP. We will surely see him again. Promise!


Sylvia Cortez (Hernandez) posted on 8/13/20

The Lord walks beside us through the darkness and leads us back to peace. Please know that we are praying for you and your family during this difficult time. Our hearts our sadden by your loss. Sylvia Cortez (Hernandez) & Ed Cortez



Elisabeth Hernandez & Eric Castillo posted on 8/13/20

No words can describe how sorry we are for your loss. My heart is so very heavy for Monica, big Lou, Sonia, Manny and the entire family. I hope you feel comfort knowing how much he is loved and all the memories he left with us. Let the love and prayer that surrounds you bring you comfort. He is with God now and will be by your side every single day.


Gene Brunner posted on 8/13/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Sammie at this time. The BEREAVEMENT MINISTRY-BLESSED SAVIOR PARISH. Gene Brunner-Chairman



Fidel sierra posted on 8/13/20

Rest in peace!


Morgyn Stranahan posted on 8/13/20

What a marvelous human being! Sending much love and sympathy to all the family. I will be watching the service. In the Spirit of Kathy’s Mother, and my “Earth Mother”, Geneva I share this: “ The law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics, states that the energy of a closed system must remain constant—it can neither increase nor decrease without interference from outside. The universe itself is a closed system, so the total amount of energy in existence has always been the same. The forms that energy takes, however, are constantly changing.”


Rosa Rivera posted on 8/13/20

My prayers and condolences to my family. May God guide you thru these difficult times. My heart goes out to you all. May he be with God and forever he will be remembered



April Hayes (Johnson) posted on 8/13/20

My prayers and thoughts are with the family. My condolences.


Daniel P Sojka posted on 8/13/20

Bill i am so sorry to read about Pam may god be with you, I always remember when we would work at your home in GN you guys were the best.


Denise posted on 8/13/20

Our condolences to the Zamora family. Your son has earned his wings.!!! From the Whitings



Shuntell McLemore posted on 8/13/20

In memory of Frank Russell McLemore Sr., Shuntell McLemore lit a candle



Ellen en Gerd Tjerkstra posted on 8/13/20

Dear Kathy, Thank you for all the beautiful moments we shared with you, your family and friends. You will always be with us. A big hug and lots of love, Gerhard,Ellen and family.


Shuntell McLemore posted on 8/13/20

You were the best Father-in-Law, truly God sent! I'll miss our conversations but mainly how you would called me when I would least expect, just to see how myself and family were doing! No condolence message can express how much you meant to me and how sad I am over your loss. Rest with our Father eternally in Heaven Daddy McLemore! No more suffering, crying or weary day's of any kind! Praise the Lord all of your burdens are gone and you have reunited with your wife, Mother Vivian. You transitioned where and when you were ready. I will never forget that same morning when I told you that I would see you later and that I loved you, your reply was, I love you to and thank you! I knew that would be our last conversation and that God was bringing His Child home and He did that night! To the Family, thanks for sharing Daddy McLemore, I am genuinely sorry for your loss. Family we are and Family we will always be! Take your rest Daddy Mclemore with your loving and beautiful wife, Mother Vivian of 50 plus years. To God be the glory!


Natalie Kline posted on 8/12/20

My sincerest condolences go out to Monica and family. My heart breaks for you all, No one should have to lose a child. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.



LUIS PINEDA SR posted on 8/12/20

Praying for the Solice your family needs at this most painful time....



Alex Jackson posted on 8/12/20

classmate funny, very intelligent, and athletic


Drene Briski posted on 8/12/20

Dear children and brother’s of my dear niece Barbie. I loved her so much, as I do her brother’s. Unfortunately I didn’t get to know her children, except for Perry when he was young. My deepest sympathy to all of you, and I love you all so much! Auntie Drene



Niki Espy posted on 8/12/20

My sympathies to the family.



Ursula Avery and Family posted on 8/12/20

Dear Joyce and Family, We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept our condolences and prayers of comfort.


Thomas A Fazendin posted on 8/12/20

Judy was a kind hearted person and will be remembered in that way by our family. We miss the conversations we had across the channel, and you will always be in our thoughts. Deepest sympathy to Don and his children. Lee Ann & Tom Fazendin


Leo F. Graham posted on 8/12/20

I have the warmest possible memories of Dorothy. She was always exceedingly kind to me. I wish we husband and the six children Peace and solace in the knowledge that a kind and decent woman came their way. Leo



Maria Barnes posted on 8/12/20

In memory of Charles "Chuck" R. White, Maria Barnes lit a candle


Greta Eisenhauer posted on 8/12/20

Mrs Skiba treated our family with kindness for many many years. Never missed a Christmas card. She was a very special person and we will miss her so much. Greta and Peter Eisenhauer



Nancy Newman posted on 8/12/20

Peggy, sending all good thoughts to you and your family. Take care, Nancy



S flack posted on 8/12/20

God bless you all



Chris and Holly Stadler posted on 8/12/20

Teddy was a very kind and special lady. We are sorry for your loss - thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Peter Shianna posted on 8/12/20

A wonderful, gracious woman who was a joy to know and work with. The world was a better place with her in it. May she rest in peace.


Dale & Sharon Hager (Neighbors) posted on 8/12/20

We are so sorry about your loss of Chuck. You were A great team together. You both did a great job raising all your children. Every last one of them, did a great job standing by you. (and your grandchildren) You were both very loved. We still love you too! It was blessing to meet both of you.


Linda Krueger posted on 8/12/20

Heaven is a happier place because of Barb's vivacious spirit. Such a kind, loving soul. My deepest sympathies are extended to her loving family.


Kay Van Alstyne posted on 8/12/20

Hi All, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed doing your Mom's hair!! She sure was a great lady & ALWAYS spoke wonderfully of all of you & your adventures. She had so much love for all of you. I'm sorry I can't make the Mass but my thoughts will be there. Take care & enjoy all of your great memories. Kay


Alzheimer's Association Wisconsin Chapter posted on 8/12/20

On behalf of everyone here at the Alzheimer's Association - thank you so much for thinking of us at this time of loss to your family. Memorial donations made in Glenna's name will be put to immediate use serving families and supporting research. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dave Grams, Executive Director



Bree Ward posted on 8/12/20

R.i.h.. Barb.. You will be missed by many, you were always nice and welcomed us when we were kids running around the neighborhood with your boys. I know your boy's cherished every bit of you..



Alysa English (Perkins) posted on 8/11/20

In memory of Barbara "Boop" Glyzewski, Alysa English (Perkins) lit a candle



Penny Lane posted on 8/11/20

You will be missed. Love granny



Jennifer Vaughn posted on 8/11/20

I will miss your smile and the love you shared with all you came into contact with. I will keep you in my prayers and in my heart. Love you with all my heart, aunt Glenna. Love, Jennifer.



Chris Van Eperen posted on 8/11/20

Perry,Kenny and Jimmy and families I'm so sorry.


Doris Stewart posted on 8/11/20

Rest easy little cousin...


Terry Uribe Gall posted on 8/11/20

My heart aches with sadness. You are my life long Bestie and I will hold you close in my heart .. until we meet again. Love you Barb ❤️



Terry Uribe Gall posted on 8/11/20

My heart aches with sadness. You were my life long Bestie and I will hold you close in my heart .. until we meet again.. Love you Barb



Cynthia a green posted on 8/11/20

Rip in peace



Cynthia green posted on 8/11/20

Rip in peace



Breanna posted on 8/11/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, Breanna lit a candle


John Pavlik posted on 8/11/20

Glenna was an extraordinary woman, an incredible teacher, and a loving aunt. I cherish the moments we spent together and enjoy recalling so many delightful memories and conversations. I used to thoroughly enjoy visits with her and Adam and never had more delicious meals than the ones she prepared. I recall visiting with her and Adam at their lakeside cottage and having such fun fishing. I’ll never forget seeing the picture of her with the astounding marlin she’d caught while deep sea fishing. Love always.



Money posted on 8/11/20

So sorry for your lost. I knew niqwan since 5th grade and i would never image something so painful like this would happen to him or anyone. He's in a better place now P.s Money. i Love you


Mei posted on 8/11/20

My deepest condolences Nicole. My heart goes out to you. ❤️


Britannica Henderson-Baber posted on 8/11/20

My prayers are with you Nicole and your family. I pray that Jehovah God comforts you and give you and your family strength during this time of sorrow.



Sha Sha posted on 8/11/20

Nicole, I Love You So Much. If You Need Anything, Please Don’t Hesitate To Give Me A Call.


Gary Moore (sneak) posted on 8/11/20

I'm watching bro.. My condolences to you young money and the entire Langford family. I'm here for you brother. Sincerely, SNEAK



Shana Tims posted on 8/11/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, Shana Tims lit a candle


John Paulson, Jr. posted on 8/11/20

Glenna was a dear sister, friend and companion to my mother Elizabeth. For that, our family will be forever grateful. Condolences to Glenna's family.



Patricia Nolen posted on 8/11/20

Nicole, Antwon, CJ, I cannot imagine the the pain you are feeling. Please know that you all are in my heart and in my prayers.


Camille Z posted on 8/11/20

Nicole and Antwan, My heart goes out to you on this most unimaginable day. There is nothing I can say to ease your pain but know that you and the family has my prayers and I give you the strongest hugs to help you continue with love.



Lequetta Belcher posted on 8/11/20

In memory of Niqwan Langford.


Lequetta Belcher posted on 8/11/20

My condolences to you and your family Nicole. I pray for God's strength and comfort for you and you family to get through this day. And I pray that God gives you guidance to know how to deal with your loss. Much love to you!



Jennifer Williams posted on 8/11/20

You and your family are in my Prayers.



Nicole Dolly posted on 8/11/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, Nicole Dolly lit a candle


Paul Cain posted on 8/11/20

Sending prayer for extra strength for your family on this tough day.



Corian Reasby posted on 8/10/20

Miss you more day by day granny. May you rest peacefully my love. Until we see each other again grandma Plute


Mary Beaudry Culbert posted on 8/10/20

Sincere condolences to the family. So glad to hear cousin Carol enjoyed her retirement years and had such a loving family.


Manish Raj posted on 8/10/20

May your soul Rest In Peace Mr. Studer. Will never forget your gentle demeanor and that welcoming smile.



Sandy Bergeron posted on 8/10/20

I will always remember Kathy’s motherly mentorship and kindness when I was a mere 18 year old department secretary and Kathy was a Systems Analyst (with beautiful penmanship). I remember DeSean’s wild head of blond hair and Kathy’s bout of melanoma during her pregnancy with Erik (and his twin). She was always a trooper. DeSean and Erik, I am thinking of you two boys now and the loss of your beloved mom. My hearts are with you.


Gerlinde G. Smith posted on 8/10/20

A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts, through us, they live on. My sincere condolences.


Karen E Cole posted on 8/10/20

I'm going to miss you Young Man watch over us and protect us as GOD keep you under his wing. The world will not be the same you my lil Soilder Boy. Love always SOULJA



Shemika Rushing posted on 8/10/20

Nicole, there is nothing I know I can say to ease the pain of losing your youngest child with me having a 13 yr old son myself and he's my heart, Just giving you prayer and asking God for your strength and strength for the rest of your family. Just know I love you and I am here for you at anytime you need me love. May God be with you~Blessed by the Best~



Mathangi Swaminathan posted on 8/10/20

Sahej, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to comprehend the grief and loss you and your family must be experiencing. I hope your father's soul rests in peace and you and your family find the strength and peace within yourselves. My prayers and deepest condolences.


Iris Gonzalez posted on 8/10/20

Nicole, Nothing can prepare us for the death of a son. I know that you are shattered and brokenhearted. I’m sure you have tried resisting your grief and anguish just so that you can take another breath, but then another wave of grief strikes again. The loss of a child is the hardest--most devastating circumstance for a mother to experience…..ever... Nicole, please hold on to God’s hand, may HIS Grace comfort your heart and soul as you walk with Him through this journey of mourning your beloved son Niqwan. I pray He gives you comfort and strength during this, your darkest moment, and I pray He shines His light upon you so that you may rest in HIS peace. Psalm 34:18 states the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. I love you Nicole and my heart is with you. Rest in heaven Niqwan.


Annette Weber posted on 8/10/20

Our deepest sympathy on the loss of Carol.When you are part of a large family as we know we suffer many losses. May she Rest In Peace in the arms of Jesus. Mike and Annette Weber and family



Greg & Ginny posted on 8/10/20

Our thoughts and prayer are with your family in the loss of your Mom and wife.


Nicholas Kampa posted on 8/10/20

Holly was just an absolute joy to be around. She always brought a smile to everyone she met, and work just hasn't been the same without her. My condolences to her family, and I hope we all remember her just as she was, a happy wonderful woman.


Alzheimer's Association Wisconsin Chapter posted on 8/10/20

On behalf of everyone here at the Alzheimer's Association - thank you so much for thinking of us at this time of loss to your family. Memorial donations made in Eleanor's name will be put to immediate use serving families and supporting research. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dave Grams, Executive Director


Julie Sands Rolfes posted on 8/10/20

Dear Paul, Mike, Suzanne and Frank. I was so sorry to get Suzanne's phone message this morning that your mom had passed. I know how hard it is to watch someone you love slowly fade away physically or mentally. I'm hoping your mom, dad and my folks are together again, singing in harmony as they used to do when they got together (especially our dads!). Your mom was a lovely woman and will still be with all who new her in our memories. My deepest sympathy to you all. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Julie



Angela Boettcher posted on 8/9/20

In memory of Dennis R. Studer, Angela Boettcher lit a candle



Christina Hartwig posted on 8/9/20

Losing someone you love is never easy and it is the hardest when they leave us too soon or unexpectedly. This was a hard loss and it is felt by so many. The outpouring of love and the kindness I see warms my heart. I hope your years of memories bring you comfort. Know that you are not alone and we will be here. With Love, Always & Forever! - Chrissy


Carol Loehr posted on 8/9/20

Dear Bev's family- I have known Bev for many many years through OLGH. I worked with her at the Hot lunch program, Festivals, St Pats and many more events throughout the years and always enjoyed her company. She was so friendly and kind. I am so sorry to hear about Bev's passing and I will keep all of you in my prayers. May all your wonderful family memories help you through this difficult time.


Melita Biese posted on 8/9/20

Chuck was a blessing to so many. I clearly remember that when we first moved to Tosa and your Paul and my Kevin were in school together at St Bernard’s, Chuck appointed himself anti+bully captain long before any of us knew about bullying. May he enjoy some of the help and joy he so freely shared.


Robert & Melinda Brown posted on 8/9/20

Bob & family, Karen was a beautiful person inside and out. Her hugs will be missed at family gatherings. The Brown Family - Robert, Melinda, & Gabriel


Tim & Agi Steckler posted on 8/9/20

Dear Bob, We would like to offer our most sincere condolences to you and your family. Tim & Agi


Duane Kirschenman posted on 8/9/20

Bob, We are so sorry to hear about Karen. Please accept our deepest heartfelt sympathy in your loss. Duane, Faye, Dawn, Kim, Lisa, & Tracy Kirschenman


Jeff and Debbie Millies posted on 8/9/20

We are both so very sorry for your sudden and unforeseen loss of Karen. Our prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. God Bless, Jeff & Debbie Millies


Dar & Ar posted on 8/9/20

Dear Jason, Angela & Jim, heartfelt sympathy in the sudden and untimely passing of your Precious Mom. Holding you close in our thoughts. "Death" leaves a heartache that no one can heal. "Love" leaves a memory that no one can steal. Dar & Ar


Rosemary Flanum posted on 8/9/20

Dear Bob and Family I was so sorry to hear of your loss of Karen, I'm thinking of you all the time and Karen too. Rosemary


Jamie Bozich posted on 8/9/20

Mr. Kehlenbrink I am so incredibly sorry for this unexpected loss. Both you and Mrs. Kehlenbrink were always so good to me and helped me create wonderful childhood memories. She will be missed so much by many and will live on through remembering all the happy times. My heart aches for you and your family. Loving thoughts are sent to you during this time. Love, Jamie Bozich


Mike Dziuba posted on 8/9/20

Mr. Kehlenbrink and family, my fondest memory of Karen is when she watched my dog Dennis at your house. When I came to pick him up I said thanks and with a huge smile she replied any time! I knew she got a good kick out of my goofy little dog.


Jennifer Lanser posted on 8/9/20

Mr. Kehlenbrink, Wishing you peace and comfort during this time. I am thankful for the many fond memories of Mrs. Kehlenbrink and your family. Many treasured years of running around your house on summer days, sleep overs, and cheering at soccer games. You and Mrs. Kehlenbrink always treated us kids with kindness. She had a beautiful, light-hearted laugh. (A trait I see carry through to Angela as well). My heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult time. Wishing you peace, Jennifer Lanser


Dan and Carri Busse posted on 8/9/20

Bob & Jason, Angela, We are so sorry to hear of Karen's passing. Please know that we are thing of you. Carri, Dan Gavin & Riley


Marty & Michelle Ball posted on 8/9/20

So very sorry for your loss. I have very fond memories of my friendship with Karen, she will be missed. With deepest sympathy. Marty & Michelle Ball (Southern)


Tony and Kathy Kendl posted on 8/9/20

Bob, Jason, Angela No words can help ease your sorrow know that we are all thinking of you at this time. We are so sorry for the loss of Karen. I have so many fond memories of our adventures growing up. take care of each other. Tony, Kathy, Glen, Ashley Kendl


Jason Schrader posted on 8/9/20

Mr. Kehlenbrink, Jason, & Angela, I’m so sorry for your loss. Karen was a wonderful woman and I have a lot of great memories from our childhood. She had an infectious laugh and the best smile. She will be dearly missed by many. You will all be in our family’s prayers for the strength and healing you need. Although our physical embodiments are temporary, our spirit and energy are eternal. She will always be with you – just in a different form. The loss of a loved one is never easy. The pain, the grief, the anger – all the emotions are necessary for healing. I hope that you will always find comfort in her memories and in knowing that she will always be with you in spirit. Our deepest sympathies to you all. The Schrader Family


Tom & Lil posted on 8/9/20

According to the Orthodox tradition we said a prayer for Karen and your family. The Greeks say she has fallen asleep with no more pain, no more suffering, and no more sorrow. Tom & Lil



Darleen Ziegler posted on 8/9/20

In memory of Carolyn S. Lueck, Darleen Ziegler lit a candle


Ellen Aumann posted on 8/9/20

My maiden name was Geiger. I went through grade school with Carol at Sacred Heart School. We also went to summer camp together. She was always so intelligent. While living in the Milwaukee area, Carol and I met for lunch a few times and we talked by telephone occasionally. My sincere condolences to your family.


