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Krause Funeral Homes Mourns Grief Therapy Dog Oliver’s Death
– Amy Rabideau, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2.18.12

Krause Funeral Homes Plans to Build Brookfield Funeral Home
– Rick Romell, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2.8.12

Preplanning Gains Popularity for Funeral Services
– The Business Journal of Milwaukee

Webcasts Allow More Mourners to Watch Funerals
– JS Online 6.16.08



“Hello Krause family – my husband and I attended a visitation/service at your beautiful location in Brookfield. I’ve never written to a funeral home before, although I’ve had occasion to visit many. Yours is EXCEPTIONAL. Even as we drove into your property, it’s grace and beauty calmed and greeted us.

The layout and the attention to detail of each facet – from the lovely and spacious covered entry to the large gathering room to the small alcove of refreshments to the intimate chapel (no power actually made it better!) right down to the restroom facilities is exceptional. The gentle attentive staff was icing on the cake. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your careful care of those who are hurting.

It made a beautiful difference in a day full of emotions. I’m not local, but if I were I’d absolutely ear-mark your location for my own end of life plans. May God bless your work and your efforts to attend others in a time of intense need.”

“I feel you did an excellent job. Everything was satisfactory to the whole family. We had just moved here from Green Bay and it was a trying time. I appreciate everything you did for us.”
– Armella Hoffman

“We were extremely pleased with everything! Elaine did a wonderful job assisting us! Thank you!”
– Susan Brown

“We’re all impressed by your willingness to go above and beyond.”
– The Michael Wolak Family

“Your facilities and services were impeccable!”
– Lois Marks

“We never felt pressured as we were informed of available choices. The Funeral Director exhibited dignified professionalism. Her thorough, intuitive guidance eased our burden.”
– The Joseph Hepp Family

“My father’s funeral is something that I will always remember because of all the things that were done to make it a celebration of my dad’s life.”
– Susan Washic

“I have had so many people express what a wonderful memorial it was.”
– Colette Rees and family

“My friends were very impressed.”
– Kathy Mayberry

“Your attention to detail per our requests was phenomenal. In addition, the memorial book and the follow-ups to it were unexpected and such a nice courtesy.”
– Kathleen Matrise

“I can’t say enough to express my thanks to all of you for making my mother’s visitation and memorial service such a beautiful and comforting experience for me. Everything was just perfect–I wouldn’t change a thing!”
– Ellen Johnson

“We, his parents, want to express our sincere appreciation for your patient, kind, solicitous effort in making Steve’s funeral the beautiful event that it was. Steve’s siblings, who worked with you, described their interface with you as outstanding in every respect.”
– James Wolak and Marjorie Wolak

“You exceeded our expectations.”
– Sara Grassl

“We were given the time we needed. We were helped in all the areas we needed. We have no complaints about anything. We were treated with respect and not hurried in any way.”
– Verna Campbell and family

“Our entire family was amazed with the appearance of our mother.”
– Kenneth Miller

“The facility and presentation made us happy and proud to greet our relatives and friends.”
– Faith Gilhuber

“This was the second family funeral we held at Krause. Everything went so well the first time, that our family chose Krause again. We really like how everything is taken care of in one location, and that your location doesn’t look like a typical funeral home. Your staff is greatly caring.”
– Diane Pruitt

“In our time of sorrow, you were very understanding. If we didn’t understand something, you explained to us what we wanted to know. My mom’s funeral was very beautiful and a lot of people complimented on how everything was handled at Krause.”
– Barbara Rassel

“The funeral director did everything in her power to make this service as flawless as possible for me. I can’t say enough about the warmth, compassion and empathy that were shown…”
– Lois Marks

“The funeral director did a tremendous job in listening, yet directing funeral arrangements. The celebration of life service for my dad would not have been the same without the engraved golfer urn.”
– Lynn Halverson

“It was all I could have hoped for. Many of my friends were very impressed.”
– Doris Pruitt

“The preplanning process with Nancy was great. I’m so thankful we had as much done as we did. Russ, April and Greg were terrific. The marker engraving was handled for me very efficiently.”
– Janet Lee Otten

“The sensitivity, the details, the availability was great–the number of people helping! Loved the balloons…”
– Mrs. Lavon Olander

“Everything was done well and we are very satisfied. We had many compliments on the setting and the funeral service.”
– Arline Holtman

“I would like to express how I was beyond pleased with your services. Noah went above and beyond the call of duty not only to meet our family needs, but the manner in which he displayed his professionalism, along with just enough sense of humor to put us at ease was a very nice mix… He would be great in teaching classes on how to put a grief stricken family at ease. The cookies were a big hit with everybody.”
– Mrs. Marie Whitlow

“We were very satisfied. Your staff demonstrated the utmost professionalism. The attention to all the details was amazing. I really cannot say enough about how pleased we were. Overall, your service was impeccable and we would recommend Krause to anyone. Thank you for your concern & compassion.”
– A family served by Krause Funeral Homes in October 2010

“Over the top from preplanning to burial. Everyone was pleased, and dad would have been happy to know all his wishes were carried out as he had planned. The staff you had at the church was extraordinary! Very professional and respectful of us at all times. Also, dad had been critically ill the weeks before he died. Whoever worked with his body, especially his face, really did an outstanding job—he looked well rested and ready for eternal peace. Difficult to say about a body, but he looked really good; handsome and not at all made up. He had scars on his lips when he died from all the tubes in his mouth and nose and we could not even see these. That really helped us heal a bit.”
– Susie Goetz