Condolences for Patrick J. Cleary

Olivia Juhl posted on 12/2/19

Mar, Kevin and Lauren, I can’t imagine a stronger family than you guys. The love and care you gave Patrick was truly incredible. Even in the hardest times, you made sure that Pat was living a full life and I know he was so grateful for that. Your patience, perseverance and never ending devotion to him was amazing! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you all like family. Patrick, Your genuine smile, contagious laugh and kind spirit will never be forgotten. You always have and always will have a very special place in my heart. I am so very grateful for all of the wonderful memories I have of our fun family get togethers, lake days and game nights. You have shown such strength as long as I can remember, but especially in the last two years of your life. Your incredible will to live and the love that you had for your family was second to none. I feel so blessed to have known you. Love and miss you always, Olivia


Kim and Chuck Bequeaith posted on 12/2/19

Our prayers go out to you at this very difficult time. Pat was a good husband, father, and helpful friend to many. As like many others, he took the time to work on several of our vehicles. Marianne, you had such love for Pat and you were so lucky to have each other. I admire how you were selflessly always there for Pat, making the extra effort to keep Pat strong and comfort him. Kevin and Lauren, I am thankful you were fortunate enough to grow up knowing your father, and he was able to have many extra years with you. Your parents did a great job raising such fine young adults. You all have so many great memories to cherish. We are thinking of you all.


Christina Lehrke posted on 12/1/19

The Cleary family is in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the best through this extremely tough time. From the times I saw Pat ill you all did an absolutely amazing job taking care of him, I know he couldn’t have been prouder to have had you all. He will never forget everything that was done for him. Sending healing prayers❤️


Jeff Mierow posted on 11/30/19

Pat and I created a special friendship back in the early 80s and it normally was related to hunting which we both enjoyed. Pat hunted on our farm in Pewaukee where he harvested many great bucks. His joy of hunting was a special bond we had. When he would come to my office after checking his wildlife cameras I could feel the excitement of showing me the pictures. The calls I would get from him with what he saw that night were fun. We spent many late nights tracking and dragging nice bucks back to his truck. Pat was a talented mechanic and even replaced an engine for me out of his garage. Your frienship will be greatly missed. It was a great bond and trust we had for each other. I will miss you dearly.


Scott Droegkamp posted on 11/29/19

It’s hard to comprehend-at least for me, when someone that you know well and is close to you, as Pat was passes away. I could ask him for advice/help in fixing anything mechanical, as he was very talented. He was always willing to help me with any kind of project and we would always enjoy each other’s company. We enjoyed many years playing softball together, and many memorable times with family and friends, especially on Lac La Belle. A different picture of Pat with his contagious smile goes through my mind lately, that leads me to believe we will meet again Hoping That our Heavenly Father holds Marianne, Kevin, Lauren, and the rest of the family “ever so close”, as they go through the grieving process. Love Scott


Lisa Droegkamp posted on 11/29/19

Dearest Marianne, Kevin and Lauren, Pat will truly be missed by many, but none more than the three of you. He was a wonderful husband and amazing father. My family and I have been blessed to have spent so much time with your family over the past thirty years. I know he loved you all so much. Your love and devotion for him was so evident. Pat was, as his doctor said a “rockstar” He was so strong thru his battle the last 26 years. I know he gained his strength thru the three of you! I am in awe of the love and care you have given Pat. Marianne, the way you continued to work with him on his speech and exercise his body on a daily basis so it remained as strong as possible was amazing. The way the three of you made his last couple years as meaningful and joyful as possible was a gift to Pat. You continued to take him to movies, out to eat, for walks, tandem biking, visiting friends, horse races, game nights, sporting events and so many other fun family outings. You continued even after it became very difficult to do so. The care you gave Pat was amazing to me. You took care of his physical needs as well as his emotional needs with such diligence and care. Patrick must have felt so good to be so loved and cared for. We were all so blessed to have Patrick in our lives. He was truly blessed to have such an incredible wife and children. We will always miss him and always remember the amazing Man, Husband and Father Patrick was. With my deepest sympathy, Lisa Droegkamp


Marie Barker posted on 11/29/19

Dearest Marianne, Kevin, and Lauren This is very hard to do I loved Pat so much he was an amazing husband, father and friend. I loved his hugs I never had hugs like I had for him he truly meant it when he hugged someone. One thing about Pat he always had a beautiful smile, and he was always smiling. Pat was such a good friend to my family we where all family. Pat will always be missed by me and my family. God Bless Pat, Marianne, Kevin and Lauren just know that you have a very special ANGEL in heaven. Love to all


Michel and Bill Wisener posted on 11/28/19

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cleary family. Patrick was always so sweet to me growing up, always treating me with a big smile and calling me "Meshe" I know my dad and Patrick are in heaven talking about fishing and hunting and all the Crivitz memories with the boys.


Pat Ginter posted on 11/27/19

Kevin, Your dad was a lovely man (the little I knew him while you lived in my building). But, I do know how devoted you were to him, so he must have been a wonderful man. Plus, he raised an upstanding & respectful son! My heart goes out to you.


Sue and Brian Kammers & Family posted on 11/27/19

MaryAnn, Kevin and Lauren - We are so sorry for your loss. I know Pat has been sick a long time but that doesn’t make the loss any less. Always loved seeing him take his walks with the dog and stop for a hello or chat. He will be missed. Our thoughts are with all of you. ❤️


Kathy Bruhnke posted on 11/27/19

Dear Marianne, Kevin and Lauren, Thinking of all of you, your husband and Dad was a great guy! So kind, and so sweet. We are so sorry to hear about his passing. We will keep you in our prayers. Sending you much love, Kathy and Bernd Bruhnke


Dan and Toni Graham posted on 11/27/19

Pat loved to have baseball games on his front yard for neighborhood kids. He envo u raged them when they did get a hit to run and when to stay on base when their teammate did. Pat taught them many other things, too. Our grandson, Tyler, loved spending time at the Clearys. What a tragic loss they have to face now. We're sure God was with him on his journey home. Toni and Dan Graham


Ben Bliss posted on 11/27/19

The world is worse off without Patrick. He would do anything for his family and was the perfect father to Kevin and Lauren. We will all miss him but we should also celebrate his great life and realize he is in a better place. I am grateful to have known him.


Denny Barker posted on 11/27/19

I was saddened when I heard about Pats passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. No one can make the pain go away just know if you need a shoulder or an ear we are all here for you!


Peg Zanella posted on 11/27/19

Dearest Marianne, Kevin and Lauren - We will miss Pat dearly... always up for a dog walk or a long discussion about hockey. Carson always appreciated seeing him in the stands at her hockey games, too. He had a great sense of humor and a kind heart. We miss Pat and are so grateful to have been part of his life!! Love, The Zanella’s, Joe, Peg and Carson❤️