Phil and Lois Yanny posted on 8/9/20

Liz and children, We are sorry to hear about Chuck. We always enjoyed visiting with him. You have our sympathy. Love, Lois and Phil Yanny


Jean Behling posted on 8/9/20

Liz, I am so sorry for your loss. He was a great man. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Jean Behling



Doug E Fresh posted on 8/9/20

There are no words...Only love


Betsy Tillman kulick posted on 8/9/20

Ruth was a dear friend of my mom’s, Nancy Tillman. She would join us for Friday night dinners at Ozaukee and we always spent the evening laughing. Ruth had a sense of humor and joy that simply never quit.



Madison Bowe posted on 8/9/20

We will all love you forever and always.


Shontina Gladney posted on 8/8/20

My dear sister Kiondra I send my sincerest condolences and prayers to you and your entire family. Much love to you. Shontina



Paul "Vito" Ennamorato posted on 8/8/20

Remembering you with love. Every single day.



Kim Krawczak posted on 8/8/20

my prayers are with you and your family.


Toni Hayes (Mother Of GrandChild Desmond) posted on 8/8/20

I send my condolences to the Martin and Hughes family Mrs. Sharica was A wonderful women and she made sure every time I. Am back to Milwaukee she seen her grandchild she will truley be missed And may she Rest In Peace


Marlene Barnes posted on 8/8/20

Our sincere sympathy to your family. What an interesting person our cousin Arlene was! Wish we could have gotten to know her better and your family more.Your parents moved out of state when I was just a little girl. I remember your grandma (our Aunt Alma) talking about her sweet grandkids in Nebraska; she was so proud of your family. May God's beautiful peace comfort your family during this time. Prayers from all of us. Robert & Phyllis Seiler, Don & Alice Seiler, and Marlene Barnes Beautiful memorial service!



Laura J Shaw posted on 8/8/20

We all miss you so much, Dad. You are the strongest man I know. You shared your strength with all you family, and we have been so blessed to be your children.



Sarah White Shaw posted on 8/8/20

In memory of Charles "Chuck" R. White, Sarah White Shaw lit a candle


Louis Guajardo posted on 8/8/20

I will always remember you with a smile and a warm hug. You made me feel loved and welcomed into your family, thank you. The events of the world can't be controlled and we lost you sooner then we may have otherwise but I know you lived a good life and for that I rejoice. RIP Dear Caroline.


Kemba Maxwell posted on 8/8/20

May the Lord bring your family comfort and peace in the way only he knows how. Praying for y'all continously. Love Maxwell Family



Mat Bernhardt posted on 8/8/20

Rachel will forever be in my heart.



Raykell posted on 8/8/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, Raykell lit a candle


Raykell posted on 8/8/20

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. The Most gone be there every step of the way me and my family send our deepest condolence, our prayers and our love to you and your family! Stay strong my love ❤❤



Marchele Luckett posted on 8/8/20

I leave my humble condolences to Corey and their children. I've know you for years and I truly want you to always remember you "stayed", In spite of everything, you did what you were supposed to according to your vows to the Lord and to Sharica. I am proud to call you friend and I wish you well during this time of sorrow. God Bless.



TDukes posted on 8/8/20

I love you so much from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul.



The best part of him (Mom) posted on 8/8/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, The best part of him (Mom) lit a candle


Kim Wroten posted on 8/8/20

Nicole, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby. I am praying for your strength. Please let me know if there is anything you need I am here for you. Kim


Christine Bremer posted on 8/8/20

Dear Sherry and family, I want to extend my sympathy to you and I will pray for your comfort in the days ahead. Your mom was quite a lady and you took such good care of her. She is indeed safe in the loving arms of her Lord, free at last. Love and Peace, Chris


Karen Engelhardt posted on 8/8/20

Our sincere sympathies to you and your family. Carl and I were so sorry to learn of your mother's (and grandmother's) passing. It was so good that you had these last years with her living close by. We wish we could give you a hug, but please think of this as a 'socially distant hug' instead.


Patricia Eby posted on 8/8/20

Sherry and Steve, You know you have my sincere sympathy. I know your great faith in God is sustaining you through this time. Please know that many thoughts are surrounding you with love and peace. I always enjoyed the fantastical Omaha stories Sherry shared at staff meetings. Keep all those beautiful, wonderful eccentric memories in your heart. Blessings and peace to the family. With love, Patricia



Sis.Bonnie H. posted on 8/8/20

Praying for peace and comfort for the family.


michelle waide posted on 8/8/20

I will remember and miss John's wry sense of humor and his unflagging love and support of the Arts in Milwaukee. Konnie's devotion to him throughout their lives was a lesson in what matters in this spinning world. Michelle Waide


Jim and Donna Zarek posted on 8/8/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God’s peace to all!


Rick and Mary Hinz posted on 8/8/20

We are so sorry for your loss.



Tiny Myshak posted on 8/8/20

In memory of Caroline M. Svach, Tiny Myshak lit a candle



Shawn Bryson posted on 8/7/20’s hard for me to type on here. I know you ok you in a better place. I love you with ALL my heart. Rest easy Sis. Tell momma and my momma hi for me.. RIP P IVY ❤️


Jill Granrath posted on 8/7/20

The service was beautiful. Damian and Nate you did a great job. We are so happy to have been able to experience her Celebration of life with all the people who love her.



Becki posted on 8/7/20

Holly was a good friend and fellow music lover whom I loved working with and treasured dearly. My deepest condolences to her family who have lost a true gem in this world. Rest In Peace my friend. Our love and prayers are with you and your family.


Jared Kiel posted on 8/7/20

Hearts and prayers to Holly and her family. I loved her just as she loved me back. Holly was always at my concerts and talked about my violin playing. Each performance she attended brought a smile to my face as I could tell she really enjoyed hearing me play. I am watching the funeral on the live broadcast at this time and can see the shining reflections she is shining down from heaven. I have attached a good memory from her favorite event - MSOE Chili Fest. I love you forever, Jared.


Sandra Hollander posted on 8/7/20

My thoughts and prayers for peace are with you.


Sheri posted on 8/7/20

John Holland was one of my favorite teachers. He enjoyed and supported the performing arts. John was often in the audience when I performed in operas and musicals. He was a beautiful person who loved the voice of Miss Marian Anderson and possessed a wry sense of humor. Konnie, love to you. May the beautiful memories bring you comfort. Love, Sheri Williams Pannell


Mary Jo and Randy Meier posted on 8/7/20

I served with Dennis in the 128 ARW Command Post. He was a hardworking airman with integrity. What a gift it was to get to know Dennis. My prayers are to his wife and children who must miss him terribly.


Denise Marie Redmond Smith posted on 8/7/20

I am so sorry we didn't meet in person but I think I got to know you thru Konnie. Will miss seeing your smile with Konnie.


Scott S. Stewart posted on 8/7/20

John's many gifts of opera scores and opera books to the Florentine Opera library keep his love for the art form alive in the 'dungeon'. Many a young singer has been touched by his generosity. The arts have lost a kind soul.... Condolences to all who knew him.


Kenya Evans posted on 8/7/20

Sending my love and condolences to you, Nicole, and the entire family! I could still see his cute baby face; he was our YWCA baby. I pray your heart be comforted and my mind be at peace in the days ahead. I will be in touch to get your mailing address. Love you, Kenya Evans


hardev gill posted on 8/7/20

we are very sorry you die so young we will miss you we saw on lineour sympathy is with your family


Bertha Fluker Lacking posted on 8/7/20

She' and my father, her cousin Pertha Fluker, jr are laughing it up and having fun up yonder. God bless you family and much love.



William Johnson posted on 8/7/20

May John be forever in your heart and in your memories.


Sam Silverstein posted on 8/7/20

Edwardo, I am SO sorry for your loss. Chin up old friend!!


Kathryn Farseth posted on 8/7/20

I did not know John personally, I know Konrad, and send my deepest condolences. What a full and enriched life John led with you, Konrad. 51 years together is a great achievement in this day of separations and divorces. Seems you both found you soul mate! I will send a memorial to the MSO in John's name.


Joanne Truelove posted on 8/7/20

My condolences go to her family. May memories keep her alive in your hearts. Her presence and jovial attitude will surely be missed. She added fun and happiness to all occasions. She is surely with God and other previously departed relatives and friends. God bless you Holly!


Jill and Gary Granrath posted on 8/7/20

She was a kick ass Sister in law. We had many adventures over the years. Always positive and loving. I still can feel her hugs down to my toes. And hear her laughter in my heart. We are so lucky that she was a permanent Keckeisen. RIP/God speed Sweet Holly❤️



Suzanne Comitz posted on 8/7/20

Just read about Erin's death. Gone way too soon. The Lord wanted her back. He had a plan for her and she fulfilled it with her love, smile, playful antics, and cheer. I will always remember the Erin, who at about 4-5 yr old, came running into the room saying "Do I hear happiness in this room?" Erin brought joy and happiness to all who knew her or who had just met her. Rest in peace, Erin.



Annette Jackson posted on 8/7/20

In memory of Georgia Lee Williams, Annette Jackson lit a candle


Annette Jackson posted on 8/7/20

Sending prayers and condolences to the family and May God watch over you during this difficult time. May Sister Williams take her rest. Amen


Liz Tobolt posted on 8/7/20

Always a happy, kind man. He was a dedicated business owner, husband and father. Rest In Peace, Uncle Gordie.



Billu chacha and kaka chacha posted on 8/7/20

In memory of Puswinder "Geji" Singh Gill, Billu chacha and kaka chacha lit a candle



james. fluke posted on 8/7/20

In memory of Georgia Lee Williams, james. fluke lit a candle


Annette Jackson posted on 8/7/20

Sending prayers and condolences to the family. I have known them a long time. My heart is sad but knowing that he is resting with God gives me peace. Love all.


Mary Kitzman posted on 8/7/20

Ms. Georgia was a Special Lady. I pray for peace and comfort for her caring and loving family.


Isadore Parker posted on 8/7/20

My condolence to you and your family. Praying that God continue to give you strength during this difficult time.



Patricia Corrigan Culotti posted on 8/7/20

We have So many memories with Gordy and his family as our families were very close as we were all growing up together. I pray that each of you finds peace wiht Gordy's passing. Blessings and love to you all, Pat (Smith) Corrigan Culotti


Cole Walli posted on 8/7/20

Thoughts and love to the family - Puswinder was a great man, and he will be greatly missed.



Patti Harris posted on 8/7/20

To the families of Ms. Georgia Williams. May God be with you all during this time. Praying her light continues to shine in all of you.


Patti Harris posted on 8/7/20

My sincere condolences to you Shirley and your family. So sorry for your loss. Ms. Georgia will truly be missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing her and witnessed to that beautiful smile. Lifting you all in prayer that God provides comfort and strength during this difficult time.


Harry Spalding posted on 8/7/20

The loss of a parent is always a difficult journey. My heart goes out to all of you in this time of mourning, may the Spirit of our Father in heaven be with you in this time of need. When I think back to remember times shared I'm reminded of Christmas eves together. As a family we would have diner at grandmas house, and then go out driving around looking for Santa, which was really just a distraction for us kids, while your mom and dad would dash home and put presents under the tree. We would eventually show up at your house and realize we missed Santa again. But must have been good, an ever consuming worry, as he left gifts for us to enjoy. They always managed with impeccable good timing to have everything ready, makes you wonder how it could be done without cell phones. Maybe it really was Santa? What a blessing to have had parents that loved us and cared for us. God Bless Harry & Donna Spalding


SHAWN BRENNER posted on 8/7/20

Nicole-our hearts are broken for you and your family. So sorry for your loss. Prayers and Ross love to you all.



Trina Hennig posted on 8/7/20

You will be missed



DeAsia Williams posted on 8/7/20

Rest in peace.



Karamjeet posted on 8/6/20

In memory of Puswinder "Geji" Singh Gill, Karamjeet lit a candle



Lloyd, Tonia, and Mikayla posted on 8/6/20

May God continue to comfort and keep you during this time. We love you and are here for you.



PJ Lane posted on 8/6/20

Poohder you were like a grandson to me. I will never forget our talks about you being Quinn’s big brother and being his hero. You are loved very much and I will miss you and Quinn fussing at each other. You will be missed by all until we see you again in heaven. All my love, Granny


David A Schneider posted on 8/6/20

Dear Jenny & Julie and extended family, I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear of John's passing. My sincerest condolences! I have many fond memories of my time with John at MSOE. From that first winter day in Fall 1974 when he arrived at my #610 dorm door, suitcases in hand, to our apartment on 76th street just before May 1978 graduation and our "twin" Plymouth Arrow cars. He inspired me to be a better person, to listen better, to be more culturally sensitive, to help when it was needed. I loved the big bags of rice, rice cooker, meals together. laughs, schoolwork, etc. I was SO happy for him when he found & married Jenny and they had their daughter Julie! I regret never making it down to St. Louis to visit. Dave


Rikita Drummond posted on 8/6/20

Sending my deepest condolences and love to Nicole and her family during this trying time, may God protect your spirit, and cover your heart.



Riktia Drummond posted on 8/6/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, Riktia Drummond lit a candle



Ariel short and Kevin Harvey posted on 8/6/20

We are so incredibly sorry for your loss. It’s times like these that we are reminded of Gods love and faithfulness and the plan he has for us. Your grandma has a place in heaven, where she is whole with no imperfections! Bless you and your family in this hard time.


Anthony Weston posted on 8/6/20

Nicole, my family and I are praying for you and your family in this time of need. God Bless you



Carprice Harris posted on 8/6/20

You was like a brother to me even though we was not blood and we even though you gone you well forever be my brother and I still can’t believe u gone. god took you to soon Rest In Paradise Pooder


Teri and Ray posted on 8/6/20

Ray and I extend our deepest condolences to the family. What a interesting life she lived. Her memory will live on thru her children and grandchildren. Memory eternal.


Denise (Lewandowski) Kerr posted on 8/6/20

My thoughts and prayers are with Kim and her family.


Shane Betthauser posted on 8/6/20

tho we may not have talked a lot i will miss my uncle very much he was a very strong and kind man and we had some laughs together. I wish your family nothing but the best and you guys are in my prayers


Mary Faber posted on 8/6/20

Holly was one of those very special people who could just make you smile and feel happy by her very presence. I would see her almost everyday as she collected our dishes or brought them back, or delivered our mail. Those are just a few of the daily things she did for our lab, but it is just her daily presence that I miss so much at work everyday. I hope Holly knew we appreciated her, and loved her. Mary


Alzheimer's Association Wisconsin Chapter posted on 8/6/20

On behalf of everyone here at the Alzheimer's Association - thank you so much for thinking of us at this time of loss to your family. Memorial donations made in Joan's name will be put to immediate use serving families and supporting research. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dave Grams, Executive Director


Debbie Keckeisen (Jacobi) posted on 8/6/20

So very sorry for your loss. I have many wonderful memories of our visits to the Cira residence. Joan suffered greatly in her later years with memory loss, now she is at peace in the arms of Jesus♥️ And will remember everything! Much love to all of you.


Lakecia Gunter posted on 8/6/20

My sincere condolences to the Krause and Dove family on the loss of Ms. Georgia Lee Williams. May God's comfort and peace surround you. Lakecia


Donald "Alamo" Stone posted on 8/5/20

As a fellow New Berlin member of the District 1 Wisconsin American Legion Riders I was very pleased to ride with "Flat Top" during our Memorial Day activities. I truly enjoyed being with Dennis whenever the opportunity arose. It will be my honor to escort him on his final ride on the 15th. RIP brother.



Machell posted on 8/5/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, Machell lit a candle


Machell posted on 8/5/20




Shanell Robbins posted on 8/5/20

TT loves you forever and always!!! ♥️


Kim Moore posted on 8/5/20

Chris and Derek kept me updated on Dennis and his journey. My heart is broken. I remember fondly, Dennis as a boy. Those big brown eyes! Sending my thoughts and prayers for healing. Life is beautiful and tragic and this is a moment that takes our breath away. Studer family, be patient with yourselves and hold faith that tomorrow will come, baby steps each day, life will continue. With love, Kim


Gina and Steven Daddio posted on 8/5/20

We are so sorry for the loss of Dennis. He was a wonderful person and it was an honor to serve with him. Rest easy!


Renee and Preston Downing posted on 8/5/20

Our hearts and prayers go out to you. Dennis was a great guy! Cub Scouts was an adventure and Dennis hung in there with the boys, skilled at the Cricut for the Soapbox Derby decals, and always had a smile on his face! He will be missed but will always be watching over you, Anthony, and Aria. Hugs!!


Angela & Garylee Boettcher posted on 8/5/20

Jennifer & family Gone too soon. We believe our loved ones will be there with us forever, In this case Dennis was taken too soon. He is your angel in heaven now and will always be with you. I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep watching for those white feathers Jennifer.❤️❤️


Angie Rios posted on 8/5/20

My thoughts and prayers to the entire family! I remember meeting Dennis and his family when Richard was sick. I wish there were words to help the pain..... RIP Dennis



Jacquie Billings posted on 8/5/20

Nicole, you are in my thoughts in prayers at this difficult time. Please accept my deepest condolences and may you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you. God Bless


Kenya LaTrice Smith posted on 8/5/20

Keeping you and your family uplifted in my prayers.


Martina G posted on 8/5/20

Extending our deepest sympathy to you during this time. Our prayers and blessing are with you. I am so sorry for your pain and loss. GOD BLESS YOU AND THE FAMILY


Brad Speck posted on 8/5/20

I wish there was something I could say that would help at this most difficult time. Just know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Kathryn posted on 8/5/20

There are no words that can explain the sorrow you must feel during this time and the pain you must feel. He will be greatly missed. Sending support, comfort, heartfelt prayers to the family <3


Ronney McMiller posted on 8/5/20

No words can express the pain and sorrow of loosing a child. I can only say that I will keep you and your family in my prayers, during this difficult time.


