Condolences for Gerald P. Roy “Jerry”

Patti Pietraszewski posted on 6/13/19

I remember when Jerry was trying to "woo" Pam into going out with him. Pam and I were on a bowling team and Jerry would come and watch. He would kiddingly say to me - tell Pam to go out with me. My reply was always "I can tell her that, but she isn't going to listen to me". Truly though, Pam would listen, but in the end she will make her own choice. And she made a good one because there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Jerry adored Pam and they had a wonderful life.


Maureen L Goede posted on 6/12/19

Pam, I remember when you and I would laugh about the antics of our spouses, never realizing that the time was so close that we would only have the memories. He is at peace now in the presence of his heavenly Father. You will see him again, as I was told a long, long time ago, a lifetime on earth is but a second in Paradise, so you can say, "See you in a second my love."


Julie and Bob Baudo posted on 6/12/19

I always say that Jerry was a gentleman. He was respectful toward everyone. He wanted to hear your story and tell you his. He was chivalrous and polite. He held the door and your chair, he would put his jacket in the mud puddle so you wouldn’t walk through it, he asked about your family and friends to make sure they were okay. He took pride in doing a good job and in taking care of the things he loved; that included his home and yard, his model trains, his wooden Chris Craft and other boats, his vehicles, his pets and most importantly - his wife. My deepest condolences to my friend Pam on the loss of her sweet and loving man. You guys made a promise 35+ years ago - in sickness and health, in good times and bad…till death do us part. That is loyalty! That is life! That is love! Praying for God’s speed for Jerry and God’s loving arms wrapped around Pam to bring you comfort and peace during this time and the days ahead.


kenneth freund posted on 6/12/19

Jerry was a good man. He had a friendly, approachable disposition, very likable. He had many friends. I never saw or heard of him getting angry with anybody. We were lucky to have him become part of the Freund family. Most importantly, he loved my sister dearly and was a good husband to her. Jerry was a good sport too. He didn't always participate in Freund 'family games', but when he did, we all mercilessly teased him at whatever we were playing... charades, gestures, the dictionary word game, know, to make him feel part of the group. Jerry took it all in stride, and enjoyed our shenanigans and good natured fun. I remembered back in the early days, when my kids were growing up, Jerry took the time to help Aaron with building projects...model airplanes and such. All of my kids have positive memories about Jerry as well. He will be missed...but remembered...for being a good and loving man....