Condolences for Theodore James Kanavas

Kathy Borecki's posted on 7/8/17

Mary and family .. so very sad for your loss but f a 'good guy!' Favorite memory is Nick..'child of the week' and his dad... playing a trumpet for pre-Badger Football games. Priceless. Sending strength and prayers to you all. Boecki's


Matt Manderfield posted on 7/8/17

Favorite memories: How Ted would light up just a little bit more when talking about their kids. Driving for hours through the night to a customer in another state, talking about everything. Shocked to discover how erudite and intelligent he was. A salesman and politician! All my silly preconceptions broken by the warm, open, intelligent, knowledgeable and funny guy sitting next to me.


Ellen McBride posted on 7/7/17

Mary and all, I am so deeply saddened with learning of Ted's battle with cancer and how it took him in the end. I cannot help but think of my father who battled it longer but died younger at 54. At that time it was common to say "The good die young". I think it is still true. My heart truly aches for you. But I too believe in the everlasting, the eternal. It just seems that he's gone to his reward too soon. I wish this didn't have to hurt so much. I wish this was ten years from now. I wish I could make it better. May happy memories sustain you and the knowledge of his unending love for you comfort you at this time of great sorrow. Truly, God speed.


Dawn Crawford posted on 7/7/17

My very 1st memory of Ted was in 3rd grade at Fairview South- He brought in Real coconuts For show & tell and We all got to try some - I am one of the few that did not like it and to this Day I don't eat fresh coconut. Strange I still remember that day like it was Yesterday. Ted You were a Man of Integrity and My prayers go out to your family. God's Speed.



Dan Cauley posted on 7/6/17

Friend of family


Frank and Robin Busalacchi posted on 7/6/17

Mary, our deepest sympathies to you and your family. I will always remember Ted back to our days on the Brookfield East Spartan Banner staff. Frank remembers how Ted would constantly remind him of their shared bond based on the fact that both of their families came from the Mediterranean! We will all miss him.


Angie posted on 7/6/17

Mary I'm truly sorry to hear of your loss. It's no wonder why the bible calls death an enemy, it separates us from those we love. Our Heavenly Father and Grand Creator, has promised to rid the earth of sickness and death forever and resurrect all those who have made a good name with him, this must include Ted. Until that time comes pray for strength. Sincerely,


Ann M Stokman posted on 7/6/17

Sorry to hear of the loss


Bob Krantz posted on 7/5/17

My Greek Brother Ted-de. I'm so crushed, knowing you are gone. I knew Teddy for over 40 years. Approximately 18 years ago we had lunch (at a Greek diner of course) and talked about how we would raise our kids, how we loved our wives, dreams for work... I never thought about the possibility of losing Ted. He was too big a life's presence for that to happen. Through tears, I know the beauty of our faith reassures us that the next stop is life everlasting. So, Ted-de, my Greek brother, watch from above, cheer us all on and one day we will all join you in the presence, the joy and the glory of our Creator. Hard to put into words how you are missed. Love, Bobby


David and Christine Grabman posted on 7/5/17

My husband David had Nick for driver's education. Your husband was a wonderful man. We are very sorry for your loss. Ted was a wonderful man. God's peace is sent to you. Just take it one day at a time.


Cathy Kiousis posted on 7/5/17

Mary and Family, I am so sorry for your loss.. I have known you since you and Maureen became best friends at Atwater elementary.. she kept me posted over the years and it was nice to reconnect with you on FB.. you made a beautiful family and I love that we had the "Greek thing" in common.. may Ted's memory be eternal.. love you


tracey carson posted on 7/5/17

He was an inspiration, a joy to be with, a driving force and a man who loved his family dearly. His legacy lives on in all of you!



Patti Schimmel posted on 7/5/17

One could not be in his presence without smiling.