Britannica Henderson-Baber posted on 8/5/20

My condolence to you and your family. Praying that God comforts your heart and hold you in His arms during you this difficult time.


Michelle Smiley posted on 8/5/20

To my family i send and give my love to all of you. I know this will not bring your child or grandchild back. But to only encourage you He's up there with God and his Great Grandmother Leola and all the others. He is ok. Your Aunt and Great Aunt.. Michelle Smiley


Pamela Reeves Lyons posted on 8/5/20

Sending my sincere prayers and condolences to the entire family. My God give you strength and peace during your time of sorrow.


Tiffany Green posted on 8/5/20

I send my deepest condolences to Nicole and her family during this difficult time.



Hiromi posted on 8/5/20

In memory of Holly Ann Keckeisen, Hiromi lit a candle



Terrance Tilmon posted on 8/5/20

My heart goes out to Nicole and the rest of the family and friends of Poohder. I'm sending my deepest condolences. Rest in Heaven Poohder



Indiah Washingyon posted on 8/5/20

My love, thought, and prayers are with you and your Family.



Natalie Hodge posted on 8/5/20

Praying for your strength during this challenging time.


Linda Richardson posted on 8/5/20

My heart goes out to you Nicole, and all of your family at this tragic loss. I have you in my prayers, and hope you find strength to get through this difficult time.


Lynn Fournier posted on 8/5/20

I keep struggling to find the words to express my grief for you and your family, but the right words seem impossible to find. Just know that I am thinking of you and your family during this very sad time.



Kristofer Langford posted on 8/5/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poohder" Mikaél Langford, Kristofer Langford lit a candle


Penny Knuth posted on 8/5/20

Dear Charlie, I am so Shocked and saddened to hear about Tami’s passing. She was such a wonderful person and loved you like no other. My deepest condolences to you and your family during this difficult time. ❤️ Penny



Kinya Jackson posted on 8/5/20

Let this light shine and touch the hearts of all that was blessed by the touch of your life here on earth little cousin! Forever in our hearts!❤



Kristofer posted on 8/5/20

In memory of Niqwan "Poodher" Mikael Langford, Kristofer lit a candle



Molly posted on 8/5/20

Love and prayers sent during this painful time



Oedies Toney posted on 8/4/20

In memory of Sharica Rochelle Martin Hughes, Oedies Toney lit a candle



Sandy Grieger posted on 8/4/20

Holly was a person that everyone instantly fell in love with. Always happy and positive, and ready for fun. She remembered everyone's name and birthday, and always had a stack of cards waiting to be sent out for birthdays, get well, thinking of you.... I am so glad that we got to be such close friends, you always amazed me and you made me a better person. Love you , miss you and you will forever be in my heart. To Frank Jeanine, her Sons,Grand Son and all of her family, friends and co workers My very deepest sympathies go out to you. I pray for strength for you at this difficult time. She will always be with us in our hearts and minds.


Katherine (Weiss) Fuller posted on 8/4/20

What an incredibly special person heaven has gained. Sylvia was an amazing friend to my grandma, Audrey Weiss, for so many years. Everyone in the neighborhood knew Sylvia. She was the 90-year old out there cutting her own lawn because no one was going to stop her! She was the 80 year old walking with her friends to take classes or volunteer at the West Allis Senior Center. She was loved by so many people - her family, her neighbors, her fellow church-goers. I hope she knew how much.


Dan Stratmeyer posted on 8/4/20

Chuck is my uncle, and I have fond memories of whenever I would see him. He was really more like a cousin in the relationship we had and common interests. He was kind and soft spoken and will be greatly missed by myself and the entire family who knew him. I wish someone familiar could have been by his bed side while he passed. He was wonderful.



Darleen Ziegler posted on 8/3/20

Our sincere sympathies to the family. He was a cousin of ours whom it seems we never saw but at sad times. So sorry we just learned of his passing as also his dear wife Carolyn. We enjoyed visiting with them. God bless all of you. My husband was a classmate of Robert's.


Michelle Miller posted on 8/3/20

What a beautiful life he lived. We will always remember Papa Polkas' everlasting smiles and wonderful sense of humor. Our deepest sympathies to the entire Polka family as we send you love and strength in this difficult time. The Miller Family



Jocelynn Polka posted on 8/3/20

Uncle Steve and his smile and laughter will be missed... truly a wonderful man.


Erika Olson posted on 8/3/20

Dennis. I was so sad to hear about your dad. Sorry we weren't able to be there for you, but Todd was working and I had the grandkids. Somewhere in an album, I have a pic of your dad. Christmas 1983 or 1984. (((HUGS))) to you. Erika


John Matyas posted on 8/3/20

You always had the biggest smile in the room. It amazes me that you instinctively knew how to bring out the best in everyone. I don't know how did it, but your Christmas gifts always made me want to raise my Christmas generosity and creativity. It seems silly, but thank you for your Pampered Chef Mix N Chop... I really like it. You made me a better person Holly. I'm going to miss you, but I'm not going to forget you. Love you.


Russ and Sherry Cira posted on 8/3/20

Please accept our prayers and sympathy. Love, Russ and Sherry


Jill Akins posted on 8/3/20

Dale and family I’m so sorry for your loss. Moms are precious.


Kathy Wittert posted on 8/3/20

Our Aunt Ruth reminded me of the best of the “greatest generation”: she was caring, thoughtful, kind, and fun-loving while also strong, hard-working, and resilient. I remember fondly the summer vacations our families shared in northern Wisconsin. When our father, her older brother, died, she was a supportive and comforting presence. Even in her 90s, she was bright, sharp, and a fine storyteller. Her laughter, sense of humor, and independent spirit were gifts to us that we will not forget. With deepest sympathy to her family and friends—Kathy and Steve Wittert



David Van De Voort posted on 8/3/20

Darrell, so sorry to hear of your mom’s passing.


Scott, Jen & Emerson McCafferty posted on 8/3/20

Our sincerest condolences on the passing of Stephen. We never met him, but we feel like we knew him as Carolyn spoke of him often. He sounds like wonderful guy. May he rest in peace.


Peter and Lourdes RUTa posted on 8/3/20

prayerful sympathy to the family. May the love and peace of GOd surround you in this time of sorrow.



LaPointe Michael posted on 8/3/20

God grant you peace Steve.. Ypu truly were a good man


Amy & Barry Haneberg posted on 8/3/20

Our deepest sympathies on your loss. Mr. Polka sounded like a wonderful person that was loved and respected by many and most certainly was beloved by Carolyn. May he rest in peace.


Craig V. Hasting posted on 8/3/20

To the entire Polka family, please accept my sincere condolences. Steve will be missed on many levels including his leadership of the Young Marines. His cheerful nature will be missed at gatherings of police retirees from luncheons to our Old District Three Tuesday breakfasts. Rest in Peace and God Bless


Jani Lewitzke (Kozlowski) posted on 8/3/20

The Kozlowski’s send your family condolences. So sorry to hear about Steve. We will try to make it. today. If not, I’ll be streaming the service. Janii


Kris Fortkamp Lancourt posted on 8/3/20

Ruth. & Family I have good memories of Steve in grade & HS. Always pleasant & friendly. He had a very awesome life police & Army Major. Very impressive. My deepest sympathy to your family. Gods Richest Blessings all of you & Bless Steve✝️


Rosemarie Booth posted on 8/3/20

Jennifer and Valerie - thinking of your family and remembering when you lived on Windcrest Drive. Sorry to read of your Mom Natalie's passing. May the light of your memories heal your sorrow and bring you peace. With sympathy and Blessings, Rosemarie Booth


Jeff Schwark posted on 8/3/20

He was a good man. Growing up he showed nothing but kindness to me and always kept his door open to me. I learned a lot from him and he helped shape my future. I will miss him and God knows the world will miss him, we are already so short on good men as it is. Thank you, Steve.


Alzheimer's Association Wisconsin Chapter posted on 8/3/20

On behalf of everyone here at the Alzheimer's Association - thank you so much for thinking of us at this time of loss to your family. Memorial donations made in Natalie's name will be put to immediate use serving families and supporting research. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Dave Grams, Executive Director


Scott & Eileen Campbell posted on 8/3/20

Dear Ruth, we were very sorry to hear about Steve. He was such a nice guy and we enjoyed living near you two and your family. Please accept out deepest condolences. Sincerely, Scott & Eileen Campbell



Norma Chavez posted on 8/3/20

I worked with sweet Helen at Cameron Law Office fka Cameron and Penegor. I enjoyed going to work the days that Helen worked, she was alway so kind to me. She always had a smile and such a positive, wonderful person--never had negative comments about others. She was very proud of her children and grandchildren and loved them dearly. My condolences to her precious Family.


Brian P Buggy MD posted on 8/2/20

Tom, I greatly appreciated your presence at my mother's wake and I'm sorry that I cannot return the honor for Lois. Contribution made to Seasons Hospice. My hope for you is that some day, in some way, you will find peace in the acceptance of what has happened. Brian


Camille Johnson posted on 8/2/20

Beverly, I will miss our chats in front of our building. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better but I will miss you just the same. Fondly, Camille


Melanie Kratky posted on 8/2/20

Sending our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to you on the loss of your dearest mother. I was so fortunate to be able to keep in touch with her over the years, and our phone conversations were wonderful. We not only shared family memories but also discussed current events. She had a sharp mind and knew more about national news and current politics than I did. In every conversation, Aunt Ruth never failed to mention how blessed she was, how much she appreciated life, and she endlessly expressed her love for her children who were so devoted and took such good care of her. She was a lovely lady and an inspiration to me. She will always be in my heart. Love, Melanie and Family


Gloria Mosley posted on 8/1/20

Dear Post family, I'd like to express my condolence and deep regrets for your loss and share where I found help when I lost my entire family to this enemy death. I found comfort and hope in what I read in Jehovah Gods word the Bible at John5:28,29 there we're told we'll see our love ones again when Jesus brings them back here on earth at the resurrection and we're also told at Isaiah25:8 this enemy death will begone forever. Because of these scriptures along with I'm able to cope with my loss and get through each day because now I know I'll see my love ones again and so can you. I wanted to share this with you now when hope and comfort is needed hoping this will help you also for this is my purpose in sharing this with you at this time and please know I do share your grief and would like to know if this helped you in some way. Please feel free to let me know. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, GM


Warren Rivette, Ex #3 dist posted on 8/1/20

I worked with Steve at #3 Dist in the early 80's. We never worked a squad together as he was an inside man, but he was always helpful and an absolute gentleman. We are going to miss him at the union dinner also, as well as the Law enforcement Walleye tourny in Stevens Point. It was a privilege to know Steve and have him part of my life. Warren Rivette



Anne Birkholz posted on 8/1/20

Three weeks without you now. Be with Mom every moment of every day. We miss you terribly.


J Keagan Miller posted on 7/31/20

I was fortunate to have met Major Polka at a Young Marines encampment last Summer. His constant smile and willingness to help train the youth of tomorrow was very evident in just that weekend. God bless you sir and my condolences to your family. You will be sorely missed.



Sheryl Briley posted on 7/31/20

You were loved and will be missed deeply. In this life or the next. See you in Valhalla!


Anne Garcia posted on 7/31/20

Dear Mary, Jim, Dianne and Sue. The loss of your dear mother is truly a loss to us all. She was fun loving and optimistic for so many years and your efforts allowed her to stay in her home and live life on her terms. She was our dad's little sister, and after he died, she stood by us and provided moral support whenever she could. As kids, our families shared many adventures at lakes in Wisconsin, but I'll always remember Aunt Ruth's laughter that always seemed to smooth things out when things got intense. She was a good soul who lived a good life. She will be missed. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Anne and Charley Garcia


Patsy Wilhelme posted on 7/31/20

My deepest sympathy. Cindy, I continue to think and pray for you And your family. Peace to all of you.


John and Sharon Johnson posted on 7/31/20

A Mother holds her children’s Hands for a while their Hearts Forever What a wonderful Mother,Grandmother and Great Grandmother Ruth so loved her family and we always looked forward to our seeing her when coming to Milwaukee Always so kind and caring Our Love to Her Beautiful Family John & Sharon❤️


Nancy Erhardt posted on 7/31/20

Ruth and family, please except our deepest sympathy at the loss of Steve. Looking back at seeing Steve last December will be a cherished memory that we will hold in our hearts forever. He is one of the "last good guys" and true patriot also. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord let His face shine upon you, May the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26 Love, Cousins Nancy Erhardt, Melissa Macaluso, Amanda Macaluso and Masen


LINDA KACZMAREK posted on 7/31/20

I worked with Roger for many years at Safway and always enjoyed my conversations with him. He was a great person and I know he has touched many lives. My deepest condolences to his wife, children, and grandchildren and many friends. I know his memory will continue to live on through all the people that were a part of his life.



Andrea Kunkel posted on 7/31/20

Earl will be truly missed especially by my son, daughter-in-law and grandson, Nicholas, Angela & Brantley Kunkel, I enjoyed spending time with him when visiting and he was there. My thoughts & prayers to the family.


Lorraine Brahm posted on 7/31/20

Such a nice friendly guy, and he always had that smile. He will be missed in the neighborhood! My prayers go out to his wonderful family.


Patty Darnieder posted on 7/31/20

Holly was a beautiful person inside and out. We loved having her as part of our family. She was so good for my uncle. Her humor & Kind Heart will be deeply missed! Love you Holly your spirit will live upon us for many years.❤️ Our sincere condolences go out to the entire family.


Ray Sucik posted on 7/31/20

May you Rest In Peace and May God’s angels lead you into Paradise where the roll calls are short and only have good news. Prayers for the family you leave behind.



Mark Honnold posted on 7/31/20

In memory of Stephen D. Polka, Mark Honnold lit a candle


Sandy Abel posted on 7/30/20

Steve was married to my best friend ever. He took care of her & loved her since she was young. They laughed & cried & grew old together. Steve will be missed by many. Ruthie - my heart aches for you. Sandy


Brad & Amy Schultz, and Family posted on 7/30/20

So sorry to learn of Steve's passing. He was a great neighbor, and I loved our conversations in the yard, and all his help with the house. Thoughts and prayers are with the family during this time.



Nicole posted on 7/30/20

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Pat Durham posted on 7/30/20

My condolences to her family. Goodbye my dear friend, I will miss you. ~Pat~



Mark (nephew) posted on 7/30/20

Uncle Steve, you will be so missed, by more then anyone can imagine. You have reached the hearts of friends and family with your kind words and your never ending smile. May God wrap his ever loving arms around you as your journey home begins. Grandma and Grandpa are waiting for you. We all love and miss you Uncle Steve.



Ruth Polka posted on 7/30/20

Sweetheart your light will shine forever.


Donna and Paul Marcott posted on 7/30/20

Now you join your husband and all the other family members waiting for your arrival. May your smile and theirs light up the heavens. Thanks for the memories through the years. Peace and prayers to the family.


Joan Phistry posted on 7/30/20

Ruth and all of Steve's family--His passing will leave a hole in my heart. Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.


Diane Mirr posted on 7/30/20

Keeping you all in my prayers. I still can not believe your gone. Rest In Peace Uncle Steve. You will be missed.


Debbie Barton posted on 7/30/20

Uncle Steve you are such a great guy! One of my earliest memories is you helping us move to Florida. I'm still in disbelief you are no longer here with us...I know grandpa and grandma were waiting for you, smiling from ear to ear with open arms welcoming you home! We will remember you with full hearts and smile and look forward to seeing you when it is our time God love you!


Jean Weber posted on 7/30/20

...Valerie and Jennifer, that will comfort you in this difficult time.


Jean Weber posted on 7/30/20

It’s challenging to think of a time when she wasn’t smiling! One of my last memories of her before she got too ill was a night out to see Mama Mia at Sunset Playhouse. Lots of smiles and toe tapping! We had a good time, even if Natalie fell asleep for a couple numbers. I know you have lots and lots of memories too, Va


Jerry Wawrzonek posted on 7/30/20

Sincere condolences to Steve's Family and friends (which were many) Although I never directly worked with Steve, i occasionally had the pleasure of working assignments in District 3 where Steve was assigned. He was kind, considerate and extremely competent.A true gentleman. RIP


Emily Weber Hayden posted on 7/30/20

So sorry to hear this sad news. I will always remember our wonderful times at St. Paul's United Methodist Church - in Youth Group, Epworth Choir, Bell Choir. I know you're singing with angels now. Sincerely, Emily


Patty and Dale Griffith posted on 7/30/20

We were saddened to hear of Steve’s passing. We knew Steve from George Webb’s. He always had a smile on his face and a kind word. We enjoyed his company. What came across most was the pride he felt for his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Pete & Sara Schwartz posted on 7/30/20

We were saddened to hear that steve passed away.Having lived across the street from Steve we have fond memories. Remember going fishing, didn't catch anything but had fun.


Dick and Betty Mabbott posted on 7/30/20

We are very sorry to learn of Steve's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Mallory posted on 7/30/20

It was such a wonderful surprise everytime I got to see Aunt Holly at family events. He big hugs and laughter will be forever missed. She was always the life of the party with an ever vibrant personality. Rest In Peace Aunt Hol. Love you.



Sarah Zaja posted on 7/30/20

I am so sorry for your loss.


Jennifer Foley posted on 7/30/20

My heartfelt condolences to Holly's family, friends, and co-workers. She was loved by all who knew her and gave the gift of friendship and love to all. “What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.” -Helen Keller


Kiel Family posted on 7/29/20

How does one write a note when the light Holly cast has now dimmed. She was radiant joy and a ray of sunshine on the cloudiest days. She gave new meaning to my brother Frank's world and our family got to experience their love story. She could make any day extraordinary. I will miss her texts with pictures of travels and the cute way she and Frank dressed up for holidays and sports events. My deepest condolences to her beautiful, gracious family and to all that got a chance to experience Holly's laughter and even larger shoulders to lean on. It has been a blessing to have known such a wonderful human being and unwavering humanitarian.


Peg Smith & Bob posted on 7/29/20

We are sorry that we never got to meet Sharon. We are saddened by her death.



