Condolences for Kazimierz Roslanowski “Casey”

Gloria Mosley posted on 11/27/19

Dear Rolanowski family, Please accept my condolence and deep regrets for your loss and I'd like to share where I found help at such a time as this. I found comfort and hope in what I read in Jehovah Gods word the Bible at John5:28,29 there we're told we'll see our love ones again at the resurrection when Jesus brings them back here on earth and at ICorinthians15:26 we're told that this enemy death will be gone forever. With these scriptures and along with I'm able to cope with my loss and get through each day because now I know I'll see my love ones again and so can you. I wanted to share this with you now when hope and comfort is needed in hopes that this will help you also. Please know that I do share your grief and hope you'll feel free to let me know if this helped in some way. I do hope you'll let me know. Sincerely, GM