Condolences for James Russell Bott


Bettina Proite posted on 1/12/19

A wonderful therapist who had a great sense of humor and in even in our sessions he made everything more easier and helped me out so much. Dr. Bott will be greatly missed.



Michelle Street posted on 1/12/19

For an amazing therapist. I will miss his humor and our sessions. He was a very compassionate person. I will miss him dearly.


Anna Litkowiec posted on 1/10/19

A beautiful doctor, a beautiful person, taught me many things and about the tranquility of the Asian flare, he will be deeply missed!!


Jason posted on 1/9/19

Jim taught me how to not be angry. Then he taught me how to be happy. Finally, he taught me how to be compassionate. It’s unfortunate that my journey with him was so brief but he had an immeasurable impact on my life. Onto samsara my friend, May the next life find you without desire.


Joe H. posted on 1/9/19

Jim’s sweetness and joie de vivre will be very deeply missed, but I have no doubt that they live on in those lucky enough to have known him, who could not help but to resist the intellectual and ethical force that underlay them. To be uncynical without being naive and to retain the clarity and enthusiasm of youth whilst still gaining the nuance and wisdom of adulthood are exceptionally difficult, and I shall forever carry with me the lessons Jim taught, both didactically and in the manner in which he lived his life, in that regard; I am a better person for having known him.


Debbie and Ed Trochlell posted on 1/7/19

We will always recall with fondness, the funny and kind friend that we knew for nearly 50 years, and he will be missed!



Angie Aliots posted on 1/7/19

Condolences to the entire Bott family. You are all in the Aliotas thoughts and prayers.


John Krebsbach posted on 1/5/19

A very special brother in law will be missed and always remembered