Stephanie Wirsbinski posted on 7/29/20

My condolences to all of Hollys family. I worked with Holly at MCW. She always had a smile on her face and was friends with everyone. She always went the extra mile when doing her job! She will be dearly missed!!!


Kathleen Czarnecki posted on 7/29/20

Morgan and I went back to her days with Interfaith Older Adult Programs. She was an amazing friend, co-worker and advocate for the older adult. We now have a special angel watching us. I will miss my passionate friend.


Mary Ann Hammond posted on 7/29/20

Please accept my sincere sympathy upon the loss of your father. My husband, Chet, was on the honor guard with Jim and remember countless occasions I would sit with your mom, Liz, at KC functions. What wonderful memories. With loving thoughts, prayers and God’s blessings, Mary Ann Hammond


Sandra Helinski posted on 7/29/20

My sincere condolences to the family of Kathy. I came to know Kathy through craft fairs as she became a favorite customer at my booth and we shared great conversation over the years.. We both loved our Lipsense! She was such a lovely lady--I am deeply saddened by her passing. I know God has a very special place for her in heaven. She will be missed very much.


Ann Esselman posted on 7/29/20

Holly was such a breath of fresh air in the morning as she breezed through the lab. I always enjoyed our little visits, a true breath of fresh and a nice way to start the day. She was so considerate, compassionate and full of energy. She touched a lot of lives and will be missed by many. Taken from us way too soon. My sympathy to Frank and Holly's family.


Theresa Goshaw posted on 7/28/20

Roger was a terrific person. I loved his art and his attention to detail. Roger was a member of the ACArt Association. Roger was kind and helpful. It was wonderful interacting with him. I will miss him at meetings. God bless you Roger. Peace be with the family. Theresa Goshaw


Adriana Biasi posted on 7/28/20

CeeCee I just found out today of Jim’s passing. Our deepest sympathy for you and your girls and family. We will always remember Jim as that guy always smiling and such a good person. You guys had a special relationship and so much love for each other. I read Chrissie’s beautiful letter to her dad and that was a confirmation of the great father and individual he was! Didn’t know we shared having seen Saturday Night Fever 7 times lol! Again we are sorry for your loss and we are praying for you and your family ❤️


Deb Donohoe posted on 7/28/20

Dear Family, I have known Holly since she joined MCW. Not a day went by that I didn't visit with her. My lab was located just across the hall from where she was. I so very much enjoyed her energy, and viewpoint on life. I was so very lucky to call her a friend. And if I might brag a bit, I was partially responsible for her hiring at MCW. I knew from the moment we met that her people skills and upbeat demeanor were something we needed at CRI. Her position put her on contact with everyone in the building so we needed not only a conscientious person, but an ambassador of sorts and Holly was just that!!! She brightened the days of so many around her and she will indeed be missed by everyone who knew her. With sincere affection and sympathy. Deb Donohoe


Patrick Payne posted on 7/28/20

A good man with a quick smile and hearty handshake. A fond memory of my days at Safway on State Street.


Kathryn Reeder posted on 7/28/20

Sorry for your loss my prayers are with you all. Love , Kathryn



Jacalyn Knoppa posted on 7/28/20

Worked with Roger for a lot of years. We were in different areas of the company but he was such a great guy.


Valerie Salato posted on 7/28/20

Holly was such a wonderful, caring, kind person. I will miss her. I loved talking to her and seeing her smiling face around MCW. She brightened up my day!


Jerry Drescher posted on 7/28/20

We lost a truly great person. I'm going to miss her... a lot. I cherish the time I did get to spend with her. She always made me smile and I'm going to miss the hugs. MCW will not be the same without her.


Margaret Pfaff posted on 7/27/20

Our deepest sympathies to the Stoiber family. Out thoughtsxand prayers are with you all. Love, Margaret and Frank


Judy Lange posted on 7/27/20

My sincere condolences to the Frank family at this sad time. Roger was a good man and I enjoyed talking to him at Safway where we both worked until retirement. I enjoyed his sense of humor. Very surprised to hear about his interest in opera. I regret never having heard him sing. I have sent a letter to Mrs. Frank as I knew I would not feel comfortable attending a funeral during the COVID-19 crisis. I pray she understands. I wish your family comfort and peace.


Gene and Dawn Scherr posted on 7/27/20

What a great and positive spirit you always had Holly!! It was our blessing to know you and to be friends with you and Frank. We're thankful for the good times and memories and for your infectious and joyful nature.


garry kosut posted on 7/27/20

I want to thank everyone who is sharing my Debbie. The stories are fantastic and heart felt. Again, thank you all, Garry Kosut


Halli Miller posted on 7/27/20

This morning, before I heard the news, I was thinking about Holly as I was washing my dishes for my experiments. In that moment, I could smell her perfume and thought fondly of her abundant hugs. Her perfume would stay with me for hours after she gave one. Just hours later, I heard of her passing, and can't help but wonder why I thought of her today. She was a wonderful, sweet woman who will be deeply missed by everyone who knew her.


Ashok Singh posted on 7/27/20

Holly Keckeisen was a wonderful person of DOP family, and whenever she has visited our lab area, we always greeted each other with her never-fading smile. I will miss her a lot.


Wendy Ekstrom Bitter posted on 7/27/20

Oh my goodness. We had no idea that Keith had passed away. We are so sorry and will certainly see you in August. Our sincere condolences


Cecilia Hawley posted on 7/27/20

I always admired my beautiful cousin, Mary. Our moms were sisters. She recalled playing tennis with my brother, Max, when they were in high school. I was able to visit her when she came to visit her friend, Herman Meyer, at Harwood Place, since I also live there. May she now enjoy dancing with all the saints in heaven! With sympathy from cousin, Cel Lemberger Hawley


Janice Biniok posted on 7/27/20

We are going to miss you, Holly! You were always the life of the party and such a good companion to our dear friend, Frank. Thanks for all the fun and laughs! Condolences to Holly's family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, John & Jan Biniok


Kelsey Franckowiak posted on 7/26/20

I am one of the CNA’s at the Regency of New Berlin. I took care of Rita multiple times and she was a joy to be around. I will definitely miss being there to help her get ready for bed at night and in the morning. Rest in Peace


Susie jones posted on 7/26/20

My dear sweet friend I will miss you so much .you always lifted me up on my darkest days .I'll cherish all the fun times we had together, rest in peace ,gone way too soon love you forever


Rev Ben Paris posted on 7/26/20

My prayerful sympathies to Garry and all of Deb’s family and friends. I was at Sacred Heart School of Theology from 1991-1995 when I graduated. During that time, I had gotten to know Deb quite well. She was a very nice person. She told me that she had never attended an Ordination before. So I invited her to my priesthood ordination in 1995. I’ll never forget that she and Garry came to my ordination at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette. God bless you Deb. May the angels lead you to paradise and may the martyrs and saints come to meet you and lead you to the eternal city...


Carol Danielewski posted on 7/26/20

Condolences to the family. I will miss her greatly. She was a wonderful Friend, An all around caring person and the greatest hair stylist. Hope she is at peace. My prayers for her and all her family. Carol


Paul Cook posted on 7/26/20

My deepest sympathy kids. See was a wonderful person.


Mike Best posted on 7/26/20

I would like to send my most heartfelt condolences to all of Jason's friends and family members, the world has lost an amazing human being. I had the honor of calling Jason my childhood friend in the early 90s. We went to the same school, lived on the same street, built model rockets together and definitely stayed up wayyy too late playing video games on a few occasions. Even at the age of 10 or so, it was easy to see that Jason had great care and commitment for his family. Jason always appeared to be very affectionate and protective to Erin and Alex. Additionally, there were multiple times he had to leave while we were hanging out so that he could catch the Bills game with his Dad, because as he quoted, "I've never missed a Bills game with my Dad!". Thank you, Jason, for being a great friend to me in the limited years that I knew you. I am filled with nothing but pride and admiration as I read more about the great life you lived. Sending wishes of strength and resolve to all of those who knew Jason.


Diane Johnson posted on 7/26/20

Cindy, Jackie, Kathy and families, I am so very sorry to hear about Debbie! Such a strong beautiful woman! What an incredible fighter!!! Yes, she was the best story teller! I miss her wonderful smile and laughter. What a gift she was to everyone who knew her. I know she is telling everyone all of her stories now. I’m so sorry for y’all’s loss. Know that I’m praying, hugging and crying from afar. Sending y’all my love! Always, Diane


Anne gehl posted on 7/25/20

I will never forget her love and dedication to those foster girls, who one day will likely be in heaven with her because of both of you❤️


Amy ONeil posted on 7/25/20

Dear Skiba Family, My sincere condolences on the passing of your mom. Keeping all of you and your mother, father and Shawn in my prayers. Sincerely, Amy O’Neil



Peter Reichert posted on 7/25/20

To the Kehlenbrink family, Maria and I are so deeply sorry for your loss. May you always have the best memories of Karen in your thoughts and in your hearts . Deepest Sympathy, Peter Reichert and Maria Zoske


Sandy Johnson posted on 7/25/20

My sympathy to you Gary and family. I am so sorry for your loss of Debbie. I was unable to attend the visitation this morning but wanted to express my condolences. Debbie was a dear soul and I know she is with Jesus, singing in the angel choir. A fond memory I have among many, is the time Debbie and I showed up at the Junior high dance wearing the same "sailor dress." We had some laughs about that. May God give you comfort and peace in the coming days. Sandy Farrell Johnson


Father Helmut Richter posted on 7/25/20

May she rest in Peace. It was a pleasure to share my time with her at Sacred Heart. Fr. Helmut



Jan Daczyk posted on 7/25/20

Skiba family. So sorry for the loss of your mom. Peace love and comfort to you all.


Fr. Al Schifano posted on 7/24/20

My sincere condolences to Deb’s family. I entered Sacred Heart at age 58, a widower, challenged by returning to school late in life. Deb was a constant source of encouragement, a ready smile even in the face of her health challenges. I always made it a point to see and thank her at alumni functions through the years. She has been a great gift to many people. May she Rest In Peace. Fr Al Schifano, 2001


Cynthia michael posted on 7/24/20

Dad, you always did the best you could and for that I thank you. Forever in my heart, well done.



Garrett posted on 7/24/20

In memory of Brittany Morgan Tomasik, Garrett lit a candle



Jenny Drzewiecki posted on 7/24/20

In memory of Deborah Ann Kosut, Jenny Drzewiecki lit a candle


Fr. John Ozella posted on 7/24/20

Garry, I've been away from Wisconsin for too long. I was unaware Deb was dealing with cancer, so I was stunned and saddened to get notifiedmabout Deb's death from SHST. She brought me so much joy during my two-and-a-half years there! And no doubt even more joy to you. I fondly remember her role-playing a "twisted sister" I was interviewing for one of my counseling classes. The world is a lesser place for her departure, but what a bonus for Heaven (I empower myself to canonize a Lutheran saint). I'm sorry for this incredible loss of faithful companionship from your life and promise to pray for you in the days ahead. Know you have the support of many brothers!


Sister Marilyn Cowser, OSF posted on 7/24/20

Garry, I am truly sorry to hear of Debbie's final journey to God. As a colleague we had good laughs and beautiful sharing around the table in the dining room at Sacred Heart School of Theology. Garry there are no words to comfort you but, I am sure you have many days wonderful, blessed and endearing memories of Debbie. Be assured of special prayers for you and others in your family. ❤


Fr. jack E. Sidler posted on 7/24/20

Gary I am so sorry to hear of Debbi's passing, know that all in my prayers.


Fr. Jay Jensen posted on 7/24/20

Dear Garry & Family, Deb became a great friend and source of joy during my seminary days at SHSST. We could always count on a smile and words of encouragement every time that we came into contact with her. I'm so thankful that I had the privilege of knowing her during my formation years at Sacred Heart. I'm confident that she will rest in Christ's eternal joy. With sincere Christian love in Christ, Fr. Jay Jensen (Class of 2001)


Fr. Patrick Nelson, SDS posted on 7/24/20

Garry, My Condolences to you and your family. Debbie and I are the same age and she was always very kind to me at Sacred Heart. I was ordained in 2019 at Sacred Heart and I hold her memory of gentleness to everyone. May God Bless you and be gracious to you. - Fr. Pat Nelson, SDS


Belinda Bolden posted on 7/24/20

To my father whom I love dearly just wanted to let you know that you were the best father you could ever be you were always there for me never turn me down always look out for me Dad you were my Hero just wanted to thank you for being the best Dad you could be my Hero in life forever your 1st daughter love always Belinda Curliese Bolden RIP


Belinda Bolden posted on 7/24/20

To my father whom I love dearly just wanted to let you know that you were the best father you could ever be you was always there for me Never turn me down always look out for me Dad you were my Hero just want to thank you for being the best Dad my Hero in life forever love always 1st daughter RIP



Joy & Dave Schneider posted on 7/24/20

Trudy and Family, We are so sorry of the loss of your dad! You’re dad sounds like he was an amazing man! We are sending hugs and prayers to all of you. Wishing God’s comfort as you go through this time. Joy and Dave Schneider



James Schuneman posted on 7/23/20

My deepest condolences on the loss of my dear friend Jimmy.



Lynn Kaestner posted on 7/23/20

Garry, I'm so sorry to hear that Debb has moved to Heaven. I am keeping you and her soul in my prayers.


Mavis & Terry Scinto posted on 7/23/20

Our deepest sympathy to all of Rita's children and families. We had the honor of meeting her when she came to Arizona to see Bob & Kathy. What a special lady, we were inspired to enjoy life, family & laughter! Beginning with the Martini in a crystal glass to exchanging letters over the years. We feel honored to have met many of her family members, each one as special as her. Rest in peace, Rita.


Joan Andolina posted on 7/23/20

Our deepest sympathy on the passing of Keith. He will always be a part of the memories our family has of Children's Learning Center. The Andolina Family


Brenda Laukant posted on 7/23/20

Brenda, I just found out about your husbands death yesterday. I'm so sorry to hear that he is gone. God gained another Angel! I lost your cellphone number and forever tried to get it from someone to no avail. my home land phone number is ( 262-820-0260 ) That is the best phone number to reach me by. Please if no one picks up right away, leave a message. Sincerely Your Friend, Brenda Laukant


Barb Balsbaugh Spencer posted on 7/23/20

So sorry for your loss, Jim was my classmate at St. Marys and at Brookfield East.


Mary Pautz posted on 7/23/20

My deepest sympathy to all of you. I loved Rita. We walked the grief path together when Dick and Sandy died. We traveled to Italy, to Ireland, to Boston... so many memories! What a wonderful friend she was.


Terrie Cutty posted on 7/23/20

Many years ago I worked for Rod and Marilyn as their cleaning lady. Rod and Marilyn were true christian"s. always positive, and grateful for my service. I feel lucky to have known them because these are the kind of people that make the world a better place. My condolences to the whole family.


Duane Bunchkowski posted on 7/23/20

My wife Colleen and I are neighbors to Debbie and Garry, special memories of Debbie, *Bright smile no matter what was going on in her life, always cheerful and great conversationalist * As I drove by their house in my Hot rod Debbie would always tell me to do a burnout. (not all the neighbors enjoyed that) * Her love for Garry would shine through whenever she spoke * Our chats about Harnischfeger and all the people that worked there


Kim Zieroth posted on 7/23/20

Debb will be missed dearly. She was such a sweet and funny lady. So happy I was able to meet her and chat during our few gatherings. I will always remember her love of animals and how she named every squirrel and bird! Garry, Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs to you and all of your family.


Paul and Joyce Martin posted on 7/22/20

So sorry for your loss, sounds like a wonderful long life. Leaving a large family behind. May she rest in peace. Many thoughts and prayers with you all.


LARRY KREITER posted on 7/22/20

My condolences to the Kobolynski family. Kathy was a great person. She was always kind to everyone. Hope her and Gordy are partying together again.



Mike and Mary Bajenski posted on 7/22/20

Lona, so sorry to hear about Johnny. Mary and I send our condolences.



Danielle Greene posted on 7/22/20

In memory of Morgan R. Morgan, Danielle Greene lit a candle


Danielle Greene posted on 7/22/20

I am sending my thoughts and prayers out to the family and friends of Morgan. I only met her once but you could tell that the older adult population was a huge passion of hers. You will be missed Morgan!



Sheila Carter posted on 7/22/20

In memory of Morgan R. Morgan, Sheila Carter lit a candle


Katie Burke posted on 7/22/20

Morgan was such a warm and friendly person. My deepest sympathies to her family and friends. I met Morgan only once, when I traveled to her facility for business, but we spoke on the phone numerous times. One could tell instantly how much she cared for her seniors and her centers. Heaven is happy but earth is very sad...



Mary Howard posted on 7/22/20

May God keep you close at this time. Cherish the times you have had and keep each other close. Blessings to you and yours. Our sympathy for your loss.


Bonnie and Derek Wenger posted on 7/22/20

Steve and family, Our thoughts, hugs, and prayers for you at this most difficult time. May you find comfort in eachother and cherish your memories. God has a plan, and she has earned her wings. Till you meet again


Jason A. Olson posted on 7/22/20

Sincerest condolences to Charlie's family. I met Charlie some years ago at the Waukesha Y as we were both runners. He was always talkative & and friendly and then I discovered he lived in the same neighborhood here in Waukesha which was a nice touch as I'd see him running in the mornings throughout the neighborhood.


Lois & Don Hensiak posted on 7/22/20

To Garry and Debbie’s Family: We are very sorry to hear of Debbie’s passing. We have so many great memories of her leading the choir, singing in the praise band, love and passion to be a Christ follower and her love for her church. We send hugs to you all.



Sandra Helinski posted on 7/22/20

God Bless you Brittany. You and you family are in my prayers.


Sandra Helinski posted on 7/22/20

Dear Steve and Nancy, My sincere condolences to you and your family. I am sorry that I did not see the email at work to express my sympathy in person. I realize that this is a very difficult time for all of you. Your dear daughter is in God's loving arms, free and alive in spirit. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her at a festival last year. God Bless all of you. Sincerely, Sandy and Kevin Helinski


Julie Froehlich Breutzmann posted on 7/21/20

My sympathy to the family. We were childhood friends and neighbors. We shared many good times.


Monica Ortiz posted on 7/21/20

My condolences to Dr.Hauke's Family he delivered my baby girl on June 15,2016 may he rest in peace.


