Condolences for Andrew Frank Lawson

Joshua Jones posted on 6/19/19

I did not have the luxury of knowing Andrew for very long. But he came into my life when I needed not just a friend but a friend that could understand. I drew great strength in talking with Andrew and his fights and battles with his tumor. He and I don’t have the same tumor but when something is in your head and effects who you are and what your body does or doesn’t do it makes it harder to find the resources and strength to keep fighting especially when each fight is a drop in the bucket compared to what’s there. Andrew and I talked often about terrible our tumors were but he never played victim, in fact the reason I came to know Andrew is because he put himself out to be available to those of us coming in as new patients, being lost children in a dark scary endless forest. He always returned my emails/calls/or texts. We met for drinks a few times and just talked In a language that only we seemed to understand. I know to read this sounds like I’d like to take ownership of Andrew and his plight. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I say all of this to show that a man that every right to be mad and angry and violent towards the world decided to instead make a lasting mark in it! To Stephanie, my wife is just like you. Right by the side of the man you love. I know you couldn’t always understand the emotions or feelings or emotional pain that he must of felt but having a wife like you and talking with Andrew many times about his family, without a family you would have to search high and low to find a reason to fight. He will be missed by many but he should be remembered forever. I’ll miss you Andrew!!! Save a seat for me at that Gator’s in the sky!!!


Jacqueline Fowlkes posted on 6/17/19

I met Andrew at GE Healthcare and what a wonderful and kind person he was. We would say "hi" entering and exiting daily and getting beverages in the cafe. He now has his wings and he can soar above us all. To his wonderful wife, Stephanie, may God's peace and comfort rest in your heart and in the hearts of all your family members.


Jay posted on 6/14/19

Where to start, Andrew you and I had some amazing times and adventures. 2nd grade to this, losing you. It’s not what we dreamed or planned. I am going to miss you my brother. This one hurts deep.



Warren Mutsch posted on 6/14/19

Andrew I will miss our discussions of engineering and BTime theory. Rest In Peace my friend, you have fought long and hard.