Mary & Merl Schuman-Johnson posted on 7/21/20

We are very sorry to hear that your mom passed away. Please accept our deepest sympathy for your loss. She was a remarkable woman.


Jane Rizzo posted on 7/21/20

Greg and I are so sorry to hear about Debbie’s passing Your family will be in our prayers. Greg and Jane Rizzo


Jane Rizzo posted on 7/21/20

Greg and I are so sorry to hear about Debbie’s passing Your family will be in our prayers.


Melody Socha posted on 7/21/20

Dearest Brittany, May your infectious energy, beautiful smile and loving manner be remembered. You had one beautiful soul. I will hold our memories dear to my heart. You meant a lot to me and I loved you as a sister. My deepest condolences go out to Steve, Nancy, Justin, Brandon and the rest of the Tomasik and Nelson families. You are at peace now and I know God has taken you lovingly into his arms. Fly high angel, until we meet again.


Vicki Johnson posted on 7/21/20

When I first started working at SHSST, there was a retreat day for faculty and staff. We were sharing difficult times in our lives, and I briefly talked about having four miscarriages and what a devastating impact that has had on my life. That same day, Debb openly shared her history with me, our tear-filled eyes met in sincere empathy, and we immediately bonded. She opened her own heart to me, and I knew, without a doubt, that she truly did understand. Debb touched so many lives, and it is evident that God worked in and through her.


Ann Kopf posted on 7/21/20

Morgan was a true go getter. Many of us really do have to roll up our sleeves to get some work done. With Morgan, her sleeves were always rolled up. Actually, she wore sleeveless tops or dresses most of the time, therefore she was always ready and willing for her next challenge. You inspired us with your ability to do anything you put your mind to. Thank you for your dedication and all you did for those who needed your help and ongoing support. You will truly be missed.


Mary Neitzel posted on 7/21/20

I am so sorry for your loss..and also for our Sr Center loss. We've lost a caring leader. I'm happy to make a donation toward her reading bench memorial.


Nancy dudek posted on 7/21/20

Morgan used to come into our knitting group and show us her creations. Didn't know her real well but it seems like she created a life helping others.


Teresa Moss posted on 7/21/20

I am so sorry to hear of Tami's passing. She was a big part of my life in the ice show and I will never forget her. May you have comfort in knowing how many lives she touched.


John Hauser posted on 7/21/20

Brittany, You were a breath of fresh air. You always had a smile. And you worked hard under any and every situation. The room became more lively when you were in it. And your appetite was of competitive nature. We are all grateful for the time we all spent together. We miss and love you. John Hauser / The LoveMonkeys


Fr. Jim Walters, SCJ posted on 7/21/20

Gary, My heart goes out to you at this painful time. May all the wonderful memories of your life with Deb bring you comfort and strength. She will be missed by so many of us but no one more deeply than you. You will be in my prayers.


michael holterman posted on 7/21/20

I am so sad to hear of Morgans passing.Always hard to lose family member. Sadly I cant make the trip. will be there in heart and mind


Esther Bednarski posted on 7/21/20

Dear Evelyn, so sorry to hear of your loss! I have a lot of good memories of us, I hope someday we can get together again.



Ben Illingworth posted on 7/21/20

In memory of Deborah Ann Kosut, Ben Illingworth lit a candle


Richard and Francine Blaha posted on 7/20/20

Condolences on Kathy’s passing. Too suddenly and too soon. Such an avant-garde person. Kind hearted and always smiling. She truly Will be missed



Sandy Stoller posted on 7/20/20

I worked with Morgan for four years, she was such an intelligent woman. She loved the seniors and tried to do all she could for them. She will be a definite loss at the senior centers.


Tom Cutting posted on 7/20/20

Dudley, on behalf of Barb, Nan and Tom Cutting, our condolences and prayers go out to you during this time. My mom and dad so enjoyed being neighbors of Tami and you for many years with great memories. God bless, Tom



Aricka Evans Jefferson posted on 7/20/20

Rest in Paradise Morgan, you will be truly missed.


Lynne Carey (nee Mattson) posted on 7/20/20

"Grief is the last act of love we have to those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was great love." Somehow leaving a message of sympathy doesn't seem enough. Your father was a wonderful man that always had a smile for everyone. I am sure he will be missed by his family a great deal. My prayers are with you.



Marcia Taddey posted on 7/20/20

It is so hard to grapple the idea that Morgan has left us, my heart is heavy with sadness that her most favorite littles are going to miss making more memories with their Auntie, who adored them and loved talking about the time she spent with them! She loved crocheting requests that they would come up with and got so much joy creating them! Morgan was such a kindhearted gentle soul who I don’t believe I ever heard utter a mean word about anyone and I have tried! Timmy-man, she would have loved your tatoo! I’m sure she is smiling and pray that you can take comfort knowing she loved you heart and soul! My thoughts and prayers are with all her family who meant everything to her! A friend once told me when I lost my Dad ,”they are always with you , it’s just a thin veil that separates you” trust she is there...Prayers for comfort in your memories... I will miss our chatsRest in peace Morgs



Aunt CC, Uncle Chris, Cousin Chris posted on 7/20/20

Words can’t express how heavy my heart feels right now. Wishing I would wake up from this dream. We will ALWAYS keep your memories alive nephew, We Love You and Miss you so so much. Gone Wayyyyy To Soon! Continue to Rest In Heaven with My Mom Love Always & Forever CC,Chris,Cory California



Tina Krenzer posted on 7/20/20

My deepest sympathy. I send continued prayers to all who are healing from the loss of our beautiful angel Morgan.



Ann Mueller posted on 7/20/20

My deepest sympathy during this time of loss. I'm honored to have had the pleasure of meeting Diante. The family willl be in my prayers. XO



Chuck Stebelton posted on 7/20/20

In memory of Morgan R. Morgan, Chuck Stebelton lit a candle



Steve Tomasik posted on 7/20/20

We will always love you! Mom and Dad...



Sara Daleiden posted on 7/20/20

I want to send my empathy to the Toy family for the passing of Grandma Toy. She was a remarkable and kind person and I will treasure the memories of her. Wishing you all peace and health! Sara


Mardi Charnitz posted on 7/20/20

I am sending many caring and loving thoughts to Morgan’s family and friends. Morgan was a very caring and giving person. Her professional “work” was never “work” to Morgan. She considered it her passion, her journey, her ministry. May Morgan see the light and Rest In Peace.


Marsha Bukofzer posted on 7/20/20

Morgan will be truly missed by all who knew her. I had only worked with her a short time, but saw the true kindness and her passion for her work. Thoughts and prayers for all her family and friends.



WASC - Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers posted on 7/20/20

Morgan will be greatly missed. She was a truly an advocate for the seniors she served.



Patricia Dixon posted on 7/20/20

Morgan was such a kind person. I will always remember the talks we had when we made each other laugh. Morgan was a beautiful person. You will surely be missed.


Sheila Carter posted on 7/20/20

Morgan I will miss you deeply I appreciate everything that you have taught me. You were such an amazing person to work with.



Lorrie Pardo posted on 7/20/20

I will miss Morgan deeply.


Catherine L Kiener posted on 7/19/20

Tim, Morgan's peers in the Wisconsin Association of Senior Centers were shocked and saddened to hear about Morgan's passing. I enjoyed meeting you both at the conference and know the Seniors in Milwaukee will feel her loss as well. May God's promises bring you comfort.


Brenda Kozuh posted on 7/19/20

Reba..I loved your dad so much...I may not have seen him in awhile..but he was always so nice to us Praying for you and your family So proud of all his accomplishments


Robert Peters posted on 7/19/20

To John and your family Sorry for your loss Remember the best Stay safe Peters Family



Tammy Zastrow Iglesias posted on 7/19/20

I will always remember Auntie Alice for the jewelry she gave me while growing up. You'll forever be in our thoughts until we meet again in our Heavenly Home.



Lauren Berkemeier posted on 7/19/20

In memory of Anne Marie Zellner, Lauren Berkemeier lit a candle



CRAIG A HENRY posted on 7/19/20

I will miss Morgan immensely. Her dedication and desire to help others was an example for us all. I am blessed to have known her.


Crystal Fiet posted on 7/19/20

My condolences to Mary Helen, JT, and family. Know that I am praying for you. God Bless!



Lori Auterman posted on 7/19/20

In memory of Morgan R. Morgan, Lori Auterman lit a candle



Patricia Cronce posted on 7/19/20

Sadly missed by all who loved her.



Timmyman posted on 7/19/20

In memory of Morgan R. Morgan, Timmyman lit a candle



Angela &Terry Swecker jr posted on 7/18/20

In memory of Morgan R. Morgan, Angela &Terry Swecker jr lit a candle



Sonny Sandstrom posted on 7/18/20

“Holding you close in my thoughts and hoping you are doing OK.”



Tasha Glisper posted on 7/18/20

May you rest peacefully in paradise for God's strength and understanding for your family.


Russell Retzack posted on 7/18/20

Marie Grigg and I worked together from March 6, 1971 to September 14, 1977. She was a wonderful person and a most effective colleague. I still miss her.


Irene posted on 7/18/20

my warmest wishes, to you all in your time of sorrow, I am from the Wilson Park senior center, and wanted to express my condolences, she was a very very nice person. RIP Morgan. You will ne missed. Irene K.


Matthew Berikemeier posted on 7/18/20

This was such a shock! I remember family gatherings with Anne some years ago where she seemed so full of energy, enthusiasm and life! She was always so fun to talk to. And there were the pictures up around the house showing cycling and running accomplishments. Also, I remember briefly intersecting with her in work life when my old employer formed a business relationship with CNH which got Anne involved. I was very proud of my (second) cousin at that time. Anne, I am very sad you are no longer with us, and I know this is a terrible loss for your family and friends, who will be in our prayers.


Jim & Judy Dentici posted on 7/18/20

Scott, Judy and I are very sorry for your loss and wanted to offer our deepest sympathy. I’m sorry we can’t be there today.


Jeff and Debbie Millies posted on 7/18/20

Bob, Jason, Angela and Jim, We can't express how sorry we are for your loss of Karen. We hope you find comfort in memories and know that you will all be together again at some point in time. She had so much more of life to live. Our sincere condolences, Debbie and Jeff



Ashley Hardwick posted on 7/18/20

My prayers are with Dr. Singson & her family.


Martha Johnson posted on 7/18/20

I hope the note I just wrote arrived. I miss and love Ken, and all of his family. We certainly would love to be there with you all now. You are in our prayers. Hugs, Martha


Martha Johnson posted on 7/18/20

Dear Family We so wish we could be with you today. We have been and will continue to pray for your grieving hearts. Ken was a loving big brother to me, and I enjoyed speaking with him by phone our entire adult lives.. He loved to talk about his past experiences and knew how to to tell a good joke. When we were kids we did not get along very well, but I remember the summer before he left for college he started spending time with me and after he left, he wrote to me. I would tell him about the few dates I had and he was happy for me. I've been very proud of him in his work life and how he earned his CPA. At that time he already had, I think, four children and a full time job. He would take the kids out on Saturdays and go to class and study evenings. He passed that exam. Many years later, I took the CPA exam after going to school full time and taking a review course. I passed, too, but under much easier circumstances....two children and no job. That exam was tough, and after that experience I realized what a smart man he was. Ken also had a great memory for things he read, especially about the civil war and specific battles and how they were won. I had sent him a newspaper article about a month ago about the battle of Antietam, a place he still wanted to visit. Ken, I love and miss you so very much.


Kris (Marzolf) Grinn posted on 7/18/20

Marilyn and family, my deepest sympathy for having lost your beloved husband, father and brother Rodney. I am so glad I had a chance to talk with Uncle Rod recently on the phone. From your beautiful writeup on his life, I see that he was afflicted with "nearly off-roading" as his brother Richard was! Oh, there's a pheasant in the field and off he'd almost go. I like to think that Rod's mom and dad, his brothers Dick and Ross and many dear friends joyously met him at the Gates of Heaven. May God be with you and comfort you.


Vevette posted on 7/18/20

We are all praying for you during this difficult time. Morgan’s kindness, smile and laughter will be greatly missed.



Akihiro Kojima posted on 7/18/20

May she find comfort and peace.



Shayna Bickford posted on 7/18/20

The loss of this great woman is felt by so many! My prayers go out to all who knew her and especially her family.


Rich Zautcke posted on 7/17/20

Sarah and Ryan, we are so saddened to hear of the passing of your father. I worked with your dad for 20 years in the Heavy Truck Division of A.O. Smith Milwaukee Works. When it was -20 below zero and my new car (Lincoln) wouldn't start Bear picked me up and took me home for three days until I got the car going again. He was a great friend of mine.


Stephanie posted on 7/17/20

My heartfelt condolences to the Kestly family. God bless <3


Stacey Vojvodich posted on 7/17/20

It it is with a heavy heart that I write to express my deepest sympathy to you Tim, your family and Morgan's family. I can't imagine the shock you must be feeling. Your grief must be beyond incomprehensible. I've known Morgan for a number of years. I hired her to work in the senior center program at Interfaith. Morgan and I worked very close together. I was the Director of Senior Centers and she was the Assistant Director Senior Centers always bringing a fresh look to every situation we faced. I was drawn to her passion, light-heartedness, genuine concern for people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, and her intelligence. When I think of Morgan, I picture how she threw her head back when she would laugh. It was contagious. I cherish the scarf she crocheted for me to stay warm while walking my poodle during the winter months, the serene poster she gave me of a beach that reminds me of Florida, and the stash of delicious chocolates she would always have in her desk drawer for when I had one of my frequent chocolate cravings. I will miss you Morgan. I still can't believe that we will never laugh together again or share ideas during intense brainstorming discussions. Your light will stay with me forever.


Stuart Sherman posted on 7/17/20

RIP, always enjoyed listening to your hunting stories.


Colleen Bettini posted on 7/17/20

Dear Timmy, Morgan was a wonderful person! So giving, and always thinking of older adults and how she could be creative in helping them with activities that brighten their day. She told me about her time as a Foster Mother - how happy she was when she talked about her foster daughters!! And she proudly displayed their photos in her office. I will miss her greatly. Thinking of you, Colleen Bettini


Bob Rohrig posted on 7/17/20

Glenn was an important member of Trinity Church for many years. His singing talent was really special, as a soloist and in the choir. His discourse was always pleasant and appreciated. We especially cherished his humor on our Trinity Dartball team, so when we weren't playing very well, Glenn had a way of making us forget. Thank you Glenn for all you did for a lot of people in your lifetime.


Kerry Fullet posted on 7/17/20

I will miss my Uncle Terry and the times I had with him. He was also my Godfather. I remember all the places he took me to as a kid, The Dells and going to Storybook Gardens, seeing Sesame Street on Ice, taking me and my brothers with my cousins to the drive in or the time we went to Six Flags. He used to send me post cards from when he was in the Army Reserve at Fort McCoy or at Fort Sills Oklahoma . Or the time I went to his apartment above Melrose bar and we had grilled cheese and tomato soup. But what I will cherish always is the nickname he gave me Mrs. Beasley and I will forever be his Mrs. Beasley. I'll miss you and forever keep you in my heart like I do mom, Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Chuck. Love you Kerry aka Mrs. Beasley oxoxox


Lurvey Sod Farm friends posted on 7/17/20

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Jonathan (JT) ,as you go through this very difficult time. May you all find comfort in sharing your fondest and humorous memories of Kenneth.


Barb Hupe posted on 7/17/20

Dear Howie & Family, Our deepest sympathy on Ellen's passing. She was a very special lady, that I had great respect for. I enjoyed working with her during all those busy times, especially those darn Warehouse Sales. She will always have a special place in my heart. Love, Barb & Bill Hupe


Rev. LeeRoy & Mrs. Dorothy Miller posted on 7/17/20

We are praying that God will bring comfort and peace to your family during this difficult time. We know that God is in control of everything and He chose to bring Curlie to be with Him in his new home. We love you all. May God bless you.


MaryLane Blomquist posted on 7/16/20

Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. God Bless you all~~ I’ll keep you all in my prayers. Mary Lane



Joy Fricke posted on 7/16/20

My dear Auntie Alice. Always available for a good conversation. I so appreciated you keeping me up to date on "family events" over the years. I will miss our talks. During those conversations, you revealed your sincere love of the Lord. So until we will meet again in heaven, may your family be comforted by the knowledge that you're now without pain and at peace in your Eternal Home. Love, Joy


Linda Wallandee posted on 7/16/20

My sympathies - Rest In Peace dear cousin and sponsor.


Gary Hoffmann posted on 7/16/20

We will miss you besr!


Jean Rieger posted on 7/16/20

I’m so sorry for your loss, Terry was such a wonderful person, we had some great times together. He was the only one that called me Verna Jean, I will truly miss him. I’m sorry I can’t make it to the funeral, you have my deepest sympathy. Love Jean Rieger


Heather Volkert-Tarrence posted on 7/16/20

Ryan, Sarah and family, Your dad was really someone special! He has always been a great friend to my parents especially my dad. I have many great memories of your dad especially hanging out at the Brewer games. My life is better because I had the privilege of him being a part of it. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. With Sympathy, Heather Volkert-Tarrence


Stephen & Maren Hawkins posted on 7/16/20

Maren and I send our condolences and prayers of comfort to everyone in Neil's family. We wish we were able to be there today to celebrate his life with you in person.



Kim Pearson posted on 7/16/20

I am sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with the family


Diane Pelletier and Family posted on 7/16/20

Our deepest sympathies to the entire Carlson family and especially my sweet friend Amy Sue Lovas. MSU all your cherished memories sustain you during this difficult time. Praise the Lord he is home.



Deb & Linda posted on 7/16/20

Dear Sarah and family, Neil was such a kind and generous man. His quiet presence and kind smile will always be remembered with grace. Our prayers and thoughts come to all of you at this time. You are all loved and thought of in the dearest ways. Blessings and Love, Deb & Linda


Clark & Susan Dawson posted on 7/16/20

Ruth was my loving aunt. Have to say she was my favorite. So sweet and always laughing at our jokes. We always had to talk about golf and all of her friends. She will be missed but we shall see her again along with uncle Red. "Lord please comfort all who knew her as only YOU can". "As for God His way is perfect" Psalm 18:30


Carol Richards posted on 7/16/20

To Carol: The entire Richards family sends its heartfelt sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your mom. Chad & Tony, two of our four boys, were students of yours at St. Al's in the late 1970s-early 80s. Your name always comes up (in a good way!) when they talk about their grade school days. I still have the Christmas ornaments the boys made in your class and they hang on our tree each year. May peace be with you, Carol Richards



Chris Stremski posted on 7/16/20

My condolences to the family.


Fr Ralph Gross posted on 7/16/20

Jeanette’s Family, Please accept my condolences at the death of your mom. She and your dad were two wonderful people. Their Christian witness was such an inspiration to me as their pastor. I will not be able to join with you on Monday, but will be remembering them and you in a Mass this weekend. God be with you. Fr Ralph Gross


Mike and Jackie Montenegro posted on 7/16/20

Our deepest sympathy to the family at this difficult time. While we are unable to be there in person our love and prayers are with you all, always.


Hank Hoffman, II posted on 7/16/20

On behalf of my mom, Janet, and brother Greg, we send our deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences to you all. The bond that was shared by my dad with his neighborhood friends continued to adulthood and their families. While time and circumstances separated the friends, the bond was never lost. The support during the trials of life meant so much to my dad and our family before he passed and to that end we send our prayers to you all for the strength and peace needed at this time.


Todd M Davis posted on 7/16/20

My Condolences to the Rosenow Family on the passing of Neil. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sorrow. Sincerely, Todd Davis


Katie Bell posted on 7/15/20

Love you and miss you so much. I miss hearing your voice. Thank you for your unconditional love, support and positivity. Thank you for teaching us the values of your generation. Heaven gained another angel. You are truly loved and missed. Love you Gma.



Traci Bartolomei posted on 7/15/20

You were a light in my life and I cherished every moment that we worked together. Rest in peace my friend!


Traci Bartolomei posted on 7/15/20

Anne was a remarkable woman! It was a privilege to work with her at GE on her latest project! I am saddened by the lost but know that she is smiling down from heaven rooting us on. While my heart is heavy not seeing her smiling face, I am grateful that she is no longer in pain. Rest in peace my friend. Traci


Wendy Rieves posted on 7/15/20

Our family is so sorry to hear that the man that everyone loved is no longer here. He was kind to all. Good with a joke. Loved to hear him sing on Christmas Eve. I have several favorite memories of him...singing at my wedding, singing with my Dad, singing with my children's choir...he sang the verses and the kids sang the refrain. Such a nice man. I was so lucky to know him.


Donna and Mike Brady posted on 7/15/20

What a great tribute to a century old mom. Blessings. Donna and Mike


Jill Bachhuber posted on 7/15/20

Sending my Condolences to you all. May you all find peace in one another and through the memories of Doug that you all keep in your heart. God Bless you all. Love and Hugs Jill


Jean and Mike Warner posted on 7/15/20

Our deepest sympathy to your family. Sorry we can't be there. You are in our prayers.


Grant Gundersen posted on 7/15/20

My deepest sympathy for Ruth's passing. My father was a territory sales manager for her husbands company Roth Distributing Co for 25 years and my parents Cliff and Dorothy Gundersen knew both Ruth and Red very well and travelled extensively with them in the 1960's and 1970's. Grant Gundersen



Whitney McCurdy posted on 7/15/20

My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.


WAYMON HARRIS posted on 7/15/20

I'm sorry for your loss, Dave and I work together at the airport on 3rd shift 4 years He was a real true friend and help me out a lot and I'm gonna miss him I retired now but Rest in peace, Brother.....


Annette Benmore posted on 7/14/20

Our dear Anne ... I will miss you, your subtle nature, your easy going and kind spirit, always so easy to be with, non judgmental and in the moment. I am so thankful for having met you, you have been a true friend and an inspiration to me, it’s hard to say goodbye. You have accomplished and seen so much and still had much more to do, see and to give. I cherish the times we had together and will always keep you close to my heart xoxo


Patrick & Patrice Kwiatkowski posted on 7/14/20

Rod was a man of Great Faith and it was an honor knowing him and being part of the Sunday Night Scripture Group. Our closing prayers at Scripture Group will not be the same without hearing Rod say "For an increase and support of religious vocations". We will miss his smile and cheerful presence at the 10:45 Mass. He is now in the presence of our Lord in praise and worship for eternity.


Robert & Mary Van Kirk posted on 7/14/20

Sarah and Ryan, we are so saddened to hear of the passing of your father. Neil was a very good friend, as was your mother. May you be comforted as to the fact they are now together again. Our love to you Sarah, now, in your grief, and always.



Tim Parry posted on 7/14/20

In memory of Alice D. Combe, Tim Parry lit a candle



Danielle Dutoi Schmidt posted on 7/14/20

My prayers for the family’s comfort and peace. When I visited Anne’s home, Mr. Marzolf was a kind and funny man. The world became a little darker losing him. My sincere condolences, Danielle Dutoi Schmidt



Danielle Schmidt posted on 7/14/20

My wishes for the family’s peace and comfort. I remember Mr. Marzolf from visiting Ann during HS. He was a kind and funny man. It’s a little darker in the world now.


Norm & Marion Beachley posted on 7/14/20

Dear Scott, Anne was such an inspiration to us even though we saw her fairly seldom. She was a perfect match for you and we hope even though she is no longer on this earth that she will continue to inspire you to carry on with your life in a way to honour her and please her - as you have already been doing. We are so sorry for your loss and ours as well. We wish you well in all you do & hope to see you before too long. With affection and caring, Norm & Marion Beachley


Jen Hein (Lipski) posted on 7/14/20

My childhood is filled with wonderful memories of Mr. Rosenow (and Mrs. Rosenow) going to an unfathomable number of Kids Korps shows, trips and events. Many of my best memories include the Rosenow family. I will always remember Mr. Rosenow driving us almost daily to a KK show(s) in his van every summer and then if we were lucky stopping at McDonald's on the way home. I am so truly sorry for your loss Sarah and Ryan, your dad was an amazing man. His hugs were the best. I know he and you mom will always be looking down at you and smiling. Deepest sympathy and love to your entire family.


Patricia Klister posted on 7/14/20

I was so saddened to see the notice of Pam's passing. I know she will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her but she is at peace now. My deepest condolences to the family. Cherish the memories, Bill.


Scott Pichelman posted on 7/14/20

Very sad to hear of Terry passing. Peace to Denice and family, thinking of you during this time. Take care.


Carol & Jim Peterson posted on 7/14/20

Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs to family and friends. May the Lord bring you and your family the much needed peace during this sad time. We know that God has put her in a special place where she will be watching over the people who loved and cherished her! There is sorrow but also smiles as we remember the good times she & my Mom shared as friends. I’m sure they are together again creating laughter and smiles.


Tom and Pat Henrich posted on 7/14/20

Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this time. Tom has so many fond memories of growing up in the neighborhood and at Grace Church with Neil. He was a sincere and fun friend to both of us.


Cathy Alsum posted on 7/13/20

Many thoughts and prayers with your family. Thinking of you and praying for you! Cathy Alsum RN



BRIAN ROSENOW posted on 7/13/20

well be seeing ya in the after life say hi from me to everyone there..Will see ya when we see ya.................and to Ryan and Sarah sorry for your loss but hes with your Mom and everyone thats been missing him for along time ...HE WAS A GREAT FARTHER ,GRANDFATHER , UNCLE ALL AROUND HELL OF A GUY AND TRULY WILL BE MISSED..........


Karen Donohoue posted on 7/13/20

Neil was one of our favorite grandparents that always came to our Angels softball games and tournaments. I really enjoyed getting to know Neil over the years. My heart is truly saddened at the loss of such a great man, father, & grandfather. One of my fondest memories of Neil was when I was out in California in 2017 & I went to see The Brewers play the Los Angeles Dodgers and I had heard that Neil was going to be at the same game. I called Ryan and asked him to secretly find out where Neil was sitting. Me & My Girls walked up to Neil at Dodgers Stadium in his seat unannounced! The look on his face was priceless! ♥️ You will forever be missed, Neil!


Bev DeGenova Wysocki posted on 7/13/20

Tim and I were absolutely devastated to hear of Neil’s passing. Neil was an exceptional person who always had a smile on his face and a smile in his heart. He was an even better friend. I’ll treasure always those years as neighbors; the countless silly pranks and get-togethers. He lived for his family and my heartfelt sympathies go out to Ryan an Sarah, as well as his grandchildren. I pray he’s safely in God’s hands and with his beloved Marge. Bev and Tim Wysocki


Denise Panozzo posted on 7/13/20

What a beautiful service. I am so glad I was able to "attend". Kim was a beautiful person and will be greatly missed. My prayers are with all of you.



Lawrence Panozzo posted on 7/13/20

Wer had barely just seen you ans you looked great! This is so hard to believe. RIP


Mary L Geralts posted on 7/13/20

Mike, I'm sorry for your loss! Mary Lou Geralts


BILL AND BETTY PETERSON posted on 7/12/20



Pat & Jerrt Tobin posted on 7/12/20

Darlene, we rate sorry to see of Dave’s passing. His whit and quick sense of humor will always be remembered And missed by many. .


Claudia posted on 7/12/20

Anne's intelligence and beauty graced so many lives and she left this world a better place. She will always inspire me.



Jean Rieger posted on 7/12/20

So very sorry for your loss, he will be truly missed.


Helen Stanley posted on 7/12/20

Our deepest condolences to the who family, she was such a good part of my family and always remembered with fond memories Now she is reunited with my mom again .our thoughts and prayers Helen,Tom and Judy


Marc Kestly posted on 7/12/20

We’re going to miss our Dad very much, but from the outpouring of love and support, and hearing so many memories from friends and family, he not only touched our lives but so many others. Dad, you may not be with us on Earth anymore but you’ll always be in our hearts guiding us through life from above. It’s not goodbye, it’s until we meet again someday. Hope you got that hole-in-one in heaven already!


Steven J Kane posted on 7/12/20

Marina and Josh I heard this news on July 9th , from my mother, this very sad news and I know very devastating news to you, Josh and his family and their community. I am not sure what I can say that would help never having met Josh or his family, all I know is that you need, both of you need, to stay strong in heart and mind and know the good that the world can bring. I have read the obituaries of his parents and each seemed to hold and radiate a special light on those they touched. That is why you and Josh need to stay strong and continue your lives together and make the world a good and better place. Steven, Masako, Soichi & Kouta Kane



So sorry for another loss to your family, RIP Terry.


Todd and Barb Kane posted on 7/11/20

Our hearts and prayers are with you in these sad times. The memorial you shared with us will be in our memories forever and touched us deeply. You shared how amazing Jim and Nedra were and how they touched everyone deeply and forever and we will be touched forever as well. God bless



Michelle Rodemer posted on 7/11/20

I miss and love you grandma. You will never be forgotten. I hope you, grandpa and mom are all together and reunited. We miss you so much already. Rest In Peace. Love you forever and ever and always.


John, Kathy, Katie, Kari (Andy & Nick) posted on 7/11/20

Watching online and sending all our love!


Al Leidinger Paula Brunner posted on 7/11/20

Mary- Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Our prayers are with you. Al and Paula


Delores Sarenac posted on 7/11/20

Ann, I just found out you passed on. You were my Doctor for approx 25 years off and on. I will miss you soooooooo much! You were my Doctor and a friend.


Dale Rine posted on 7/10/20

When Maxine was a young teenager she saved her brother Dale from drowning when the bench they were sitting on broke and fell into Postlake Dale was only three years old at the time Just one of the many wonderful things Maxine did in her life thanks sister


Angela Wiklin posted on 7/10/20

My heart is aching for this family right now. I knew Dave when he worked at Crest Cadillac and it was because of him that I met my ex husband and it changed my life. He and Sandy were the witnesses at our wedding. They were such an important part of my life, in so many ways. Both if them truly saved me and my son. Although we lost touch, I loved looking at posts on Facebook. He was such a loving husband to Sandy and a proud father to Ryan. He left us too soon. I remember his crazy sense of humor and his big heart. He would give you the shirt off his back. I know he is looking down on his family and smiling, telling jokes to family in heaven who were waiting on him, and sending warm thoughts and wishes to those who loved him. We will see you again Dave Debiasse!!!



Christine Sameiro posted on 7/10/20

So sorry for your loss...still cant believe this is real....



Tremerell Robinson posted on 7/10/20

With Sympathy. Thinking about you in these difficult times and sending my love. John 14 KJV 1. Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 2. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.


Lee Zellmer posted on 7/10/20

Dear Jeff: My sympathies to you and your family. May God give you peace and comfort with His promise of a blessed reunion in Heaven.



Excel Connection posted on 7/10/20

Cha Lee will be in our hearts and memories forever. It was a joy to see his bright smile day after day. His passion for helping others and hard work ethic will always be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time.



Suzanne Morrison posted on 7/10/20

My sincere condolences for this tragic loss. My prayers for the safe repose of This beautiful young man’s soul. I am Kellarease Sanders aunt on her mom’s side



Alicia Wray Garcia posted on 7/10/20

God is with you all ❤️


Orlando Rimmer posted on 7/10/20

I am so sorry for your Loss Juliette and Ms. Patti. I am praying for you both, and your family at this tough time.



Eugenia Wray posted on 7/10/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Eugenia Wray lit a candle



Miles Hagness posted on 7/10/20

Sorry to read about your Mom. I will be praying for you all. Miles Hagness



Elizabeth Kromm posted on 7/10/20

In memory of Nancy Bishop, Elizabeth Kromm lit a candle



Enici Soto posted on 7/10/20

Very sorry for your loss .


Earlee Dove posted on 7/10/20

A child is always with us. First, in their lifetime, then forever in our memory. My prayer is that God will give you strength to face the upcoming days ahead.



Felita Gray posted on 7/10/20

We would like to send our sincere Condolences in the loss of my Dear Cousin Linda. May she Rest In Peace. She was always so beautiful. No more suffering. God’s Peace~



Kells posted on 7/10/20

Sending all of my love to you fam!


Mary Jo Knapp posted on 7/10/20

Dear Patti and Family, Please accept my sincerest condolences for Jaden. It makes me happy that he continued loving music his whole life. I will not only pray for Jaden but also for all of you who are in so much pain and loss. He will always be a part of my warm Elm memories. Always an Elmer! Take care of yourselves. With sincere love, Mary Jo and the Knapp Family



Vickie Jackson posted on 7/10/20

In loving memory of Jaden. I am Quentona’s great aunt.



Lawrence and Betty Renner posted on 7/10/20

We are sorry for your loss. Mike was a wonderful man and sharp dresser. We wish we could be there for you. With sympathy, love Lawrence and Betty


John & Joyce Weigel posted on 7/10/20

Wish to express our sympathies to family members we know from our years attending Bethel Tabernacle. Shirley Olsen, Bev and Dan Fester and all the Bagley family. It is at times like this that is is the hardest for us to not be living in Wisconsin and able to attend memorial services for friends we have known and loved over the years.



Jamie Kahmanne posted on 7/10/20

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son. Much love.


Karen Carney posted on 7/10/20

God bless the family of this tragic loss the Lord is by your side and you will be comforted we all look forward for the coming of the Lord


Stephanie posted on 7/10/20

Growing up with my Aunt Linda was full of beautiful memories. She was kind and gentle. She always knew the words to say to comfort you when you were upset. My aunt Linda was my cheerleader and always saw in me what I didn’t see in myself. I loved hanging out with her and hearing about her life or her thoughts while we played board games. She instilled in me that it’s ok to be different, and to look at those differences as strengths not weaknesses. My Aunt Linda most importantly taught me that strongest people are those that fight every day in the most gentle way. They meet life’s challenges with a gentle smile and are content with being in the moment no matter how imperfect that moment may be. I will miss laughing with you. Until we meet again. I know you be watching over us. Your niece Stephanie.



Barbara Howze posted on 7/9/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Barbara Howze lit a candle


Barbara Howze posted on 7/9/20

Prayers and love always.



Joe and Lorie (val rollins) schleicher posted on 7/9/20

Linda, Kim, Sam, Robert we send our heart felt sympathies to you and your families. Till we see you again we will hold you and yours in the palm of our hand as you journey through this hard time. Cuz Lorie and Joe


Dale & June Kluth posted on 7/9/20

Donald and family So sorry to hear that Judy passed away. You have our deepest sympathy. May God sustain you in the coming days.



Betsy Dunst posted on 7/9/20

My thoughts are with you Sandra


Michael Sims posted on 7/9/20

My sincere condolences to Nikki, Patti and the family. May you be comforted over time by God and all who love you. May the soul of Jaden be blessed in God's loving arms and be granted with eternal peace.


Candace and Richard C Schuettner posted on 7/9/20

It is with such heavy hearts that we have learned about Pam's passing. We never would have imagined that she would have to suffer from cancer, only eventually to lose that fight. Knowing the Dejas made our stay in Lake Geneva that much more special. Pam became a very close friend of mine and I have missed her ever since we moved to Texas. The only respite is that she's now in peace. We send heartfelt condolences to Bill and his family.



Unique Briggs posted on 7/9/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Unique Briggs lit a candle



Julie Carr posted on 7/9/20

Your light will shine forever ❤



Patti Harris posted on 7/9/20

My loving grandson you stole my heart the moment you were born. You will always be in my thoughts, my prayers and definitely my heart. I will miss your hugs and kisses. I will always love you. So rest peacefully in God’s loving arms my love one fly high. Forever loved Grandma❤️


Donna Riedel-Petzold posted on 7/9/20

I was at st Margaret mary with Jim. 2nd thru 8th grade. Seeing him now I still see the smile and nice guy I knew so long ago. My condolences to your family.



Kim posted on 7/9/20

So sorry for beautiful daugher sister and aunt may jeohovah comfort you all at this time


Joanie Smith posted on 7/9/20

My sincere condolences to Nikki, Patti and the family. Jaden's bright smile used to light up the hallways of Elm Creative Arts. May he Rest In Peace.


Shannon Bazan posted on 7/9/20

Lona, Sending you and your family lots of prayers and love.


K.David Lupardus posted on 7/8/20

Cindy & Family, So sorry to hear of David's passing. I wanted to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with you as you celebrate His life and all he meant to you and your church family. I enjoyed serving with David as a Worship Assistant and also worked with him on environmental issues while he was at Briggs. I had the utmost respect for David and know he will be missed. I regret I was unable to share this personally but please know Fran and I are thinking of you and our fond memories of Cross of Life. Dave Lupardus



Deepak Arora posted on 7/8/20

In memory of Jason "Jay" Elliott, Deepak Arora lit a candle



ROCHELLE MATTHAEUS posted on 7/8/20




JoEllen and Mike ODonnell posted on 7/8/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, JoEllen and Mike ODonnell lit a candle



Cynthia Thomas posted on 7/8/20

God is good all the time,and may he keep his loving arm around your family at this time.



Arthum Jackson posted on 7/8/20

You will be missed love to the family


Ederine Kirkendoll posted on 7/8/20

To my 10th street family, that corner will never be the same. My parents, the corner house parents left us with great memories. I thank God for knowing Curly. When Sue and I got into trouble, he’d cover for us for he knew our mothers didn’t play. All the little birdies on Chambers Street hearts are sad. Thanks for keeping an watchful eye on the neighborhood kids. Forever in our hearts. Love you all...Edie Summerville



Keith Penniex posted on 7/8/20




Darryl and Sandra Westmoreland posted on 7/8/20

Sorry for your loss. We are praying for the family and hope all of this madness stops.


David W King posted on 7/8/20

I am so sorry for your loss; Jay was taken way too soon and the world is a little less bright. I will miss our time together. There are no words when one is taken so young, just know that you will be missed.



Bryan Nickolas Sanders posted on 7/8/20

My little cousin, In my eyes you're still the baby. Man, this one right here threw me off. You were definitely one of the young ones was in my family I was looking forward to growing closer with. I'm glad we had our connection even with the age gap. Like I told you when I seen you last, " You're always welcome to come and visit me, that still stands in spirit. I love you Jaden-Nick


Dana Bertling posted on 7/8/20

. My Dad touched a lot of lives and he left his foot print on many. Its hard to think that we have to go on with out him. I am not sure what the Lord has in store for him, but I am sure he will take very good care of him until we meet again. Rest in eternal peace Dad I miss you now and forever. I love you more than you can imagine and miss you so much. My heart and soul has a huge void in it. You walked up the 90 steps to heaven. Pausing at each step to make a special imprint on someone elses life. Mostly mine, but, a lot of others too. Now you got to the 90th step and knocked on the door in front of you. God opened it and welcomed you in. The final chapter of your 90 chapters, 90 steps to heaven have come before you. Now you must continue your journey with the Lord. We all will miss you. Enjoy and rest in eternal peace. Love you Dad


Matt M posted on 7/8/20

My condolences go out to his wife and kids I’ll always remember JAY for what he did for my kids when my partner passed away he gave my kids an outlet for their anger at his studio he was always there for me and someone I could talk to or if I needed anything he be there for me I hope he be remembered for the great guy and family man that he was I know I’ll never forget what he did for me and my kids Rest in peace you’re gone but not forgotten



Sheila posted on 7/8/20

My condolences goes out to the entire family. I’m going to truly miss mrs.kemps. I want to always remember Eleanor as this sweet lady whom I’ve became friends with. I even called her [email protected] times as I helped remove snow from here area so that she can have Jeffery(son) ready for his pick ups. I will truly miss you Eleanor. May you rest in peace


Kim Sahin posted on 7/7/20

With my deepest sympathy, I am watching this online as I could not attend the service today, Our arms and hearts and prayers reach out to you. Jay was such a loving soul with a beautiful family that we were blessed to hold some of those memories - he will be missed And cherished by so many -May his heart and soul stay near you and his wings fly high as an angel in heaven. God bless your family - I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Stay strong and know our hearts pour out to you. With Love, Kim, Kiera, Mason



Yolanda Cloyd posted on 7/7/20

Myles visited my house a lot with my grandson. He was the most polite, sweet and caring young man I had the pleasure of knowing. I loved him dearly and will miss him so much.


Denise Buell Christensen posted on 7/7/20

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. Love, Denise


John Wallner posted on 7/7/20

For my loving wife and best friend ,she is now at peace. God bless and keep her.



Tiffany Fry posted on 7/7/20

Our love and prayers to you all! ❤️


Becky Nealey posted on 7/7/20

So sorry for your lost.God will walk with you through this .He have a plan for Jaden so he remove him from to be with him along with his great grand parent.Be strong and hang in there. Becky and family



Orlando Rimmer posted on 7/7/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Orlando Rimmer lit a candle


Mary Paula Dix posted on 7/7/20

Dear Nancy and Kris, Such a nice tribute to your Mom and your Dad.Your Mom led a very cool life, and I learned some things I did not know about her. You're gonna laugh, because even though I read the death notice in the MJS, somehow I made a donation in your Mom's name to the Wisconsin Humane Society, instead of to the Hunger Task Force( to which I have previously donated). The animals will be happy, and I guess it will also be in memory of your long ago bunny rabbit. Thinking of you. Blessings, gratitude, and love, Mary Paula


TIM RYDER posted on 7/7/20

Mark - I am so sorry for your loss! Love, Tim Ryder


Pamela Johnson (Biagui) posted on 7/7/20

Hello, I'm Dominique's Mom...I was just heartbroken to hear this tragic news. Please accept my deepest condolences. Praying for peace and comfort for the family.


greg sherf posted on 7/6/20

gordy was one of the koolest guys I have met in my journey of 66 years; I was his shell oil rep back in the late 70's and early 80's. that guy could play and sponsor softball as well as drink beer with us youngsters like no one else could after the games- I still have my Gordy's team shell uniform. I will always cherish time spent with Gordy and his friend Chuck Miller. I spoke to Gordy last in 2012 visiting my son who lives in Racine. I plan to fish and drink with him again in my after life. what a kool guy! Greg Sherf



Keturah Swan posted on 7/6/20

My deepest condolences and my prayers and Love are with you Lauren, Mary, Nick and all family members. Love Sister Keturah


Mike and Kathy Machalk posted on 7/6/20

We are very sorry to hear of Jeff's unexpected passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mike and Kathy Machalk


Kare stoiber bajurny posted on 7/6/20

Johnnie sorry for your loss. I always saw the two of you picking stones and rocks. What a wonderful memory. Prayers to you and your family.


Laura (Ratzer) Schenk posted on 7/6/20

I am so sorry you hear of your families loss. I went to High School with Jeff and just learned of his passing. I am wishing your family strength to help you through this difficult time. Allow the fond memories to fill your heart.



Zaniaya posted on 7/6/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Zaniaya lit a candle


Calum Norris posted on 7/6/20

Going to miss hearing your voice and seeing your smile nan. Sleep tight, love you x


Donna Denneau posted on 7/5/20

Dennis I’m so sorry to hear about your dad we all loved him. Sorry but I won’t be able to make it sending my love. Donna



Marisa Renee WIlburn posted on 7/5/20

I am sorry for your loss! I will keep you in my prayers


Nancy Jeske posted on 7/5/20

Such a nice lady we enjoy always visiting with her and Don!!! So sorry for your loss, please give Don are condolences for me!!!


melissa Eid posted on 7/5/20

Dear Lynne this is Missy Eid (Steinberg) My heart and prayers go out to you and your family your mom was my second mom for many years. I remember when my Dad was watching me he would bring me over to your home to have your mother change me. She was a king joyful person and will be missed. Fill free to call to talk any time 715-779-3070


Kathleen Schuh Ries posted on 7/5/20

Patti and Nikki, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Jaden. My heart is hurting! Now he will be rocking the Heavens with his music! May he now be your protector! Peace and healing, Kathy Schuh Ries



Bob Mansell posted on 7/5/20

Pax et bonum to you Lisa, as your souls is close to God


Aretha Ilion posted on 7/5/20

Your laugh and your jokes will be missed. So many will miss you here but someone more powerful needed you there. Stay strong Juliette and family. My heart is with you guys. I love you.



Bruce Laumann posted on 7/5/20

In memory of Peter Michael Willihnganz, Bruce Laumann lit a candle


Linda Pacheco posted on 7/5/20

My uncle Roger DuFour was a very soft spoken man and always with a kind heart. I will miss you very much and I know you will be with my mother Duffy (Dolores) and Auntie Jeanne together forever as you were before. Take care of each other along with our Father in heaven Don. God Bless all of you and keep you. I will miss you and love you always. Linda (Prisuda) Pacheco



Felicia Bryant posted on 7/4/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Felicia Bryant lit a candle



Daylinn posted on 7/4/20

Praying for the family! Youu will be missed ☹️ Thanks for always caring , and being there !


Mark and Julie Siewert posted on 7/4/20

We're so sorry to hear about the passing of your daughter Jim. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Mark and Julie


Stacey, Jean and Hunter posted on 7/4/20

We are here for you. I know your mom loved both of you very much. She will be missed.



Mikyah posted on 7/4/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Mikyah lit a candle



Jokeisha posted on 7/4/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Jokeisha lit a candle



Nah´Zia Stone posted on 7/4/20

R.I.P. Jay Jay Sanders Jay Sanders when I heard you were gone. Words couldn even explain it. I´m pretty sure for others too. You will be missed and not for gotten. You´ll alawys kept a smile on your face. You would ask me while we were in school walking down the halls What I´m looking at and then you would bother me❤️, but I I enjoyed the times we shared and had together. You were a great frien to me and many others and a brothers to Mia Evans Maya Evans Savannah Moore Teryàl Dinkins. You were a awesome student to many others. You luv playing basketball.... This one hurt for many❤️



Angela Ewing posted on 7/4/20

I offer you my thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes during this dark time in your life.


Ralf and Paula Kelm posted on 7/4/20

Dearest Elke and family, Paula and I are thinking and praying for you at this time. I have great memories of Hatty, his character, perfectionism, wit and love as I was growing up. Paula and I also remember the fond memories of the 2-7 weekly bible study, where we grew as couples and friends in the Lord. God's comfort and love from us to you!



Tamesha McKinney posted on 7/4/20

Nikki, my heart, Words can not express my deepest condolences to you. I never once would have imagine us here. I am here for you always no matter what‼️ That will never change. You won’t walk this alone - I got you “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me” - Pslam 23:4 Play on Jay..



Tammy Lacy posted on 7/4/20

My dear sweet Jay... Loving you ALWAYS



Takesha Morgan posted on 7/4/20

Prayers and condolences to the family. May God provide peace, comfort, and refuge as you grieve. Rest in heaven Jaden! You will be missed.


Greg & Barbara Prisuda posted on 7/4/20

To the Family of my loving uncle Roger, Many years of memories keep coming back. all the trips up north to the cabin to staying over night and enjoying family outings, He enjoyed visiting us after we moved to 1976. We would send the old 8 tracks back and forth with recorded messages, it was fun to listen to. There is too much to say and not enough words to say it. God puts people around us for special reasons and i am Blessed to have uncle Rodger and his family, I love you all. Again thank you uncle for all the memories , enjoy your new home with our Savior. Our eternal home. God Bless. Greg and Barbara



Fabiola posted on 7/4/20

I remember when him and I weren’t in good terms, we were very awkward with each other because we both didn’t like how we both were. After a few months into freshman year, him and I began speaking more because of our mutual friends, and we found out we were pretty similar. We were both always joking around and laughing, messing around with the cool teachers and we were very loyal to our friends. He’ll always be in my memory because we started off so bad, only to find out we had very similar personalities. Rest In Paradise.



JoElyn Howze posted on 7/4/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, JoElyn Howze lit a candle



Sheilah Toombs posted on 7/4/20

In memory of Jaden N. Sanders-McDaniel, Sheilah Toombs lit a candle



Marsheila Nash posted on 7/4/20

Praying for a peace that passes all understanding and strength to continue on.



Auntie Pam posted on 7/4/20

My heartfelt condolences to my nephew's immediate Family: my niece Juliette, & her Mother, my Sister Patti. There are no words to describe how much this hurts, but with continuous prayer may you find comfort with God's love & grace. I love & miss you Jaden...soar above the clouds



Lori Groen posted on 7/3/20

Lisa, my dear neighbor, you will be missed on this street! I will always remember when i was walking on the street with my newborn in her stroller. You came alongside me, rolled down your window and yelled out "just because you had a baby now you think you own the street!" I busted out laughing! You were fun, loving with a kind heart! Your smile will be missed greatly ;)


Sue and Randy Hofberger posted on 7/3/20

our heartfelt sympathies to Don and the rest of the family. We always enjoyed talking to Judy and Don about their travels at the family reunions and I have many fond memories of all the family gatherings we had when we were kids. Love, Sue


Sandy Knuth Moore posted on 7/3/20

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I am thinking about each and every one of you. She had a long happy life. The last time I saw Aunt Mac was when she came up to visit my mom before she passed. My prayers are with each and every one of you ❤️


Joseph Fasi posted on 7/3/20

I remember Jim Ceman from the first day I met him at Marquette High many years ago. I was privileged to be one of his teachers at MUHS and his smile and great nature will be with me always. What a great guy and so proud of how he became a wonderful husband and father. The great memories will keep your family uplifted in the days and years to come. Until we meet again Jim! Blessings


Olivia Boon posted on 7/3/20

Loosing a special person as delightful as Lisa, breaks all our hearts. How richly blessed we all were to have known, even for a short time, someone like Lisa. May we all take with us daily, when we remember her, the joy she gave and her laughter she shared. Sincerely, Olivia and Chaplain Rick Boon


Bill Smith posted on 7/2/20

Pauline was a special lady...she shared many of her most treasured memories with me over the years, and I am grateful to have known her. She lives on in the laugh and sense of humor of my wife, her lovely daughter Angela. Godspeed Pauline!



Amber posted on 7/2/20

Mr Jay was an amazing instructor. Both my sons adored him and he truly was the kind of man you want the students to look up to. The world is truly less for not having him in it


Mickey Wallner posted on 7/2/20

I wish I was there. Praying for you. Love to you all! - Aunt Mickey


Anna Marie posted on 7/2/20

A man as humble and loving as Gramps will always be remembered by those of us who knew him and loved him. The warmth of his gaze as he said “I love you” The strength of his hugs said “I will keep you safe” The gentleness of his hands said “you are precious to me” I have so many wonderful and fond memories to hang onto, and I am very grateful for the times we spent together like during family gatherings and holidays, to sitting in the hospital while Ryan was in the ICU for 30 days straight, and going to a couple of his appointments. Or going down to St Mary’s and stopping in the middle of the freeway because someone was driving too close! Me, hiding in the back seat with Ryan, to crapping my pants! I remember all of the walks you took Samm and Ryan on, teaching them about nature along the way. You will truly be missed, until we meet again.


Robert Motl posted on 7/2/20

Our condolences to the entire Kofroth family. Ed was a great member of our railroad club for over 40 years! We will miss his quick wit and enthusiasm. Our club will be making a donation to the American Cancer Society in Ed's memory. The members of the Milwaukee Light Engineering Society.


Bobby Walker posted on 7/2/20

I'll always have fond memories of are summer boating trips. I'm so glad we had a chance last year to reminisce about those good times. I'll miss you Gramps!


Nancy Mueller posted on 7/2/20

Our hearts ache for every family member. We have been praying for all. We understand the deep hurt when someone is too young to leave us. There are no words, just tears. With compassion, empathy, and love, Ted and Nancy Mueller


dan (arty) marchewka posted on 7/2/20

To whom it may concern. I was Ron's friend Arty. I feel so sad losing Ron. I am leaving this message to try to reach out to either Ron's sister Ilene or Ron's brother Robert. If you can please have them contact me I would greatly appreciate it.


Oscar, Mary Jane, Kim and Carl Kopczynski posted on 7/2/20

Our hearts are filled with sadness in the passing of Sylvia. She was a very important part of our family and has been in our lives for many years. Our hearts are also filed with great memories we have made with her together over the years. From travels up north to shopping, adventures, and parties we have had so many good moments of life to remember. We will forever treasure these memories and the impact Sylvia has had on our lives.


Ron E Walker posted on 7/2/20

Gramps where to begin, so many fond memories. The time you and I went to build a bed for neen at college, the boat trips to north Wisconsin and having Granma calling the coast guard to see if we were ok while we were in bad fog. And all the great times we all spend at racetrack in Illinois, many many weekends. And as I got older all those great conversations we had at the downstairs bar in Dad's home on 95Th street. You will be missed beyond words- until I see you again Love Ron Jr and family


Patty Olson posted on 7/2/20

Our family was lucky to spend many holidays together at Jim and Pam's with Lisa, and her generosity with our boys was always unexpected, but so appreciated. Lisa was easy to be around and made the holidays better just by being present. Our son, Chris, was able to spend time occasionally helping out at Lisa's home and I am grateful he has fond memories of her. She was quite a lady!


SHERRY WAGES (WALLNER) posted on 7/2/20



Kelly Case posted on 7/2/20

We are so saddened my the passing of Lisa. She was such a kind, loyal and compassionate woman. She will be truly missed by all who were blessed to know her. She is now soaring instead of suffering and will always stay close to all who loved her. We pray for your peace and healing. The Thomas Kopesky Family



Kathryn R posted on 7/2/20

In memory of Peter Michael Willihnganz, Kathryn R lit a candle


John Barrett posted on 7/2/20

Thinking of family today. My Uncle Eddie made a huge impression on me at an early time in my life. Will remember him with love always.



JoAnn Patterson posted on 7/2/20

In memory of Darlene "Dolly" Merle Koeckenberg, JoAnn Patterson lit a candle


JoAnn Patterson posted on 7/2/20

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady. We have been so fortunate to have had such a close knit family, so many wonderful memories of all three families spending the weekends together at the cottage, Easter breakfasts with soft boiled eggs, sausages, and of course homemade pecan rolls. Christmas Eve alternating houses each years. Great family traditions that I will always cherish. Although we cannot all be together for the service, we will be in spirit (stupid covid). Memories will carry this family through, it is now up to us cousins to carry on the tradiitions of great generation. Love to Kristine and Nancy.


SUE posted on 7/2/20

I do not know why the good always die young Such a shame But I know these 2 beautiful souls will rest in peace because they were so precious and so good



Zanetta Shell-Thomas posted on 7/2/20

In memory of Jacob Rice Moreland, Zanetta Shell-Thomas lit a candle



Melissa posted on 7/2/20

In memory of John G. Schrimpf, Melissa lit a candle


Cathy Stout (Wallner) posted on 7/2/20

Ron, Dennis and Janeen My heart goes out to you today. I wish we could be with you during this difficult time. Please know we love you all and uncle Eddie will be sooo missed. All of us in California love you and our prayers are with you and your families always. Love always the California Wallners



James C. Wallner posted on 7/2/20

Dear brother John J. Wallner, we were very saddened to hear about the passing of your wife Pauline. Please accept our sincerest expression of sympathy from all of my family to you and all of your family.


Diana Leskiw posted on 7/2/20

Mum you left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide although we cannot see you, you are always by our side Diana, Pete, Grand Children & Great-grand Children Xxx



Gina Bill Poull posted on 7/2/20

Sending our sincere condolences. May God send you comfort and healing in these hours of need. Rest In Peace Jay



Richard Doxtater posted on 7/1/20

In memory of Lisa A. Strehlow, Richard Doxtater lit a candle



Dawn M DiCenso posted on 7/1/20

In memory of Jim Ceman, Dawn M DiCenso lit a candle


Dawn & Rich DiCenso posted on 7/1/20

Cee Cee, Our heartfelt condolences to you, Chrissie and Joanie. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Jim is resting with the Lord. He is at peace now. In that may you all have peace. ❤️. Lean on the Lord and friends. Rich and I have been reminiscing about the days of past. Good times. ❤️


Casey Brand posted on 7/1/20

CeeCee and family, I am so sorry to learn of Jim's passing. Please accept my deepest sympathy and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.



Ellen Neal posted on 7/1/20

"Me. Bob".. A great man who always rose to the occasion. Great husband, father, grandfather. You will be missed dearly. My condolences to the family and all who loved him.


Daniel Grosskreuz posted on 7/1/20

Prayers and condolences. Jay's a kind soul. Shalom.


Phil Olson posted on 7/1/20

Lisa will be sorely missed by my family. She always went out of her way to make sure Chris and Cody got presents when they were younger. And, even when they were older. She was always ready to greet you with a big smile and a hug. Some people do that from habit but with her you could tell it was purely from the heart. You will forever and always be in our thoughts and prayers. We are proud to have the privilege of knowing you. All our love Patty, Phil, Chris, Cody, and Molly



Tammy Steg posted on 7/1/20

My deepest condolences to the entire family. Praying for you all.


John Hofbauer posted on 7/1/20

Mary and I will greatly miss you down in Florida as we did this past winter. We always enjoyed it when you and Gene stopped by in your golf cart and we had snacks and “beverages”. You were always working on something; a puzzle, painting something ceramic, and lawn art. You always talked so proudly about your family. Rest In Peace dear friend. John & Mary Hofbauer De Pere, Wisconsin


Christine Lewicki posted on 7/1/20

Joyce was such a beautiful cousin and with a smile that would light up any room. She will be sadly missed by all the "Tylczynski" cousins. My sympathy to all her family on loss of their Mother and Grandmother.



john kastner posted on 7/1/20

Heaven is a better place today because Jay is there. I judged many belt testings for Jay. But like always life gets in the way and I lost touch. I am so very sorry for your loss Elliott family.



Chris Bassuener posted on 7/1/20

I am very sorry for your loss. Edward will be missed by many people. He was such a kind person. I hope he has found Stella already.


John Danielson posted on 7/1/20

George and Leah, I was sad to hear that your Mom died. I was blessed to have her in my life as a boy in the 60’s. Your Mother had such a big beautiful personality, she was so talented, and she always made me laugh with that quick wit and rich humor. I recall her masterful wise banter with you George when we were boys, she always got the last word, won the argument, and we were left wiser and smiling from her use of humor. She was always kind to me and easy in conversation. You had the best mom in the neighborhood. I loved her and I’m grateful for her. God bless her, and God comfort you as you mourn her loss. John E. Danielson



Justin Trzebiatowski posted on 7/1/20

Deepest sympathy and prayers for the family left behind. I fully expect Jay to have all of the hottest hunting and fishing spots located in Heaven once I am able to meet my friend again. Rest in Peace my brother, until we meet again.


Angela Smith posted on 7/1/20

We love you and miss you mom. I hope you have found your voice and laughter again.


PHIL HOLLY posted on 7/1/20



Irene Mochalski posted on 7/1/20

My sweetest, firstborn niece whom I dearly loved, you were my "Joy". I will love you always. My deepest sympathy to your beloved family. Aunt Irene



John Paul Wallner posted on 7/1/20

Mothers hold their children's hands for a while, but their hearts forever. Miss you Mom!


Geoff Lasch posted on 7/1/20

My deepest condolences. I have fond memories of spending time with Skip, Nancy and family at my Grandmother's. Love to all of you. Sincerly, Geoff



Craig & Melissa Yun posted on 7/1/20

In memory of John G. Schrimpf, Craig & Melissa Yun lit a candle


FIRST Lego League Team "LOL" posted on 7/1/20

We met Dave eight years ago through FIRST Lego League at a competition where he was a judge. Our team was known as “LOL,” FLL team #2430. Our team of girls was nervous, but Dave’s laughter and conversation with them put them at ease. At subsequent competitions, the girls would get so excited when they saw “their favorite judge.” He inspired them with his encouragement. As we continued in FIRST and began judging and volunteering, we got to know him better and looked forward to judging with him. Acts 20:35: In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Dave was someone who was always giving of himself. We are blessed to have known Dave and are grateful for his willingness to give to others! Fondly, Team 2430 - LOL Team Members: Hailey Beyer, Jessica Gatewood, Rebecca Gatewood, Aleksey Hicks, Claire Johnson, Emma Johnson, Janelle Johnson, Lauren Parsons, Natalie Wessel, Hannah Willer Coaches: Brent Gatewood, Eric Johnson, Julie Wessel, Mark Willer


Darla posted on 7/1/20

I am so very sorry for your loss. Lisa was one of the best nurses I ever worked with. I loved her spirit, dedication, integrity and sense of humor. Heaven gained a beautiful soul. My sincere sympathy.


Kim Bostek posted on 7/1/20

All my thoughts and prayers are with Dave's family at this time. I had the honor to work with Dave during his time at Stantec. He enjoyed sharing his knowledge and educating others during each project & audit we worked on together. I will most remember his sense of humor and laughter.


Chad and Lori Boyles posted on 7/1/20

We are deeply sorry for your loss. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. xoxo


Sue (Trapp) Meyer posted on 7/1/20

Ceman family – you amaze me, humble me, inspire me. Jim, because of the person you were, and the grace with which you dealt with your illness; Cee Cee, I am in absolute awe of you. Joanie, for always thinking of your Dad (thank you for suggesting the visit with your Dad and Rick during your trip to Mexico – it was a special afternoon); Chrissie, for your beautiful letter to your Dad that says it all; Rick, for your undeniable love for and support of your brother. The world was certainly a better place with Jim in it.


Vicki Depies posted on 7/1/20

Lisa was such a loving, caring, huge advocate for her patients, with a positive spirit. Lisa truly lived our mission. I will be forever grateful to Lisa for all that she has done for our organization and patients. I absolutely always loved seeing Lisa. I had the pleasure of working with Lisa just shy of 5 years. We all learned so much from Lisa. Certainly will miss Lisa!


Roger & Sherry Lewicki posted on 7/1/20

I am so glad many of us cousins got to reminisce with Joycie at Aunt Irenes 90th Birthday Party. Joycie was such a Nice person with an infectious smile and attitude. We will all miss her.



Bob Schaab posted on 7/1/20

Thoughts and prayers go out for you and the family


Gary and KAREN Teiken posted on 6/30/20

So so sorry on the loss of your Mom. We know first hand how hard it can be. Hugs ❤️ Gary and Karen


Stacy & Steve Johnson posted on 6/30/20

I am so saddened by the loss of my dear Auntie Bev! I have so many fond memories over the years of Boulder Junction and the house in New Berlin! May you rest in peace and find comfort in Uncle John's arms again!



Chris Schrimpf posted on 6/30/20

John, You will be missed more than words can express. I am certain your humble personality never allowed you to realize how much sunshine you brought into the lives you touched. You made people laugh till they cried and amazed many others with how beautiful your craftmanship was. You had a heart of gold and never hesitated to help those in need. But what I will always remember you for is the enormous amount of love you had for Lona, your children and your grandchildren. You've left them with many wonderful memories to cherish all the days of their lives. Rest in peace my wonderful brother-in-law.


Karen Blum posted on 6/30/20

What a wonderful picture of my cousin Joycie. Always with that beautiful smile. My sympathies to her family.



Kellie Basso posted on 6/30/20

There are no words that seem to fit a time like this. So I will simply say, Jim made me laugh and smile via FB so many times and he will be missed, but never forgotten. May God continue to keep you all in His care. God Bless.


Sybil McCotter posted on 6/30/20

A beautiful letter to your father, Chrissie, He was a loving, kind man. One of the best. Your family was lucky to have him. So sorry that he suffered such a terrible disease. He is at peace and looking down upon you, your sister, and your mom.



christine snodgrass posted on 6/30/20

To our dearest God daughter Lisa who was the sweetest 4 year old flower girl in our wedding. You were taken to soon and will be missed dearly. We love you and God Bless you. Love Uncle Steve and Aunt Chris



Deborah Onken Wheatley posted on 6/30/20

In memory of Hartmut "Hardy" J. Zabel, Deborah Onken Wheatley lit a candle



Lili Whyte posted on 6/30/20

I joined the Boyd family 22 years ago and I can recall the first time I met Dave. He was warm, kind, and had the most wonderful laugh. Dave was one that made anyone feel welcomed from the start. A kind, gentle person who lit up a room! You are going to be missed, Dave!


GEORGE A HANSON posted on 6/30/20

We had the joy of being the optometrist for Maxine and Harold for many years. They were both wonderful people and we always looked forward to seeing them. They will truly be missed. Sue and George Hanson, O.D.



Sharon Stachowiak posted on 6/30/20

In memory of John G. Schrimpf, Sharon Stachowiak lit a candle



Eugene puschnig posted on 6/30/20



andy j barrie posted on 6/30/20

Cee Cee and family, my deepest condolences for your loss. Best, Andy Barrie


Kevin Darnell posted on 6/30/20

I worked with Dave at B&S during his tenure their. I will always remember him as a good friend and co-worker. It grieved my heart to hear about the loss to this world. I will pray for peace and understanding for you during this time of sorrow.


Joanne Duffy posted on 6/30/20

My condolences to the family. Thoughts and prayers with you during this hard time.



Rusty Meyer posted on 6/30/20

My condolences to your family.


Janice and Brian Sullivan posted on 6/30/20

Tony has been an inspiration to us for many years. From the Grandpa who picked up Matthew from Hoover in a VW bug, or took Tae Kwon Do at JK Lee, to a friendly face during the sign of peace at Seton, you could always count a being received with a smile. Rest in Peace Tony. XO


Rick Ceman posted on 6/30/20

Thank you, Jim, for being the perfect brother.



Cammie posted on 6/30/20

Dear Hardy, You will be missed.


Dan Klager posted on 6/30/20

Dave, Diane, Bob, Don, Joe--I am so sorry for the loss of your father. I hope your many good memories of him bring you comfort.


Karen Boyd posted on 6/30/20

"Hey Sis!" Those were the first words that would come out of David's mouth when I saw him. I looked forward to them as they were always a comfort to me because they were genuine and filled with love. I will miss those words. My heart breaks for Cindy, Ryan (Katie), Erica and Steven. His thoughtful, calm, caring, loving presence in all our lives will be undeniably missed. Thank-you for your years of encouragement, strength and support of myself and my children and Mom. Thoughts of your big, warm hugs will stay with me and continue to give me comfort. I love you. Karen



B.J Wicks posted on 6/30/20

In memory of Theodore "Ted" L. Brahm, B.J Wicks lit a candle


J Hnat posted on 6/30/20

Sorry for you and your families loss. Our prayers are with you.



Cathy Glad posted on 6/30/20

Love you and will miss you Auntie.


Jason Bond posted on 6/30/20

I didn't know or ever meet your father. I read that beautiful essay about your dad and family. I was born 5 years after your dad was but I never married or had a family of my owned so I smiled and had tears in my eyes as I read that. It is quite obvious that your dad knew Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Yes, you will see him again one day many years from now. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family at this time and forevermore.



Alice Preston & Jean Balestrieri posted on 6/30/20

We were shocked and saddened to read that Woody had passed. Our deepest sympathy to all. She will be missed until we meet again.


Amy minnick posted on 6/29/20

God bless you and your family. Let you find peace during this trying time.



Kevin & Jamie Koeppen posted on 6/29/20

In memory of Kurt "Birdie" R. Schimelpfenig, Kevin & Jamie Koeppen lit a candle


Mary Beth Lenz Spiering posted on 6/29/20

I loved going to Uncle Al’s and Aunt Dolly’s. Their house was always filled with love and laughter and all were made welcome—even my dog Noah. I marveled at how the house was always decorated just right for the season and holiday being celebrated. Aunt Dolly was a wonderful aunt and will be missed. I raise my glass to Al & Dolly and thank them for all the cherished memories. Hugs to Nancy and Kris. Love, Mary


Corinne (Lewicki) Tobin posted on 6/29/20

Joyce was such a wonderful woman. Although we were not close as cousins, we were still family and would enjoy catching up when we'd run into each other now and then at Target or Kohls in the New Berlin/Muskego area. She will be missed. My deepest sympathies to her family.



Julie Abrahamson posted on 6/29/20

Our lives won’t be the same without him. It will be a very empty feeling not seeing Hardy everyday across the yard.



Lois Mae (Robinson) Haskins posted on 6/29/20

Sister Genevieve, I love you and you will missed dearly. Love Always, Your big sis



Debbie posted on 6/29/20

I am deeply saddened by the loss of my brother-in-law, Jimmy. He was a wonderful man, a loving father and a doting husband. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved him.


Nancy Jamel posted on 6/29/20

Ron, Dennis, Janeen and families: The heavens are rejoicing now and Uncle Eddie is now with Aunt Stella, the love of his life. There are too many happy memories that will always fill my heart when I think of him, his love and the warm smile that always made everyone feel special. I would love to know who is going to buy the first of many "welcome home" drinks. Your Cuz, Nancy



Althea Price posted on 6/29/20

To Andrea, Though I did not know your father I am certain he will be missed by you and all your family. Loss is always hard. My heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult time. I will be praying for you and hoping all the good memories you have will Bring much comfort. God Bless! Althea Price


Brenda Hough posted on 6/29/20

So sorry to hear of Judy's passing. She was always so nice to me and Steve.


Perry Bonnema posted on 6/29/20

I think fondly on the last time we were together and am glad I got to meet you again after so many years, cousin. I am thinking of and praying for your children, wife, brothers, sister and other family and friends during this difficult time. Sending you all my love. Perry


Pat / Tom Weinig posted on 6/29/20

Fields Family -was a pleasure to know Judy, when we met, Judy always had time to say HI. hows everything! Our hearts and prayers are being sent to all,


Cynthia Mochalski posted on 6/29/20

I will remember my cousin as a woman of style and grace. She will be missed by all who knew and loved her.


Kristen Gunderson-Inden posted on 6/29/20

May happy memories fill all of your hearts. I was lucky enough to have known Dave for a number of years and worked with him at RMT and Stantec. He was my manager for the past 1.5 years. Even luckier to have called him a friend and mentor. His big laugh and is funny "hello" will forever remain in my head and heart.


Betty Thomas posted on 6/29/20

Met Judy in Fl , the condo the stayed in overlooked my house! Met her family on the beach and became fast friends! Sending my deepest sympathy to all of you!


Gary Anderson posted on 6/29/20

Hello, Mark. My name is Gary Anderson. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your brother, Doug. My Grandmother (Hattie Wolfe) and your Grandfather (Paul Dreifke), were siblings. It was only several weeks ago that I had wondered "what ever happened to the Dreifke's in Milwaukee? I remember you, your Mom, your Grandmother, Marie and your brother Doug coming to visit us in Kenosha. Doug sure seemed to have lived a full life. Please feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. Again, my sympathies.


Mary Ann Hittle posted on 6/29/20

Along with my brothers Bob and Tom, and our families, we send our condolences to our Aunt Maxine's entire family and circle of friends. A long life, well lived, is such a blessing to all who share in that life. We know that you have many, many wonderful memories, and hope these memories bring you comfort, peace and joy. Our mother, Elaine, shared stories with us of the years she and Maxine spent together during World War II, when they both worked in Milwaukee; they truly were members of The Greatest Generation, and will be sadly missed by all of us. We send our sincere thoughts of sympathy for your loss.


Joan Tillison Fahning posted on 6/29/20

Joyce was the first of the Tylczynski cousins whom I loved and admired deeply. Beautiful smile and personality. May she find peace and joy in reuniting with all of our wonderful family members on the other side. Deepest condolences to family left behind.


Jim & Julie Tillison posted on 6/29/20

The picture of Joycie, as I called her, tells the whole story. Always a big smile on her face and a good word for everyone. Though I have not seen or talked to her in years, we am so saddened about her passing. Our deepest sympathy to all her kids, grand kids and great grand kids. Jim & Julie


Cheryl Thomsen posted on 6/29/20

Cindy and family - we are so sad to hear this news. I will never forget my week spent with David in the Boundary waters with the high school kids from COL. Especially the night I was sure there a bear in our campsite - only to realize it was David snoring! What a gift he was. I am sure you all are missing him terribly. God bless you and guide you through this most challenging time your lives. Love and prayers to you


Patricia Hanz posted on 6/29/20

My heart goes out to you for your sudden and tragic loss. I worked with Dave for decades and found him to be one of the smartest and most genuine people I have ever met. Know that he loved you and was incredibly proud of your accomplishments. You no doubt have many, many happy memories and I hope they provide you with a source of strength and comfort. Patty


Terry and Marj Hagen posted on 6/29/20

Our heart hurts for you a;; Donny, so many memories from years ago..Judy had a big heart for kids and even baby-sat mine..she will be missed by many. Prayers are with you all ♥


Lynn Latham posted on 6/29/20